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Spring 2012
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Letter from the Delta College Foundation Board Chair
Welcome to another issue of Journeys.
Whether an alumni or a community
supporter, you are important to Delta
College, and we hope you enjoy the
stories and updates this publication
I began my term as Chair of the Delta
College Foundation Board of Directors
this past January, which gives me the
James M. Van Tiflin
opportunity to meet regularly with
dedicated faculty, staff and students. The Foundation Board
has undertaken the large task of helping the College raise the
$10 million needed to renovate its Health Professions Building,
which you can read more about on page 8. And, when Delta’s
President, Dr. Jean Goodnow, asked if I’d take on the additional
challenge of leading the capital campaign, I willingly agreed.
One of my personal passions is our community’s health and
medical needs, where I direct much of my volunteer time.
I have a longstanding commitment to St. Mary’s of Michigan
and Mobile Medical Response (MMR) in Saginaw, along
with many others. It’s through these personal interactions
with medical providers that I understand the need for welltrained health care workers. My leadership of the INNOVATION:
Excellence in Health Education campaign is the perfect match
for my passions and my strong belief in Delta College.
Delta changes lives on a daily basis through education. We see
young students coming to campus directly from high school
as they pursue their future career goals. And, equally as
important are the opportunities we’re offering to unemployed
or underemployed residents who are studying for a new career
to help themselves and their families get back on track. All are
finding the help they need here at Delta College.
As I’m sure you’ve found as well, Delta’s impact is all around us
on a daily basis. At a recent retirement party for a nurse friend,
I discovered that she had been trained at Delta College, along
with about three-fourths of her other colleagues at the table.
Great graduate success stories are everywhere!
I hope you will be inspired to support Delta College financially,
and I encourage you to do so with the envelope you’ll find in this
publication. We guarantee that many positive things will happen
through your dollars, which are a great investment in students
and our Great Lakes Bay Region!
James M. Van Tiflin
Chair, Delta College Foundation Board of Directors
Mr. Van Tiflin served as the President/CEO of Citizens Bank in
Saginaw prior to retiring. He has been a member of the Delta College
Foundation Board of Directors for 16 years.
On the cover...
Tammy McInerney, Delta
College graduate and
assistant professor, holds
newborn twins in the
Covenant HealthCare
Neonatal Intensive
Care Unit.
gain real life
working with
It’s a Delta College priority to make sure students are prepared when they graduate.
That’s why Delta hires the best faculty, has student resources like free tutoring, and
incorporates sustainability, service-learning and hands-on training into its curriculum.
Spring 2012
Local foundations believe in Delta
Delta College and its students have benefited over the years due to the generosity
of many individuals, corporations and foundations. Two prominent Midland
foundations that have helped provide the margin of excellence at Delta are The
Rollin M. Gerstacker Foundation and The Charles J. Strosacker Foundation. We
applaud them and thank them for their support.
The Rollin M. Gerstacker Foundation was established in
1957 by Mr. Gerstacker’s widow, Eda U. Gerstacker, in memory
of her husband. It made its first contribution to Delta College
in 1983 and has supported a wide variety of programs and
projects throughout the years, including the Science & Learning
Technology Project, the Peter D. Boyse President’s
Scholarship Endowment,
the Q-TV digital
conversion campaign, the
Michigan Small Business &
Technology Development
Center, the Rollin M.
Gerstacker Faculty Award
for Innovative Use of
Technology in Teaching
and the Courtyard
Restoration Project. Most
recently, Delta received
a gift of $1 million for the
INNOVATION: Excellence
in Health Education
campaign to renovate its
Health Professions Building.
Mr. Gerstacker was an engineering graduate of the Case Institute
of Technology in Cleveland, Ohio. After graduation, he remained
in the Cleveland area and worked throughout his career as a
manager at Bartlett and Snow, an engineering and construction
firm that built boating machinery. Mr. and Mrs. Gerstacker were
active in many charities in the Cleveland area. Their son, Carl A.
Gerstacker, became Chairman of the Board of The Dow Chemical
Company, retiring in 1981. After Rollin M. Gerstacker passed away
in 1945, Mrs. Gerstacker moved to Midland to be with her son.
See her story on page 9.
The Rollin M. Gerstacker Foundation has made many notable
grants, concentrated in the states of Michigan and Ohio, in the
areas of general community support; colleges, universities and
research institutions; music and the arts; social services; youth
activities; health care and research; and churches.
“We have been investing in Delta College for almost 30 years now,”
said Lisa Gerstacker, the foundation’s president, “and we feel it is
one of our best investments.” •
The Charles J. Strosacker
Foundation was established in
1957 by Dr. Strosacker “to assist and
benefit political subdivisions of the
State of Michigan and religious,
charitable, benevolent, scientific
or educational organizations.” The
Foundation has been a strong
supporter of Delta College for the
past 40 years, having made its first
donation in 1972. It has supported
many programs and projects over
the years, including the Science
& Learning Technology Project, the Peter
D. Boyse President’s Scholarship Endowment, the Q-TV digital
conversion campaign, the Michigan Small Business & Technology
Development Center, and restoration of the Carlyon Farmhouse.
The most recent grant was made in 2011 in support of the
renovation of the Health Professions Building.
Upon his graduation in 1906 with a degree in chemical
engineering from Case School of Applied Science in Cleveland,
Ohio, Dr. Strosacker was offered a job with the Ontario Nickel
Company by an earlier Case graduate, Herbert H. Dow. Following
the bankruptcy of Ontario Nickel, Dr. Strosacker was offered a
job at The Dow Chemical Company. He joined the company as
a chemist in 1908. He was elected to Dow’s Board of Directors in
June 1931 and became a Vice President of the company in 1941.
He was a member of the Board’s Executive Committee for many
years before retiring in 1962 after 54 years of service. He passed
away the following year.
“Dr. Strosacker was a strong supporter of education and of his
community,” said Bobbie Arnold, President and CEO of the
Foundation. “We are pleased to be able to partner with Delta
College and look forward to continuing our relationship with the
College in the coming years.”
The Foundation Dr. Strosacker began in 1957 remains today “small
in design and primarily local in nature”. •
Spring 2012
Jan and Norm Sowatsky
established the Paul Sowatsky
Scholarship Endowment at
Delta College in their son’s
memory. Today, ASEP students
benefit from their generosity.
Thank you, GM
Before his death, Paul
Sowatsky (pictured at right)
was restoring this ’69 Camaro.
Now fully restored, his parents
keep it as a way to remember
their son’s legacy.
ASEP students, Ben Henry
of Swartz Creek (far left) and
Bob Hummel of Pinconning
(middle), get advice from
their instructor, Jim Miller.
Sorrow turned to giving
A Saginaw couple turned the tragic loss of their son into inspiration for Delta
College students who need help staying in school.
Norm and Jan Sowatsky experienced what all parents dread. On a snowy
December morning in 1988, their son, Paul, was on his way to classes at Delta
when he was killed in a car accident. The GM ASEP student, in his second year in
the program, was 22 years old at the time of his death.
General Motors, a good friend to Delta College
The name “General Motors” is well known throughout the Great
Lakes Bay Region, primarily because of the quality of the world’s
largest automaker’s products and its strong local presence.
One of the area’s largest employers, GM – as the company is
more widely known – became one of Delta’s major supporters,
with donations of vehicles, motors and equipment providing
an outstanding learning environment for students training in
automotive service technology.
Founded in 1908, GM came to the region a year later when
it bought Saginaw’s Jackson, Wilcox and Church Company,
a producer of horse-drawn carriages and, later, components
used in motor vehicles. The purchase allowed GM to develop its
Saginaw Steering Gear Division, which became a major industrial
force throughout most of the 20th Century. GM also established
foundries and other manufacturing facilities throughout
Saginaw and Bay City, employing thousands of area workers.
GM’s relationship with Delta College first began in 1979, when
the two organizations formed the Automotive Service Education
Program (ASEP). This unique training program, the first of its
Spring 2012
kind in the nation, can now be found in almost 70 colleges across
the country, and came along as cars were beginning to rely more
on electronics. GM needed well-trained technicians to work in its
dealerships to service and maintain those vehicles. Delta students
who enroll in ASEP learn exclusively on current GM products, with
the automaker donating automobiles and other equipment to the
College to allow students to be exposed to the latest technology.
Delta College is very grateful to GM for the donations over the
“We couldn’t run ASEP at Delta without GM’s generosity,”
according to Jim Miller, Instructor of Automotive Service
Technology and ASEP Coordinator. “We were lucky it got its start
here back in 1979, and have watched proudly as it has grown
across the country. Students who graduate from ASEP go on to
very successful careers in GM dealerships. It has been a great
program for Delta, and we are thankful that it continues here and
that GM supports Delta College with its donations.” •
“GM ASEP was a perfect fit for Paul,” Norm said. The 1999 Saginaw Steering
Gear retiree remembers his son “loved repairing cars. I called him my ‘driveway
mechanic’, since he was always working on a car out in our driveway. We were
very fortunate that ASEP was there. They were made for each other because of
his mechanical abilities.”
Left to right, ASEP students Ben Henry and Bob Hummel.
In 1989, the Sowatskys – the parents of four children and grandparents of
six – established the Paul Sowatsky Scholarship Endowment at Delta College
in their son’s memory. Over the years, the endowment has annually awarded
scholarship dollars to other GM ASEP students, and also makes possible the Paul
Sowatsky Outstanding Graduate Award, recognizing a top ASEP student.
“We wanted to do something for Delta because he liked the program so much,”
said Jan, a retired pre-school teacher. “We would like Paul to still be here. Since
he can’t be, this is our way of helping others and also remembering him.”
The Sowatskys attend the annual Delta reception that presents the outstanding
graduate award in their son’s memory. “It is nice to hear his name mentioned
every year,” Jan said. “We enjoy knowing that he is thought of in that way.”
And, the couple still has a 1969 Camaro in their garage. Paul was working on the
car at the time of his death. The Sowatskys said they have had offers to sell the
car, but keep it as another positive memory of their son’s life and legacy.
“We are very proud of what Paul did in his life,” Norm added. “He never got into
trouble. He lived what he was taught.” •
Spring 2012
2012 Journeys
Journeys 5
starts at Delta
After almost 35 years of teaching at and leading community
colleges across the country, Delta graduate Dr. Debra Daniels
believes one thing very clearly.
Growing up wanting to teach, Dr. Daniels chose to study dental
assisting because “I needed a job where I could get out and
support myself,” she said. She’s glad she attended Delta College.
“I tell people this all the time,” the Caro High School graduate
said. “I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for my education
at Delta College.”
“I had some amazing teachers there,” she recalled. “They took a
personal interest in their students. That was another reason I went
into education because I wanted to be like them.”
On March 1, Dr. Daniels made national headlines by becoming
the new President of Joliet Junior College in Joliet, Illinois. With
more than 35,000 students, it is the oldest community college in
the country, opening its doors in 1901.
As she taught and served in administrative jobs across the country,
the thought of becoming a president had a “romantic” appeal.
“I knew I had ideas that might be helpful to schools,” Dr. Daniels
explained. “As a president, I knew
I could improve things and wanted the
opportunity to do something big.”
“This is an exciting time for me,” she
explained. “I studied Joliet as a graduate
student because of its history and
outstanding reputation. I’ve always been
interested in what takes place here.”
She said the job also allows her and her
husband, Norm Schussele, to be closer
to family and friends, including two
children and one grandchild, who all live
in Illinois.
Graduating from Delta in 1975 with an
associate’s degree in dental assisting,
Dr. Daniels earned a bachelor’s degree
in allied health teacher education from
Ferris State University in Big Rapids,
and master’s and doctorate degrees in
education from the University of Illinois
at Urbana-Champaign.
“I tell people this all
the time. I wouldn’t
be where I am
today if it wasn’t for
my education at
Delta College.”
During her presidency in San Bernardino,
she oversaw a $400 million bond
project for building, construction and
remodeling, and introduced a program
that provides the first year of college free
for qualified students. She’s proud of her
accomplishments and looks forward to
making a difference in Joliet.
Reflecting back on her days at Delta
as a student, Dr. Daniels said she has
always believed in community colleges.
“Because I attended one and I had
that experience,” she explained, “I’ve
–Debra Daniels,
always felt I had a link to our students.
President Joliet Junior College
I know what it feels like to work and go
to a community college. Many of my
all gone to community colleges and it
From 1978 to 1981, she taught dental assisting at Delta. In more
Delta College changed mine as well.”
than 30 years since leaving the Great Lakes Bay Region, her
career has included teaching and administrative jobs at Illinois
Central College in East Peoria; New Mexico State University at
Alamogordo; Parkland College in Champaign, Illinois; Kellogg
Community College in Battle Creek; and Polk Community
College in Winter Haven, Florida. For the last five years, she was
President of San Bernardino Community College, about an hour
east of Los Angeles.
Spring 2012
Dr. Debra Daniels, Delta College graduate,
is now president of Joliet College, the
oldest community college in the country.
“I also feel it’s important for alumni to give back to the College,”
she added. “I would not have been able to afford my tuition at
Delta if I had not qualified for scholarships, and now I feel it is my
responsibility to give back through my contributions so others can
achieve their goals.” •
Spring 2012
Tammy McInerney, Delta College
graduate, takes care of critical care babies
in the neonatal intensive care unit at
Covenant HealthCare.
health education
Health care delivery is a growing field in our community and has
joined manufacturing as an economic force. As a matter of fact,
the impact of health careers can be seen in our largest hospitals,
which now represent four of the top ten employers in the Great
Lakes Bay Region. And, employment growth is predicted to
continue for years to come.
The INNOVATION campaign is being led by a cabinet of community
volunteers under the direction of Jim Van Tiflin. Jim is a longtime
Delta supporter who also attended classes at the College. “I believe
strongly in this renovation project,” he recently said, “and I’m
confident the entire regional community will join us in financially
supporting it.”
Delta College is eager to help fill the health care needs of our
region by supplying a qualified, well-trained workforce. The
College is positioned to be the leading supplier of educated
employees to serve in the many health fields needed locally.
In 2007, Delta College received a legacy gift from the estate of
Dr. Frederick J. Chapin, a former member of Delta’s Board of
Trustees, and his wife, Margaret. Working with their family, Delta
decided to designate the Chapins’ gift as the first commitment
toward the need to renovate the College’s Health Professions
Building. Now that the campaign is underway, more significant
commitments are also being secured.
But, to meet the vision of tomorrow’s instruction and to fulfill
Delta’s mission, the College must ensure that the Health
Professions Building, opened in 1978, exceeds current standards.
Capital renovations are now being planned to accomplish a
visionary redesign of the current facility.
With almost a third of Delta’s students enrolled in a health or health
science field, the Health Professions Building is an important part of
the College’s future. The project is not new construction, but rather
the renovation of current facilities to bring them up to the industry
standards anticipated for the next 20-30 years.
The $20 million project will be funded in part by dollar-for-dollar
matching funds from the State of Michigan, with Delta College
required to secure $10 million. Delta is now conducting a capital
campaign, INNOVATION: Excellence in Health Education, to meet
that goal.
Delta College is proud of its healthcare legacy and is determined
to continue its leadership role in the future. The INNOVATION:
Excellence in Health Education campaign is part of our commitment
to student success. Developing knowledgeable, skilled and
effective healthcare professionals will provide exceptional care for
our region.
Support the INNOVATION: Excellence in Health Education campaign
by using the envelope included in the center of this publication.
Or, call Pam Clark at 989-686-9225 to set up a personal meeting. •
Physical Therapy Assistant
A time to brag
She also teaches nursing at Delta,
preparing our next generation of nurses.
everyday @ Delta
Found her wings at Delta
Growing up in the small city of Vassar, Tammy McInerney knew
she wanted to do something different with her life. Her future may
have been unclear, but family and friends – especially her mom,
Shelly, and her sister, Lisa – motivated her to try new things and
take chances. Today, she appreciates the advice she received from
others and believes the journey she followed has finally paid off.
“I love the intensity of neonatal work,” she said. “It’s an exciting job
and requires a tremendous amount of knowledge, understanding
and compassion. There’s a real story to tell.”
In addition to her duties at Delta College, Tammy works as a
part-time neonatal nurse practitioner at Covenant HealthCare in
Saginaw. In this role, she manages the care of newborn infants,
working directly with physicians. It is a job she really enjoys,
especially the ability to share work experiences at Covenant with
students at Delta.
“It plants your roots yet gives you the wings to fly.” •
Tammy said she received an excellent education at Delta. Most
importantly, faculty members – many who are now her colleagues
– taught her “how to respect people,” she recalled. “You have to
Currently an Assistant Professor of Nursing at Delta College, Tammy remember that you should treat patients and their family members
graduated from Delta’s nursing program in 2000, and went on to
the same way you would want your family to be treated.”
earn her bachelor’s degree in nursing from Saginaw Valley State
She’s very proud to be teaching and appreciates the freedom
University, and master’s and doctorate degrees in nursing from
and creativity she is allowed in the classroom. Married since
Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, something very rare
May 2011 to Sean McInerney, a nurse practitioner who also works
in the field of nursing. She began part-time at Delta as an adjunct
at Covenant, Tammy feels strongly that Delta is a great community
instructor in 2006, and joined the full-time faculty in 2008. She
asset because “it gives students the opportunity to maximize
now teaches maternity and pediatrics.
their potential, no matter what field they are studying,” she said.
Spring 2012
Spring 2012
anniversary celebration
need your help
Since 2003, the Delta College Foundation has provided
assistance to students who run into emergency situations that
prevent them from achieving success. These dollars – provided
by private contributions to the College – are used to help with a
wide range of issues. Students have sought financial assistance
for car repairs, rent, utility payments, books, supplies, food, gas
and other essential needs due to unforeseen circumstances like
house fires, the loss of a job, or other situations.
During 2011, the Foundation distributed more than $17,000
in special needs assistance to 79 students. This is a nearly
38 percent increase over the amount provided in 2010.
Unfortunately, the need last year outweighed the dollars
available and there are minimal funds left for 2012.
If you are willing to help, please make a contribution to
the Delta College Foundation and earmark the dollars for
“Student Special Needs”. You can send your contribution
in the envelope inside this publication, call the Foundation
at 989-686-9224, or make your donation online by visiting Your dollars can make a
critical difference in the life of a student. •
Delta College Special Needs Assistance
Provided since 2003 (when program began)
Dioramas dedicated
A Chocolate Affair nets more than $97,000
Delta College’s Possible Dream Program – helping students
work toward their dream of a college education – celebrated
its 20th anniversary in style during 2011. Its major fundraiser,
A Chocolate Affair, netted more than $97,000 last fall to continue
the work of this important and crucial initiative.
Delta College would like to thank all of the generous sponsors
who made this event possible. Corporate Partners were Chemical
Bank, Citizens Bank and Dow Corning Corporation. PNC Bank was
a Corporate Sponsor. For a listing of all other 2011 sponsors, please
The area’s number one special event, according to readers
of Great Lakes Bay magazine, was held on November 10 at
HORIZONS Conference Center in Saginaw, and attended by more
than 600 people. Honorary chairs for this year’s event were Dr.
John and Elizabeth Peters, Bay County; Ray and Susan Lewis,
Midland County; and John and Stacey Gannon, Saginaw County.
And, mark your calendars: This year’s event will be held
on Thursday, November 1. For more information, contact
Mary Harding at 989-686-9226 or [email protected] •
Spring 2012
As part of the College’s 50th anniversary celebration last year, Delta
College gathered a number of individuals – faculty, staff, students
and representatives of the Chippewa Nature Center in Midland – to
officially dedicate five displays reflecting the geological history of
the Saginaw Valley.
The displays – called “dioramas” – were donated to the College by
the Chippewa Nature Center a number of years ago and were in
storage due to campus renovations. They now have a permanent
home in E113, a geology classroom located on the main campus.
Students from Delta’s Technical, Trades & Manufacturing Division
built cases to house the dioramas. They were constructed using
remaining wood from the College’s original gymnasium bleachers,
which were replaced in 2009 after 48 years of use.
“This has been a long journey, but these displays are finally here
and accessible for everyone to enjoy,” said Dr. Jean Goodnow,
Delta’s President. “We are grateful to the Chippewa Nature Center
and are extremely pleased that the project was completed to
recognize our 50th anniversary.” •
Posing together in front of the dioramas are, left to right, Carolyn Sandford,
retired Science Division Chair; Dr. Jean Goodnow, Delta President; Dr. Tim
Clarey, Geology Professor; David Williams, Geology Associate Professor; Dick
Touvell, Chippewa Nature Center Executive Director; and Dennis Pilaske,
Chippewa Nature Center Director of Interpretation.
Spring 2012
What a year it was!
Scholarship endowments
Community helps recognize Delta’s 50th
The Delta College Foundation Board of Directors approved the following
new endowments at its regular quarterly meetings in September and
March. The first two scholarships were established in memory of valued
members of Delta College’s faculty. The third was created in honor of a
diplomat who saved lives. Each has an emotional story and will impact
Delta students for decades to come.
Delta College spent almost all of 2011 celebrating a major milestone –
its 50th anniversary! The College opened its doors in September 1961 to
about 2,600 students. Today, more than 17,000 enroll annually to learn at
“one of America’s leading community colleges”. Pictured here are some of
the highlights from last year’s activities.
Bill Marklew
itz of
Midland w
as one of a
number of
of 300 mem
bers who
were recog
nized duri
a major do
nor dinner
members ar 300
e consider
to be the fo
unders of
Delta Colle
Alumni of all ages came out to celebrate the
50th anniversary. During the community open
1960s graduates gathered to reunite and remin
thanks to
Courtyard was renovated –
The College’s iconic Central
Foundation, the
The Herber t H. & Grace A. Dow
s, along
& Vad
Foundation and the Alden
retirees and frie
with gifts from employees,
A ribbon-cutting was held
Spring 2012
Virginia “Ginny” Przygocki, Delta College’s Dean of Career Education
and Learning Partnerships, worked with Denise, and together they
started the College’s Dental Hygiene Program. Denise taught more
than 500 students and served more than 3,000 community members
as patients in the College’s Dental Clinic during her tenure. Ginny
felt Denise would be proud that “this scholarship will support area
students studying dental hygiene.” •
ENDOWMENT memorializes “Dr. Bob” – as his colleagues, students
and friends knew him – who worked at Delta from 1980 until his
retirement in 1995. At Delta, he directed the program for parents of
disabled children, served as Assistant Director of Assessment Services
and, from 1989 until 1995, served as Assistant Professor of Psychology.
He passed away in 2009.
One of the more popular stop
s at the community open hou
was the “Angry Bird” booth,
giving children of all ages a
life” chance to enjoy the pop
ular computer game.
Left to right, Greg Branch,
Rhonda Provoast and Bob
Stafford displayed their
Distinguished Alumni
Awards, presented during a
special dinner to recognize
major College donors.
ENDOWMENT honors the Delta College educator who passed away
in 2006. Denise taught dental hygiene for 22 years. She was named
Outstanding Dental Hygienist of the Year by the Mideast District
Dental Hygiene Society, and received the Delta College Bergstein
Award for Teaching Excellence in 1995 and the Outstanding Teamwork
Award in 1998.
The Delta Sculpture Wa
lk – 20 pieces of art loc
throughout campus –
was dedicated, thanks
to the
generosity of the Ander
son Family of Bay Cit y.
Staff and
communit y volunteers
cut the ribbon to officia
lly open
the Sculpture Walk for
all to enjoy.
Dr. Stephanie Coopman, daughter of “Dr. Bob”, said her father “enjoyed
his tenure at Delta College more than any other place he had been
employed. After his death, our family found appointment letters and
performance evaluations from Delta, but could not locate anything
from any other university where he taught. He always felt Delta
College gave him a second chance.” •
possible by a gift from the estate of Hilde Heyman. Alfonso Rasch-Isla
and his family helped Mrs. Heyman and her husband, Walter – both
of Jewish origin – escape Nazi Germany in the 1930s. Mr. Rasch-Isla
was the son of a Colombian diplomat stationed in Hamburg at the
time. Mrs. Heyman credited him and his family with keeping her family
alive during a very difficult period and assisting them in applying
diplomatically to leave Germany.
When talking about the memorial scholarship, Mrs. Heyman said,
“although he’s passed away and will never know this has been done,
I will know. For my peace of mind, I need to acknowledge his great
kindness before I die.
Many individuals and businesses have established endowments at Delta
College. Working like permanent savings accounts, the endowments are
held by the College and provide interest to be awarded as scholarships.
If you are interested in establishing an endowment, please contact Mary
Harding, Coordinator of Scholarships and Special Events, at 989-686-9226
or [email protected] •
Spring 2012
2011 Honor Roll of Contributors
President’s Circle
The following accumulative recognition levels have been
established to honor our loyal supporters. Contributions
represent those made to Delta College and Delta College
Quality Public Broadcasting through December 31, 2011.
Frank N. Andersen Foundation
Chemical Bank
The Dow Chemical Company &
Dow Corning Corporation &
The Herbert H. & Grace A.
Dow Foundation
General Motors Corporation
Rollin M. Gerstacker Foundation
Charles J. Strosacker Foundation
Harvey Randall Wickes Foundation
C.K. Eddy Family Memorial Fund
Kantzler Foundation
Michigan Sugar Company &
Its Growers
Morley Foundation
Nexteer Automotive
Mary Anderson
B & K Corporation
The Bay City Times
Mrs. R. William Caldwell
Citizens Bank
CMS Energy
Margaret T. Darger
Ruth B. Dixon
Herbert & Junia Doan Foundation
Arthur J. & Bette L. Fisher
Gerace Construction &
Design Services
Bob & Joyce Hetzler
Independent Bank
James R. & Anita Horne Jenkins
S. Preston & Dr. Betty Jones
W.K. Kellogg Foundation
Martha Krauss
Labadie Auto Company
Dr. Thomas H. Lane &
Janis E. Landry-Lane
Edward & Kathleen Lunt
McLaren-Bay Region & Foundation
MidMichigan Health
Arthur H. Nickless*
Allen E. & Marie A. Nickless
Memorial Foundation
PNC Bank
The Saginaw News
Spence Brothers
DeVere & Zita Sturm
Wickson-Link Memorial Foundation
Alice & Jack Wirt
Wolverine Bank
Melvin L. & Hilda J. Zuehlke
Charitable Foundation
Dorothy Arbury
Barstow Foundation
Ruth Ann Bergstein
Bierlein Companies & Foundation
Arnold & Gertrude Boutell
Memorial Fund
Chrysler Corporation
Comerica Bank
Covenant HealthCare
Jack & Mariana Dee
Mr. & Mrs. Wilford C. Dent
Alden & Vada Dow Family
Fabiano Brothers, Inc.
Feige’s Interiors
Frankenmuth Mutual
Insurance Company
Frank’s Great Outdoors
Employee Owners of
Gougeon Brothers, Inc.
William J. Hargreaves
HealthPlus of Michigan
I.T.I., Inc.
Ingersol CM Systems
S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc.
Gary D. Jones
William F. McNally Family
Robert & Debra Monroe
Morley Companies, Inc.
Samuel I. Newhouse Foundation
Frank & Jean Popoff
Mildred P. Putnam
Rita C. Smith
Russell H. & Maxine E. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. William W. Stange
Stevens Worldwide Van Lines
Spring 2012
Sundance Buick Pontiac GMC
Alice E. Turner Memorial Trust
W. Lynn & Sandra J. Weimer
Whirlpool Foundation
Macauley Whiting
Steve & Dena Wirt
Wirt Stone Dock
Young Supply Company
A&D Home Health Care
Ace Hardware & Sports, Inc.
Airgas Michigan
Allen Foundation
American Association of
University Women
Andrews Hooper & Pavlik P.L.C.
Arenac County Independent
Audi of America, Inc.
Mary Ann Badour
Barry & Sherri Baker
Mr. & Mrs. William Bakke
Bank of America
Charles F. & Adeline L. Barth
Charitable Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. John N. Bartos
Bay County Home Builders
Mr. & Mrs. Armond Beiser
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Belland
Irene J. Beshgetoor
BFS Retail & Commercial
Operations, LLC
Mr. & Mrs. Etcyl H. Blair
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
Dr. & Mrs. Harold I. Blumenstein
Boston Digital Corporation
Dr. & Mrs. Peter D. Boyse
Mr. & Mrs. E. Ned Brandt
Wallace & Irene Bronner Family
Charitable Foundation
Richard Bukowski & Gloria Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Larry D. Butcher
CPI Engineering Services, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. David Cable
Rick & Dianne Carlson
David Carlyon & Barbara Whitman
Donald & Betty Carlyon
Carrollton Public Schools
Mr. & Mrs. Ron Carter
Tom Caylor
Champagne & Marx Excavating, Inc.
City of Saginaw
Pamela N. Clark
Coca-Cola Bottling Company of
Drew Colenbrander & Sarah Wiley
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Conklin
David & Beth Cook
Dr. Stephanie & Dr. Ted M. Coopman
Mr.* & Mrs. Charles A. Coryell Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Jack L. Crowell
Cumulus Broadcasting
L.J. Currie
Ced & Betty Currin
Chris & Regina Curtis
Joseph M. Day Company
Gilbert A.* & Annette A. Deibel
Delco-Moraine NDH-Saginaw
DeShano Community Foundation
Dex-Tech Auto Service Center
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Dishburger
Mrs. Gene R. Duckworth
Don & Shirley Duggar
Mr. & Mrs. Hamilton R. Duncan
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Dunn
Eaton Corporation
Faye A. Ebach
The Edward & Erna Ederer Family
Foundation Fund
The Equitable Foundation
Jim & Leanne Erickson
Barbara N. Ewend
Exxon Education Foundation
Federal Aviation Administration
Burt & Linda Fettig
Mrs. Frederick Fitzhugh*
Ford Motor Company
Bill & Kathy Fothergill
Peter B. Frantz
Dr. & Mrs. John A. Fuller
Mr. & Mrs. James Galloway
Mr. & Mrs. David R. Gamez
Garber Management Group
Richard Garber
General Housing Corporation
Frank E. Gerace
Gregory J. Gerace
Mr. & Mrs. John Gibson
W. Herman Gieseler
Patricia Gilkey
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Gohrband
Dr. Jean Goodnow
Mr. & Mrs. Gray Gorton
Meade & Janet Gougeon
The Grainger Foundation
Patricia Graves
Great Lakes Bay
Manufacturing Association
Gregory Construction
Mr. & Mrs. William D. Gregory
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Groening Jr.
Caroline A. Gunkler
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Hall
Donald & Irene Halog
Hammer Restoration
Mr. & Mrs. James F. Hammis
Mr. & Mrs. Ken Harding
Judge Faye M. Harrison
Mr. & Mrs. Francis M. Harry
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Hazleton
Health Delivery Inc.
Hearst Foundation, Inc.
Hemlock Semiconductor
R.C. Hendrick & Sons, Inc.
Hilde H. Heyman*
Milton & Geraldine Higgs
Mr.* & Mrs. Robert E. Hirschfield
Dr. Gary C.* & Melanie C. Hollman
Mr. & Mrs. Smallwood Holoman Jr.
Home Builders Association of
Midland County
Home Builders Association of
The F.P. Horak Company, Inc.
HORIZONS Conference Center
IBM International Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Donald N. Ingebrigtson
Kerry & Mary Irons
Ruby & Robert Iwamasa
Dr. Martin & Ruth Jaffe
Michael Jeffers Family
Memorial Fund
Dr. & Mrs. Charles Jessup
J. E. Johnson, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Jury
Ken & Elaine Karls
Mrs. Robert F. Keicher
Betty J. Keil
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Kibbe
King’s Daughters & Sons-Saginaw
Mary J. Klenow
diedra m. knox
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Krohn
Mrs. Daniel Kubiak
Gloria J. Laatsch
George & Sue Lane
Edward & Kathryn (Dunn)
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Larsen
Dr. Robert & Helen Lee
Wallace R. & Bernice E. Leslie
Memorial Fund
Larry & Cheryl Levy
Mr. & Mrs. George F. Loesel
Deb & Bill Lutz
Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Lyon
Karen MacArthur
MacDonald Broadcasting Company
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas K. Mahar
Mahar Tool Supply Co., Inc.
Maier & Associates Financial
Group, Inc.
Dr. & Mrs. Robert L. Malecki
James R. Malek
Robert E. McAlear
Mr. & Mrs. Terrence McCabe
James R. McIntyre
Dr. Paul A. Meyer
Michigan Antiques & Collectibles
Michigan Association of
Public Broadcasters
Michigan Education Association
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry M. Micho
Mr. & Mrs. William Micho
Midland Center for the Arts
Midland Cogeneration Venture
Midland Daily News
Midland Rotary Foundation
Fred A. & Joan C. Miller
Kurt & Judy Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Mitchell
Modicon, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Montesi
Mr. & Mrs. Paul D. Moore
Virginia Morrison
Dr. & Mrs. Raul Mosqueda
Mr. & Mrs. Guy T. Moulthrop
Moulthrop-Clift Insurance Company
National Association of Home
Builders Scholarship Foundation
National Tooling & Machining
Mary Neely
Maryetta Nelsen
Next Media
Penny Nickle
Donald Noble &
Christine Pahssen-Noble
Northwood University
Dorothea K. O’Laughlin
Osthelder Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Max R. Oswald
Alan W. & Jean M. Ott
Marguerite Scull Parker
Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Parker
Arthur L. Petersen
Linda Plackowski & Gerald Witucki
Plante & Moran, PLLC
Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 85
Mary Princing
Albert Pruss
Pumford Construction, Inc.
Robert D. & Susan A. Pumford
Pyxis Company
R.F.T. Capital Improvement
Larry & Nara Ramseyer
Phyllis Randall
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Rapanos
Remer Plumbing, Heating & Air
Conditioning, Inc.
Anne M. Remington
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Rickey
Oliver B. Rookard
Paul & Peggy Rowley
Rowley Brothers, Inc.
SMS Group Incorporated
Mr. & Mrs. John Saam
Saginaw County
Child Development Centers
In-Kind Donations
The following companies and individuals have donated in-kind
gifts (equipment, materials and/or services), valued at $500
or more, to Delta College and Delta College Quality Public
Broadcasting from January 1 through December 31, 2011.
B & D Heating
Elizabeth Bradshaw
Coca-Cola Bottling Company of
Cumulus Broadcasting
General Motors Corporation
The Gourmet Cupcake Shoppe
Gary D. Jones
Bob and Dorothy Kissane
MacDonald Broadcasting Company
McDonald Ford
Saginaw Products Corporation
St. Laurent Brothers
St. Mary’s of Michigan
Mr.* & Mrs. Clifford D. Saladine
Saturn of Saginaw
Alma Keyser Schaefer
Judith M. Schuler
John Schwab Trust
Scientific Brake & Equipment
Terry Scott
The Seaver Institute
Seward, Tally & Piggott, P.C.
Katy Sherwood
SignTec Custom Sign Center
David C. Smith
Don & Janeen Smith
SmithGroup, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Solem
Mr. & Mrs. Norman W. Sowatsky
Marty Stark
Bill & Linda Stavropoulos
Mr. & Mrs. Morrison M. Stevens Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. M. Allen Storr
The Straits Corporation
Stryker Endoscopy
Rhosan Stryker
Paul Sturm & Chris Lamar
Sunrise Family Credit Union
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Taylor
Mr. & Mrs. William C. Taylor
Team One Credit Union
Andreas & Tracy Teich
Texas Instruments, Inc.
Thelen Auto Group
Mrs. Edward Thompson
Three Rivers Corporation
Tool Haus
Michigan Temperature Supply
Midland Daily News
MidMichigan Medical Center
Next Media
Nielsen Gallery
Sebewaing Tool and Engineering
Signature Designs by Carol Finn
Gary A. Sullivan
Teamtech Motorsports Safety, Inc.
United Equipment Accessories
Jean S. Treadway
Tri Star Trust Bank
Tubular Metal Systems, LLC
Margo Ulrich
Mr. & Mrs. James Van Tiflin
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Vantol
Christian & Jenée Velasquez
Vic Canever Chevrolet
Vickers Training Center
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Vitito
Voiture Local #690 40 ET 8
Rick & Dee Dee Wacksman
Walbro Engine Management
Wanigas Federal Credit Union
Mr. & Mrs. John Warakomski
Douglas & Ann Ward
Weinlander Fitzhugh
Mrs. Charles R. Wells
Robert E. Wendland*
Kenneth White
Daryle & Edith Wieland
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel P. Willits
Douglas T. Wirt
Wobig Construction Company, Inc.
Wolohan Enterprises, Inc.
Wolohan Family Foundation
Wright & Filippis
Wright-K Technology, Inc.
WSMH Fox 66
York International
Mr. & Mrs. David Young
Michael J. Zoellner
*In memory of our friends who are
no longer with us.
Spring 2012
2011 Honor Roll of Contributors
Annual Giving
The following annual recognition levels have been
established to honor our loyal supporters. Contributions
represent those made to Delta College and Delta College
Quality Public Broadcasting from January 1 through
December 31, 2011.
Frank N. Andersen Foundation
Mary Anderson
Maureen E. Black
Chemical Bank
Dr. Stephanie & Dr. Ted M. Coopman
The Dow Chemical Company &
Dow Corning Corporation &
Alden & Vada Dow Family
The Herbert H. & Grace A. Dow
C.K. Eddy Family Memorial Fund
Burt & Linda Fettig
Rollin M. Gerstacker Foundation
Dr. Jean Goodnow
The Grainger Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Francis M. Harry
Health Delivery Inc.
HealthPlus of Michigan
Hilde H. Heyman*
Independent Bank
James R. & Anita Horne Jenkins
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin B. Kendrick
Dr. Thomas H. Lane &
Janis E. Landry-Lane
McLaren-Bay Region & Foundation
Michigan Sugar Company & Its
Mr. & Mrs. William Micho
MidMichigan Health
Morley Foundation
Mary Neely
Allen E. & Marie A. Nickless
Memorial Foundation
Northwood University
PNC Bank
The Seaver Institute
Charles J. Strosacker Foundation
Robert E. Wendland*
Kenneth White
Wolverine Bank
Bierlein Companies & Foundation
Citizens Bank
Herbert & Junia Doan Foundation
Fabiano Brothers, Inc.
Arthur J. & Bette L. Fisher
Hemlock Semiconductor Corporation
Bob & Joyce Hetzler
Milton & Geraldine Higgs
IBM International Foundation
I.T.I., Inc.
J. E. Johnson, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Jury
diedra m. knox
Mr. & Mrs. William E. Marklewitz
Albert Pruss
Mr. & Mrs. William W. Stange
Marty Stark
DeVere & Zita Sturm
Three Rivers Corporation
Wolohan Enterprises, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Bartholomew J.
A&D Home Health Care
Andrews Hooper & Pavlik P.L.C.
Major General & Mrs. Arthur Bartell
Bay Arts Council
The Bay City Times
Irene J. Beshgetoor
Big Al’s Golf
Dr. & Mrs. Peter D. Boyse
Dr. & Mrs. Christopher Bruck
Mr. & Mrs. David Cable
Catholic Diocese of Saginaw
Charter Communications
Pamela N. Clark
Coca-Cola Bottling Company of
Mr. & Mrs. Jack L. Crowell
Jack & Mariana Dee
Dex-Tech Auto Service Center
Don Jones Productions, Inc.
Mrs. Gene R. Duckworth
Mr. & Mrs. Neal Eichler
Barbara N. Ewend
Bill & Kathy Fothergill
Garber Management Group
Mr. & Mrs. Rodney R. Gerard
Mr. & Mrs. John Gibson
Patricia Graves
Great Lakes Bay Manufacturing
Donald & Irene Halog
Mr. & Mrs. John Hansen
The F.P. Horak Company, Inc.
Spring 2012
Kent Philpot &
Kimberly Houston-Philpot
The Huron Area Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Isackson
Ruby & Robert Iwamasa
Dr. Martin & Ruth Jaffe
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Kin
Trevor & Kim Kubatzke
George & Sue Lane
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Larsen
Wallace R. & Bernice E. Leslie
Memorial Fund
Edward & Kathleen Lunt
Mr. & Mrs. Steven J. Lutenski
Dr. & Mrs. Robert L. Malecki
Dr. Robert Maurovich & Nancy Warner
Dr. & Mrs. James D. McLean
Bernie Meister
Michigan Antiques & Collectibles
Michigan Jazz Trail
Robert & Debra Monroe
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Montesi
Virginia Morrison
Penny Nickle
Donald Noble &
Christine Pahssen-Noble
Lillian Novak
Dorothea K. O’Laughlin
Alan W. & Jean M. Ott
Newell Pennell
Linda Plackowski & Gerald Witucki
Frank & Jean Popoff
Mildred P. Putnam
Remer Plumbing Heating & Air
Conditioning, Inc.
Rico’s Tortillas
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory H. Rogers
Rowley Brothers, Inc.
Edythe Salzman
Paramount Rehabilitation Services
Terry Scott
Earl & Zenia Shipp
John P. Sivey
Rita C. Smith
Spence Brothers
St. Mary’s of Michigan
Rhosan Stryker
Team One Credit Union
Andreas & Tracy Teich
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Tonkavich
Margo Ulrich
Utility Workers Union of America,
Rick & Dee Dee Wacksman
Douglas & Ann Ward
W. Lynn & Sandra J. Weimer
Wildfire Credit Union
Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Windy
Steve & Dena Wirt
Ciao Restaurant/Zanzabar, Inc.
Mary Ann Adam
American Association of
University Women
Sarosh Anwar
Michigan Lyme Disease Association
Mr. & Mrs. Brian A. Aurand
Barry & Sherri Baker
Royal & Eleanor Baker
Mary Bandeen
The Bay City Players
H. J. Beamish
A. K. Becker
Q & Katie Beckman
Mr. & Mrs. Armond Beiser
Kim Belchak
Ruth Ann Bergstein
The Birdhouse
Mr. & Mrs. Eric P. Blackhurst
Mr. & Mrs. Etcyl H. Blair
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Bledsoe
Elaine Block
Blue Lakes Charters & Tours
Dr. & Mrs. Harold I. Blumenstein
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Boutell
Boyse Farms
Bronner’s CHRISTmas
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Brozzo
Richard Bukowski &
Gloria Miller Bukowski
A. Lynn Butterfield-Gillespie &
James Gillespie
Donald & Betty Carlyon
Carrollton Public Schools
Tom Caylor
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Chamberlin
Kevin & Katherine Champagne
Barbara A. Christie
Casey J. Cornelius
Ellen E. Crane & Peter Freigang
Mr. & Mrs. Leon Crossman
Mary C. Currie
Ced & Betty Currin
Chris & Regina Curtis
Mr. & Mrs. H. Eric Curtis
Dr. & Mrs. Shyam Dandamudi
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Dishburger
Laura D. Dull
Eastman Party Store
Don Efremoff
Edwin & Wanda Eichler
Joe & Kathy Ellison
Rev. & Mrs. Robert L. Emrich
Dan Engelhardt
Patricia Epperson
Matthew Eyre
Richard & Cassandra Foley
Mark R. & Laura J. Freed
Tom Gacki
Garb-Ko, Inc.
Bruce Gerhart
Glovers Rexall Pharmacy
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Golimbieski
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Gorski
Mr. & Mrs. Gray Gorton
J.D. Gougeon & Associates
Mr. & Mrs. Guy R. Greve
Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Hackbarth
Donald Hahn
Chris & Tammy Hamilton
Peter L. Hammerschmidt
Mr. & Mrs. James F. Hammis
Judge Faye M. Harrison
Harvey Properties
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Hausbeck
Lynda Heathscott
Mr. & Mrs. Richard K. Helling
Mr. & Mrs. David Hersh
Alan G. Hill
Mr. & Mrs. Calvin Hoerneman
Mr. & Mrs. Smallwood Holoman Jr.
Robert & Nina Hooper
Kerry & Mary Irons
Dr. Nillfar Islam
A. Jeff Jankens
David Jezowski
S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc.
Ken & Elaine Karls
Alma Keyser Schaefer
Dr. & Mrs. Richard J. Kociba
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Kotanchek
John Kramer & Danielle Brinker
Edward & Kathryn (Dunn)
Michelle Langley-Babcock
Mr. & Mrs. James Lee
Mr. & Mrs. Ray Leenhouts
Larry & Cheryl Levy
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Lewis
Patricia Scaduto & Donald Liles
Mr. & Mrs. Leonardo C. Lopez
Charles T. Lord
Marilyn Ludgin
Deb & Bill Lutz
Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Lutz
Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Lyon
MacMillan Associates, Inc.
Michael G. Madaj
Mail Room Service Center, Inc.
Josh & Mary Male
Mary & Ken Marcum
Carolyn Mawby
Gerald & Kathy Maxson
Mr. & Mrs. Terrence McCabe
Mr. & Mrs. Ted McClintock
Mr. & Mrs. John Mcgill
Dr. & Mrs. James McIntyre
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick McKelvy
Dr. Murlene E. McKinnon
Midland Cogeneration Venture
Michelle L. Galgoci Mihopoulos
Kurt & Judy Miller
Beverly Milner
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Misner
Mr. & Mrs. Linal Montei
Dr. & Mrs. Eugene R. Moore
Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Morley
Madalin Morris
Dr. & Mrs. Raul Mosqueda
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Musolf
Leslie Myles-Sanders
Nancy S. Nelson
Rod Bieber
Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Padgett
Mr. & Mrs. Harold J. Petrimoulx
Alaina D. Poirier
Charlotte Pressprich
Mary Princing
Cady & David Ramaker
Mr. & Mrs. M. Andersen Rapp
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Reimann
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Rickey
Margaret A. Riecker
Sylvia Robins
Mr. & Mrs. Duane Romer
Mr. & Mrs. Arturo Rosales
Steve Rosin & Dana Draper-Rosin
Paul & Peggy Rowley
Mr. & Mrs. John Saam
Saginaw Bay Underwriters
Harold & Elinor Saunders
Al Schexnaildre
Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Schrank
Dr. & Mrs. Michael Schultz
Lew Seward
Bridget Smith
Lloyd Smith
Spicer Group, Inc.
Stevens Worldwide Van Lines
Dr. & Mrs. James F. Stoddard
Paul Sturm & Chris Lamar
Dr. & Mrs. Jay L. Summer
Sally Ann Sutton
Mr. & Mrs. Graham Taylor
Terrance & Deborah Temperly
Tool Haus
Mr. & Mrs. Glen Townley
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
Dr. Charissa Urbano
Edward A. Valenzuela
Joyce M. Van Ochten
Marjorie M. Van Ochten
Mr. & Mrs. James Van Tiflin
Mr. & Mrs. David Walton
Mr. & Mrs. John Warakomski
Dr. & Mrs. John H. Way
Patricia Wearmouth
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Webb
Gerald Wetherell
Hudson Whitmore
Wigen, Ticknell, Meyer & Associates, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Louis Wirth
Joyce K. Woods
Michael Woolhiser
Erin & Jeff Yantz
Duke Yost
Richard & Maryann Young
Michael J. Zoellner
*In memory of our friends who
are no longer with us.
Legacy Society
The Legacy Society includes donors who have
supported Delta College by making a deferred gift
through a will, charitable trust, life insurance policy,
retirement plan or a gift of appreciated property.
Frank Almas* & Ruby B.* McDermid
Ormond E. Barstow*
Adeline Barth*
Elzie S.* & Muriel D.* Beaver
Stuart* & Ruth Ann Bergstein
Ruth Miles* & J. Laurence* Bleasdale
William C.* & Marian Blenkhorn
Martin* & Emma* Block
Elizabeth B. Butterworth*
Dr. Fredrick J.* & Margaret B.* Chapin
Werner Clabuesch*
Linda C. Davison*
Terry C. Drake*
Robert E. Elsea
Burt & Linda Fettig
Isabel M. Flynn
Leona M. Geyer*
Bernard C.* & Lois K. Graham
Patricia L. & Robert W.* Grant Jr.
Walter H.* & Hilde H.* Heyman
Mildred F. Irons*
Oscar W. Kloha*
Robert I.* & Marjorie H.* Knepp
W. R. Knepp Jr.*
Kenneth Kolat*
Sara Margaret Leki*
Mildred L. Luce*
Oswald M. Lutz*
N. M. MacGregor*
Rhea E. Miller*
Frances Goll Mills*
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Mitchell
Dr. & Mrs. Raul Mosqueda
Merrill J. Netting*
Fred* & Betty E.* Nusselt
Goldie J. Pfaff*
Marlin & Marian Rathje
Anne M. Remington
Florence E. Sampson
Lois W. Sears*
Mr.* & Mrs. H. Stacy Smith Jr.
Maynard L. Smith Jr.*
Willard N. Thompson Sr.*
Wesley C. Timm*
Annabelle* & Harry* Vail
James* & Esther* VanHaften
Jeanne M. Van Ochten &
Wayne W. Adams
Emily R. Vandecar*
Robert E.* & Catherine M.*
Mary K. Williams*
Steve & Dena Wirt
Lloyd H. Wonch*
*In memory of our friends who are
no longer with us.
If you intend to leave Delta College
a planned gift, please contact the
Foundation at 989-686-9224.
We make every effort to honor all of our generous
contributors in an accurate and timely manner.
However, even in these days of modern technology,
computer lists and electronic publishing, it is possible
that some names have been inadvertently omitted or
incorrectly published. If you notice a mistake, please
accept our apology.
Please also alert Tom Caylor, Coordinator of
Foundation Communications and Annual Campaigns,
at 989-686-9698 or [email protected], so we can
correct our records. Thank you!
Spring 2012
Give to our Healt
Calendar of Events
New Directors join Board
Directors recently
The Delta College Foundation Board of
welcomed three new members. They
Michael Kelly
David Renger
Focus on fina parate 501(c)3 foundation,
has a se
s in support
Delta College
r contribution
which raises
ents and pro
of it
ta College
dit of the Del
ase visit
To access the
2010 -2011, ple
ion and click
Foundation fo
our website at
bert Saro
e, The
• Michael Kelly, Director, Great Lakes Offic
Conservation Fund, Bay County.
, Hemlock
• David Rengering, Hemlock Site Manager
Semiconductor Corp
• Robert Sarow, retired attorney,
Renewing membership for a second term
s, Saginaw County.
• Dr. David Hall, President, Hall & Associate
an Medical Center,
• Gregory Rogers, President, MidMichig
Midland County.
New officers:
t and Chief
• James Van Tiflin, Chair, Retired Presiden
Executive Officer, Citizens Bank, Saginaw
American Public
• Robert M. Vallentine, Vice Chair, North
, Midland
Affairs Director, The Dow Chemical Company
Director, The
• Jenée Velasquez, Past Chair, Executive
n, Midland County.
Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foun
the following
The Board also expressed its gratitude to
roe and
individuals whose terms expired:
Jeffrey Yantz, both of Bay County.
2% 0.3%
Want to ke
ep connecte
d with Delt
up for our o
a College?
nline newsl
etter, “Pion
visiting ww
er Spirit ” by
receive brie
n/donate. Y
f updates o
n Delta new
You can als
s and activ
o follow us
on Faceboo
Linked In.
k, Twitter a
For direct li
nks and mo
visit www.d
undation. •
Distribution to Delta College Programs – $1,114,4 47
Fundraising, Management & General – $31,656
Support Services from Delta College – $393,551
Surplus/Increase in Net Assets – $1,281,850
Spring 2012
Contributions – $2,188,827
Gifts In-Kind – $67,342
Support Services from Delta College – $393,551
Special Event Net Profits – $121,833
Endowment Distribution – $40,953
Other – $8,998
2010-2011 Expenses: $2,821,504
2010-2011 Revenues: $2,821,504
Stay in tou
ch with us
50+ Health for Life Expo
Friday, May 4 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Main Cam
More than 100 vendors, health screenings
and interactive demos
Free admission
For more information, call 989-686-9325
Annual Planetarium Fundraiser: Independence
Day Celebration
Saturday, July 7 from 6 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.
Delta College Planetarium & Learning Cent
Downtown Bay City
Food and entertainment, tickets $80 per pers
For more information, call 989-686-9325
Summer Camps
Delta College will be hosting a variety of sum
mer campus
from June 25 to August 2. For more informati
on, visit:
1961 Delta Road, University Center, MI 4871
0 • 989-686-9000
All events are free and open to the public
unless otherwise noted
above. Go to for a complete
list of campus events. •
Revenues by Type of Donor
Make a contributio
n to renovate Delta
Health Building. Yo
ur donation will he
lp the
future of healthcar
e in our community
You can use the en
closed envelope, or
go to
Delta College leadership
Foundation Board of Directors
Board of Trustees
Journeys staff
Executive Editor &
Executive Director ofement
Institutional Advanc
Pamela Clark
Tom Caylor
Graphic Designer
Sydnee Whitehead
Feature Photograph
Aaron Cianek
ess to:
Send change of addr
Sher yl Kiscadden
Delta College
University Center, MI
989- 686-9206
sher [email protected]
Ellen E. Crane, Eileen A. Curtis,
Culli Damuth, Dr. Richard J. Dol
Bay County:
The Rev. Dr. Robert
Kim A. Higgs, Jack R.
ard, ’78,
James C. Fabiano II, Alice M. Ger
Edith (Dee Dee) Wacksman
Jimmy E. Greene,
Midland County:
Robert L. Hetzler,
Dr. Kathleen S. Ellison,
tt Jeffrey,
Kimberly R. Houston-Philpot, Ma
Kimberly R. Houston-Philpot,
ir) Michael T. Kelly, Dr.
Robert B. Stafford, ’83 (Vice Cha
Debra K . Lutz, ’79
Mary M. Neely, David J. Rengering
Saginaw County:
Gregor y H. Rogers,
The Rev. Dr. Robert
Robert B. Stafford, Robert M. Vall
Karen L. Lawrence-Webster,
(Vice Chair), James
R. Earl Selby
Jenée L. Velasquez
Delta College Representatives
Dr. Jean Goodnow
Dr. Jean Goodnow (Secretary),
Pamela N. Clark, ’77 (Executive
Our latest champion
With an average scor
e of 23 points
per game, Delta’s Jo
dy Hill has
been the man to wa
tch this year.
He was named all-tim
e leading
scorer in a season an
d has scored
1,000 points in his ca
reer, joining
only five others to do
Way to go, Jody!
Spring 2012
Delta College Foundation
University Center, MI 48710
Tee off
with Delta
Support Delta College
student athletes at the Golf Classic
It’s right around the corner: The 17th Annual Delta College
Foundation Golf Classic is scheduled for Tuesday, June 19 at
The Golf Club at Apple Mountain in Freeland.
Proceeds will benefit men’s and women’s athletic programs
through scholarship assistance. Shotgun start for the fourperson scramble is 11 a.m., with registration beginning
at 10 a.m. The price of a team is $600, which includes two
carts, 18 holes of golf for each player, lunch, a reception
and awards dinner. Honorary chairs for this year’s event are:
Tim Holsworth of Andrews Hooper Pavlik PLC, Bay County;
Melinda Shriner of The Barckholtz Group, Midland County;
and Chris Erway and Linda Sarmiento, Sarmiento Dream
Team, Saginaw County.
The Golf Classic has netted more than $413,000 since 1996. •
For more information, contact:
Mary Harding,
Coordinator of Scholarships & Special Events
[email protected]
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Spring 2012
Delta College is an Equal Opportunity Organization,
committed to excellence through inclusiveness and diversity.
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