Photons and forensics – do they match?
Welcome to the seminar Friday February 24, at 13.00-13.40, sal N2007,
Västergård, Smålandsgatan 26E, Kalmar. The seminar is in English.
Per Ola Andersson, Research Director at FOI and Adjunct
Professor at Uppsala University.
In a proof-of-concept study performed by Swedish Defence Research Agency, FOI,
in a collaboration with Swedish National Forensic Centre, NFC, the potential of
applying optical spectroscopic techniques in fingermark analyses have been
examined. In common they are non-destructive and do not need any sample preparation or to be in contact with the sample. By letting photons strike the fingermark
and by collecting the re-emitted ones in form of Raman scattering and fluorescence
unique fingerprint pattern is imaged, useful for identification of individuals.
Simultaneously, the hyperspectral data provide information about the chemical
composition (including trace chemicals) of the fingermark, giving valuable inputs
when it comes to profiling the person.
Furthermore, attained data is also analysed in purpose to estimate the age of the
fingermark (when it was deposited on the material). Due to the non-destructively
character of these analyses the fingermarks can further be analysed with other
destructive sample consuming techniques, e.g. DNA analysis..
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