Mailing Address:
Following is the format for addressing items to resident students living in
the Cerro Vista Apartments. Sample mailing label:
Student’s Name
Building Name, Apartment Number
1 Grand Avenue
San Luis Obispo, CA 93410-2500
Mail and parcels sent to on-campus residents are received by Distribution Services, sorted, and distributed to
residents from one of two places. A description of both distribution points can be found below:
CERRO VISTA COMMUNITY CENTER FRONT DESK: Mail sent through the United States Postal Service (USPS)
and not requiring a signature will be received, sorted and forwarded to the front desk of Cerro Vista Community Center. Mail will then be sorted into the students’ apartment mailboxes (shared by four residents). For
larger parcels, notices will be placed in the residents’ mailbox notifying them to pick up their package at the
front desk. NOTE: Signature waivers are not recognized by Distribution Services.
FRESH FLOWER & FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS: Local flower deliveries for residents of Cerro Vista will be made
directly to the Cerro Vista Community Center front desk. The student will then be contacted by the front desk
staff to pick up their flowers.
PACKAGE CENTER: Items sent through a shipper using a tracking number and requiring a signature will be
delivered directly to Residence Hall Packaging Center. NOTE: Signature waivers are not recognized by Distribution Services. An email will be sent to the student via their Cal Poly e-mail address notifying him/her that
a package is being held at the Residence Hall Package Center. To pick up packages, residents must present
a photo ID and a copy of the email notification to the staff at the Package Center. To receive e-mail notifications, residents must have activated their Cal Poly e-mail account. Those students who have not picked up
their unclaimed parcels will be contacted with a second notice. If the parcel is still unclaimed after seven
days, it will be returned to sender. For best service, it is highly recommended that packages and sensitive
mail be sent using this process
RESIDENCE HALL PACKAGE CENTER is located behind the Sequoia Residence Hall (Bldg 108).