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Some sparkling gems from the Haggadah
1. This is the poor bread that our ancestors ate in the land
of Egypt
Haw lach’ma an’yaw dee a’chaw’loo
av’haw’saw’naw be’ar’aw de’Mitz’ra’yim
tg̈r§t© C§ tb̈,̈v̈c§ t© Ukf̈t© hs¦ tḧ§bg© tn̈j©
§ k tv̈ /1
o¦hr¨m§ n¦ s§
2. Contradiction (we eat matzah) because their dough did
not have a chance to rise
Stee’raw - al she’lo his’pik be’tzai’kom
.hn¦ j© v§
© k oë¥mC§ ehP¦ x§ v¦ t«kJ¤ kg© - vrh¨ T¦ x§ /2
3. The difficulty itself is the source of the goodness which
comes out
Mee’toch tzaw’raw ham’tzee’aim
4. Even if we are knowledgeable people, we still must
discuss the going out of Egypt
Ve’a’fee’loo koo’law’noo cha’chaw’mim
mitz’vaw aw’lai’noo le’sa’pair bee’tzee’as
5. We must express our appreciation
Ha’kaw’ras ha’tov
6. If (G-d) gave Shabbos, even though he would not have
brought us to Mt. Sinai (to receive the Torah), this would
have been enough to satisfy us
Ee’loo naw’son law’noo ess ha’Sha’bos ve’lo
kair’vaw’noo lif’nai Har See’ny - Da’ya’noo
7. Shabbos is holy
Sha’bos ko’desh
Ve’shom’roo bnai Yis’raw’ail ess ha’Sha’bos
8. The Jewish people must keep Shabbos - to perform the
la’a’sos ess ha’Sha’bos le’do’ro’som brees
laws of Shabbos for all generations - an everlasting treaty
Class given by: Rabbi Chaim Mintz
Date given: Tuesday, April 4, 2017
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vj̈ür§ oth
¥ m¦ n§ v© vrm̈
¨ Q«uTn¦ /3
rP¥ x§
© k Ubh¥kg̈ vüm§ n¦ ohnf̈
¦ j© Ub¨kUF Ukhp¦ t©
© u /4
o¦hr©m§ n¦ ,th
© mh
¦ C¦
c«uyv© ,rF̈
© v© /5
rv© h¥bp¦§ k Ubc̈r§e¥ t«ku§ ,C̈J© v© ,t¤ Ub¨k i,b̈
© Ukt¦ /6
Ubh¥hs© h©bhx¦
Js«¤ue ,C̈J© /7
,t¤ ,«uGg©
© k ,C̈J© v© ,t¤ kt¥ r¨G¦
§ h h¥bC§ Urn§ J̈u§ /8
o¨k«ug ,hr¦C§ o,̈«r«sk§ ,C̈J© v©