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From the President
Jim Driggs
The Holiday season is officially started, Thanksgiving is over
and the month of December is at hand. Another year is almost
behind us and I want to thank everyone for your support of the
Alumni Association. On a sad note, our Vice President, Richard
"Dick" Heinlein, died suddenly at his home in an accident. Dick
was a '61 grad and a tireless worker for the Alumni Association.
Dick ran the car show at the picnic and was a huge help at the
Oldies Dance. Not only I, but all of us, have lost a wonderful
friend and dedicated worker. Let’s all think of him and also remember Sharon and his family. I hope everyone will have a joyous and wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. Jim Driggs
Volume 2, Issue 16
Inside this issue:
Photos—7th Annual
SHSAA Picnic
Remembering Tom
Photos—October ‘08 3
Breakfast at Plank’s
Remembering Dick
Heinlein ‘61
New SHSAA Board
Oldies Dance February 7th!
Remembering Ruth
Our annual Oldies Dance will be held Saturday, February 7th at
the “Grotto”. Tickets will go on sale January 2nd. Tickets will be
$10.00 each. The dance will start at 7:00 PM and conclude at
11:00 PM. Good food and beverages and the usual great music
and wonderful friends will add up to a fun time to be had by all.
Buy your tickets early as there are no sales at the door. Contact
Jim Driggs (614/893-8174) or any of the board members for your
From the Neighborhood Paper
Editorial Policy
New “Dawgs”
Dates To Remember In ‘09
Breakfast at Plank’s
January 17
February 7
April 18
July 18
September 20
October 3
Breakfast at Plank’s Cafe
Oldies Dance
Breakfast at Plank’s Cafe
Breakfast at Plank’s Cafe
8th Annual SHSAA Picnic at Hoover Y-Park
Alumni Association Breakfast and Annual
Meeting at Plank’s Cafe
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Bulldog Bulletin
7th Annual SHSAA Picnic at Y-Park September 21st
Dave Gruber ‘62
Volume 2, Issue 16
Remembering Tom Moody
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From the South High School Web Site
Thomas Moody, former Mayor of the City of Columbus and member of the 1947 graduating class of South
High School, has passed away at Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus from natural causes. He was 78
years old. Tom was born on November 26th, 1929, and grew up on the South Side of Columbus during the
great depression. After attending South High School, Moody would attend The Ohio State University, where
he graduated with honors. From there, he would proceed to Franklin University, where he would later earn
his law degree. Tom is a Mayor who will be missed by his city, and an alumnus that we can all be proud of.
Our thoughts go out to his family and friends.
SHSAA Breakfast at Plank’s—October 4, 2008
(614) 409-1800
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Bulldog Bulletin
Volume 2, Issue 16
P.O. Box 418
Groveport, OH 43125
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Bulldog Bulletin
Page 6
Class of ’61 Bids Sad Farewell
Judy Park Davis
The Class of ’61 lost one of our most active members, Richard
(Dick) Heinlein on October 30, 2008. The south end, South High
School and our class lost a friend, an advocate and a historian.
He seemed to know everyone who lived in the south end or attended South High in the last 60 years. Better yet, he not only
knew them but remembered their brothers, sisters and sometimes
even their parents. When he ran into someone he knew he always
seemed to have an old story to remember them by.
He was the vice-president of the SHSAA and was the driving
force behind the car show at the SHSAA picnic every year. He
was so proud of his ’46 Ford.
Those of us closest to him knew of his proclivity toward organization. Everything he did was done the right way. One of our favorite stories is the day he reorganized Sharon’s spice jars and
cans of vegetables in alphabetical order. Also his workshop /
garage was a site to behold. Every tool was laid out by size and purpose. Besides his classmates and friends,
he leaves behind his wife Sharon (McKitrick, ‘64), two children and four grandchildren.
Newly Elected Members of the Board of Directors
At the October 4, 2008 Annual Meeting of the South High School Alumni Association these people were
elected to the Board of Directors: Peggy McCathran (’64), Sandy Duff (’65), Dee Hendricks Lewis (’68),
and Carol Driggs Wolfenbarger (’61).
The Board of Directors is composed of twelve active members of the Alumni Association. The responsibility of the Board is to plan the work of the Association in accordance with our By-Laws. Each year at the
Annual Meeting in October there are four directors elected.
Ruth Lang
Carol Driggs Wolfenbarger (’61)
Those that graduated before 1970 will recall Miss Ruth Lang. Miss Lang taught office machines, shorthand, and typing. In the 1961 Lens there is a photograph of Miss Lang and three students, one of them,
Janet Trott, is using a comptometer. [We’d appreciate if any one trained on a comptometer would write a
short piece for the next SHSAA newsletter about what this machine did and where one would work who
used this.] Miss Lang and Mr. Youmans were the advisors for the January, 1961 senior class.
Miss Lang who graduated from The Ohio State University in 1926 and did her masters work at Columbia
State Teachers College, died earlier this year at the age of 103. Miss Lang retired from teaching in 1969.
She and her sister Josephine never married and neither had any children. The sisters lived together till Josephine died in 1979. Miss Lang’s estate valued at over 1.3 million dollars was left to The Catholic Foundation. In the foundation’s newsletter Blessings it said the Columbus Diocese will use the bequest to
“respond to needs in the Diocese”. Miss Lang was part of Christ the King Parish.
Volume 2, Issue 16
Page 7
From the Neighborhood Paper
C o n t r i b u t e d b y Larry Latta ‘72
SHSAA’s Oldies Dance Dancin’ to the Oldies Saturday, February 7, 2009, at The
Richard J. Kollmer ‘52 (S&T)
Grotto”. Tickets to go on sale January 2, 2008. Call Jim Driggs at 614-893-8174
Drusilla Webb Sachs
for information and tickets.
Mary Lou Smith ‘45
TAT LUNCHEON All Classes Welcome. 3rd Wednesday of each month. 11:30- Jerry Carver ‘69
12:30. TAT at Livingston Avenue and James Road.
Lillian V. Hicks Truax
Please submit your announcements to Larry Latta at [email protected] (614- Donna M. Daniels ‘89
Forrest “Joe” Womeldorff ‘49
Editorial Policy
Carol Driggs Wolfenbarger ‘61
At the June 14, 2005 meeting of the Board of Directors of the South High School
Alumni Association this Editorial Policy was adopted:
1. Articles for the Bulldog Bulletin will be edited for form, spelling, and to fit
the space available in the Bulletin
2. Subject of articles will pertain to the broad audience of SHSAA members
3. Because of space consideration articles may be held for a later issue
4. Articles may be submitted by SHSAA members and others interested in
promoting the goals of the Association
5. Publication of all articles is subject to the judgment of the editor/s
New “Dawgs” In The Pound
Clarence“Pete” Nonnemacher ‘39
Robert Donald Thomas
Betty Elnora Foreman Collins
William R. “Bill” Findley
Thomas M. Smith
Donald E. Banks ‘65
Arthur C. Dellenbaugh
Jene Richardson Ross ‘43
Douglas Leonard McMillion
Richard P. Heinlein ‘61
Rhonda Arlette Perry ‘76
Alexander Kitsos
Marian Rose Elzey Darr ’42
Linda M. Johnson Young ’64
Cheryl Archer Nye ’63
Darrel Henkel ’58
Richard “Dick” L. Bishop ‘60
Marianne “Mimi” Tomlinson
Mary L. Persig Poenisch ‘38
Thomas Moody ‘47
Lena H. Doersam
Eddie McCarty
Ruby Hoyt Arnold
Here are the newest “Dawgs” that were in the pound by the time we went to press.
If you know any other pups who might enjoy reading the Bulldog Bulletin, and
would like to be aware of the activities we report, encourage them to join and they
can see their names in print too! Also remember… if you have any type of article
or piece of information to share with other alums, those of us at the Bulletin are
happy to help you. Contact any of us and we’ll work with you to get your input
into the next edition. And thank you for continuing to support us.
These notices are collected from the
Columbus Dispatch and from inforTina Decker ‘64
Dave Elerick (Jan) ‘59
Paul Gallion ‘71
mation sent to the Alumni AssociaJudith Hall ‘55
Steve Leffler ‘62
Antoinette Allen Miklos ‘68 tion. If there are death notices that
Karen Maxwell
Kim Miklos ‘67
Malcolm Parsons ‘62
we have missed, please call Jim
Driggs (614-893-8174) and these will
Anita Telfer ‘58
Nancy Winton Price ‘58
Saundra Mays Schaub ‘61
be listed in our next issue.
JoAnn Smith (Jan) ‘59
Patt Veitch Snyder ‘51
Peggy Dupler White ‘64
B r e a k f a s t a t P l a n k ’s o n
P a r s o n s Av e n u e
Saturday January 17, at 9:00 A.M.
Members of the Alumni Association and anyone
else with connections to South will meet for
breakfast at Plank’s. Join us for good food and
best of all, great conversation.
Plan to be there!
Communication Committee
SHSAA President
Jim Driggs
Jim Driggs, Peggy McCathran,
Carol Driggs Wolfenbarger,
Cecelia Ginther Denney
Newsletter Editor
Bev Oursler Truax
Newsletter Publisher Larry Latta