22.-23.7.2017 in hämeenlinna

Suomen Rotukissayhdistys ry
22.-23.7.2017 IN HÄMEENLINNA
Show Classes: 1-17
Entries 1.5. – 20.6.2017 through local clubs to the show secretary:
Eeva Lindblom, Satupolku 1 C 17, FI-02400 KIRKKONUMMI FINLAND.
Tel: +358 503466746, email: [email protected]
Entry fees:
• SUROK member’s cats 36 € / Sat
• FIFe registered cats 38 € / Sat
• non- FIFE registered cats 50 € / Sat
• SUROK member first cat 36 €, 2nd cat 34€ and 3rd - 6th cat 32€ / Sun
• Other FIFe member first cat 38 €, 2nd cat 36€ and 3rd - 6th cat 34€ / Sun
• non- FIFE registered cats 50 € / day
• Number of cats entered is limited to 450 on
each day! Date of the entry’s arrival is the basis
for elimination from the show in case there are
too many cats entered.
• Entry fees to SUROK’s account NORDEA-bank, Helsinki
IBAN account nr. FI37 22981800028263
• Entries close on June 20th 2017.
Entries are binding.
Invited judges:
Alexey Shchukin (NL)
Arja Martikainen (FI)
3, C
Bjarne Wikström (FI)
2, B
Charles Spijker (NL)
Eric Reijers (CZ) allround
Eva Porat (SE)
1, 2
Gerardo Fraga y Guzmán (ES)
Gianfranco Mantovani (IT) allround
Isabelle Maillard Chiavuzzo (CH) 1, 2
Jörgen Billing (DK)
Lena Björkander (SE)
2, B
Luigi Comorio ( IT)
Robert Lubrano (FR)
1, 2, D
Subject to alterations.
The updated invitation is on our website
• Printed catalog 5 € (one catalog contains listings for
both days). An online show catalog will be available on
SUROK website free of charge.
The veterinary examination is obligatory for all entering cats. Vaccination certificate has to
be presented. Notice the regulations for import: Rabies vaccination has to be taken no later
than 21 days before the import date. More information on import of animals can be found
from the homepage of Finnish Food Safety Authority,
Show venue: Ritari-areena
Kiekkoritarinkuja 3 A, 13130 Hämeenlinna
Vaccinations against panleukopenia, herpes and calici should be valid, and taken latest on
Judging begins: Saturday 9:30, Sunday 9:00
Stewards may send their applications to the main assistant Kirsi Ovaskainen by June 20th
2017, [email protected]
Contact for judges and student judges: [email protected]
Merchants and info desk reservations are handled by the Club President, Mrs. Outi
Vallenius, [email protected], +358 45 1382336.
SUOMEN ROTUKISSAYHDISTYS RY in Finland was founded in September 29th in 1960.
The first year the Club had 20 members, the second one already 60, and at the moment we
have about 2300 members in the Club. SUROK organized its first international Cat Show
in April of 1961: at this show 43 cats were present - of which 19 came from other countries
than Finland. During the last years the Club has organized four International Cat Shows
yearly, in each participating about 600 cats.
Saturday 22.7.2017: Breed best in show of (EUR) european
Veterinary examination: Saturday 7:30-9:00,
Sunday 7:30-8:30.
Closing time for exhibitors: 16:00
Pen size: 65x65x56 cm , no double pens
available. Bring your own pen curtains, feeding
bowls and sanitary trays.
The owners can present their own cats to the
judges. All rules of FIFe and Suomen Kissaliitto
Further information:
Mrs. Outi Vallenius (Club president)
tel. +358 45 1382336
Mrs. Anne Nevala (Club secretary)
tel. +358 50 4690960
Mrs. Paula Puotiniemi (Show manager)
tel. +358 400 431655
Mrs. Eeva Lindblom (Show secretary)
tel. +358 503466746
Mrs. Kirsi Ovaskainen (Head assistant)
tel. +358 50 5351262
Mrs. Sari Sinkko (Treasurer)
[email protected]
Photo: Inkeri Siltala
Welcome to our summer show
in Hämeenlinna!