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The Pendulum: "Future of digital is print"
61% of French consumers remember mailing after reading
Personalising catalogue increases turnover by 14%
Has this article been written by a journalist?
Is serendipity the new sales argument for newspapers?
Door drops to become personalised
The Pendulum: A counter trend
How to re-target unknown website visitors with a mailing?
How a calendar can open cold cases
Newspapers and mags ads most trusted in fake-news times
Seizing the moment by using real time print adverts to create deeper reader
How virtual reality is changing the face of journalism
Will 2017 be the Tipping Point for Print Media?
Newspapers remain one of the most engaging advertising platforms
Print, a marketer's best friend.
Virtual Reality advertisements and 5 other innovations
30% higher effectiveness of mail explained
Discover why people love longform print media
Creative Mailing from Print Power Challenges Common Beliefs About Direct
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The Pendulum: Three additional reasons
61% of French consumers remember mailing after reading
Media agencies in France use a dedicated tool for measuring media memorisation; the β - score. This score indicates how many
people remember the message after the first exposure. The idea of the score is that, as it is important to know the impact of a
advertisement, it is also important to know how long a message will be remembered.
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LEGO uses in-home sampling to reach new consumers
Iconic toymaker, LEGO, was looking to engage with a brand new audience – girls aged 7-9 years – by introducing them to the
LEGO Friends range. A unique in-home sampling format was chosen to build brand awareness and drive footfall.
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Print In The Mix
Ingen tvil om at verden I dag er definer av informasjon. Enten det er nyheter, meninger, intervjuer eller annonser, skrevet, uttalt
eller på film. Det er informasjon (og reklame) som gir våre liv retning og struktur
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Coco-Cola print ad becomes a speaker
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Print innovation at it's
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Striking visuals can only be achieved in a print ad
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California Sunday Magazine
Features Real Life Audio
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Print Softens the Toughest
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Want to See how Fast DHL's Courier Service is?
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Print Advert Uncovers the Power of Solar Energy
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Mcwhopping result for International Peace Day
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Motorola interactive colour changing print ad
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Ikea's striking
new currency campaign
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