For ALL Students:
Students who withdraw from the University will lose access to ALL campus services, including MyMadison, Blackboard,
and Canvas. However, access to email ( will not be revoked. If you have further questions about the
withdrawal policy at JMU, please contact the Registrar’s Office at (540) 568-6281.
First Semester Freshmen/Transfer Students:
The Office of Admissions will process a Tuition Deposit Refund if your Cancellation Notice is postmarked prior to your
refund date as printed on your Tuition Deposit Invoice. If you have questions, please contact the Office of Admissions, 540568-5681. Request for a Tuition Deposit Refund after your refund date as printed on your Tuition Deposit Invoice must be
submitted separately in writing to Dean of Admissions, 481 Bluestone Dr., MSC 0101, Harrisonburg, VA 22807.
For Graduate Students:
All students enrolled in Graduate or Doctoral degree programs must enroll each regular semester (Spring and Fall) for a
minimum of one graduate credit hour. This registration must continue with no breaks in enrollment from the first graduate
or doctoral program course to graduation (excluding Summer sessions.) Graduate Students who wish to return in the
future must notify the Graduate School, (540) 568-6131, and enroll in the one-credit course, GRAD 597, in lieu of
completing this form.
Note about Transcripts:
Unless you have been approved to return to JMU the next semester, you will lose access to your MyMadison account
after 60 days. You may still request a copy of your Official Transcript through the National Student Clearinghouse by going
to and following instructions for Former Students/Alumni.
Leaving JMU Checklist
Follow these steps as applicable for a successful separation from JMU.
 Academic Advising:
Financial Aid & Scholarships:
 Student Success Center, Room 5200
Notify your Academic Advisor
Your advisor’s name is located on your Student Center on the right side of the
Discuss your financial aid situation and any necessary procedures.
(540) 568-7820
Office of Residence Life:
Huffman Hall (540) 568-4663
Office of the Registrar:
 Student Success Center, Room 5300
(540) 568-6281
Dean of Students:
 Taylor Hall, Room 300
(540) 568-6468
University Business Office:
 Student Success Center, Room 5100
(540) 568-6505
July 2014
Please consult the On-Campus Housing Contract Terms and Conditions
regarding refund dates and amounts. Check with your RA/Hall Director for
proper checkout procedures
Complete the ‘Non-Returning/Leave of Absence Notice’ and submit to our
office by the deadline outlined below.
Deadline for submission:
Fall 2014 - September 12, 2014
Spring 2015 - January 30, 2015
Ensure your home address is correct on MyMadison.
Contact this office if you wish to withdraw from JMU after the Office of the
Registrar's deadline above.
Please ensure that you have no outstanding balances, fees, or holds on your
Financial Aid & Scholarships
738 South Mason Street
MSC 3519
Harrisonburg, VA 22807
Phone (540) 568-7820
Fax (540) 568-7994
Office of the Registrar
738 South Mason Street
MSC 3533
Harrisonburg, VA 22807
Phone (540) 568-6281
Fax (540) 568-5615
Students who are withdrawing during the first three weeks of the current semester, or students who plan to complete their current
semester but will not be attending JMU for the subsequent semester, must submit this form to the Office of the Registrar.
Students desiring to withdraw after the third week of the current semester should contact the Dean of Students, (540) 568-6468.
Resident students should consult the Office of Residence Life regarding potential refunds and the status of current/future contracts.
Name _______________________________________________________________________________________________
Student ID ________________________ Date of Birth _______________ Phone Number _________________________
Preferred email ___________________________________________________________________
I am withdrawing for the following semester:  Fall Semester _______
(Check only one semester)
 Spring Semester ________
Academic Level:  Undergraduate  Graduate  Doctoral Student  Outreach (Non-Degree)
I am an admitted first semester Freshman or Transfer Student and would like to cancel my admission:  Yes
Check “yes” only if you are withdrawing before you begin classes at JMU.
Did you attend any classes for the semester from which you are withdrawing?  Yes
If yes, what was your last date of attendance? _____/____/____
 No
 No
Please indicate reason for leaving:
 Transferring to another institution _________________________________
 Non-Credit Internship/Externship experience
 Leave of Absence
 Other/Personal __________________________________________
Check at least one of the following options regarding Financial Aid (check any that apply):
 JMU may cancel my aid.
 I do not have Federal Financial Aid (i.e. grants, scholarships, loans)
 I wish to discuss my option with the Office of Financial Aid (If checked, submit form to Office of Financial Aid.)
OFA Signature _______________________________________ OFA Printed Name ___________________________
Will you be taking courses at another College/University during your absence?
If yes, will these transfer credits be for your final hours to gradate?
 Yes
 Yes
 No
 No
Do you intend to re-enter JMU?
 Yes
 Unsure at this time
 No
**All students planning to return to JMU must complete the Intent to Enroll form
Students taking courses at another college or university should visit the Transfer Credit page of the Registrar’s website:
Return form to the Registrar’s office at the address/fax number listed above unless OFA box is checked.
July 2014