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Gabrielle Anwar
A Warrior's Heart
Body Snatchers (1993 film)
Burn Notice
Fallen Angels (TV series)
Fiona Glenanne
First Born
Flying Virus
For Love or Money (1993 film)
If Looks Could Kill (film)
In Pursuit of Honor
Innocent Lies
Into the Great Wide Open (song)
John Doe (TV series)
Mysterious Island (2005 film)
Nevada (1997 film)
Press Gang
Ramandu's Daughter
Scent of a Woman (1992 film)
Tariq Anwar (film editor)
The Grave (film)
The Guilty (2000 film)
The Librarian: Return to King Solomon's Mines
The Marsh (film)
The Storyteller
The Tudors
Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead
Tom Petty
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Gabrielle Anwar
Gabrielle Anwar
Gabrielle Anwar
Anwar at the Genesis Awards, California, 28 March 2009
4 February 1970
Laleham, Middlesex, England, UK
Years active
John Verea (divorced; 2 children)
Craig Sheffer (late 1980s–1990s; 1 child)
Willow Sheffer
Hugo Verea
Paisley Verea
Gabrielle Anwar (born 4 February 1970) is an English actress. She is known for her role as Margaret Tudor on The
Tudors, for dancing the tango with Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman, and for her role as Fiona Glenanne on USA's
Burn Notice.
Early life
Anwar was born in Laleham, Middlesex. Her mother, Shirley Hills, is an actress, and her father, Tariq Anwar, is an
award-winning film producer and editor.[1] Her father was born in Delhi, India, to an Austrian Jewish mother and an
Indian father.[2] Her mother is English. Gabrielle attended Laleham C of E Primary and Middle School from 1975 to
1982; an end-of-term St. Trinian's sketch in the school concert of 1982 gave an early indication of her theatrical
leanings. She studied drama and dance at the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts in London.
Gabrielle Anwar
Anwar's acting debut was in the British miniseries Hideaway. She made her film debut in Manifesto, which was
followed by more British television productions including First Born, Summer's Lease, Press Gang, and The
Mysteries of the Dark Jungle. While working on films and television in London, she met American actor Craig
Sheffer, and moved with him to Hollywood. Anwar and Sheffer have co-starred in a number of American films
together, such as In Pursuit of Honor, The Grave, Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal, Flying Virus, Save It for Later, Water
Under the Bridge, and Long Lost Son.
Her first American film was If Looks Could Kill, in which she played the daughter of a murdered British Agent
(played by Roger Daltrey). In 1992, she made a guest appearance on Beverly Hills, 90210 as Tricia Kinney. She
followed that with the films Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken (inspired by A Girl and Five Brave Horses), Scent of a
Woman, Body Snatchers, For Love or Money, and The Three Musketeers. In 1994, People magazine named her one
of the 50 most beautiful people in the world.[3]
One of her most memorable moments on screen came in 1992's Scent of a Woman, when she danced a tango with Al
Pacino, whose character was blind.
Anwar has appeared in the TV series John Doe and recently acted in The Librarian: Return to King Solomon's
Mines. Anwar played Princess Margaret, sister of King Henry VIII, on Showtime's The Tudors in 2007. She later
played Fiona Glenanne in the TV series Burn Notice. In 2008, Anwar made an appearance as Eva Sintzel, a woman
trying to get pregnant through the fictitious Hudson Cryobank in the Law & Order: SVU episode "Inconceivable".
Personal life
Anwar has a daughter, Willow, born in 1993, with whom she appeared in the film Daddy Who? Willow's father is
actor Craig Sheffer, with whom Anwar had a relationship in the late 1980s and 1990s. Sheffer is godfather to
Anwar's children from her relationship with John Verea.[4] Anwar was later married to actor John Verea; she and
Verea had son Hugo and daughter Paisley before divorcing. Since April 2010, Anwar has been in a relationship with
Shareef Malnik.[5]
1986 Hideaway
Tracy Wright
1986 Pretty Little Head
6 episodes
Paul McCartney music video
1987 Sa-ti vorbesc despre mine
1988 The Storyteller
Episode: "Fearnot"
1988 A Night Of Love
1988 First Born
Nell Forester
Episode: "1.3"
1989 Summer's Lease
Chrissie Kettering
Episode: "A Battlefield"
Episode: "The Urbino Trail"
1989 Prince Caspian and the Voyage of the Dawn Treader Ramandu's Daughter
Episode: "1.6"
1990 Press Gang
Sam Black
12 episodes
1991 The Mystery of the Black Jungle
Ada Corishant
TV mini-series
1991 If Looks Could Kill
Mariska Blade
1991 Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken
Sonora Webster
1991 Into the Great Wide Open
Eddie's girlfriend
Tom Petty music video
Gabrielle Anwar
1992 Beverly Hills, 90210
Tricia Kinney
Episode: "Fire and Ice"
1992 Scent of a Woman
The Tango Girl
1993 Body Snatchers
Marti Malone
1993 Fallen Angels
1993 For Love or Money
Andy Hart
1993 The Three Musketeers
Queen Anne
1995 In Pursuit of Honor
Jessica Start
1995 Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead
1995 Innocent Lies
Celia Graves
1996 The Grave
1997 Nevada
1997 Sub Down
Laura Dyson
1997 The Ripper
Florry Lewis
TV film
1998 Beach Movie
1999 The Manor
Charlotte Kleiner
1999 Kimberly
1999 My Little Assassin
Marita Lorenz
TV film
2000 Without Malice
TV film
2000 If You Only Knew
2000 The Guilty
Sophie Lennon
2000 North Beach
2000 How to Marry a Billionaire: A Christmas Tale
Jenny Seeger
TV film
2001 Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal
Kate Hayden
2001 The Practice
Katie Defoe
Episode: "Dangerous Liasions"
2001 Flying Virus
Ann Bauer
2002 Sherlock
Rebecca Doyle
TV film
2002 John Doe
Rachel Penbroke
Episodes: "Manifest Destiny" and "Tone Dead"
2003 Save It for Later
2004 Try to Remember
Lisa Monroe
TV film
2005 Mysterious Island
TV film
2006 9/Tenths
2006 The Marsh
Claire Holloway
2006 Long Lost Son
Kristen Sheppard/Halloran/Collins TV film
2006 The Librarian: Return to King Solomon's Mines
Emily Davenport
2006 Crazy Eights
Beth Patterson
2007 The Tudors
Princess Margaret
6 episodes
2007 Burn Notice
Fiona Glenanne
2007 – present
2008 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Eva Sintzel
Episode: "Inconceivable"
2008 iMurders
Lindsay Jefferies
Episode: "Dead End for Delia"
TV film
TV film
Gabrielle Anwar
2010 Lies Between Friends
Joss Jenner
2011 The Family Tree
2011 A Warrior's Heart
Claire Sullivan
2011 Carnal Innocence
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External links
• Gabrielle Anwar ( at the Internet Movie Database
• Gabrielle Anwar ( at the Notable Names Database
Theatrical release poster
Directed by
Bob Degus
Produced by
Jon Silberg
Bob Degus
Michele McGuire
Written by
Michele McGuire
Gabrielle Anwar
Henry Ian Cusick
Dave Baez
Music by
Brian Ralston
Cinematography Nathan Wilson
Editing by
Logan Breit
Release date(s)
Running time
104 minutes
United States
9/Tenths is a 2006 film directed by Bob Degus about the conflict between a wealthy couple and a poor laborer after
a worldwide terrorist attack isolates them in a small remote ranch. The film stars Gabrielle Anwar, Henry Ian Cusick
and Dave Baez. The film was filmed outside of Los Angeles, CA in Canyon Country. The world premiere of the film
was at the 2006 Sedona International Film Festival on February 24, 2006.
The film takes place sometime in the not too distant future where terrorist attacks are on the rise and cities are the
primary targets. Jessica (Gabrielle Anwar) and husband William (Henry Ian Cusick) have fled the city amid the
increasing terrorist threats. William is excited to relocate to his newly purchased ranch hundreds of miles from
nowhere. Jessica reluctantly humors her husband and his paranoid fears by going along.
On their arrival, William and Jessica discover someone already living in their house. Elias (Dave Baez) proves quite
an intimidating presence when the couple discovers him in their kitchen butchering a freshly killed animal. But Elias
soon explains in his broken English that he was the caretaker for the previous owner who had promised to let him
continue living there as a reward for his services.
William knows of no such arrangement and quickly attempts to get rid of this man he sees as nothing more than a
trespasser. Elias sees the couple the same way and develops his own ideas about sending them back to the city.
Meanwhile, it quickly becomes obvious that William is of little use in this rustic environment that Elias calls home.
Even a simple task like fixing a broken water heater is beyond William's range of expertise. "I pay people to do these
things for me," he blurts out. Obviously successful in the professional world, William is at a loss in his newfound
sanctuary. William's frustration festers as he observes Elias's adroitness with such tasks.
Just as the property dispute escalates to a dangerous level, the three hear parts of an emergency radio broadcast
indicating that an extremely large terrorist attack has caused widespread, catastrophic destruction in the world
around them.
The three are cut off from everything, completely in the dark as to whether anybody at all, is left alive in the area, the
country or even the world. Civilization as they have to know it may have ended.
This alters the dynamic between the pampered city couple that are totally invested in what is known as civilization,
and the self-sufficient Elias. As time goes by and the couple's supplies diminish, Elias, formerly a second-class
citizen at best, finds himself in a position of power since he is the only one with the skills needed to survive.
This change in events brings forward Elias attraction to Jessica which is intertwined with the desperate
circumstances, leading all three down a frightening and depraved path none would have ever expected.
The music score for the film was composed by Brian Ralston. The score features 3 solo instruments (solo viola, solo
female soprano and solo flamenco guitar) that are symbolic of the three main characters in the film over an orchestral
foundation. A soundtrack for the film has not yet been released.
External links
• Official 9/Tenths Film Website [1]
• 9/Tenths [2] at the Internet Movie Database
[1] http:/ / www. 9tenths. com
[2] http:/ / www. imdb. com/ title/ tt0421539/
A Warrior's Heart
A Warrior's Heart
A Warrior's Heart
Theatrical release poster
Directed by
Michael F. Sears
Produced by
Marc Spizzirri, Steven Istock, Ed Richardson
Screenplay by
Martin Dugard
Kellan Lutz
Adam Beach
Ashley Greene
Gabrielle Anwar
Music by
Alec Puro
Cinematography Thomas L. Callaway
Editing by
Ellen Goldwasser
Distributed by
Camelot Entertainment
Release date(s)
December 2, 2011
Running time
95 min
United States
A Warrior's Heart is a 2011 romantic/sports drama film directed by Michael F. Sears and starring Kellan Lutz. The
film is based on a storyline and screenplay written by the author Martin Dugard.
Star Lacrosse player Conor Sullivan (Kellan Lutz) is not excited about moving to an unknown town and being the
new kid at high school. He has a new love interest Brooklyn (Ashley Greene), but he struggles to find a meaning to
his life.
Conor's Marine father is redeployed into Iraq where he dies in combat leaving Conor in shock and denial as he starts
acting out in self-destructive ways. This greatly worries his mother Claire (Gabrielle Anwar). There is also a violent
on-field clash with a long-time nemesis (Chord Overstreet) and a vandalism incident that lands him in a jail cell and
finally gets him kicked off the team. To regain his obvious passion for the sport, he goes for arduous training in a
wilderness Lacrosse camp. The camp is under the tutelage of his dead father's old combat buddy, Sgt. Major Duke
Wayne (Adam Beach), who opens Conor's eyes to the true meaning of maturity, sportsmanship and manhood.
A Warrior's Heart
Kellan Lutz as Conor Sullivan
Adam Beach as Sgt. Major Duke Wayne
Ashley Greene as Brooklyn
Gabrielle Anwar as Claire Sullivan
Chord Overstreet as Dupree
William Mapother as David Milligan
Aaron Hill as Joe Bryant
Chris Potter as Seamus Sullivan
Jay Hayden as JP Jones
Ridge Canipe as Keegan Sullivan
Daniel Booko as Powell
JT Alexander as Sierra Lacrosse Player #29
Alex Rose Wiesel as Girls Lacrosse Player #12
Bryan Lillis as Riggins
Hymnson Chan as Brierfield Player
Lauren Minite as Charlie
Jim Pacitti as Coach Jarvis
Basilina Butler as Parent
Diego Acuna as West Coast Referee
The film was presented at the Cannes Film Festival in 2011 and released in the United States on 2 December 2011.
Much of the filming was done at Mayfield Senior School in Pasadena, CA
Critical reception
The film was met with mostly negative reviews from mainstream critics. Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes gave it
a "rotten" score of 18% based on reviews from 11 critics[1] and received a 24 out of 100 on Metacritic based on
reviews from 8 critics.[2]
External links
• A Warrior's Heart Official website [3]
• A Warrior's Heart [4] at the Internet Movie Database
• A Warrior's Heart on Rotten Tomatoes website [5]
[1] Rotten Tomatoes - A Warrior's Heart (http:/ / www. rottentomatoes. com/ m/ a_warriors_heart/ )
[2] Metacritic review (http:/ / www. metacritic. com/ movie/ a-warriors-heart)
[3] http:/ / distribution. camelotent. com/ a-warriors-heart. html
[4] http:/ / www. imdb. com/ title/ tt1341340/
[5] http:/ / www. rottentomatoes. com/ m/ a_warriors_heart/
Body Snatchers (1993 film)
Body Snatchers (1993 film)
Bloody Goo
Theatrical film poster
Directed by
Abel Ferrara
Produced by
Robert H. Solo
Screenplay by
Stuart Gordon
Dennis Paoli
Nicholas St. John
Story by
Larry Cohen
Based on
Jack Finney
Gabrielle Anwar
Meg Tilly
Music by
Joe Delia
Cinematography Bojan Bazelli
Editing by
Anthony Redman
Distributed by
Warner Bros.
Release date(s)
January 28, 1994
Running time
87 minutes
United States
Box office
Body Snatchers is a 1993 American science fiction horror film loosely based on the 1955 novel The Body Snatchers
by Jack Finney. The film was directed by Abel Ferrara, starring Gabrielle Anwar, Billy Wirth, Terry Kinney, Meg
Tilly, R. Lee Ermey and Forest Whitaker.
Body Snatchers is the third film adaptation of Finney's novel, the first adaptation being Invasion of the Body
Snatchers in 1956, followed by a remake of the same name in 1978. The plot revolves around the discovery that
people working at a military base in Alabama are being replaced by perfect physical imitations grown from
plant-like pods. The duplicates are indistinguishable from normal people except for their utter lack of emotion.
Steve Malone, an agent from the Environmental Protection Agency, is sent to a military base in Alabama to test
possible effects on the surrounding ecological system caused by military actions. With him is his teenage daughter
from his first marriage, Marti, his second wife Carol, and Marti's half brother Andy. On their way to the base, they
stop at a gas station. In the rest room, Marti is threatened by an MP member with a knife. When he notices her fear,
he lets go of her, satisfied that she shows an emotional response. Before she leaves the room, he warns her, "they get
you when you sleep".
Steve and his family move into their new home on the base, and Marti makes friends with the base commander's
daughter Jenn. On his first day in day care, Andy runs away because he is recognized as an outsider among the other
Body Snatchers (1993 film)
somehow conformist children. He is picked up and brought home by helicopter pilot Tim. Marti and Tim quickly
feel attracted to each other. Meanwhile, while examining soil samples, Steve is approached by officer Major Collins,
who asks him about psychological effects particularly narcophobia (the fear of sleep) and their possible relation to
toxication of the environment. Steve believes that a physiological reaction would be more likely.
In the evening, Marti and Jenn go to the bar attended by the station's military personnel, where they meet not only
Tim but also the MP who threatened Marti at the gas station. He denies that they ever met before. That night, a group
of soldiers can be seen picking giant pods from the river running by the base. When Andy wakes up and enters his
mother's room, Carol crumbles to dust, while a soulless double emerges from the closet. Nobody believes Andy's
story that his real mother is dead and the person pretending to be Carol only an impostor.
The following night, Marti and her father are nearly "taken over" too by duplicates emerging from the giant pods.
Carol attempts to convince Steve that the takeover is a good thing, claiming that it ends confusion and anger. She
also claims that there's no place to go, as the invasion is not an isolated incident. Steve is almost shocked and
saddened into compliance, but Marti and Andy drag him out the door. Carol emits a shrill and mechanical scream
that alerts other "pod people" to the presence of a human being. Now the majority in numbers, they swarm over the
base chasing the remaining humans.
After hiding Marti and Andy in a warehouse, Steve enters Major Collins' office. The hysterical Major tries to call for
help, but the line is blocked. While swallowing sleep-prevention pills Collins announces that it is too late to run; all
they can do is fight. Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of a group of pod people, led by base commander
General Platt. While Steve hides, the pod people try to convince the Major that the individual is not important, and
that only conformity can solve the world's problems. The Major shoots himself rather than live in such a world.
Steve returns to his children and tells them to follow him, claiming to have found a way out. They drive aimlessly
through the military base, as loudspeakers shout out instructions for spreading the invasion by carrying out pods in
trucks. Realizing that her father was replicated while he was away, Marti swerves the car to the side and tries to
escape with her brother. Tim, who escaped his former comrades who tried to turn him into one of them, enters the
scene. Marti takes his gun and shoots the person pretending to be her father. The father duplicate shrinks into a mass
of seething, bloody goo.
Tim manages to get hold of a helicopter, but Marti and Andy are taken away by the pod people. They sedate both of
them and take them to the base infirmary where remaining human beings are systematically duplicated by pods. Tim
is able to rescue Marti, and although Marti's half brother and Jenn, now duplicates themselves, try to stop them, they
manage to escape.
The ending of the film is an ambiguous one. Tim destroys the trucks filled with pods with the helicopter bombs,
while Marti confesses her profound hatred in a voice-over narration, thereby hinting at a loss of humanitarian
quality. While they land on another base, the words of Marti's stepmother earlier in the film can be heard, suggesting
that the phenomenon has already spread beyond the army base: "Where you gonna go, where you gonna run, where
you gonna hide? Nowhere... 'cause there's no one like you left."