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The Best Care Possible
More than 100 health care professionals
Dr. Byock noted that advance care planning
and community members attended the
(ACP) is part of high quality care and that
In Full Swing 2-day Dr. Robert L. Scheig Memorial Fund it is for everyone, not just frail elders. He
Construction has begun on
the Mitchell Campus and is
targeted for completion in
early fall. The $10 million dollar
campaign, only the second
such campaign in Hospice’s
Hospice Buffalo to expand
inpatient capacity, providing
critical enhancements to
the Clinical Building on the
Hospice Mitchell Campus.
The completion will offer an
enhanced setting matching
the excellent quality of care
and support that is delivered
to our patients and their
family members each and
every day.
Thank you to all those who
have contributed to the
Capital Campaign; we could
not complete these necessary
support! If you have not had
the opportunity to donate to
“Love the Dove,” it is not too
late; we still need your help to
reach our goal.
To make a gift or to learn more
about the “Love the Dove”
Capital Campaign please
donate/Love-Dove or contact
the Hospice Foundation at
686-8090. ■
See page 9
for recent
lectures recently held at the University at
Buffalo School of Medicine & Biomedical
Sciences and at the Hospice Buffalo
Mitchell Campus. The events featured
Ira Byock, M.D., a leading palliative care
emphasized that illness and death are the
common ground across all society. “Not
every doctor needs to know how to deliver
a baby, but almost every doctor needs to
know how to have the conversation (ACP)…
Denise Schieg with Dr. Robert Milch, emeritus medical director of Hospice Buffalo,
and Dr. Donald Shedd, a co-founder of Hospice Buffalo. Dr. Shedd’s wife, Charlotte,
made Hospice Buffalo her life’s work and passion.
advocate, and were held to honor the legacy
of teaching by Robert L. Scheig, M.D., who
served as head of Medicine at Buffalo
General Hospital and was formative in
the creation of the first American hospice
while at Yale Medical School.
“We have yet to make one person
immortal,” stated Dr. Byock at the event.
“It’s time to reboot. The current system is
not working...Hospice and Palliative Care
medicine are part of the solution. We
can improve quality of care and costs.”
the public needs to know what they’re not
getting…there’s a crisis around how we
are facing the end of life.”
The lectures and Dr. Robert L. Scheig
Memorial Fund were made possible by his
wife, Mrs. Denise Scheig, a Hospice Buffalo
family member, donor and
nd volunteer. Dr.
Scheig was cared for by Hospice Buffalo
during 2011. ■
CEO’s Message
Getting to know you
I have been so touched by the number of
people I talk to in the neighborhoods, restaurants
and business community. Nearly every single
person I’ve told about my new job and why
I have relocated has a story to tell me about
Hospice Buffalo. The density of appreciation
of our program among people living in this
region is amazing and refreshing to me.
I want to say thank you to all of you for being
so thoughtful and earnest in your efforts to
Jennifer Britton, Dir. of Alumni Relations
at UB School of Medicine & Biomedical
Sciences, obtains Dr. Ira Byock’s signature
on his “Best Care Possible” book.
Spring Appeal
Check your mailbox
in May for the
Hospice Foundation’s
Spring Appeal request
from Robert Mihelbergel.
Your generous donations
will help people like Robert,
Patricia Ahern, RN, MBA,
welcome me and get me settled in. What an amazing organization! I feel
so sure I’ll be able to serve you with the same energy and dedication that I
see in all of you. I hope that the time will come when you feel like we were
always moving along a trajectory to this time in our lives and finding our
way, together, to the future of CHPC.
A little about me… All of my nursing jobs were fueled by the epinephrine
rush: trauma ER, Coronary Care, ICU. Along the way, I realized I could have
more influence on quality care by focusing on serving front-line staff that
needed coaching, mentoring and encouragement. And then I got a MBA
because it was the fastest ‘M’ I could get while raising my children. After
that degree, I had a transformational responsibility for the care of scores
of victims of the AIDS epidemic when I was responsible for patient care
services at a hospital which was ground zero for HIV in Chicago. Of necessity,
that’s when I learned about hospice….and I was forever changed. For the
last 18 years, I was the CEO at Rainbow Hospice in Chicago.
I believe that good palliative and end-of-life care should be organic and
part of community life. These experiences are life experiences for patients
and families - not just medical experiences. Because of the wonderful work
of establishing Hospice Buffalo as so significant in this region, we have a
great boost in terms of the usefulness and effectiveness of our care and
services - because they are mostly already accepted as part of our everyday
expectations. This is very important, especially now with all the healthcare
reform changes that will highlight the importance of improving the quality
of living in communities.
I believe we are an organization with a sense of destiny and we can use our
mission as the north star while we navigate and take hold of our future.
When I talked to my mom in Chicago recently…she told me: “Don’t forget
the ratio!” I replied, “Mom, what ratio is that?” Answer: “Listen twice as
much as you talk. That’s why you have two ears and one mouth.” Thanks,
mom. I’m trying! ■
and so many more in
our community.
Patricia Ahern RN, MBA, FACHE
Chief Executive Officer
Thankful for Hospice at Home
“They’ll keep me as comfortable as possible.”
It’s not often when one meets a person who can “tell it like
it is.” Robert Mihelbergel talks right from his heart. Maybe
his ability to speak directly comes from being a teacher
of 36 plus years, or maybe it’s from his life experiences.
Either way, Robert is upfront about his feelings of life and
death. The former Navy medical corpsman spent six
years working on board ships and in hospitals during the
Vietnam era before going to school at Niagara County
Community College and Buffalo State College where he
earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees.
“I am blessed in many ways,” reflects Robert during
an afternoon interview at his cozy Kenmore home. “My
son and daughter-in-law live here in Tonawanda. My
daughter married an army man and they’ve been all over
the U.S. and some foreign countries. Right now they are
stationed in Hawaii. All in all as a father and grandfather,
the Lord has blessed me with the most wonderful family
who really cares about mom and dad. They’ve helped
me through all life’s situations. They go way above and
beyond the call of duty and it’s much appreciated.”
A patient of Hospice Buffalo home care, Robert loves
being able to live out the rest of his life in his home. He
and his wife, Sharon, were married for over 45 years.
“We chose to live in Buffalo,” he said while sitting on the
couch in his living room. “We bonded with some really
nice people. We’ve lived in this house over 30 years.
My wife died in 2011, but, again, I chose to stay here
because I love everything about Kenmore and about
Western New York. This is where they will put me to rest
in Mount Olivet cemetery.”
As fate would have it, Robert
and his wife have both used
Hospice Buffalo. “My wife had
Crohn’s disease and was given
steroid treatment. It led from
one negative to another and
eventually it led to ovarian
cancer. Then thyroid cancer,
breast cancer and lung cancer.
When my wife’s last surgeon
said she could do no more for
her, my question was ‘Well,
what does that mean?’ and the
Sharon Mihelbergel
surgeon said ‘Sharon is at the
end of her life’s stage. There’s
nothing more to prolong her life’ and so I asked what do
I do now and they answered ‘Hospice.’
The Mihelbergels met with Hospice Buffalo in their
home. “I asked Hospice what I was able to do as a caregiver
and they explained everything in detail. My wife and I
looked at each other and said this option of being able
to die at home is wonderful. So we set up the house so
Sharon could spend her last days here. I played music
for her all the time; mostly native American flute music,
it calmed her and kept her going. We followed the orders
that Hospice gave us. We fed her when she could eat,
we laughed with her when she could laugh and we cried
Robert with his son, Eric.
with her. I was holding her hand the day she died. If a
husband has to lose a wife that he loves dearly, there’s no
better way than for me to lose her that way.”
Over a year later, Robert experienced a sharp pain in
his body. “I was visiting my son and we were playing
street hockey with the granddaughters and after we were
done, my right shoulder hurt tremendously,” he recalls.
“I called my doctor who was a sports medicine doctor
and he said there was something wrong... (the) pain was
very deep. They did a bone scan.”
The doctors told him he had cancer in his bone and in his
lung. “Buffalo Medical Group sent me to their oncologists
who did a wonderful job. They got rid of my bone pain
through radiation; I had 10 radiation treatments. Yes, I
have bone cancer. Yes, I have lung cancer. But at the
moment, I am pain free. When I cough, sometimes that
hurts. After five surgeries with five biopsies, it showed a
long, small cell lung cancer I had that spread to the bone.”
After eleven chemo treatments with Buffalo Medical Group,
Robert’s condition was rapidly declining. “I experienced
a lot of negativisms from the chemicals; lost my hair, my
energy, lost my appetite, lost my will to live. And actually,
I prayed for God to take me because I felt I had nothing
left to do. I was bedridden and was sleeping a lot. I was
a very sick man. I came down with C-diff cholitis twice
and ended up with a bowel obstruction and had to go
back for another surgery. Another tumor was discovered.
The chemicals hadn’t killed the cancer and the doctor
said ‘Robert, there’s nothing more I can do for you.’ And
I asked, “Is there any chance you can do something for to
increase my quality of life?” I was in the hospital for a few
weeks at which time I knew I needed Hospice Home Care.
“My wife Sharon had Hospice Team 4; so when they
came to set up my program I realized I knew everyone
on the present Team 4. The house is set up the exact
same way as it was for my wife, which is kind of weird.
The fact that I ended up with lung cancer was like ‘Wow,’
I expected to go a different way. I’m only 68…I raced
canoes, rode bicycles, I was a school teacher.”
continued on page 5.
Dear Hospice Staff,
My mother, Maraget Schirman, was in your care through
August 11-15, 2014
Camp Blue Skies is a 5 day camp
experience that offers a variety of
interventions with grief counselors to
help kids make sense of their feelings
about the death of a loved one.
Beechwood Homes during the last weeks of her life. She died on
December 18 at 102 years.
Hospice Buffalo kindly offered us a place to stay at 47 Hawthorne
during Mom’s wake and funeral. My family (wife, daughter, son-inlaw, 2 children and a close family friend) drove in on the evening
of December 26 from Connecticut not knowing what to expect.
We were impressed by the friendly, helpfulness of both Camille
who helped us reserve the home and Amanda who led us to and
familiarized us with the home. We were amazed by the comfort
and level of detail that went into the design and decor of the Hawthorne St. home. The beauty of the place was only surpassed by
the surprising touches (like plush beds, kitchen conveniences, toiletries and tissues) which communicated loving care to us. The
home gave us a common base to return to, play with the children
and to talk about the days events. The measure of comfort this
gave to us under our conditions was incalculable.
Highlights include a family dinner,
an amazing race, drumming,
expressive arts, horseback riding,
equine therapy, and more!
Transportation Available.
For more information, call
(716) 836-6460 or visit
Thanks to you and your generosity, we have many beautiful memories
of our time together. The care and love that were evident in that
home nurtured us at our time of sorrow and difficulty. We won’t
forget your kindness. You have made a huge difference! ■
Thanks and blessings to your whole staff,
Peter and
d Sh
Sharon S
Hope, Comfort, Healing
Camp Blue Skies is a program of
Life Transitions Center, Inc.
on the Heart
Support Group
Editors Note: Hospice extends its grateful appreciation to West Herr Automotive
Group for helping to establish the West Herr Guest House at 47 Hawthorne.
Life Transitions Center has teamed up with Catholic Health Perinatal
Bereavement to present a new monthly group, Footprints on the Heart.
The group is geared towards men, women and couples who have
experienced the loss of a baby through still birth or early infant death. It
is encouraged that group members bring keepsakes and photos of their
baby to be shared.
Join this informal group setting the 3rd Tuesday of each month from
6 – 8:00 p.m. No registration is required, but advance notice is helpful
for planning. For more information, call (716) 836-6460 or visit ■
hospice happenings.
presented by
Sunday, May 18th
Thankful for
Hospice at Home
continued from page 3.
18th Annual
“He lost 50 something pounds,” said
Eric, Robert’s son.
{Memorial Walk}
Don’t forget to register for the Hospice Memorial Walk!
• Sunday, May 18 - Registration & Check-in: 9 a.m. Walk starts at 11 a.m.
• Canalside, downtown Buffalo
• Enjoy games, prizes, bounce house, music, special guests and a
picnic sponsored by Wegmans and Wardynski’s
• Early Turn-in/Registration Day is May 8 at the Hospice Mitchell
Campus, 225 Como Park Blvd., from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.
• Registration fee is $25 through May 8, then the registration fee
is $40.
• Register online at
July 1-31st
{Sunflower Days}
Purchase your paper pin-up sunflower during Sunflower Days.
Sunflowers will be sold at all Erie County NOCO locations for only
$1 during the entire month of July. Show you’re a proud supporter
of Hospice care in our community.
Please support Hospice Buffalo
with a donation today.
Your gift will bless many
in our care.
Donate at
“I’ve gained at least 10 or 12 pounds
back,” smiled Robert. He receives visits
from the Hospice Buffalo physician,
nurse, social worker, pastoral care, home
health aide, and others at his request.
“The nurse comes once a week now
because I’m doing well,” noted Robert.
“She’ll do all her blood work, all the
vital signs, the weight gain, and weight
loss. “She’ll check on my medications
and she’ll let Dr. (Elizabeth) Maher
know about me. I had a big sleep issue
and nurse Leslie and Dr. Maher tried
different medicines to address the
problem. I’m sleeping very well now.”
While Robert has been feeling well, he
knows his condition will decline in a few
short months. He is not bitter about
that. He says he knows what to expect.
“I’m weak but then cancer will do
that to you,” he admits. “I do my own
banking, I pay my own bills, I clean my
own house when I can, I’m pretty much
able to take care of myself at this stage.
My God gives me all the strength, all the
faith, all the energy, everything I need
to get through this. My faith tells me
that we all die. There’s no stopping it. I
feel young at 68, but nevertheless my
God will take me when He’s ready. My
children know I’m accepting this totally,
no negatives with it. It’s okay. Knowing
that Hospice will keep me pain free,
add more nurses, more aides, more
therapists, more professional staff as
needed has reassured me that my
house, my home, is my caregiving
hotel. They’ll make me as comfortable
as possible for as long as I’m breathing.
The support groups and the things
they’ve done with me for my wife…it’s
not only a medical organization, it’s a
personal organization. I have a social
worker and a chaplain that works
with me; I pick up the phone anytime
I want and I’ve got someone from
Hospice to help me. I thank Hospice for
that.” ■
Semi Annual Foundation Giving
The Hospice Foundation recognizes the generosity of the following foundations for their support of $250 or more to
Hospice’s programs or unrestricted fund from April through December 2013. All foundations giving $5,000 or more
in a calendar year are enrolled in our Founder’s Society.
Patrick P. Lee Foundation ............................................... 30,000
John W. and Mary M. Koessler Foundation ............... 1,000
Russo Family Charitable Foundation......................... 26,000
Garman Family Foundation ........................................... 25,000
Kenneth L. and Katherine G. Koessler
Family Foundation ................................................................ 1,000
Robert J. & Martha B. Fierle Foundation ................. 20,000
Peter & Rebecca McCauley Charitable Fund ............ 1,000
KeyBank Foundation ........................................................ 12,500
McLain Foundation .............................................................. 1,000
Benderson Family
Hospice Endowment Fund (FJP) ................................. 12,062
Donald F. & Barbara L. Newman
Family Foundation ................................................................ 1,000
Josephine Goodyear Foundation (CFGB) ................ 11,000
Rich Family Foundation ..................................................... 1,000
McCarthy Family Fund........................................................ 7,500
Sovran Foundation for a Better WNY (CFGB) ........... 1,000
Santiago Foundation ........................................................... 6,000
Lorinda McAndrew Voelkle Foundation ....................... 1,000
Joy Family West
(Silicon Valley Community Foundation)...................... 5,767
Goldman Titanium, Inc., Philanthropic Fund (FJP) .....800
Monsignor Richard S. Amico Memorial
Charitable Trust ..................................................................... 5,000
Walmart Foundation ................................................................750
Edward H. Butler Foundation .......................................... 5,000
DeRose Family Foundation ...................................................500
Dan & Flavia Gernatt Family Foundation .................... 5,000
Finish Line Fund ........................................................................500
N&G Gian Family Foundation .......................................... 5,000
Lloyd A. Fry Foundation .........................................................500
Kuzniarek Family Foundation .......................................... 5,000
The Hahn Family Foundation ..............................................500
The Durham & Valerie McCauley
Endowment Fund ................................................................. 5,000
Linda A. & Kenneth R. Kahn Foundation ........................500
VIYU Foundation ................................................................... 5,000
Virginia Evans Devereux Trusts ....................................... 3,000
Benjamin Smith Endowment Fund (FJP) ................... 2,500
The Weissman Family Foundation................................. 2,500
The Zebro Fund (CFGB) ..................................................... 2,500
W.H. Greene Foundation .................................................... 2,000
The Peter and Elizabeth C. Tower Foundation ......... 2,000
Joseph R. Takats Foundation ........................................... 1,700
Cort and Denise Williams Fund ...................................... 1,500
Janet K. & John D. Larkin III Fund (CFGB) ................. 1,422
Rose H. and Leonard H. Frank Community
Endowment Fund (FJP) ...................................................... 1,000
William and Diane Hein Foundation ............................. 1,000
The MJ Kelley Foundation ................................................. 1,000
The Giallanza Foundation .....................................................750
Aropert Charitable Fund ........................................................500
Kasnachey Family Fund (FJP) ..............................................500
The John W. and Mary M. Koessler Foundation ..........500
Jullian L.S. Morrison Memorial Fund................................500
Zonta Club of Kenmore Foundation .................................500
William Kenneth Schmitt Fund (CFGB) ...........................402
The Carol J. Adragna Family Foundation ........................400
Kaidas Fund (Schwab Chartitable Fund) ........................400
Smith Family Foundation ......................................................400
The Philanthropic Fund (FJP) .............................................300
Michael C. Cohen Endowment Fund (FJP) .....................250
DreamCatcher Foundation ...................................................250
Edwin G. and Susan L. Levy
Philanthropic Fund (FJP) .......................................................250
Steinwachs Family Foundation ...........................................250
The Seymour H. Knox Foundation ................................ 1,000
CFGB - Community Foundation Greater Buffalo
FJP - Foundation of Jewish Philanthropies
“Each of you is truly a special
gift sent from God.”
Diane, Buffalo
Grateful for
Compassionate Care
and Family Support
I am proud that my relationship with
Hospice Buffalo continues and has come
full circle.
Dana R. Dee, Signature Society
Chairperson with her mother, Esther.
I first became involved with Hospice
Buffalo as a member of the Hospice
Foundation’s Board, raising funds to
support the amazing care that Hospice
provides to patients and families. Today,
more than eight years later, I am pleased
to still be very involved with Hospice as
a member of the Founders Board and
Chairperson of the Signature Society,
working to communicate Hospice’s
mission to those who are in need of
its services.
In 2006, my family and I experienced the care that Hospice provides
first hand, and for that I am grateful. My mom, Esther, was admitted to
Hospice during the now infamous October Storm, whose ice, snow, and
wind left many Western New Yorkers displaced and without power. The
outage even affected the Hospice Mitchell Campus in Cheektowaga where
Mom was staying in the Inpatient Unit. But, in spite of the raging storm,
she was well cared for and safe. The facility’s generators immediately
began providing heat, light, and the necessary power to operate the essential
medical equipment. The auxiliary power was even able to maintain the
temperature of the lobby’s fish tank. Battery operated lanterns throughout
the halls lent a subdued, but peaceful atmosphere to the facility, enabling
the nurses, aides, doctors, and volunteers to continue to provide the
excellent care for which they are known.
Mom’s journey ended during that storm. We will always hold dear and
be grateful to Hospice Buffalo for the compassionate care they provided
to my mom and the support they gave to me and my family. Three years
after my mom’s passing, we had a second experience with Hospice. My
aunt was admitted to the Hospice Inpatient Unit, where she received the
same wonderful care my mom did. I especially remember Mark Fanning,
the charge nurse in the unit, and how he lovingly looked after my aunt.
Our community is so fortunate to have Hospice Buffalo as a resource. It is
one of the most well respected hospices in the country. Their motto to “do
something special every day” for patients, families, and friends truly helps
make one of the most difficult times in our lives easier and more rewarding.
The Hospice Buffalo clinicians help patients and families understand the
events that are experienced at end of life and enable patients to live each
remaining day to the fullest. ■
Warmest regards,
Dana R. Dee
Are you planning a
wedding, shower or
anniversary party?
Give the gi of compassionate care
while though ully remembering
your loved ones on your special
day. Make a meaningful dona on to
Hospice Buffalo in lieu of tradi onal
favors. Your dona on will help
support Hospice Buffalo’s mission
of providing for those afflicted with
end-of-life illness and support to
their families. Let us help make
your day perfect.
View new op ons for your event:
invita ons, favor tents, and favor
tags at
or for more informa on, please call
the Founda on Office at 686-8090.
14 T H A N N U A L
Save the Date
OCTOBER 17, 2014
6 P.M.
Hospice Spring Bouquet Sale™ is a Success!
The 28th Annual Hospice Spring
Bouquet Sale was a record
breaking success! We are
extremely excited to report that
25,500 standard and 5,500
tribute bouquets were sold,
thanks to the hard work of
650+ volunteers.
First Niagara Bank sold
a total of 1,550 bouquets
through pre-sale and public site
participation, raising more than
$14,000. The number one corporate
pre-sale site was West Herr Automotive
Group, selling 593 bouquets and raising over $9,500.
The highest selling school was Casey Middle School,
selling 100 bouquets and raising $1,504. Our top selling
florist was S&N/Eileen’s Greenhouse & Flower Shoppe,
selling a total of 682 bouquets and raising $7,434.
The Hospice Foundation would like to extend its thanks to
the 460 corporate and school pre-sale sites, including the
companies and schools who participated through Hager’s
and S&N’s, all the volunteers, and the 40 professional
florists that helped make this year’s sale such a success.
Special thanks to the dedicated committee members:
Cathy McGovern of The Trillium’s Courtyard Florist, chair;
Elaine Bialecki of Elaine’s Flower Shoppe; Ed & Lee Michel
of Sieck Wholesale Florist; Frank Mischler of Mischler’s
Florist; and Tom Ziembiec of Ziembec Wholesale Florist.
Thank you to our Presenting Sponsor, First Niagara Bank
and our sponsors, Dunkin’ Donuts, Wendy’s, WGRZ Channel
2, JOY-FM, WYRK, Country 106.5 WYRK, Insty Prints and
Lamar Advertising.
Congratulations to the following pre-sale companies and schools who sold
Hospice Spring Bouquets to 75% or more of their co-workers:
1st Source Servall
Community Charter School
Accura Audiology
Court Street Elementary
Allendale Elementary School
CS Business Systems, Inc.
Amherst Federal Credit Union
DeLacy Ford, Inc.
Amherst Middle School
Dr. Saif Soniwala’s Office
Apple Hair Emporium
D’Youville College - Occupational
Therapy Department
Architectural Resources
Baker Academy
Beckes Optical & Hearing Aids
Boltz Insurance Service
Bond, Schoeneck & King, PLLC
Boston Deli, Inc.
Boston Valley Elementary
Boulevard FCU
Boy Scouts of America - Greater
Niagara Frontier Council
BPS #39 - Martin Luther King
Brown & Kelly, LLP
Buffalo & Erie County Workforce
Investment Board
Buffalo Community Federal
Credit Union
Buffalo Police “B” District
Buffalo Ultrasound, Inc.
Campbell, Bolas & Associates, LLP
Casey Middle School
Casey’s Truck Salvage World, Inc.
Cayuga Heights Elementary
Citizens Bank - Tops
Clarence Center Elementary
Clarence Community & Schools
Federal Credit Union
Clarence Deli
Cohen & Lombardo, P.C.
Coldwell Banker Aubrey Leonard
Realty, Inc.
Colucci & Gallaher P.C.
Ebenezer Stop & Shop
Eden Jr./Sr. High School
Endoscopy Center of WNY
Erie County Agricultural Society
Erie County Auto Bureau
Erie County Industrial
Development Agency
Eye Health Associates Surgery
Feeley, Bonaventura, & Hyzy,
Lancaster Central Schools
District Office
Larwood Pharmacy, Inc.
Latimore- Schiavone Funeral
Lifetime Health Medical Group
M&T - Mortgage Telesales
Maple West Elementary School
Maplemere Elementary School
Mercantile Adjustment
Bureau, Inc.
Mollenberg-Betz, Inc.
Moppets Nursery School
Mullen Elementary School
Multi Source International
Northtowns Oral Surgery
Northwest Savings Bank
NYS Court Reporters
Fit for Her Life
NYS Employees Assistance
Ormsby Educational Center
Fourteen Holy Helpers School
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart
Frontier Educational Center
Garrett Leather
Gary Krull & Associates CPA, PC
Glendale Elementary
Globalquest Staffing Solutions, Inc.
Hagelin Kent, LLC
Hamburg Family Medicine
Herbert Hoover Elementary
Holland High School
I-Evolve Technology Services
Jeffrey Freedman Attorneys At Law
John D. Coyle Chiropractic
S.C. Parker & Co., Inc.
Shear Freedom, Inc.
Smallwood Elementary School
South Pointe Senior Apartments
Southside Trailer Service, Inc.
SS. Peter & Paul School
Ss. Peter & Paul School
Stewart Title Insurance Corp.
SUNY at Buffalo - VP for
Finance & Administration
SUNY at Buffalo - Rehabilitation
Sutton Architecture, PLLC
Sweet Home Middle School
The Tarantino Law Firm
W.J. Brader and Associates
Wells Fargo Dealer Services
West Seneca West Elementary
WMS Sales, Inc.
WNY United
Our Lady of Victory School
Wynwood Senior Living
Patricia Haberman, D.D.S.
Zaxis Architectural, P.C.
Paul William Beltz P.C.
Philip Sheridan Ken Ton
School District
Presenting Sponsor
Pinehurst Elementary
Potter & Kenton Career Centers
Practicefirst Medical Management
Rattles to Reading Child Care
Renee’s Deli
Bloom Sponsor
Riverview Elementary School
Room to Spare Storage
Kaegebein Elementary
Rupp, Baase, Pfalzgraf,
Cunningham & Coppola, LLC
Lackawanna High School
Russell A. Farrow US, Inc.
Flower Power Sponsor
Update - Campus Renovation
Workers continue the transformation of the Hospice
Mitchell Campus clinical building. The 8-month project
began in January and is expected to be completed this
fall. Each of the 22 patients rooms are being renovated
and will include new bay windows to introduce more
natural light. The project will enable Hospice Buffalo to
expand inpatient capacity and provide greatly needed
enhancements to the clinical building. Consider leaving
a legacy for you and your loved ones by joining our
Love the Dove campaign. Visit our secure website at or call us at (716) 686-8090 to
learn about donor opportunities. ■
Life Transitions Center Revamped Website Revealed
Visit our new site, now more interactive and easier to
use. New and enhanced features include:
• Dynamic image slider that allows visitors to
immediately see the most current news and updated
with each clickable slide, allowing easy access to more
• Streamlined and updated content on pages makes the
search bar option provide the best results.
• Social media links to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and
• The use of more photos and videos enables visitors to
see our facilities, learn more about our services and
The new site is compatible with mobile phones and tablets
as well as being accessible from desktop computers.
With more physicians, caregivers, patients and family
members now using smart phones and tablets to
search for resources, Life Transitions Center has made it
a priority to make the site mobile-friendly.
The new site was launched mid-February 2014. Check
out the site at ■
With Special Thanks
A tradition that began in 2008
continues with passion, providing our
patients and their families A Dinner
to Remember during what might
be their final days. Hospice Buffalo,
together with Tom Lombardo, owner
of Ristorante Lombardo collaborate
with some of the finest local
restaurants and work together to
provide these special family dinners.
The idea is to deliver Hospice patients
a delicious meal to share with their
loved ones. Even more wonderful
than the meal is the opportunity
for patients’ families and friends to
spend time with their loved one and
create a lasting memory to cherish.
Tom Lombardo remains a key
component in this venture. Each year
he recruits a team of Buffalo’s finest
restaurants to join him in providing
meals for A Dinner to Remember.
O nc e a m o nth , a re s t aur ant
generously “hosts” a dinner for
patients and their families at the
Hospice Mitchell Campus and
St. John Baptist Hospice Buffalo
Inpatient Unit. The results are
nothing short of amazing! In the past
seven years, over 8,000 meals have
been served to Hospice patients and
their loved ones. The true impact
to the patients and families is
Now entering its eighth year, the
Dinner to Remember program is
going strong. Our special thanks
to Tom Lombardo (Ristorante
Lombardo), Adam Goetz (Crave),
Tricia Hanny Browne (Eagle House),
Oded Rauvenpoor (The Falafel Bar),
Mark Hutchinson (Hutch’s), David
Schutte (Oliver’s), Joseph Salvatore
(Salvatore Italian Gardens), Chuck
Mauro/Henry Gorino (Siena), and
Paul Jenkins (Tempo) for making a
memorable difference in the lives of
our patients and their families. ■
events update.
Become a Hospice Helper! Hospice Helpers are companies,
organizations and community groups that organize various fundraising events and activities to benefit Hospice Buffalo. Many thanks
go out to these groups for their time and effort. Funds raised through
the Hospice Helpers are unrestricted and support patient care, our
greatest need.
Be creative! If your company or organization has a unique idea to
raise funds for Hospice Buffalo or if you have questions about the
Hospice Helpers, please contact the Hospice Foundation at (716)
686-8090 or e-mail Jen at [email protected]
A special thank you to the following community groups and
individuals who organized events to benefit Hospice Buffalo. Events
raising $250 or more are listed below.
4th Annual Robert G. Hoch Sr. Winter Memory Walk ....$10,766.00
FISERV, Employee Fundraising Events ................................... $4,000.00
Eastern Hills Mall Mall-O-Ween,
in support of Essential Care for Children .................................... $3,079.93
Amherst Middle School Modified Swim Team
Swim-a-Thon ....................................................................................... $1,425.00
Systems Personnel, Inc. ................................................................ $1,200.00
SEFCU, SEFCU Money Machine at UBuffalo ........................ $1,000.00
Hennessy Bowling Tournament,
in memory of Renee Hennessy .......................................................... $903.00
BN 360’s Happy Hour for a Cause ....................................... $540.00
Upcoming Summer Events
Cindy Frank Memorial 5K Run/Walk ~ Saturday, April 26 ~ 9:00
a.m. run start time at Fourteen Holy Helpers School ~ 1339 Indian
Church Road, West Seneca
Mother’s Day Gift Wrapping ~ Wednesday, May 7 – Sunday, May 11
at the Boulevard Mall. Please visit for daily times.
Mary Kay Scott Memorial Golf Outing ~ Saturday, May 10 ~ 10:00 a.m.
start time at Concord Crest Golf Course, East Concord. Please contact
Bruce Scott at (716) 254-0474 for more details and for further
Father’s Day Gift Wrapping ~ Thursday, June 12 – Sunday, June 15
at the Boulevard Mall. Please visit for daily times.
8th Annual Doin’ It For Dean Motorcycle Run Fundraiser ~ Saturday,
June 14 at the Bowen Road Grove, Lancaster. Please call Rich Brown
at (716) 771-6293 for additional information.
Come Get Some Golf Tournament ~ Friday, July 11 ~ 12:00 p.m.
start time at Chestnut Hill Country Club. Please contact Jill Pogodzinski
at (716) 883-6618 for more details and further information.
Friends of the NY44 Benefits Plan Golf Outing ~ Thursday, July 17
at the Chestnut Hill Country Club, 1330 Broadway, Darien Center.
Please call Dr. Michalak at (716) 821-7161 for more details and
further information. ■
tribute gifts.
together in dignity.
Memorial and tribute gifts are a meaningful way to support
patient care at Hospice while offering an expression of one’s
sympathy and respect to family members and friends. To
the family and friends of those remembered, we express
our condolences.
Listed below are gifts received by Hospice from January 1 March 14, 2014. Due to space limitations, only gifts of
$50 or more per donor are listed. However, with proper
information, notification of any size gift is sent to the family
of those being remembered.
Thank you to the families that designated Hospice as the
beneficiary of donations in memory of their loved ones.
The gifts received from designated memorials support
patient care - our organization’s greatest priority.
If there is an error or omission, we are sincerely sorry.
Please contact the Hospice Foundation at (716) 686-8090
so we may correct the error.
in memory of...
Eileen L. Bippert
Ingrid Aasaru
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin F. Durawa
Elizabeth M. Allen
Ms. Patricia Schmidt
Frederick F. Allen
The Dental Group, PC
Mr. & Mrs. William Marrero
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Nowak
Ms. Maureen C. Summar
Peter W. Allen
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Close
Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Coates
Ms. Renee DeCelle
Dr. William Grobe III
Mr. & Mrs. William E. LaVigne
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Sabatino
Sharon A. Alley
Mr. Peter Alley
George J. Anderson
Mrs. Patricia Anderson
Kimberly B. Ansari
Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey S.
Dawn E. Anstett
Mr. Gordon D. Anstett
Edward Antkowiak
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Grabowski
Leslie F. Arnold
Mrs. Susanne Arnold
Luella V. Arnold
Mr. David H. Arnold
Frances Aronica
Mr. & Mrs. Gary D. LaRussa
Kendall J. Atkinson
Mrs. Mary A. Atkinson
Alice Atwood
Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Gill
Grace M. Aubin
Ms. Lucy Aubin
Mrs. Leslie Currier
Mr. David Lawton &
Ms. Laurie Privitera
Brett, Erika, Donna &
Gary Rettig
Adele Augustyn
Mr. Bruce Augustyn
Deacon Paul L. Augustyn
The Early Stages Center Speech and Language
Ms. Marion G. Fox
Mr. & Mrs. William F. Schaubel
Faye Axlerod
Mr. & Mrs. Harvey S. Axlerod
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas J. Prisinzano
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Rittner
Mr. Joel Rose
Frank J. Baczkiewicz
Ms. Elinor Mach & Family
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene L. Tytka
Charles W. Bagley
Mrs. Marianne Bagley
Donald W. Bailey
Ms. Thelma M. Bailey
John D. Bargnesi
Mrs. Carol Bargnesi
Dorothy J. Barry
South Davis Elementary
Sunshine Fund
Esther B. Bates
Mr. David L. Bates
Norman C. Bauman, Jr.
Ms. Deborah A. Bishop
Ms. Mary W. Johnson
The Mahoneys, Sargents,
Pachters, MacClellans,
DeGloppers, Chris Goldstein,
Driers & Krawczyks
Mr. & Mrs. William R. Taylor
Matthew Michael Beck III
Mrs. Linda Beck
John R. Beishline
John & Jean Blaha
The Henzler Family
Ms. Susan Puerner
Raymond O. Belisle
Amherst Assessor’s Office
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Parent
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Terranova
Arletta M. Belleville
Mrs. Katherine Bundt Hadrovic
Mrs. Kris Holtham
Ms. Debra Laufer, Eugene
Belleville & Sandy Carroll
Adam Benatovich
Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Benatovich
Wayne Bergenstock
Mrs. Delores Richter
Karen M. Bernhard
Family & Friends of
Karen M. Bernhard
Buffalo Cardiology &
Pulmonary Associates, PC
Georgetown Animal Clinic, P.C.
Claire A. Besch
Mr. Justin Besch
Ms. Kathy C. Andrle
Ms. Michelle Franczyk &
Karen McKeaguer
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Jelenek
Ms. Nancy Kronthaler
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Matteson
Mrs. Elizabeth C. Menchi
Alice M. Birkholz
Mr. Dietrich Birkholz
Frank J. Blachowski
Mr. Edward M. &
Rose Mary Blachowski
Mr. & Mrs. James Possinger
Deacon Curtis L. Black, Sr.
Ms. Denise Black
Mildred C. Blacker
Ms. Darlene Molnar
Samuel Block
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Polonski
Joseph A. Bochiechio
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Bochiechio
Dr. & Mrs. Pasquale V.
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas A.
Mr. Thomas Messina
Robshaw & Voelkl, P.C.
Michael Bogacki
Mrs. Christina Bogacki
Joseph A. Bogdan
Ms. Dolores M. Bogdan
Clarice Bohannon
Ms. Karen Bohannon
Bernice Bolden
Bradford Energy Capital, LLC
Rose Ann Bonfiglio
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick P. Meli
Francis Bongiovanni
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Kusmierski
& Family
The Market in the Square
Marilyn Border
Mr. Thomas Border
Ronald F. Boss
Mrs. Josephine M. Boss
Sadie Z. Bowser
Mr. Donald Bowser
Albert J. Brach
Mrs. Dorotea Brach
Dorothy Bradfield
Key Bank
Ms. Lanet L. Kubena
Ms. Jill Nesselbeck
Mr. & Mrs. Allan H. Schutte
John A. Bradley
Mrs. Jane Bradley
James R. Brakefield
Ms. & Mr. Debra Cole
Russell D. Brandel
Dr. & Mrs. Robert J. Machak
Harry W. Braun
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Carmina
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Niedermeier
Mrs. Joanne Schmitt
Frank F. Breese
Mrs. Rosemarie K. Breese
Dr. Linda Brodsky
Mr. & Mrs. Robert O. Groves
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne D. Wisbaum
Helen Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Brown
Mr. Leon G. Robak
Janet H. Brown
Mr. Robert Garner &
Mrs. Tracy Brown-Garner
Barbara J. Brush
Ms. Elizabeth Wilson
Norma L. Bryant
Pyramid Masonry, LLC
Robert Bure
Mr. & Mrs. James J. Richert
Dominic S. Burgio
Ms. Bonnie Burgio
Margaret M. Burns
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Balkin
Bethlyn A. Burrows
Dr. & Mrs. Michael Diliberto
Mr. Rudi Farrell
Mrs. Laura Flink
Mr. Lawrence E. Goldschmidt
Mr. & Mrs. Paul H. Juette
Ms. Jane Mabe
Mr. Andrei Popescu
Mr. & Mrs. Randolph J. Ritz
Mr. & Mrs. David E. Snyder
Ms. Karen E. Vogt
Mrs. Lorraine R. Wallin
Mr. & Mrs. Jeremiah Weiner
Ms. Heather Young
Rose Buscaglia
Mr. Anthony Buscaglia
Franklin K. Busch
Ms. Daisy L. Young
tribute gifts.
Virginia R. Bush
Mr. Stuart N. Bush
Evelyn M. Calderon
Mr. Andrew L. Calderon
Kenneth T. Campbell
Ms. Nancy O. Stuart
Delores Cappelli
Mr. Vincent Cappelli
Mrs. Cappola
Mr. Dennis A. McConnell
Esther E. Carmody
Ms. Rita L. Bale
Ms. Carol Wojnarek
Bette M. Carnes
Mr. & Mrs. Jamil M. Ghori
Mrs. Sandra Landy
Mrs. Elaine H. Rote
Ms. Patricia A. Shaffer
Jim Carson
Mr. Scott R. Beals
Edward T. Carter
Mr. James Coles
Ruth C. Caruana
Ms. Ann M. Caruana Allen
Lt. Commander Robert F.
Caruana, USNR
Ms. Ann M. Caruana Allen
Russell F. Castilone
Richard & Karen Barton
Mr. Charles Biondo
Dr. & Mrs. James P. Burdick
Mrs. Alice Castilone
Ms. Joyce T. Churchill
Susan & Jerry Frick
Ms. Carol L. Hammer &
James Tomaselli
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Haskins
Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Helenbrook
Ms. Laraine Kelley
Mrs. Patricia Laratonda &
Carmen, Darren, Sue,
Wendy, Alan & Family
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Olszewski
& Ana Rautenstrauch
Ms. Rosalie A. Palamuso
Ms. Joan H. Stapley
Ms. Mary Beth Zaccardi
Patricia Ceravolo
Buchart Horn, Inc./
Basco Associates
Mr. Anthony F. Cappella
Ms. Julia M. Carrel
Mr. Rocco Ceravolo
John, Teresa & Corrine Cesari
Ms. Carol Ernst
Brian & Peg Funkhouser
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Nestico
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald
Veronica Chase
Mr. Joseph Braun
Corrections Corp. of America Purchasing Dept.
Mr. & Mrs. Michael N. Taylor
Louis J. Chilelli
Mrs. Kathleen A. Chilelli
David J. Chojnacki
Mrs. Dolores Chojnacki
Darwin P. Christy, Jr.
Ms. Ellen R. Christy
David P. Ciesla
Mr. & Mrs. Willie R. Evans
Joseph Cieslik
Mr. & Mrs. James M. Mockler
John H. Cimerin
Mrs. Janet Cimerin
Regina J. Cino
Mr. Joseph T. Cino
Audrey M. Clark
Mr. William Clark
Bill & Mary Frances Clark
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Soos
William J. Clark, Jr.
Family & Friends of
William J. Clark, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. David Finn
Mr. Donald P. Horan &
Jan Dickerson
Miss Anais C. Mahiques
Mr. Robert J. Mahiques
Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. Rice
John O. Closson
Mr. & Mrs. Gary R. Roblee
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Roderick
Kevin, Nina & Brandon Wright
Mae F. Coates
HSBC Bank - Community &
Philanthropic Services
Mary Ellen Coe
Family & Friends of
Mary Ellen Coe
Arnold Cofield
Ms. Adrianne J. Saraceno &
Dean Paterson
Betsy E. Cohen
The Hoffman Cousins (David,
Jill, Barbara & Bonnie)
Paul F. Collins
Mr. & Mrs. John L. Stoll
Honorable Ernest L. Colucci
& Mrs. Josephine Colucci
Sister Mary Jo Colucci
Patricia A. Cone
Mr. Jerry Cone
Josephine E. Constantino
Ms. Georgeann Constantino
Jacqueline Cooper
Mr. George Cooper
Lucy Cooper
Dr. & Mrs. Ronald G. Basalyga
Mr. & Mrs. Rollin J. Morrison
Dr. Vincent G. Cotroneo
Mr. John E. Williams
Ruth M. Craver
Mr. Charles E. Craver
Joy C. Critelli
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Critelli
Linda L. Crosier
Mr. Thomas Crosier
Timothy T. Crowley
Merck Partnership for Giving
Juan Cuevsa
ECMC - Operating Room
Albert Cuoco
Google Gift Matching Program
Joseph, Joan &
Michael Curtin
Philip & Elizabeth Newman
Gladys A. Czapla
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Dziwulski
Dorothy C. DahlheimerGroeger
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Lawrence
Roberta G. Dailey
Mr. Norman C. Dailey
Dorothy E. D’Amato
The D’Amato Family & Friends
Irr Supply Centers, Inc.
Theodore G. &
Freda Danakas
Ms. Mary Danakas
Loraine Dauer
Jim & Ken Aiello
BKFS - The Product
Management Department
The Caravettas
Mr. Christopher W. Cauley
Mr. & Mrs. James F. Dauer
Sue, Joanne, Dave, Joe &
Mike Dauer
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Dauer
E.K. Ward & Associates
Mrs. Maureen Flanagan-Wiech
Mrs. Angela Hoff
Mrs. Janet Jarczyk & Bev
Mr. & Mrs. Van C. Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew A. Morgan
Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Nehls
Mrs. Judith A. Perry
Mr. H. Norman Schack
Dr. & Mrs. Phil Scozzaro
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel E. Stoddard
Mr. Gregory Thompson
Mrs. Eileen K. Ward
Mr. John C. Ward
Ms. Janet R. Whalen
Sanjay K. Deb, M.D.
Mr. & Mrs. Basab K. Mookerjee
Agostino Decembrini
Mrs. Clara Decembrini
Alice Deery
Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Liszka, Sr.
Elsie DeLair
Mr. James W. DeLair
Angela DeMarchi
Ms. Jean DeMarchi
Gregory DeMarie
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. DeMarie
Anne N. Demblewski
The Bryant & Stratton Families
Linda DeNisco
Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Cali
& Cheryl Solomon
Mildred P. Derme
Mr. Ronald Derme
Rita DeRose
DeRose Family Foundation
Frank S. Dettelis, Jr.
Benjamin Diamond
Mr. Edward Diamond
Joan M. Dicenzo
Anandaram Herle, M.D.
Susan Dickerson
Mr. Cal Dickerson
Bernadette M. Diegelman
The John and Corky Murnyack
Family Members
Lorraine E. Dierich
Ms. Dorothy K. Bock
Julie Day, Elaine Toth &
Doreen Franco
Ms. Elsa M. Swyers
Daniel R. Diocedo
Mr. & Mrs. John Arango
Mrs. Margaret Bodekor
Mrs. Cynthia Booker
Mr. & Mrs. Angelo A. Cassaro
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel D. Diocedo
Mrs. Marie Diocedo
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen R. Erdman
Kaman, Berlove, Marafioti,
Jacobstein & Goldman, LLP
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Kuchera
Ms. Kathleen A. Kugler
The Lombardo Families in
Pittsburgh & New Jersey
Lombardo’s Complete
Collision, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Metz
Mr. Carmen E. Rossi
Ann B. & Pete Saxton
Mrs. Beverly Teresi
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Vanden
Mr. Matthew Wormer
Luke Nicholas Doktor
Society of Former Special
Agents of the FBI
Clyde M. Dole
The Clyde Dole Family
Jean M. Donhauser
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Rosseland
Taber Industries
Mrs. Helen Zgoda
Ronald W. Doran
Mrs. Florence A. Doran
Albert Dorazio
Ms. Debbie Dorazio
Dorothy E. Dorobiala
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Nowacki
Mary K. Downs
Ms. Linda Downs
Dorcas D. Dubicki
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Donahue
& Family
Mrs. Barbara A. Horvath
Mrs. Judy Weisbeck Hotchkin
Drs. Dean & Donna E. Orman
Mr. & Mrs. John I. Parker
The Staff at University of
Indianapolis Center for
Aging & Community
Donna Eddy
Ms. Patricia M. Weatherford
Janet M. Eggers
Mrs. Judith M. Murtha
Anthony C. Ehrenreich
Ms. Janette M. Ehrenreich
Charles H. Emerson
Mrs. Grace M. Emerson & Family
Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Emerson
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Femovich
Dr. Matthew Giordano
Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Michienzi
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Roussos
Mr. Orlyn Schlie
Mrs. Jessie Schwartz
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Shine
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory J. Thuman
tribute gifts.
Ethel B. Emmerson
Ms. Roma Gineitis
Mr. & Mrs. Donald S. Laing
Mr. & Mrs. Norman E. Liberatore
Ms. Vida E. McQuiston
Dorothy E. Evans
Mr. Joseph A. Murawski
Honorable Erin M. Peradotto
Ms. Patricia A. Rollison & Family
Ms. Adrianne J. Saraceno &
Dean Peterson
Mr. Thomas J. Diehl
“I will always be grateful for the time
I was able to have with my mom.
Hospice was always there,
not only for medical needs but to
share in our tears and laughter.”
Maryann, Kenmore
Dorothy M. Everett
Ms. Patricia J. Morse
Marion Faller
Ms. Judith B. Hendee
Family & Friends
Ms. Suzanne Piersa
Angeline Fasolino
Mrs. Anna F. Topolski
Helen C. Faxlanger
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Mordino
Frederick J. Fedor
Ms. Peggy Vaughan
Richard Feldmeyer
Mr. William A. Dyrek &
Ms. Anne Kohl
William F. Fenske, Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. William F. Fenske, Jr.
Gwendolyn “Gwen” C.
Ms. Roxann Ferazzoli
A. Jean Ferry
Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Woods
Nicholas & Ethel Fetcho
Mr. & Mrs. William M. Martin
Mary Fial
Mr. Ronald Fial
Robert S. Fiels
Mr. Michael R. Fiels
Mr. & Mrs. Gary W. Ring
June C. Fila
International Chimney Corp.
Thomas Francis Flaherty
Mrs. Cynthia L. Acara
Mr. Robert M. Blackston
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Buell
Roberts Wesleyan College
Mr. & Mrs. William P. Stanton
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Wehr
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wilson
Marc H. Flanders
Ms. Sandra Flanders
Franklin J. Flavin
Mr. James Morrissey
James J. “JJ” Flury
Mary Ellen Dingwall &
The Flury Family
John Flury
Northeastern Retail Lumber
Association, Inc.
Eleanor M. Foit
John & Elizabeth Bermingham
Sybil S. Foote
Dr. Ronald J. Foote
West Seneca Civic &
Patriotic Commission
John P. Empric
Jane M. Forsyth
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Galley
Karen & Joe McDonald, Grace
& Bob Rozek & Debbie &
Jeff Thomas
Philip F. Frandina
Mrs. Mary Lou Frandina
Lynn Frauenhofer
Mr. & Mrs. Chris G. Frauenhofer
Philip F. Freedenberg
Mr. John P. Freedenberg
Richard J. Freier
Ever Fab, Inc./Advanced
Nozzle Technology, LLC
Norita Frenning
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore J. Caffarelli
Appleton Fryer
Mrs. Angeline Fryer
Dr. Robert A. Fuller
Mrs. Elaine H. Fuller
Adeline E. Furch
Mr. Christopher Dimitri
Mr. Gregory Furch
Agnes H. Gallagher
Mrs. Elizabeth Degen
Raymond J. Galley, Jr.
Mrs. Nancy M. Galley
Mary A. Gang
Mr. Vernon E. Gang
Patricia H. Garman
Ms. Audre Bunis
Mr. Richard E. Garman
Sheila Garry
Mr. Ronald M. Pace &
Ms. Joyce E. Newman
Newton Garver
Ms. Beverly Pickering
Betty J. Geck
Kathy Lorkowski, Michael Geck,
Joan McKinley, Terri Sheridan
& Judy Chryniewicz
Max & Ester Gelman
Ms. Debra Gelman Kalan
Christine Genco
Mr. Paul J. Genco, Goodyear
Tire Dept. 209, The Jans
Family, Diane Capicatto &
Christine Genco
Margareta Georgevich
Mr. Christopher J. Georgevich
Gerald Gerbracht
Fitness Friends
Mr. C. Richard Thompson
Darlene Gestwick
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Moran
Norbert Geyer
Mr. Neil R. Geyer
Renata S. Giacobbe
Dr. & Mrs. Jonathan A. Graff
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Tanzella
Gian & Huber Families
Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. Huber
Susan C. Giancola
The Borowski Family
Ms. Sharon M. Bubb
Ms. Patricia A. Cole
Mrs. Fay C. Harter & Family
Mr. David O’Brien
Mr. & Mrs. Walter J. Schultz
Frederic W. Gill
Mrs. Ruth Gill
Upstate New York Transplant
Herb Goldstein
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Bielecki
Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Borins
Mr. Joel Boymel
Mr. & Mrs. Sanford L. Clark
Mrs. Lois DeVinney
The Goergen Family
Family of Herb Goldstein
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Green
Mr. Steven Huberman
Mr. & Mrs. Roland J. Zavada
Regina Golonka
Mr. Stanley J. Golonka, Sr.
Alice I. Gonciarz
The Gonciarz Family
Mr. & Mrs. Ted Kawalerski
Friends at ECMC Pharmacy
Mr. & Mrs. Lee C. Wortham
Ann Gonzalez
Mr. Paul LaMorticella
Ralph T. Gory
Mr. Darnell Gory
Joan L. Graf
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Billoni
Ms. Susan M. Casimino
Family & Friends of Joan L. Graf
Mrs. Sandra L. Greco
Mr. & Mrs. David R. Parrish
Mrs. Shirley A. Sheehan
Friends at Spectrum Radiology
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Tomaszewski
Catherine M. Grasso
Ms. Evelyn Grasso-Sirface
Kathryn J. Greco
Ms. Michele Greco &
Mr. William Faught
Pasquale A. Greco, M.D.
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Greco
Sarah “Sally” J. Green
West Seneca Teachers
Association, Inc.
Rita F. Grimm
Ms. Kathleen M. Graf
Marian B. Grobe
Mr. Gerard W. Bent
Mrs. Marion A. McLaughlin
Ms. Pam Moriarity
Dorothy Groblewski
Mr. David J. Groblewski
Charles A. Groth
Mrs. Diana Groth
William M. Grove
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Embow
Peggy S. Grupp
Ms. Cynthia E. Bullis
Matthew E. Gullen
Mrs. Constance S. Gullen
Arthur E. Gundlach
Mr. Christopher D. Baldwin
Dr. & Mrs. Charles R. Niles
Author Gunlach
Mr. Paul LaMorticella
Dorothy H. &
Charles L. Gurney II
Ms. Nancy H. Gurney
Judith K. Gutekunst
Mr. LeRoy Gutekunst
Scott M. Hackett
Mrs. Debra Hackett
Inez A. Hagen
Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Sacco
Richard Hallett
Mr. & Mrs. William Hallett
Donald Halstead
Mrs. Barbara Halstead
Mac S. Hammond
Ms. Katka Hammond
Ms. Marilyn A. Hochfield
Sophie Handzlik
Anna Marie Harhigh
Mrs. Mary LaPorta
Miriam K. Hark
Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Winter
Ellen M. Harmon
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Berg
Edythe T. Harris
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph A. Harris
Wanda R. Hartman
Ms. Linda Dedline, Nick & Emily
Mr. & Mrs. Leroy D.
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Preston
Richard C. Hauser
Mrs. Dianne Hauser
tribute gifts.
Dr. James V. Hawckworth
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick S. Wood
Elvera Heath
The Collins Family
Ms. Madeline Cramb
Mr. & Mrs. Brad Day
Mr. & Mrs. Karl Franz
Ms. Beth Gunderman
Mr. James W. Heath
The Family of Elvera Heath
Mr. & Mrs. Todd A. Mecca
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis J. Mill
Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. Scarcello
Val Hoffman and
Amanda Sperrazza
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Stoyle
Officers & Members at U.A.
Local Union # 22 Plumbers
& Steamfitters
Ms. Judy Woytaszczyk
The Ryan-Young Family
June M. Heckmiller
Mr. David G. Heckmiller
Michael E. Heftka
Ms. Nancy Orlowski-Heftka
Rita M. Heim
Dr. Jennifer M. Ruh
Robert Philip Heim
Mrs. Lorna Mary Heim
Mary Ann Heimback
Mr. John M. Heimback, Sr.
Thomas J. Heisler, Sr.
Marion, David & Janice Fox
& Family
Mr. & Mrs. Harold C. Worden, Jr.
Margaret M. Hejmanowski
Mr. Anthony Hejmanowski
Renee Hennessy
Hennessy Bowling Tournament
Janelyn A. Hens
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald C. Kegler
Mr. William T. Pearl
John W. Herman
Mr. Richard Delnero
David Reis, Michael Zaccaro
and The Staff of Falcon
Mr. & Mrs. Henry F. Meyer
Raymond G. Hertel
Mr. & Mrs. James D. Gough
Donn W. Hewes
Mrs. Phyllis Hewes
Gloria M. Hobler
Ms. Patricia M. Litz
Sally Hoddick
Mr. David Czajka
Ms. Michelle M. Filippi
Lactalis American Group, Inc.
Miss Jill Lockwood
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Szymonek
Alfred W. Hodgson
Mr. & Mrs. William Hallett
Gladys Hodynski
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip J. Paskvan
Janet Hoffman
Sandi, Susan and Robin Cohen
Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Ervolina, Jr.
Ms. Barbara Mayer
Carol A. Holdsworth
Family & Friends of
Carol A. Holdsworth
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Patterson
Raymond D. Holley
Barbara A. Hoover
Mr. David Hoover
Francis M. Horan
Mrs. Virginia Horan
James G. Horn
Mrs. Karen Horn
Richard D. Horner
Ms. Carolyn Scalzi, Karen
Markham, Jeffrey Clift, Barb
Lipiew, Laura Hess, Michelle
Gleason, Amy Burke, Frank
Polizzi, Kathy Reilly
Hospice Patients
Paul M. Howlett
Mrs. Bernadine W. Howlett
Joan D. Hubert
Ms. Marilyn Hubert
Marjorie Hutz
Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Johnson
Ms. Eleanor Keenan &
Ms. Kathleen Barlow
The Kellys & The Goffs
Sally C. Iannello
Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Iannello
Joanne Ihle
Tonawanda Education
Vincent J. Iwanski
Mrs. Kathleen Iwanski
Elfriede “Omi” Jablonski
Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. DeFilippo
Linda Jackson
Dr. Rose Berkun
Stella M. Jackson
Ms. Barbara J. Brooks
Vernon Jackson
The Children of Vernon
Jackson & Mrs. Margaret
Barbara J. Jakiela
National Air Cargo, Inc.
Richard L. Jaskier
Ms. Victoria L. Jaskier
Louise Jeffers
Emerson Industrial Automation
Ms. Carla J. Hengerer
Kathleen R. Jeffries
Ms. Patricia A. Jeffries
Mr. & Mrs. Terry L. Klaaren
Ms. Florence McIntyre
Mary Anne Jehle
Ms. Janet Zeames
Susan S. Johnston
Mr. & Mrs. Manson C. Surdam
Phyllis P. Jones
Mr. Robert N. Jones
Edward J. Josefiak
Family & Friends of
Edward J. Josefiak
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis A. Poplawski
Julius V. Jurek
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce E. Marshall
Joan M. Kader
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Ambroselli
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Burkhardt
Friends at CAAS
CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield
Ms. Katlyn Culligan
Mr. Andrew Fabiano
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Henry
Catherine Kader’s Co-Workers
at First Niagara Bank
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Kessler
University Orthopaedics Co-Workers
Village Realty
Donald F. Kane, Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Krieger
Michael Kane
Mr. Daniel Joseph Kane
Mr. & Mrs. Edward F. Kowalski
Florence M. Kantorski
Mr. Rodney B. Kantorski
Karen M. Kasperek
Mr. Gerald R. Kasperek
Natalie P. Kaufman
Mr. Michael Bieger
BlueCross BlueShield
- Colleagues in Human
Oi, Julia, Jackie, Tammy &
Dustin Crandus
Lake Chautauqua Lutheran
The Knauf Family
Mrs. Kristen Logas
Mr. Larry E. Miller
Roswell Park Cancer
Institute - The Center for
Dr. & Mrs. Michael Schwartz
Cheryl & Claire Woodruff
Wilfred “Bill” Kaufman
Mrs. Patricia Kaufman
James T. Kelley, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. James Kelley
Andrew Kellock
Ms. Pamela Zaffran &
Mr. Dave Knab
Thomas J. Kelminski
Mr. & Mrs. David C. Benson
Judith Benson
Gernatt Asphalt Products, Inc.
Mr. Joseph Kelminski
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Sherman
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth F. Ziccarelli
Alan F. Kelsey
Mr. & Mrs. Wilfred F. Bedore
& Mr. & Mrs. Hurley
Donna J. Keppel
Mrs. Donna Rzepa
Jane F. Kieffer
Ms. Mary Alice Annecharico
Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Aquino
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Bruchanski
Mr. & Mrs. Barry Chubb
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Karaszewski
Mr. & Mrs. David Powers
Mrs. Adeline C. Spalla
Mr. Samuel F. Ward, Jr.
Stephen M. Kiernan
Mr. Stephen M. Kiernan II
Jill D. Kilinskas
Mr. William A. Kilinskas
Uni-Select USA
Irving J. Kimball
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Basil
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. McDonald
Mr. Keith S. McIntosh
Mr. & Mrs. Dan O’Donnell
Mrs. Mary Ellen Sinclair
Mrs. Ruth Hanna Smith
Ms. Cheryl Ziccardi
Alan Crawford King
Kathy and Peg Bushen
Mrs. Donna J. Cain
Mr. & Mrs. James F. Lally
Mr. & Mrs. Ramsey L. Woodworth
Harry F. M. King
Ms. Joyce Lewis
Jane Kingsley
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Clemens
Loralee L. Klein
Mr. Brian J. Klein
Marion S. Klein
Mr. Raymond C. Klein
Norma Klopfer
The Klopfer Family
Paul Klostermann
Mrs. Suzanne Klostermann
Allene C. Knibloe
Mrs. Joan W. O’Connor
Barbara M. Knoerl
Ms. Janette M. Ehrenreich
Mark Kolkowicz
Mr. & Mrs. John Berger
Ned, Georgia and Ned, Jr.
Mrs. Constance S. Gullen
Ms. Dorothy R. McCausland
Mr. & Mrs. William McCausland
Mr. Michael Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Peterson
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Santercole
Mr. Samuel Tadio
Mary L. Kolodziej
Mr. Edward J. Kolodziej, Jr.
Winifred E. Koontz
Mrs. Bette Breeser
Esther Koren
Mrs. Cynthia May
Joyce S. Kowalski
Ms. Beverly McNerney
Alice S. Kozek
Your Family at Partners
and Napier
Michael Krajewski
North Park Middle School Faculty & Staff
Norma M. Krezmien
Mr. Mark Krezmien
Sarah Kriegbaum
Buffalo State College Physics Department
tribute gifts.
Eleanor T. Krieger
Mr. Martin Gabriele
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent J. Girardi, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas M. Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Peterson
Ms. Diana Stefanelli
Mrs. Susan Streets
Laura M. Kroneiss
Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell Burke
Mr. & Mrs. William East
Ms. Melanie Green
Jennie Kroniess
Elaine & Edward Kroniess
Theodore & Mildred Krueger
Ms. Suzanne Krueger Nieman
Karl H. Krug
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Baylerian
C&M Forwarding Co., Inc.
Geovest Advisors, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Hinterberger
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald C. Krug
Mrs. Eleonore K. Martin
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Polonski
Mr. & Mrs. Randolph J. Ritz
Schindler Elevator Corporation
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Seitz, Sr.
Annette Kruschke
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald A. Eaton
Mrs. Joyce A. Uebelhoer Tracey
Mrs. Susan Walko
Edward J. “Ta” Kubarek
Roselle LaBruna
Arthur J. Lagowski
Mr. Norman J. Kulczyk
Mary Ann Kustich
Dr. Cristine Adams
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Dziwulski
Erie County Employees
Credit Union
Mr. William M. Lester
M.J. Peterson Corp.
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick D. Liszkiewicz
Mr. & Mrs. Noel S. Tucciarone
David G. Lochte
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Brigante
FMC Corporation Tonawanda
George & Lorraine Strzelczyk
JoLorrene A. Latona
Mrs. Carole M. Lochte,
Gretchen Lochte & Mr. &
Mrs. Shawn Senger & Family
Mrs. Antoinette Perry & Family
Genevieve M. Locking
Ms. Diane Marano
Mr. Thomas E. Dudley &
Dr. Bonnie Cohen
Mr. William T. Dudley
Mr. & Mrs. William E. LaVigne
Mrs. Harriet Walsh
William T. Lawson
Mrs. M. Ann Lawson
Gordon Lee
Mrs. Mia Lee
John A. Lee
Sandra J. Lockwood
Mrs. Fannie Lee
Construction Industry
Education Foundation
Mrs. Kory Shugats
Richard F. Lefler
Mrs. Karen Lefler
Geraldine Kwiatkowski
Mr. Ronald Kwiatkowski
Frank Kwieczinski
Ms. Michele Labarre
Mark R. Lynett
Mr. & Mrs. Leo M. Lynett, Jr.
Thomas Macaluso
Law Offices of Laurie Ogden
Charles Maciag
Mrs. Phyllis Maciag
Mr. Shawn Stranhan
Elizabeth Maciocha
Samuel E. Loliger
Mr. John E. Lent
Anthony F. Lewandowski
Mr. Thomas Lewandowski
Bernard Lewandowski, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. James Derby
Ms. Mary Roseberry
Donna L. Longo
Mr. Samuel Longo, Jr.
Jean Marie Lotz
Mrs. Rita Brooks
Mrs. Shirley A. Eddy
Coletta M. Lowell
Mary E. Lewecki
Mr. Claude P. Imagna, Jr.
Mr. George E. Kumpf
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Perlow
JoAnne C. Ludtka
Ms. Margaret Ludtka
Silvio Liberti
Ms. Rita M. Liberti
Barbara Lund
Patricia Lima
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Myers
Ms. Brenda Perry
Margaret E. Lussier
Eileen F. Linsner
Mrs. Carol Brueckman
Chi Gamma Sorority at
Cornell University
Mr. & Mrs. Clement E. Eckert
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Klesat
The McDonald Family
DreamCatcher Foundation, Inc.
Ms. Donna M. Minkiewicz
Mr. Donald G. Root
Corporal Robert B. Luther
Mrs. Shirley K. Luther
Jill Harrison Lynch
Mrs. Marilyn J. Welles
Mr. John R. Long
Richard “Dick” J. Macko
Mrs. Kathleen Macko & Family
Gloria M. Magee
SJH Cardiology Associates
Georgette M. Maghamez
Ms. Leonie T. Deeb
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Fournier
Ms. Jacqueline T. Rahhal & Moe
Ms. Violette T. Russo
Eleanor B. Majchrzak
Mr. Robert P. Bienias
Mr. & Mrs. David Wrazen
Charlotte R. Majeski, R.N.
Mrs. Paula C. Glauber
Ms. Maria T. Schendel
Virginia M. Malack
Mr. Michael J. Malack
John P. Maley
Dr. & Mrs. Jonathan A. Graff
Floyd A. Maltbie
Mrs. Carol Ann Maltbie
John J. Manners
Mr. Charles O’Brien
Eleanor M. Manzella
Mr. & Mrs. Andrews & Edward
& Carol LeClair
Margaret Manzella
Sister Margaret Manzella
Robert D. Marean
Boston Lions Club
“Thank God places like your
facility exist. Dad’s comfort
was the main focus during
a difficult time.”
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery M. Jarosz
Diane, Mercedes, Marc &
Jaime Labarre
Ms. Diane Fedyk
Ms. Dorothy W. Fletcher
Ms. Bernadette Ann Ford
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Havas
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Karlin
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Lyness
Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Mathews
Mr. & Mrs. Don Rumsey
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Siller
Mr. & Mrs. Raymon Soto
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Voit
Ms. Paulette Welker &
Mr. Richard Cole
Jim & Cindy White & Shirley
Joseph A. LoGiudice
Irma J. Lent
Margaret Lyness
Mrs. Diane Leising
Ruth M. Kuzdzal
The Bradley Family
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Furminger
Mr. Joel H. Kassewitz &
Ms. Darcie Kassewitz
Mrs. Jill Rehak Kemp
Dr. Alan S. Korman &
Dr. Karmen Jensen
Ms. Maureen S. Mayer
Mr. & Mrs. John Schanzlin
Mrs. Shirley Weisenborn
Mr. Harvey J. Wolf
Kenneth H. Leising
Mr. John B. Lewis
Jane Marie Kulczyk
Sophie Liszkiewicz
Dr. & Mrs. Richard F. Sheehan
Sally Ann Lewis
Mr. & Mrs. William P. Kuhmann
Mrs. Mildred Liss
Mary G. Lagana
Josephine C. Kudlets
William C. Kuhmann
Herbert E. Liss
Family & Friends of
Roselle Labruna
Ms. Barbara A. Kubarek
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D.
McGavin II
Dr. Kathleen McMahon-Wahler
Gail Marino
Ms. Kathleen McFee
John Markarian
Mr. & Mrs. Joel L. Daniels
Maureen W. Markarian
Mr. Nicholas Willett
Randolph A. Marks
The Marks Family Foundation
Helen A. Marquis
Linda, Amherst
Mr. Dennis Marquis
Dora T. Mata
Mr. & Mrs. John Stanievich
tribute gifts.
Richard C. Mathewson
Black Rock Riverside Little
League Football
Irene E. Mathien
Mr. Norman Mathien
Frank Matthews
Ms. Helen J. Matthews
Betty V. Mattingly
The Geoffrey Breeze Family,
Debbie Lux, John Lux,
Jennifer Schultze’s Family,
Julie Parson’s Family,
Andew Olek & Michael Olek
Mr. & Mr. James Olek
Marian R. Maxon
TimeWarner Inc.
Frances May
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Carra
Margaret S. Mayerat
Ms. Doris A. Biscup
Clemens C. Mazgaj
Eaton Office Supply Co., Inc.
Family & Friends of
Clemens C. Mazgaj
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Sundeen
Mr. & Mrs. John Sundeen
Ms. Sandra Sundeen
Edwin J. Mazgaj, Sr.
Blue Collar Sunshine Club
Mr. & Mrs. Terry W. Efird
Mrs. Jane Lapi
The Mahoney Family
Dr. Marian Meyers
Ms. Janet R. Whalen
Agnes P. Mazur
Mr. Mark Mazur
Mrs. Corinne Tomczak
Charlotte Mazur
Mr. & Mrs. Walter C. Stetz
Walter Mazur
Mrs. Loni Mazur
Laura Mazzetti
Mr. & Mrs. Jay R. Addison
Armstrong Brands, Inc.
Ms. Katherine Gorham
Ms. Debra Ward
James T. McAndrew
Mr. & Mrs. William C. Vail
Thomas C. McClain
Ms. Patricia Bynum
James McCrohan
Curry’s Restaurant and Pub
John J. McCullough
Mrs. Willie Lee McCullough
Patricia A. McDonough
Ms. Marlene A. Cwik
Ms. Arden Leach
Ms. Kim K. Paul
Judith A. McLaughlin
Mr. Raymond M. McLaughlin
James N. McLean
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Hill
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kamp
MRC Technolgies of North
American LLC
Mr. Robert C. Patterson
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Pellegrino
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Rizzo
The Stubinger Family
Mary Beth McLoughlin
Mr. & Mrs. Tony Kaminski
Mr. Michael Miller
Mr. & Mrs. William Pavlik
Mr. Raymond D. Whipple
Richard J. McNally
Ms. Diane E. Bergman
Ms. Patricia A. Haynes, Donna
Anderson, Ennia Corbetta,
Linda Gonzales, Dianne
McMahon, Donna Miller,
Peg Baukowski, Pat Hayes
& Joanie Metzler
Mr. & Mrs. William Nichols
Joy C. McNamara
Ms. Patricia A. Daleo
Ms. Christine Howard
Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Ketteman
Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Krieger
Michael Abdon Mediak, Jr.
Mr. Bruce Mediak
Ruth M. Meier
Sharon A. Meldrum
Mr. Dale F. Meldrum
Valerie A. Menza
Mr. Dennis L. Menza
Richard L. Merry
Ms. Marcia Merry
Edward P. Metzger
Ms. Peggy Hopkins
Ms. Linda J. Notley
Kathleen A. Metzger
John Clark
Mr. & Mrs. Morton J. Merowitz
Edna F. Meyerhofer
Mr. George M. Meyerhofer
Harold Meyers
Mrs. Joan Meyers
Paul Michalski
Mrs. Robin M. Michalski
Ann R. Michelson
Mr. Allen L. Michelson
Mildred I. Mikula
Mr. Brian Appleberry &
Ms. Gabrielle Mikula
Walter F. Mikus
Mr. Ben Archer
Ms. Suzanne C. Archer
Golfing friends the
Ms. Bonnie M.
Norma S. Millar
Mr. Graham Millar
Ann L. Miller
Mrs. Gloria Favero
Barbara H. Miller
Mrs. Adele Hickey
Mr. & Mrs. John Planeta
Charles Miller
Mrs. Ann T. Miller
John E. Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Neil C. Rueckert
Mr. Frank Varisco
Richard L. Miller
GHD Consulting Srevices, Inc.
Mrs. Albertina Kuhn
Shirley A. Miller
Mr. Ronald W. Miller
Helen M. Milliken
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald LaBrake
Gloria, David & Michael Rizk
George K. Minton
The Minton Family
Beatrice Grace Moffat
Mr. Gerald A. Moffat
Maureen Moffett
Mrs. Kathleen Moffett-Arkus
Susan J. Molnar
Mr. Andrew J. Molnar
Robert G. Monette
Mr. James Fox
Patricia A. Mongielo
Mr. & Mrs. James Lauck
Ms. Holly Tanner
Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Tyler
Mrs. Marie A. Wolf
Kathleen Montalvo
Mr. German Montalvo, Sr.
Richard J. Morgan
Buffalo Medical Group, P.C.
Mrs. Jeanne M. Cheney
Mr. & Mrs. William P. Riordan
James Cornelius Moriarity
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Maas
Thomas R. Morris
Mrs. Judith A. Morris
Margaret Dorothy Moscato
Ms. Marilyn R. Alfes
Mr. Charles E. Carbone &
Ms. Gloria Louise Cannon
Ms. Pamela C. Coates
Dr. & Mrs. Richard DiCioccio
Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Doren
Ms. Penny Jacobson
Ms. Paula A. Klinski
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Moscato
Ms. Kathleen M. Szafran
Honorable Sharon S. Townsend
US Coast Guard Auxillary
Flotilla 32
Charlotte Mrkall
Ms. Brenda Mrkall
Mr. Norman J. Mrkall
Frederick Mrozinski
Miss Bernice Mrozinski
James F. Mumm
Mrs. Janet B. Mumm
Marilyn Murphy
West Seneca Teachers
Association, Inc.
Frank R. Nasca
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Youngs
Jean Nawotka
Mr. Robert J. Nawotka
Stella M. Nawrocki
Ms. Patricia Nawrocki
Ernestine J. Neurohr
Miss Mary R. Manning
Alice A. Nichter
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Loiselle
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Nichter
Mr. & Mrs. James C. Streicher
John S. Niedbalski, Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. DeWald
Mr. & Mrs. Alfred P. Rowell
Rita J. Nightingale
Mrs. Karen Miller
Ms. Camille Ventura
Elizabeth J. Nobles
The Bradford Sisters:
Priscilla Bradford,
Ruth Bradford-Johnson
& Beverly Bradford
Helen L. Noblett
The Noblett Family
Carolyn J. Noga
Mr. George S. Noga
Thomas R. Nolan, Sr.
Citrus Hill Park Associates
Jamison Road Volunteer Fire
Company Auxiliary
Western Regional Off-Track
Ruth H. Norton
Mr. Paul R. Norton
George Nowadly
Ms. Bridget Nowadly
Mark Noznisky
Mrs. Sarah Noznisky
Irma R. Nunweiler
Mrs. JoAnn M. Feuz
Virginia Olejniczak
Mr. Thomas McMahon
Ms. Mardi Thompson
James J. O’Malley
Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Barry
Raymond E. Orrange, Sr.
Mrs. Mildred Orrange
Cathy H. Ostrowski
Mr. Michael Ostrowski
Elmer J. Ottney
Mr. & Mrs. David Burch
Arthur P. Overs
Mrs. Marcianne S. Overs
Dan T. Page
Roth Consulting Group, Inc.
Irene A. Panaro
Mr. & Mrs. John Olenick
The Family of Irene A. Panaro
Rae Anne Pantling
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel K. Baran
Michelle A. Paolini, LCSW
Mr. Chris Balon
Brock, Schechter & Polakoff, LLP
Freed Maxick CPAs, P.C.
Family & Friends of
Michelle A. Paolini
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Poissant
Mr. Bill Russell
Western New York Association
of College Career Centers
Robert A. Papke
Ms. Liz Papke
tribute gifts.
Earl “Red” R. Parks
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Cosgrove
Mrs. Karen L. Giszter - Verizon
Mr. Joseph Montaldi
Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore C.
Charles L. Passanese, Sr.
Ms. Deborah Beis
Mrs. Alice Bird
Mr. Robert M. Ciesielski
The Colucci, Castellani & Hart
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Molak
Mr. & Mrs. Guy P. Rizzuto
Richard & Nancy Stark
Rosemarie K. Paterson
Mr. Carlton J. Paterson
Bette Patterson
Mr. Robert C. Patterson
Debora J. Paulson
Ms. Barbara Harris
Judith C. Paulus
J.P. Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Richard J. Paulus
Lois Pawlowski
Mrs. Cassandra Kowalski
Michael V. Persico
Mr. Richard Persico
Dorothy D. Peruzzini
Ms. Joyce A. Peruzzini
Virginia Petersen
Mr. & Mrs. Alan A. Zygmunt
Caroline Petrinec
Clara Badaszewski & Family
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Kosanovich
Virginia A. Pettingill
Ms. Mary Anne King
Robert F. Pickard
Mr. Theodore D. Pickard
Walter & Rose Pidgeon
Ms. Diane Pidgeon
Diana Pittman
Mr. Frank T. Pittman
Jane Poland
Ms. Viola Diebold
Helen M. Pollo
Ms. Maureen A. Benedict
Joseph Popielarczyk, Sr.
Ms. Suzanne Epsaro
Mrs. Jennifer White
Lynn C. Poppenberg
Can Bottle Return
Company, LLC
Ms. Kathleen M. Evans
Ms. Susan L. Klinger
Mr. John A. Mumbach
Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. O’Dell
Ms. Joan M. Orr
Ms. Joanne Poppenberg &
Debbie Stotz
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J.
Mr. Timothy J. Poppenberg
Mr. Thomas V. Siciliano &
Mrs. Laura Ellen Dart-Siciliano
Donald H. Porter
Mrs. Jean D. Porter
Joseph Pozdyn
Mrs. Eleanor Pozdyn
Rita R. Prabucki
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Czerw
John C. Press
Mrs. Deborah Press
Elizabeth T. Prezyna
Mrs. Rosemarie Bonare
Susan M. Priddle
Mrs. Sandra McInerney
Jack B. Prior
AAA Western & Central
New York
Mrs. Sonia Kahl
Mrs. Marian M. Morber
Prior Aviation Service, Inc. Owner, Managers & Staff
Mr. & Mrs. John Robshaw, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Albert J. Wright III
Mary Priselac
Mr. Joseph Priselac, Jr.
Carol F. Pritchard
Ms. Sandra A. Thompson
Mary Ann Pulinski
Mr. Albin J. Pulinski
Norine Quermback
Mr. Ronald J. Barrett
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Brower
Ms. Bonnita Brusk &
Ms. Martha Boutet &
Bonnie A. Brusk
Employees at Buffalo Motor
& Generator Corp.
ChildPro Speech Department
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Garrigan
Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Herbert
Ms. Mary Kay Hilmey
Lachut Electrical Sales, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. James McCrone
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Quealy, Jr.
Square D Company
T.P. Woodside, Inc.
Wittburn Enterprises, Inc. Chip Jones, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick S. Wood
Ms. Phyllis M. Wood
John Rae
Honorable Sharon S. Townsend
David Raichilson
Ms. Sheryl M. Walsh
Edward I. Raimonde
American Douglas Metals, Inc.
Edward J. Rara
Mrs. Eleanor Rara
Richard A. Ratajczak
Mrs. Dolores T. Ratajczak
William A. Reger
Mrs. Joan Reger
Elizabeth M. Reichert
Fortistar LLC
Mr. Harry T. Rusert & Mrs.
Cathleen M. Grosso-Rusert
Paul Reinhard
Mrs. Ruth Reinhard
Kathryn M. Reis
Marlene Boss
Mr. & Mrs. Richard C.
Mariano, Sr.
Ronald M. Rey
Mrs. Patricia J. Roberts
George W. Richert, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. James J. Richert
Robert E. Ricketts
Ms. Christine Convey
Ms. Patricia A. McGowan
Ida Riforgiato
Mrs. Maris Battaglia-Biel
Mary M. Ripper
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel W. Tadio
John A. Ritcher
Mrs. Christine E. Ritcher
Mary Jo Robertson
Mr. James L. Robertson
Cindy Robinson
Ms. Sandra Wright
Mary A. Robinson
Mrs. Tonia M. Kruger
Janet Rogacki
Mr. & Mrs. David H. Byron
Frank L. Rogowski
Mrs. Janet Rogowski
Mary L. Roman
Dr. & Mrs. Pasquale V.
Mary S. Rosenberg
Mr. Robert L. Black
Ms. Elizabeth Casciani &
Ms. Annette Kurzdorfer
Deborah A. Rosiek
Mrs. Louise Bauer
Sylvia A. Ross
Mr. David Ross
Norman Roth, Sr.
Northwest Savings Bank
Ms. Patricia Mitchell
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Reed
Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. Sweet
Joan Rott
Family of Joan Rott
Neil H. Rudin
Mr. Gary Kay
Richard R.G. Ruhland
Mrs. Rosemond A. Ruhland
Kim M. Rushok
Ms. Carol J. Deahn
Dale L. Deahn, M.D.
Ms. Eileen M. Deahn
Mr. & Mrs. Lynn Gedraitis
Nicholas J. Russ
Mr. & Mrs. William D. Russ
Mary Russo
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Caputy
Mrs. Marcia Fogelsonger &
Ms. Annette Brinzo
Ms. Viclie Mazza
Ms. Kathy Russo
Storage Hawk
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Zambito
Mr. William J. Hupkowicz
Edward J. Ryan, Sr.
Mrs. Virginia Ryan
Alfred R. Rydlewski
Mrs. Eleanor Rydlewski
Marian I. Sage
Ms. Judith Sage
Mary J. Sager
Geraldine “Geri” Saia
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Saia
Mariano F. Saia
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Saia
Roseann Santa Maria
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Bellagamba
Mr. & Mrs. John L. Penley
Mary Jane Schack
Mr. H. Norman Schack
Robert L. Scheig, M.D.
Ms. Marilyn C. DeRuyter
Ms. Lillian Kulczyk
Albert J. Schell
Mrs. Jean Schell
John G. Scheuer
Ms. M. Jeanne Colvin
Counsel Financial
Mr. Michael L. Draves
Mrs. Nancy Duke
Mr. & Mrs. J. Michael Ervin
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Galle
Mr. Ryan Kagels
Mr. Sam Russo
SelectOne Search LLC
Walsh Duffield Companies
Harold H. Schieder
Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Nathan
Edward J. Schifferle
Mr. Daniel Hahn
Darlene Schifla
Mr. James Schifla
Margaret M. Schirmann
Mr. Gerard W. Bent
Mrs. Marion A. McLaughlin
Lottie “Charlotte”
Ms. Marilyn J. Burke &
Ms. Carol Justinger
Carl N. Schlez
Walt & Issy & Bob & Marlene
Brisco & Janet
Margaret I. Schmidt
Ms. Carol Bechtel
Evelyn J. Schueckler
Mr. Richard Schueckler
Norman J. Schueler
Sikora & Stepniak Families
Mayvis E. Schultz
Mr. John P. Schultz
Robert W. Schultz, M.D.
Mrs. Maria Schultz
Paul Schweid
Dr. & Mrs. Stuart J. Rubin
Andrew & Angela Sciolino
Ms. Diane M. Sciolino
Gerald Scott
Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Scott
tribute gifts.
Mark A. Scott
Mr. William S. Flickinger
Ms. Jacqueline A. Laper
Department of Ophthalmology
& Visual Sciences/ULP Eye
Specialists - Clinical &
Research Staff
Ms. Erin Vecio &
Ms. Gabrielle Vecio
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Witkopf
Dorothy M. Seaman
Ms. Lieve Vankerckhoven
Eleanore E. Seifried
Ms. Marilyn Kueker
Beverly A. Selover
Mr. Richard Bates
The Kargatis Girls
Carol Sember
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Carey
Robert “Sudsy” M. Seward
Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. Beller
Mr. Raymond Vance
William G. Shaffer
Ms. Ann M. Smeal
Grace Shallowhorn
Ms. Helen Lee
John T. Sharp
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis C. Kingan
George H. Sharpe
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas A. D’Orazio
Ms. Jane P. LaPree & Family
Ms. Diane Sharpe
Martha Shaw
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Inman
Mr. & Mrs. Edward A. Laurich
Mr. Charles T. Shaw, Jr.
Mr. Thomas Stanes
Beatrice B. Shea
Mr. Donald M. Shea
Philip B. Shed
Ms. Oleta Feltes
Ms. Janet Hardie
Ms. Judy V. Hardie
Dr. George R. Janofsky
Ms. Violette M. Janofsky
Ms. Myrna A. McNaboe
Ms. Anne I. Moore
Dr. Andrew Norton
Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. Smith
Michael D. Sheehan
Ms. Elizabth A. Sheehan-Smith
Bernard Shenocca
Mr. David P. Maurer, Sr.
Reverend Paul Shippert
Mrs. Bernice M. Shippert
Yael Shore
Mr. Uriel Shore
Mary L. Sikorski
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Luterek
William J. Simet, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Cyzick
Mrs. Rose Marie Simet
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick M. Vogel
Wells Fargo Advisors Family
Karl J. Simmeth
Mrs. Faye Simmeth
James E. Simon
Mrs. Virginia Simon
Allen F. Sipprell
Mr. Dennis Bathurst
Wallis B. Sireci
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Contino
Mr. John A. Howlett
Ms. Beverly McNerney
Mr. & Mrs. John P. Patti
Bruce E. Sitzman
Mrs. Betty Sitzman
Gerard P. Smith
Paul, Sue, Steve & Sheri
Canisius College - Controller’s
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce J. Moden
Ms. Krista L. Zilliox
Sandra L. Smith
Mr. George Ferber
Terence G. Smith
Mrs. Gertrude M. Smith
H. Patricia Snell
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Harwell
John E. Snyder
Mrs. Margie Jean Snyder
Ronald M. Sokolowski, Sr.
Mr. Isaac K. Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel E. Redmond
Christina M. Sonne
Ms. Joan F. Fink
Charles R. Spalla
Mrs. Adeline C. Spalla
Caroline D. Spasiano
The DelSordo Family
Kathy, Sushma & Pete
Honorable & Mrs. Joseph
Ms. Louise C. Giliforte
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Mariani
New York State Restaurant
The Saia Family
Mr. & Mrs. Russell Santomauro
Mr. & Mrs. John Spasiano
Robert L. Spearman, Jr.
Mrs. Sandra Spearman
Alfred Speier
Mrs. Clarice W. Speier
Cary M. Speier
Mr. Siegbert Speier
Ronald Sporyz, Sr.
Mr. Ron W. Sporyz
Edward T. Spoth
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Murphy
Dr. Grover J. Sprague
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Leed
Josephine C. Stablewski
Mr. Lawrence L. Mousseau
Marian L. Staley
Ms. Nancy J. Staley
Gregory J. Stang
Mrs. Lydia Stang
Darwin L. Stanton
Mrs. Norma E. Stanton
Jane Starzynski
Mr. Anthony J. Starzynski
Helen M. Stavisky
Ms. Diana Federici &
Mr. Kirk S. Ralston
Leo Stelmach
Mr. & Mrs. David Woodfield
John W. Stevens
BSG Building Services
Group, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Donald B. Gibbons
Ms. Lynn Martin
Ms. Camille A. Spyra
Margaret J. Stevens
Mr. Dean E. Chatfield
Charles Lyall Stewart
Ms. Karen T. Freelove &
Ms. Lynne Gittes
Ms. Beverly P. Murnan
Orpha J. Stone
Ms. Karen Lyons
Ms. Yvonne L. Sampson
Mrs. Julie S. Schiavone
Anthony D. Stornelli
Mrs. Nancy L. Balzer
Henry & Florence Striewing
Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. Striewing
Jessie May B. Strong
Mrs. Patricia Fortman-Rich
Anthony J. Suffoletto
Dorothy, Donna, Michael, Paul,
Susan & Anthony, Jr.
Doris M. Sullivan
Ms. Bernadine M. Frank
Mr. Frank Gibson
Don, Nina, Gary, Gregory &
Julie Sullivan
Jean Marie Sullivan
Mr. James F. Kraft
Marilyn I. Sulzbach
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Bradley
Buffalo Niagara Convention
Ms. Rose M. Parkhill
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Schaefer
Family of Marilyn I. Sulzbach
Ms. Barbara J. Toellner
Shirley A. Suto
Mr. Alexander J. Suto
Charlotte L. Svensson
Mr. Roy S. Svensson
Sylvia R. Swartz
Mr. William S. Swartz
Gertrude M. Sweeney
Mrs. Maureen Dakalis
Veronica M. Szalasny
Epic Systems Corporation
Al Szczepaniec
Mrs. Helen M. Ferris
Florence Szczepankiewicz
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Moran
Mr. & Mrs. Richard S.
Schweickhard, Sr.
Alice M. Szmanda
Mrs. Rosalie E. Kidawski
Leonard Szymanski
Mrs. Frances Szymanski
Marian J. Tauriello
Mr. Daniel B. Tauriello
Nancy M. Terhaar
Mr. & Mrs. James Bailey
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Curns
Ms. Barbara A. Edwards
Ms. Joan M. Frank
Mr. & Mrs. John P. Terhaar
Robert G. Thompson
The Goff Family
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel P. Goussy
Mr. & Mrs. David J. Lang
Mr. David P. Lang
Charlotte & Earl Willis & Joe
& Robin Wieten
Evelyn E. Tighe
Mr. George R. Tighe
Stephen & Mildred
Ms. Tonika L. Todorovich
Margaret A. Tomani
Mr. Walter M. Salvadore
Richard C. Tomaszewski
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Tomaszewski
John J. Tornabene
Mr. Jack Tornabene
Virginia M. Tornabene
Mr. Jack Tornabene
Nancy Treantis
Mr. James Treantis
Fabian A. Tryjankowski
Mrs. Joan Tryjankowski
Theresa Murphy Tuminno
Mr. & Mrs. James Derby
Mr. & Mrs. David Ivancic
Ms. Susan Puerner
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne R. Reilly
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rodman
Barbara A. Turner
Mr. Lewis Turner
David D. Twist
Mr. Alvah T. Connolly
Donald A. Uhrich
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Uhrich
Lawrence Urdang
Ms. Nicole S. Urdang
Michael R. Van Patten
Mrs. Ellen I. Van Patten
Patricia A. Velna
Drs. Ed & Auring Macalino
Mr. John Velna
Carmello J. Ventura
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Ventura
Joseph Vigilante
Tonawanda Education
Richard C. Vivacqua
Mrs. Mary R. Kenrick
Ellen M. Von Schweiger
The Cafferty Family
Evans Booster Club
Mr. Billy Quattlander
Irene J. Wachowiak
Mrs. Patricia Laratonda
Ms. Geraldine I. McMillan
& Family
Mr. & Mrs. James J. Shear
Charlotte C. Wagner
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Giglio
tribute gifts.
Jean Wagner
Kathleen L. Weimer
Ms. Kim Allen
Mr. William S. Adams
Mr. Michael P. Weimer
Thaddeus J. Wagner
Baruch Weisbrot
Mrs. Mary Ann Wagner
Medical Claims Processors
Anita M. Wahl
Ms. Patricia R. Leberer
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph T. Quinlivan
Fred Tarajos & John Slyster
Matthew W. Walas
Ms. Patricia Walas
Linda Waldraff
William Wells
Mr. George C. Bowser, Jr.,
Tracy Spingola, Joyce, Mike
& Richard Bowser
Ms. Linda L. Hardison
The Jurczak Family
Elizabeth A. Wertz
Mr. Robert Waldraff
Buffalo Crushed Stone, Inc.
Gordon L. Walker
Robert F. West
Mr. Hubert T. Carlin
Mr. & Mrs. Otis Ford
Professor David Gerber
Mrs. Karen Pastakia, Jeff &
Mr. Craig Platter
Mr. Joseph E. Ryan
Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Widger
Marjorie L. Faes
Rose Whalen
Ms. Lisa Pitzonka
A. Robert Wheeler
Mrs. Kathleen M. Wheeler
Eugene D. White
Mrs. Patricia A. White
William McKenzie Walker
Reverend & Mrs.
William D. White
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas MacLeay
Leonard Walkowiak
Mr. & Mrs. H. David Horbinski
Mrs. Josephine Walkowiak
Charles E. Whitford
Patricia S. Walter
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Watz
Ms. Carol Padasak & Family
Judith A. Wickham
Gail R. Warzel
Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. Becker
Ms. Janet T. Swift
Mr. Dennis Warzel
Barbara A. Waterman
Edward Wiertel
Ms. Katherina D. Kobler
P&G Steel Products Co., Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. John Page
Mr. Paul S. Wiertel
Christine C. Wieszala
Ms. Elaine Schlifke
William G. Watson
Eugene Wieszala
Mrs. Karen L. Watson
Ms. Elaine Schlifke
Rae B. Weeks
Mary L. Willard
Mr. M. Donald Weeks
Al Mittal, Monica Irwin &
Beth Henry
Mr. & Mrs. Dale Rhinehart,
Joanne & Robert Dobson &
Thomas & Lynn Green
Ms. Christine M. Schuster Schuster Construction, LLC
Colin M. Wegner
DiBella & Zale Families
Ms. Carol Egan
Jean A. Weiler
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Kurpisz
Mr. & Mrs. Richard R. Radel
Henry S. Williams, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Fachko
The Ksiazek Family
Mr. & Mrs. Jason Santiago
Mr. Charles J. Switalski
Dr. & Mrs. Milton M. Weiser
John A. Williams
Mrs. Carol C. Williams
Lillian V. Wilson
Ms. Martha Barrett
Mr. Timothy Moskal
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce E. Peacock
Ms. Marilyn C. Wisniewski
Marian Wittmeyer
Granny Irene Zaleski Kohler
Mr. & Mrs. Henryk B. Zaleski
Lynn A. Zankl
Mrs. Patricia Zankl
Eugene J. Zdybowicz, Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. William L. Kissinger
Ms. Kathleen McCormick
The Duffy Family
Marion B. Wittmeyer
Mr. & Mrs. Randy F. Detweiler
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Duffy
Family & Friends of
Marion B. Wittmeyer
Dorothy M. Wolff
Mrs. Nancy M. Galley
Dorothy M. Wolowicz
Ms. Diane Wolowicz
Roman E. Zabinski
Mrs. Mary Williams
Walter J. Wisniewski, Jr.
Robert P. Zeller
Mr. & Mrs. James J. Beardi
Mrs. Barbara J. Cordaro
Mr. & Mrs. David DiPasquale
Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Rogers
Bernice A. Ziobro
Mrs. Kathleen A. Tyrrell
Helene M. Zupon
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Greco
Elke C. Wood
Mr. Robert F. Wood
Jeanne Wood
Ms. Lynne G. Smith
Lorraine M. Woodward
Mr. & Mrs. William D. Toole
William S. Wright
James & Darragh Karr
Karen M. Wuerch
Mr. Donald E. Wuerch
Nancy Wyzykowski
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald W. Doeing
Fred M. Yaeger
We apologize for
the following errors
in the Spring 2014
in memory of...
William R. Towery
His many friends
Mrs. Florence Yaeger
Lucille Yamarino
Pauline M. DiSarno
Mary “Becky” Rebecca
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher R.
Family & Friends
Jean Sullivan
Mr. Thomas J. Sullivan
Mr. & Mrs. John Marlow
Herman & Fern Marlow
John & Tessie Czamara
Patricia S. Yung
Your CDS Team
special occasion gifts.
A caring way to express love and recognition for
someone is to give a gift to Hospice in their honor.
Occasions and celebratory milestones such as births,
weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and graduations are
a wonderful opportunity to fulfill a personal gesture of
thoughtfulness while affording support for patients with
advanced illness and their families.
To the generous and considerate donors who have
chosen to make Hospice the recipient of their kindness,
we are most appreciative.
in honor of...
Hospice Buffalo Staff
& Volunteers
Ms. Molly Darnley
Mr. Jim Czajka
Alex Eisenhauer
Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Zimmerman
Reverend Joseph
M. Haines
Vandercher & Dick Funeral
Home - Memorial for
Richard Miller
Hospice Buffalo - Team 6
Mrs. Shirley K. Herrmann
Space limitations permit only the listings of donations of
$50 or more between January 1 and March 14, 2014.
Ms. Marion G. Fox
The Hospice Inpatient
Unit Staff
Mr. Donald M. Shea
Ms. Claudia Kruszynski
The Reed Angels
Ms. Candace Dietrich
Steve & Judy Slabyk
Mrs. Donna Slabyk
St. John Baptist House
Ms. Mary E. Ende
Mr. Edward F. Walsh, Jr.
Robert & Sally Gioia
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Consideration in your estate planning for a future bequest
individual plan of care.
can serve as a timeless legacy for you or your family.
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