Des Moines Police Department 2012 Annual Report

Des Moines Police Department
2012 Annual Report
The Des Moines Police Department will work in partnership with our
community to protect lives and property, and to enforce laws impartially.
Des Municipal Court and Public Safety Building in the beginning
phase of construction. Use of the building began in 1920.
Roy Chamberlain, 1912
Tim Fricke, 2012
2012 Annual Report
The same building still serves as the Des Moines Police Station today.
Chief’s Message
2012 was a year for reaching to the future. Despite the economy the
Des Moines Police Department needed to look forward and continue
to build tomorrow’s police force and improve the department’s
Improvements to the Des Moines Police Station included replacing
the windows and the old boiler. The new windows will be more
energy efficient; the last time the windows were replaced is thought
to be during the mid 1970’s. Replacement of the old boiler involved
taking it out piece by piece and putting in a new more energyefficient system.
Another large remodeling project completed this year was
converting the jail areas on the first floor into space for the Property
Section. The jail booking area was converted into a consolidated
staff area that is more accessible to the public, since it is next to the
public information desk and not in the basement. The jail cells on the
first floor were converted into storage for property and equipment.
The jail cells on the second floor were removed and that space will
be converted in the future into more usable space for other purposes
than holding arrestees.
The Communications Center was also remodeled to help provide a more ergonomically suitable environment
for the communication staff. New work terminals and new carpet was installed; very important for an area
that is staffed twenty four hours a day and seven days a week to handle several thousand phone calls from the
public and radio calls from police and fire personnel, some of which are a matter of life and death.
The patrol vehicle fleet also began a transformation with the purchase of new and different police vehicles.
The Ford “Crown Victoria,” a workhorse for law enforcement all over the country, has been replaced by Ford
with the new “Police Interceptor.” The Police Interceptor will provide better fuel efficiency and offer a more
technologically advanced vehicle for officers to operate. Also, some highly fuel efficient hybrid vehicles were
purchased for the detective vehicle fleet.
A new technology being implemented to help with criminal investigations is the Automatic License Plate
Reader system. The system consisting of four cameras mounted on two different patrol vehicles will serve as a
screening tool to help officers with identifying stolen vehicles, finding wanted people or offenders associated
with a vehicle and missing people associated with a vehicle.
Preparing for the future of public safety for the citizens of Des Moines and those that visit include efforts
to improve facilities and equipment used by the men and women of the Des Moines Police Department,
dedicated people of many disciplines working together to keep Des Moines safe.
I would like to express my understanding and compassion for those citizens and visitors who may have been
affected by the drought and other challenges in 2012. And to our employees who also may have faced the
same challenges I want to express my appreciation for their continued level of service our citizens and visitors
have come to expect.
Judy A. Bradshaw
Chief of Police
Des Moines Police Department
Police Station Remodeling
Various improvements were made to the Des Moines
Police Station to make services more accessible to
the public, more effective for the employees and
more energy efficient to reduce heating and cooling
usage and costs.
Windows and the front entrance door were
replaced with energy efficient models.
After renovation of the old jail booking room the
Property Management Office was moved from
the basement to the first floor.
That move put the office next to the Information
Desk and made it more accessible to the public.
Pictured to the right are the intake lockers officers
use to securely drop off evidence and seized or
found property.
After renovation, the
vacated office in the
basement is now the
OWI (impaired driver)
evaluation and testing
Pictured to the right
are the two temporary
holding rooms adjacent
to the OWI testing area.
2012 Annual Report
New Patrol Cars
In September 2011 the last
Ford Crown Victoria rolled off
the assembly line. For many
years Ford has been producing
the Crown Victoria, which has
been the workhorse police
patrol car for most police
departments throughout the
United States. To replace
the Crown Victoria, Ford
introduced the “Interceptor,”
marketed to outperform the
Crown Victoria.
2009 Ford Crown Victoria
A committee was formed to
consider patrol vehicle options
and they recommended the
Ford Interceptor and the Ford
Interceptor Utility because
of their capabilities. Both
models have all-wheel-drive,
traction control steering,
proper acceleration and
better gas mileage because of
technological advancements
in engine development.
2012 Ford Interceptor
Pictured to the left in 1927 is then
Chief Roy Chamberlain standing
next to a 1926 Nash Touring 6.
Des Moines Police Department
Patrol Services Bureau
An inscription on the James Farley Post Office in
New York City reads “Neither snow nor rain nor
heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from
the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”
The same can be said about the duties of a police
officer, with the addition of “even when heading
towards danger.”
Patrol services are the foundation
of law enforcement. When new
officers join the department their first
assignment is patrol; working nights,
weekends and holidays.
Calls for Service
Officers were dispatched to a total of 191,962 calls
Police Reports Completed
Fire & EMS Events
OWI (Impaired Driving) Arrests
Traffic Tickets Issued
Parking Tickets Issued (Police and Zoning)
Accidents Investigated
The Des Moines Police Department’s Patrol Services Bureau
provides the services of patrol, neighborhood-based service
delivery, traffic enforcement, accident investigation and
school resource officers.
Pictured to the left is Patrol Canine “Jack” and pictured below
are Patrol Officers Jeremy Sprague and Dianna Kealy.
Pictured in the lower left is
the first speed radar in a Des
Moines Police car in 1952.
Pictured to the right is Senior
Police Officer Tony Gomez
in a Des Moines Police traffic
car in 2012. In addition to a
police radio there is a mobile
data terminal (computer) and printer, in-car cameras
and a viewing screen, fixed speed radar with
antennas, and a hand-held speed radar on the seat.
2012 Annual Report
Community Involvement
“The police are the public and the public are the police; the police being only members of the
public who are paid to give full time attention to duties which are incumbent on every citizen in the
interests of community welfare and existence.” Sir Robert Peel, 1788 – 1850
The Des Moines Police Department continues to be
committed to a partnership with our community.
Associations come
together annually
for National Night
Out, a program
to promote a
spirit and a
partnership for
safer communities.
Pictured above are members of
the community and the Des Moines
Police Department with the Neighborhood
Watch sign. This photograph was on the cover
of the 1993 Des Moines Police Ball book.
The Safe Summer Kickoff by the King Irving
Neighborhood Association at Evelyn Davis Park.
The Des Moines Police Department sponsored a
basketball team at the Salvation Army.
Pictured to the right are kids from various teams
and members of the Iowa Energy Basketball Team.
Des Moines Police Department
Community Ambassador Program
The Community Ambassador Program
is a team of volunteers comprised
of community leaders and clergy of
all denominations serving as liaisons
with the police department and the
community. The goal of the program
is to improve the overall safety and the
wellbeing of the community.
Pictured above is The President’s Volunteer Service
Award presented in recognition and appreciation of
the Community Ambassador Program.
At an appreciation event in September the Community Ambassadors were recognized
for their commitment and contributions to the community. The event was also a great
opportunity for the kids to see some of the police equipment first hand and interact with the
CAP members and police officers.
2012 Annual Report
My Cops
The Des Moines Police Department launched the Mentoring Youth with Cops Program, a program
designed for at-risk youth living in the community, ages 10 to 17 years. This program joins the Des
Moines Police Department’s Police Activities League and the Junior Police Explorers.
The goal of the My COPS program is for police
employees to interact with the youths and have a
positive impact on their lives.
In 2012 the youth and their police mentors
attended an Iowa Cubs game, a Barnstormers
game, Adventureland Park, the Iowa State Fair,
an Iowa State University football game, bowling,
movie night, paddle boating and went bike riding
at Gray’s Lake.
With the help of the local business community
the youth were able to go to the Iowa State
Fair and ride the carnival rides. Pictured to the
upper left with the kids is Sergeant Larina Blad.
The youth pictured above attended an
inspirational program titled “It is Achievable” by
Dr. Tererai Trent, a scholar and a humanitarian
who shares her life story that is both tragic and
inspiring to spread a message of hope. The
youth attended with Sergeant Lillie Miller.
Des Moines Police Department
Homeland Security Bureau
One of the responsibilities of the Homeland Security Bureau is dignitary security. With the presidential
election of 2012 and Iowa’s first in the nation caucus, there were forty dignitary visits to Des Moines.
Pictured to the right in the East
Village on election eve is President
Barack Obama, speaking to the
crowd of thousands. There was
also a performance by singer Bruce
The list of dignitaries to visit Des
Moines in 2012 also included the First
Lady Michelle Obama, Vice President
Joseph Biden, former President Bill
Clinton, former President Jimmy
Carter, Secretary of State Hillary
Clinton, Attorney General Eric Holder,
Photograph Courtesy of Victoria Herring
Governor Mitt Romney, Senator
Rick Santorum, Senator John Boehner, Kosovo President Atifete Jahjaga, Tanzania President Jakaya
Kikwete, China Vice President Xi Jinping and the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.
A dignitary
visit involves
coordination with
many police,
fire and military
agencies in
advance and
during an event.
Pictured in the lower right is
President Harry Truman when he
visited Des Moines many years ago.
Other dignitaries from years gone
by include President Theodore
Roosevelt, Pilot Charles Lindbergh,
Russian Premier Nikita Khrushchev
and Pope John Paul II.
2012 Annual Report
Welcome Aboard!
In 2012 there were several “new police officers”
that joined the Des Moines Police Department that
have ties to “seasoned police officers” that joined
the Department several years ago.
Following in their family’s footsteps and continuing
the tradition of public service are Matt Danner
who is the son of 33 year veteran Detective
Brian Danner (pictured right), Lindsey Kenkel
who is the daughter of retired Officer Craig
Hamilton, Andrew Kilgore who is the son of former
Identification Technician John Kilgore (now retired
from the DCI), Zachary McCarthy who is the
nephew of retired Chief Bill McCarthy and Michael
Roth who is the son of retired Sergeant Ralph Roth.
Training provided by the
Des Moines Regional
Police Academy in 2012
30,949 Hours for Police Officers
820 Hours for Reserve Police Officers
2,129 Hours for Support Personnel
Lindsey Kenkel
Craig Hamilton
Zachary McCarthy
Bill McCarthy
Michael Roth
Ralph Roth
► A total of 33,898 hours of personnel training
► The hiring process and basic training for
the 71st Recruit Class
► The Ninth Annual Citizens Academy
was co-hosted with the Polk County
Sheriff’s Department.
Des Moines Police Department
Detective Bureau
The Newest Detectives
Senior Police Officers (left to right) Aaron Entrekin,
Yanira Scarlett, Mike McBride, Danny White and Rob
Clark were selected for assignment to the Detective
Bureau on December 10, 2012.
Their assignments are Crimes Against Persons, Family
Conflict, Crimes Against Property, Crimes Against
Persons and Crimes Against Property, respectively.
A Retired Detective
Detective Bob Lewis is pictured in the photographs
from 1977 and 2012, before his retirement. One
of his early duties was to ride a three-wheeledmotorcycle.
2012 Crimes Solved
Cleared in Des Moines
National Average*
Reported 10 / Cleared 7
Reported 94 / Cleared 40
Aggravated Assaults
Reported 587 / Cleared 455
Reported 234 / Cleared 77
Reported 2,371 / Cleared 288
Reported 6,708 / Cleared 1522
Auto Theft
Reported 843 / Cleared 132
*2011 data; 2012 not available
Pictured at
left collecting
evidence is
Crime Scene
Rex Sparks.
2012 Annual Report
Vice and Narcotics Control
2012 Drug Seizures and Street Values
Street Value
418.2 grams
Cocaine Powder
381.5 grams
53 grams
11.3 grams
84,277.61 grams
3,121.86 grams
59.6 grams
Other Narcotics
964.5 pills
6,459.6 pills
Miscellaneous Pills
Total street value of drugs seized: $1,558,834.27
2012 Enforcement Statistics
1,599 Drug Related Arrests
45 Prostitution Arrests
162 Alcohol Compliance Checks
106 Alcohol Violations
183 Tobacco Compliance Checks
15 Tobacco Violations
59 Search Warrants
7 Clandestine Meth Labs
Narcotics officers seized thirty pounds of high grade hydromarijuana that led to the arrest of four suspects in January.
18 Meth Lab Dump Sites
1,169 Drug Locker Follow-up Cases
Pictured above in 1969 is Lieutenant Lawrence
Carpe (retired) burning confiscated drugs
Des Moines Police Department
Administrative Services Bureau
The Administrative Services Bureau consists of
the Communications and Records Sections,
the Police Technology Services Section and
the Property Management Section.
Pictured to the left in the renovated main jail
area are (left to right) Rena Thomas, Chuck
Russell, Krista Morton and Sharon Schinkel. That
area now serves as a property holding area to
store thousands of items that must be kept until
the conclusion of the related case.
2012 Property Management
Property Reports
Weapons to the DCI
The old entrance to the main
jail area before renovation.
Property Released
Looking towards
Vehicles impounded
the future, the
Records Section
Vehicles Sold
has been
Vehicles Released
working on
Certified Letters
upgrading the
in-house records
system, with the most
significant change that
will allow police officers to
type reports in their patrol
cars and then transmit
them electronically to
the records system in a
timelier manner and to
reduce paperwork.
Calls Received and Made
911 Land Line Phone Calls Received
911 Wireless Phone Calls Received
911 VoIP Phone Calls Received
Non-911 Calls Phone Calls Received
Phone Calls Made
*Average of the last five years because of counter system failure
2012 Annual Report
Pictured above in 1919, is Officer
Ed Mellon using a call box to
communicate with the station.
Doug Harvey
Paul Stout
Camden Moran
Tony Knox
Russ Schafnitz
Larry Davey
Tina Kalar
Ron Kouski
Lance Ripperger
Garth House
Gregg Wessels
Andrew Phipps
Richard Wallace
Rena Thomas
MV Program Clerk
Des Moines Police Department
Special Awards
Officers Colin Boone, Jeremy Sprague, Aaron
Cawthorn, John Carter, Robin Swank (pictured
at left) and Sergeant Michael McTaggart
received honorable mention at the nineteenth
annual Top Cops Award Ceremony in
Washington, D.C. on May 12, 2012 for their acts
of courage during the rescue of passengers
in an SUV that was involved in a rollover
accident and caught on fire. The Top Cops
Award Ceremony was created to recognize
law enforcement officers for their selfless acts
of bravery and courage. The ceremony is part
of National police week held every year in
Washington, D.C.
They also received the Sullivan Brothers Award for Valor at the Iowa State Capitol on November 8,
2012 (pictured in below photograph). The Sullivan Brothers Award is presented annually through
the Iowa Department of Public Safety and is awarded to peace officers and firefighters who, while
serving in an official capacity, distinguish themselves by performance of a heroic act beyond the
normal demands of their service and where the officer or firefighter is fully aware of the threat to his
or her personal safety.
2012 Annual Report
Department Awards
The Lifesaving Award was presented to Phoukham Tran, the Service Injury Award was presented
to Phhoukam Tran, the Certificate of Commendation was presented to Lieutenant Joe Gonzalez,
Sergeant Jeff Phillips, Senior Police Officers Brian Cuppy, Chris Curtis, Ryan Doty, Jerry Fisher, Cody
Grimes, Doua Lor, Darin Miller, Tim Nading, Elliot Ness, Josh Rhamy, Ted Stroope and Mandy Weltz.
Phoukam Tran
Joe Gonzalez
Jeff Phillips
Brian Cuppy
Chris Curtis
Ryan Doty
Jerry Fisher
Cody Grimes
Doua Lor
Darin Miller
Josh Rhamy
Mandy Weltz
Tim Nading
Elliott Ness and Ted Stroope
Des Moines Police Department
Employee Recognition
On July 12, 2012 Des Moines Senior Police Officer Paul Parizek, pictured at
left, was honored by the Des Moines Rotary Club as Police Officer of the
year. Officer Parizek has taken an interest in studying outlaw motorcycle
gangs and gang members and in August of 2011 he was recognized by
the Midwest Motorcycle Gang Investigators Association as the Top Cop
at the annual conference. Officer Parizek’s work ethic and innate skills
as a police officer make him the perfect selection for the Rotary Club’s
Police Officer of the Year Award.
The Optimist Club of Des Moines recognized several Des Moines Police
Department employees for their work and dedication.
Senior Police Officer Cordell Miller
Detective Jeff Shannon
Senior Police Typist Mary Garrison
Senior Police Officer Ron Kouski
Detective Terry Mitchell
Communications Administrator Sandy Morris
Officers Jim Oleson and Jeremy Walburn, pictured at
right with Chief Judy Bradshaw and Assistant Chief Dave
Lillard, competed in and posted the highest two officer
team score during the 2012 Iowa Police Pistol Combat
Regional Match held in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
2012 Annual Report
Canine Team Accomplishments
In September the Des Moines Police Department’s four patrol
canines and their handlers participated in the United States
Police Canine Association’s Patrol Dog 1 certification event in
Sioux City, Iowa.
The event consisted of testing in the areas of obedience,
agility, searching for evidence, searching for a suspect and
apprehension of a suspect.
All were successful in earning certification and the Des Moines
team earned second place in the department teams category,
Officer Mark Miller earned second place in the overall category
and Officer Cordell Miller earned first place in the agility
Mark Miller and Emir II
In April the explosives detection canines and their handlers participated
in the United States Police Canine Association’s explosives detection
certification event in Des Moines, Iowa.
Also, in September the Des Moines Police Department’s two explosives
detection canines and their handlers participated in the United
States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms’ explosives detection
certification event in Kansas City, Missouri. The event consisted of testing
in the areas of vehicles searches, parcel searches, open area searches
and a mission search, the mission search was Arrowhead Stadium.
Both were successful in earning certification in both events, and at
the local event Officer Chris Mahlstadt earned first place in the overall
category and Officer Scott Neely earned first place in the room search
Ron Kouski and Cak
(pronounced Zack)
Chris Mahlstadt and Ives
Cordell Miller and Bello
Scott Neely and Indigo
Alycia Peterson and Jack
Des Moines Police Department
Military Service
Meunsaveng, pictured to the right at Combat
Readiness Training at Fort Dix Army Base in
New Jersey, before being deployed. Senior
Police Officer Dao Meunsaveng, serving for
15 years with the Iowa Air National Guard,
was deployed from March through November
2012 to Oman, Afghanistan for support of
Operation Enduring Freedom.
For supporting the employees that also
serve in the military the Department of
Defense recognized the Des Moines Police
Department with “Freedom Award Nominee,”
the “Above and Beyond Award” and a
“Patriotic Employer” certificate.
Senior Police Officers Jason Hays, pictured
in the below left photograph, and Jeremy
Walburn, pictured in the below right
photograph, received a department
certificate of appreciation for their prior
military service.
Thanks for your extra service!
2012 Annual Report
Des Moines Police Chaplain
– Retired Police Captain
On November 7, 2012 Retired Des Moines Police Captain Marv Brewer received his Police Chaplain
badge from Chief Judy Bradshaw. Chaplain Brewer joins Chaplain Carolyn King in service to the
department, and more importantly in service to all the police employees when they need to talk to
someone for confidential religious guidance.
Marv Brewer served on the
Des Moines Police Department
for 26 years, where he
demonstrated his faith by his
hard work, ethics and moral
principles. For several years
before retirement he taught
police ethics classes at the
Des Moines Regional Police
Academy. After retirement in
1996 he completed training
with the Catholic Church and
he continues to serve others as
a deacon in his church.
Police Chaplain Marv Brewer and Chief Judy Bradshaw
Then “Captain
Marv Brewer”
is pictured at
the right in a
from the 1991
Des Moines
Police Ball book.
Reverend Carolyn King, pictured left, received
her police chaplain badge on January 19,
2011. In addition to serving as a police chaplain
Reverend King is active in leading the Community
Ambassador Program.
Both chaplains attend events such as the recruit
graduation ceremonies and memorial services,
staff meetings to provide input on issues facing
the police department and they are on call in the
event of officer involved tragedy such as an officer
involved shooting or an officer is seriously injured.