Southside High School

Southside High School
Elmira, NY
Class of 1961
40th Reunion Yearbook
August 3-4, 2001
Elmira Southside High School Class of 1961: 40th Reunion Yearbook
A Not So Brief Reunion History
How the Internet Made It All Possible
It had been 20 years since the last reunion of the Southside High School Class of 1961, and a group
of classmates decided it was time for another. Marlene Miller Douglas, Marilyn Taft Bixler, Kathy Reidy
Carrier, and Janice Maslinski Reibson (visiting from California) first concocted the idea when they got
together during the Summer of 2000. It took a while for that idea to become a plan, but thanks to the
Internet and the rapid communication made possible by email, moving the plan to a reality happened in
an amazingly short time.
The following chronology tells how the August, 2001, 40th reunion came to be. The history is reconstructed from over 1000 email messages Bernadette Malone McMahon received and sent between
March and August:
March, 2001: Marlene gets an email account and sends a notice to Bill Cook, SHS ‘58, who offers space
on his Internet site ( The notice says a class reunion will
occur August 11, 2001, and that classmates should email Bernadette to indicate their
March 15
Bernadette collects email addresses from Bill’s site, as well as Tom Drum’s site in Elmira,
and writes to those addresses to announce the reunion.
April 6
Carl and Diane Scoza Stratton try to reserve a motel room and discover that August 11 is
a NASCAR weekend in Watkins Glen—no rooms anywhere! Many emails discuss a change.
April 28
Reunion date is changed to August 4.
An Elmira area committee is formed; it eventually includes Marlene, Marilyn, Pam Huntley
Fitzpatrick, Gary Jezorski, Sharon Stimmerman Lowe, Jim Chimileski, and Kaya DeLuca
Reagan, Class Treasurer, who still has a very old class bank account.
May 2
Bill Cook’s website has been updated to show the new date, and a new email message is
sent to all 24 people for whom email addresses are available.
May 4
Mary Vosburgh writes from Florida after hearing about the reunion from Gary Jezorski.
She offers to contact people on the website. Mary doesn’t realize it, but
she’s just become part of the committee.
In response to the website notice, emails arrive from around the world—from Roger
Breese in Moscow, Bill Stone in Texas, Marie Deaton Waters and Mary Jo Strapple
Sheridan in California. Each person who gets the word spreads it to others. Jack Griff
tells Jack Page, Bernadette gets her brother in Elmira to go next door to ask Louie
Sigel’s mother for his address, the Elmira-area committee members make endless phone
calls to classmates and relatives of classmates. (For the 20th reunion in 1981, it took 15
people to do this task.)
May 18
Bernadette has set up a database with the 61 names and 40 email addresses collected so
far. All new information is sent to her via email, added to the database, and printed from
a weekly list she sends to the committee.
May 23
El Monte Pavilion in Fisherville is booked for the August 4 reunion event.
May 31
All the details with El Monte are settled.
June 2
Marlene asks Bill Cook to post information about the El Monte picnic on his website.
Elmira-area committee members continue making calls and writing emails. Joy Huonker
Klein writes frequently from Rochester with additional addresses from that area. Lots of
memories are shared along with the vital statistics.
June 13
105 classmates are now in the database, 59 with email addresses.
June 18
Committee chooses Angie’s in Pine City for a Friday night event.
June 19
170 names, 64 email addresses.
November, 2001
Elmira Southside High School Class of 1961: 40th Reunion Yearbook
June 21
We have momentum! 192 names.
June 25
211 names.
To the dismay of the committee, each batch of names and addresses includes reports of
deceased classmates.
June 26
Material announcing both events, including maps to El Monte, is sent to Bill Cook for
posting. Gary Jezorski, his wife Pat, and Bernadette worked together (via email, of
course) to prepare the material. The maps were adapted from an Internet site.
Additional names, taken from the yearbook and graduation program, are added to the
database. After removing some who consider themselves members of a different class,
351 people are included in the Class of 1961 list.
From the 351, a list of “missing” classmates is developed and posted on Bill Cook’s
website. Marlene gets the Star-Gazette to publish an item asking people to check that
list, a tactic that brings in additional information about current addresses and, sadly,
more news of deceased classmates.
July 10
Only 98 still missing; 29 known to be deceased.
July 16
10 more found—only 88 missing.
July 18
Street and/or email addresses are available for 264 of 351.
July 20
Down to 81 missing.
July 16 week A sad one. Two classmates die in Elmira: Dennis Thayer on 7/18, and Ruth Kelly Slaven on
7/21. We also hear of another deceased classmate, James Precit. Total deceased now 33.
July 23
Only 74 still missing.
July 24
July 30
July 25
46 (including guests) are signed up to come to reunion.
July 29
83 are coming.
July 30
94 coming, with six more known to be in the mail. Jack Griff writes to 20 select classmates (his “favs”—you know who you are!) to encourage them to come.
August 1
The committee meets one last time, with Jeri Comfort Moore also there to help make
name tags from yearbook pictures. Jack Griff and Bernadette, who have arrived in town,
also attend.
August 3
51 classmates and guests reconnect in Angie’s dining room and bar. Hugs and handshakes,
gasps of recognition, and some puzzled looks as we try to remember one another after a
40 year gap. Despite the band, lively conversations continue through the evening.
Until almost midnight, 68 classmates are considered still missing. Then Frank Gilbert
walks into Angie’s bar and the number drops to 67. Frank has driven up from his home in
SC and, completely unaware of the reunion plans, just happens to pick Angie’s as a place to
stop. [Twilight Zone theme here.]
August 4
73 classmates and their guests enjoy a full afternoon at El Monte. Everyone agrees that
we will do this again in five years. Final count of classmates attending at least one of the
events: 78.
Post-reunion Publicizing the list of the missing at the reunion produces some additional information—
five more classmates are located. One additional classmate is reported as deceased,
bringing that total to 34.
Gary Jezorski agrees to chair the 45th reunion in 2006. Stay tuned!
November, 2001
Elmira Southside High School Class of 1961: 40th Reunion Yearbook
We Remember
During the Saturday event, Senior Class President Jack Page read a list of
deceased classmates and we observed a moment of silence in their memory.
Donna Andrus
Sandra Botnick Ettinger
William T. Chimileski
Carolyn A. Cizek Bielke
Mark L. Cline
Sharon Deegan Maslinski
Kathleen Elston Welliver
Clyde T. Elwood
Richard M. Evans
Bonnie A. Fitzgerald
Patricia Ann Furey
William Green
Reese Griswold
Harold Hackett
Gerald Horton
Ruth Kelly Slaven
Marian W. Keyes
Sandy Lewis Berry
Ronald G. Lowe
Donald MacIntosh
Gary Maddox
Joseph P. Mashanic
Dixie L. Mitchell
Charles Nevans
James Precit
Shirley Schock Tebo
Gary Shope
Craig Siar
Cecelia Sipple
Alan Spencer
Nelson L. Stermer
Walter Swanks
Dennis Thayer
Sharon Towner Chrisler
Carl Stratton and Tom Holleran view the remembrance display of deceased classmates.
November, 2001
Elmira Southside High School Class of 1961: 40th Reunion Yearbook
Where We Live
Based on information available, 65% of SHS Class of ‘61 still live in NYS, 51% in the
Southern Tier. The remaining 35% are scattered around the country and in at least three
locations outside the 50 states:
# city/state addresses available:
# in NYS:
# in Elmira, Pine City, Horseheads, or Elmira Heights:
# in zip codes 148##, 149##, other than Elmira, etc.:
Puerto Rico
Still Missing
Despite our best efforts, the following 62 classmates still have not been located.
Any additional information should be sent to any committee member.
Carol Allen
Steven Andersen
Carol Andrus
James H.J. Andrus, II
William W. Bailey
Walda Beaver
William Bisbo
Thomas Breese
Lawrence Buchanan
Penelope (Shirley) Button
Marvin Campbell
John Clark
Douglas Cook
Ronald Cram
Sandra Derwish
Albert Ermanovics
Nina Gronowski
Bernice Harvey
Carole Harvey
Thomas Henderson
Barbara Hill
Patricia Hill
Dianna Himmelrich
Diann Hungerford
Joyce Johnson
Catherine Kerwan
David Kester
Karen King Cole
Vincent Maria
Geraldine McCarthy
Judith Ann McElroy
November, 2001
Margaret McFarland
JoAnne McGrain
Lillian McGrain
Allen Miller
Linda Monks
Patrick Mullaney
Clifton Munson
Sharon Nichols
Ann Parks
Sharon Peters
Patricia Rafferty
John J Redito/Rekito
Marvin Robinson
Donald Rosekrans
Patricia Reubens/Rubens
Nancy Scaife
Thomas Sheehan
Karen Sheer
Alfred Sherwood
Sharon Short
Lloyd Smith
James Sorenson
Berverly Spencer
Jacquelyn Spink
Jeanne Strawn
George Tarntino
Linda Terry
Steve Urbaniak
Carol Webb
Harold Wilcox
Esther Young
Elmira Southside High School Class of 1961: 40th Reunion Yearbook
Class of 1961 Grouped by Elmentary School/Junior High
left to right: Art Haynes,
Tom Terkoski, Howard
Holcomb, Jeri Comfort,
Arnie Mosch, Sharon
Pullen, Brian Copestick and
Tom Wilcox
Hopkins Street
left to right: Linda
Phillips, Ronda Lyon, Gary
Jezorski, Carol Lewis,
Carole Goodwin, Gary
Emmick, Ann Terwilliger,
Jerry Goodwin, Linda
Harvey, Elaine Ferris,
Scott Logue, Carl
St. Mary’s
left to right: Bill Pint,
Jeane LeVelle, Joy
Huonker, Tom Holleran,
Bernadette Malone, Jim
Chimileski, Kathy Reidy,
Patty Whitney.
November, 2001
Elmira Southside High School Class of 1961: 40th Reunion Yearbook
left to right: Bill Hicks, Sherolyn Ramsdell, Judy Wilkinson, Keener Cortright, Ed Phillips,
Dianne Williams, Marlene Miller, Kathy Kittle.
Parley Coburn
left to right: John Weston, Dianne Green, Rose Conte, Dianne Scoza, Art Haynes, Maxine
Roupp, Mimi Gilbert?, Bob Pierce, Jeri Comfort, Sharon Johnson, Tom Terkowski, Bill
Johnson?, Kaya DeLuca, Sharon Pullen, Howard Holcomb, Arnie Mosch, Pam Huntley, Rob
Ordway, Brian Copestick, Tom Wilcox.
Pennsylvania Avenue
left to right: Darlene Gettsy, Ruth MacDowall, Jack Griff, Donna Reppard, Jack Page, Sharon
Stimmerman, Ray Weiland, Janet Barnes, Marie Deaton, BJ Mitchell, Nancy Oppenheim.
November, 2001
Elmira Southside High School Class of 1961: 40th Reunion Yearbook
40th Reunion Yearbook Entries
Each entry in the following pages includes information collected during preparation
for the 40th reunion. Pictures are those taken at the reunion or contributed by the
individual classmate.
Entry Explanations
Entries are in alphabetical order, according to the classmate’s last name as it
appeared in the 1961 yearbook.
The entries “Fri”, “Fri&Sat”, or “Sat” next to a person’s name indicate which 40th
Reunion events the person attended.
The entry “Listed on” means that the classmate signed up on that
website but did not respond to messages sent from the Reunion Committee. does not divulge email addresses, so we only have email addresses
for those who did respond.
To ensure that you’re on the list for the next reunion, don’t forget to send
updates—names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses—to Bernadette
McMahon, [email protected], or to any other committee member.
Special Thanks
To Bill Cook, SHS Class of 1958: thank you, thank you, thank you for providing the
World Wide Web space for us to announce the reunion, post directions, and notify the
class of the availability of this book. Your help has been invaluable!
November, 2001
Elmira Southside High School Class of 1961: 40th Reunion Yearbook
Jack Ackerman
Patricia Anstee Penner
PO Box 147
Ulster, PA 18850
Maureen Agan Kay
1665 E. Hampton Ave.
Mesa, AZ 85204
Phone: 480-892-6468
Email: [email protected]
In 1974, my husband, Steve, a ’60 grad from
Edison, our three children and I moved to Mesa,
Arizona. Steve was quickly hired by the City of
Tempe in their Information Systems department
and he has been there ever since. I also worked,
for many companies over the year and retired
“early” in ’88. As our children married and had
their children, I became the daily caregiver. We
have 5 beautiful granddaughters-ages 10 to 1 1/2.
We are very blessed in that all of our family lives
within 15 minutes of each other. Steve has been
involved with the Boy Scouts as a Scoutmaster for
the past 25 years. We enjoy traveling, whenever
possible, and do a fair amount of camping. We
really love Arizona, heat and all. Although our
parents are now deceased, we both have family
back in Elmira.
Pinellas Park, FL
Email: [email protected]
Linda Ayres Holly
630 Sagetown Rd.
Pine City, NY 14871
Phone: 607-732-9910
William W. Bailey
Theresa Barilla Wichtowski
Email: [email protected]
Janet L. Barnes Cleveland
93-A Johnson Hollow Rd.
Millport, NY 14864
Phone: 607-796-9557
Darryl Aldenderfer
96 Banko Dr.
Depew, NY 14043-1204
Carol Allen
Norma Allen
40-I Lake Street
Winchester, MA 01890
Steven Andersen
Ann Anderson Whitford
404 Brady St
Elmira, NY 14904
Phone: 607-732-2576
Carol Andrus
Donna Andrus
Married 20 years, divorced. Two children, two
grandchildren. Employed at St. Joseph’s Hospital
for 26 years. Remarried for 13 years, recently
Carole Battisti Delucia
Email: [email protected]
Susan Bazzett Crawford
8708 Pallisades Dr.
Tampa, FL 33615-4924
Posted on the SHS 61 website: Wish we could be
there. family includes hubby 36 yrs, daughter, son
& grandaughter. Life is good. Glad for website.
Walda Beaver
James H.J. Andrus, II
November, 2001
Elmira Southside High School Class of 1961: 40th Reunion Yearbook
Barbara Becraft McPherson
7510 Franklin Road
Cranberry Twp., PA 16066
Phone: 724-538-3778
Email: [email protected]
Clarence (Butch) Bercher
1700 Thames Trail
Colleyville, TX 76034
Phone: 817-329-9259
Email: [email protected]
Spent the first three years after graduation
working for Uncle Sam—U.S. Army. Then onto
college and a 32 year career with GTE, now know
as Verizon. Retired in July of 2000 as PresidentGTE Communication Corporation. Have been
married to Frankie ‘Beligotti’ Bercher for 35
years, the best thing that ever happened. Frankie
is a 1961 graduate from Notre Dame High School
and St. Joseph’s School of Nursing graduate. We
have two children and three grandchildren. Living
life to its fullest each and every day.
Sandra Bergh Knowlton
Decorating consultant. Married to Ken
McPherson. Two grown children, Mark and Keri;
three grandchildren, Grant, Claire, and Rachel.
Live near Pittsburgh. Husband retired as of June
John Bement
Email: [email protected]
John Benedict
1196 Dutch Hill Road
Pine City, NY 14871
Phone: 607-734-2769
Email: clydek @
Paul Bilzor
4557 Stoneledge Ln
Manlius, NY 13104-2321
Phone: 315-682-6280
William Bisbo
5135 Island View Circle
Polk City, FL 33868
Phone: 863-984-6217
Email: [email protected],
[email protected]
James Blend
Listed on
Edgar Bly
185 Goff Rd.
Schuylerville, NY 12871
Phone: 518-695-3719
Email: [email protected]
Sandra Botnick Ettinger
Sandy’s brother provided the following:
Their family moved to CA when Sandy was a
Junior at SHS. She graduated from Syracuse
University and married a Veterinarian from
Cornell. She had lived and sold real estate in CA.
John and wife Yvonne
Roger Bennett
394 Dry Run Road
Pine City, NY 14871
Phone: 607-734-5423
November, 2001
Sandy passed away two years ago Thanksgiving
from cancer. A birth mark on her arm had caused
the cancer. Sheila Gross Fleysher wrote a tribute
on Sandy that was read at her funeral.
Elmira Southside High School Class of 1961: 40th Reunion Yearbook
Rodger (Skip) Breese
US Embassy
Moscow, Russia
Email: [email protected]
from SHS 61 website:
My job has taken me many places around the
world. My experiences and education at Southside
helped me do the many things I have enjoyed. I
am presently working at the American Embassy
Moscow following this I hope to sail around the
world. Did not quite make it to the moon! But
there is still time!!!!!!!! I truly wish I could be
there for the festivities but my schedule does not
allow for that so I wish you all the best. Will
never forget lunch with Ma Bower. now that was a
teacher!!!!!!!!!! And leave us not forget Miss Foody
in the cafe! And the janitor Mr. Green? Take care
all hope to see you on the next go around!
Thomas Breese
Bette Brewer Howe
420A Partridge St.
Elmira, NY 14904
Phone: 607-737-0724
Marie Bright Brooks
513 Partridge St.
Elmira, NY 14904
Phil Brown
311 Brand St.
Elmira, NY 14904
Marjorie Browne Bloom
Listed on
that it is time for another reunion.U About five
years ago my wife (Jennifer) and I sold our
business and retired to the Olympic Peninsula in
western Washington.U We have a lovely home on
Puget Sound and spend our summers hiking in the
mountains and enjoying the beauty of this wonderful place.U We spend several weeks each fall/
winter on the island of Kauai and enjoy it immensely.
Forty years ago upon graduation from SHS, I
attended Corning Community College for two years
then transferred to RIT in Rochester where I got
a degree in Accounting. At that time Xerox wasUa
big growth company and part of the Wall Street
“niftyUfifty” and I was fortunate enough to get a
job there. For the next twenty years I had
various accounting and financial management jobs,
but decided to leave the company when it ceased
to be a good place to work.
My wife and I then started our own accounting/
tax/financial services business from scratch and
managed to build it into a profitable and rewarding
enterprise. The business was located in the
greater San Francisco Bay area and with the
explosion of the computer and Internet businesses we felt increasingly hemmed in. When we
had a chance to sell the business and move to a
less crowded environment, we jumped at it and the
rest is history.
We have some personal obligations which will
keep us from attending the reunion, but my
sincere best wishes and a big hello from the
Pacific Northwest to those who do attend.
Leona Burnham
Elmira, NY
Penelope (Shirley) Button
James Brusso
5559 County Route 11
Bath, NY 14810
Phone: 607-776-3884
Lawrence Buchanan
Frederick C Buchholz Jr.
1212 S. Main St.
Elmira, NY 14904
Phone: 607-732-1408
Email: [email protected]
Roger Buck
162 Sea Vista Terrace
Port Ludlow, WA 98365
Email: [email protected]
Frederick Campbell
Archdiocese of St. Paul & Minneapolis
St. Paul, MN 55102
Fred is a Bishop in the Roman Catholic archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis. His biography
and a picture appears on: http://
Marvin Campbell
Pauline Campbell Robinson
Catherine Trailer Park
Millport, NY 14864
I cannot believe that 40 years have passed and
November, 2001
Elmira Southside High School Class of 1961: 40th Reunion Yearbook
John Carlson
Joseph Cicconi
5031 Stoney Ridge Road
Campbell, NY 14821
Phone: 607-527-3420
956 Erie St.
Elmira, NY 14904
Phone: 607-734-7044
Email: [email protected]
Robert Carnrite
Gowanda Nursing Home
100 Miller St.
Gowanda, NY 14070
Phone: 716-532-3571
Email: [email protected]
RJ is paralyzed from a motorcycle accident a
few years ago. He enjoys hearing from friends and
can respond using a mouth-operated wand to write.
Milan Chase
1045 Lanier Boulevard N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30306
Marjorie Cherkis Scheuffele
Joe and wife Joyce
84 Highland Dr.
Battle Creek, MI 49015
Jim Chimileski
Carolyn A. Cizek Bielke
1501 Lake St.
Elmira, NY 14901
Phone: 607-732-0807
John Clark
Gary Phillip (Phil) Cleary
5 Jay Allen Dr
Painted Post, NY 14870
Carol Cleveland
Email: [email protected]
Mark L. Cline
Betty Collings Pierce
Columbia Cross Roads, PA 16914
Jim and wife Delcine
William T. Chimileski
Ron Combs
1121 Westmoreland Ave.
Syracuse, NY 13210
Carolyn Christy Boyden
97 Woodcrest Way
Conklin, NY 13748-1252
Phone: 607-775-4785
Email: [email protected]
November, 2001
Elmira Southside High School Class of 1961: 40th Reunion Yearbook
Jeri Comfort Moore
756 Larchmont Rd.
Elmira, NY 14905
Phone: 607-734-4157
Email: [email protected]
I’ll preface my “history” by saying that I’ve
never left Elmira and I’ve (almost) never regretted that decision. I’ve lived and worked through
floods, massive layoffs, etc. And yes, the old girl
has deteriorated a bit. Sometimes her hair is a bit
messy and her makeup smeared, but I love all of
her faces. As many classmates commented the
weekend of our reunion...there is no place more
beautiful that this Valley. I am so grateful for the
warm, safe and uncomplicated way we were allowed
to grow up.
After graduation in ‘61 I went to work as a “copy
girl” at the Star Gazette, while working my way
through Elmira College, I gradually moved up
through the newspaper ranks as photographer,
reporter and finally an editor. I left the Star
Gazette after Rick Kimball (Class of ‘62) and I
married and did some advertising copy writing for
local department stores and radio/TV stations
then went on to establishing the first Public
Relation program for Remington Office Machines
Division....soon after I left Remington to begin the
PR program for the Arnot-Ogden Hospital....
Remington closed; so much for my PR program! I
spent 20 years at the Arnot as both Public/
Community Relations Director and Director of
Volunteer Services, and, during that time, had two
sons, Rich and Alexander... and became a single
I married Jack Moore (EFA Class of ‘58) in
1990. Jack is an Elmira attorney and managing
partner of the Denton, Keyser, LaBrecque &
Moore Law Firm. (Some of you men may remember
him as co-captain with Ernie Davis of the famous
EFA basketball team that won 52 straight games).
November, 2001
Soon after Jack and I married I became a Residential Real Estate Appraiser and took over the
Griffiths Real Estate Appraisal Company, which I
continue to operate out of my home. Corning Inc.
is my biggest client for relocation appraisal work
and they tend to keep me busy. Our combined
family includes Jack’s daughters, Molly (Frankel)
an attorney in Boston; Mara a social worker in
Madison, CT; my sons Rich, a paramedic with
Erway in Elmira/Horseheads (married to Linda an
Elmira College grad and ER nurse at the Arnot)
and Alexander, my perennial scholar. He’s attended 3 universities so far and is presently at
Cornell University. When I asked him recently if
he was ever going to my lifetime...he
asked me how I was feeling! They’re great kids
and a huge source of joy and pride.
Jack and I share a love of golf so most of our
free time - which is very limited - seems to center
around that sport. We vacation in Spring and Fall
in Hilton Head, SC, and in the winter head to
either Florida or Arizona. Our goal is to play each
of the 100 Best Golf Digest Golf Courses. Trust
me...we’re not even through a quarter of the list,
but we’re always working on it. So far Pebble
Beach has our vote as the most spectacular course
we’ve played. We’ve been active in the LPGA
Corning Classic since its inception; we’re on the
Board of Directors of Corning Classic Charities
and Jack, who is a member of the Corning Classic
Hall of Fame, is presently a Vice Chairman of the
Tournament. It keeps us pretty busy in the spring
months leading up to the May Tournament which is
entering its 24th year. Living on the Elmira Country Club golf course has afforded me a chance to
get in a little extra practice...which helped in
winning the ECC Women’s Golf Championship the
last two years.
That brings me up to date.......August, 2001!
I do hope that we’ll continue to communicate and
start planning for the 45th in 2006!
Beverly Comfort Coss
Listed on
Susan Comstock Saunders
579 Lowman Rd.
Lowman, NY 14861
Phone: 607-732-0796
(See Ward Saunders.)
Helen Joy Conley Squires
400 Sharr Avenue
Elmira, NY 14904
Phone: 607-733-9045
Elmira Southside High School Class of 1961: 40th Reunion Yearbook
Larry Conley
Brian Copestick
66 Melson Dr.
Carlisle, PA 17013
Phone: 717-243-0735
114 Willys Street
Elmira, NY
Phone: 607-732-7415
Email: [email protected]
Sharon Conrad Seigard
S. Danby Rd.
Spencer, NY 14883
Phone: 607-273-2003
Roselyn (Rose) Conte Klein
108 Bowman Hill Terrace
Horseheads, NY 14845-2526
Phone: 607-739-0468
Email: [email protected]
John Corney
Email: [email protected]
Keener Cortright
7459 Hickory Hill Rd
Bath, NY 14810
Phone: 607-776-0911
Email: [email protected]
Douglas Cook
Kenneth Cook
Listed on
Paul Coon
5822 Red Fox Drive
Winter Haven, FL 33884
Keener and Sherolyn (Ramsdell)
1968-70: US Army Military Police
1965-89: Elmira Police Dept.; retired Lieutenant
1989-90: Vanderburgh (IN) Central Dispatch Director
1990-97: Met Life - Agent
1998-99: South Hills (Pittsburgh, PA) Regional
Dispatch - Director
1999-present: Steuben County (NY) 9-1-1
November, 2001
Elmira Southside High School Class of 1961: 40th Reunion Yearbook
Allan Costello
Betty Jane Dandrea Carey
802 Holdridge St.
Elmira, NY 14904
Phone: 607-732-7027
Email: daspazia
8198 Elm
Montgomery, TX 77356
Cathy Daniels Bronson
RD#3, Box 618
Mansfield, PA 16933
Gerald Councilman
1652 Freehan St.
St. Helen, MI 48656-9335
Email: [email protected]
Patty Dean Neal
Married to Rita for 33 years. 3 married children, 2 grandchildren. Plan to retire January 31,
2003 from Kmart Corporation after 31-1/2 years
in Information Technology.
18 Sparrow Dr.
Pine Valley, NY 14872
Phone: 607-795-0113
Email: [email protected]
Marie Deaton Waters
13 Rally Court
Fairfax, CA 94930
Phone: 415-456-7451
Email: [email protected]
Richard Cowley
305 Mountain Laurel Rd.
Fairfield, CT 06430
Ronald Cram
Judy Crandall Harbold
118 Whitney Street
Northboro, MA 01532
Phone: 508-393-2428
Email: [email protected]
History: Daughter 22 years old, Job-Clinical
Nurse Specialist/coordinator- Craniofacial Clinic
(case manage kids with genetic cranifacial anomalies)- Kaiser Medical Center-Oakland CA.
Sharon Deegan Maslinski
Judy and husband Sam
Sam and I celebrated our 38th anniversary this
year. Since we are now retired, we are planning to
travel and spend some of the winters in the South.
We purchased a motor home and will be on our way
after the holidays.
We have two grown daughters, Lynda and Karen.
Both of them are CPAs, happily married and have
two young children. So, we cannot be away too
long! We enjoy grandparenting, gardening, golf,
We had a great time at the reunion and look
forward to keeping in touch. Thanks to the committee for doing such a nice job with the events.
November, 2001
Elmira Southside High School Class of 1961: 40th Reunion Yearbook
Kaya DeLuca Reagan
63 Crestview Dr. East
Pine City, NY 14871
Phone: 607-732-9909
Email: [email protected]
Gary Dewey
1007 Pine Woods Dr.
Pine City, NY 14871
Gary (Mad Man)
Harold Dickerson
Kaya and husband Jerry
In 1964 I married Jerry Reagan (Class of ’62).
We have two sons, Scott and Christopher, and a
new grandson born this past January. I am semiretired from banking and hope to retire next year.
Jerry is already retired from teaching after 34
years. We hope to travel and have time to enjoy
our family.
Joan Deming Farmer
1228 Trescott Dr.
Pine City, NY 14871
Phone: 607-732-6671
Email: [email protected]
1255 Richard St.
Elmira, NY 14904
Phone: 607-734-4393
Lew Dininny
Email: [email protected]
Sam Doland
502 S William St.
Elmira, NY 14904
Phone: 607-734-5550
Betty J Drake Thomas
Listed on
Leonora Dunkle Race
76 Pennels Dr.
Rochester, NY 14626
Sharon Duvall King
126 Cleveland Ave.
Hartford, CT 06120-1344
Judy Edsall Claprood
17 State St.
Mt. Morris, NY 14510
Linda Elliott Stermer
Robert Elliott
Sandra Derwish
November, 2001
Email: [email protected]
29 Redwing Lane
Horseheads, NY 14845
Phone: 607-739-3422
Email: [email protected]
Elmira Southside High School Class of 1961: 40th Reunion Yearbook
Kathleen Elston Welliver
Jane Evelin Peterson
532 W. Gray St.
Elmira, NY 14905
Phone: 607-732-6706
Clyde T. Elwood
Gary Emmick
2697 White Oaks Drive
Corning, NY 14830
Phone: 607-962-2224
Email: [email protected]
Richard Fattaruso
565 Eastbrooke Lane
Rochester, NY 14618
John Fawell
1210 Huntington Lane
Safety Harbor, FL 34695
Phone: 727-725-2247
Elaine Ferris Canfield
R.R.#1 Box 212
New Albany, PA 18833
Email: [email protected]
Gary (Rocky)
Dorothy (my wife of 33 years) and I graduated
from Alfred University and initially worked in
Rochester, NY for the 1st 7 years of our working
carreers, she as a French Teacher in Pittsford
and I as an engineer with Bausch & Lomb. We
moved to Corning in 1974 and I have worked for
Corning Inc. ever since, 17 years in manufacturing
and for the past 10 years in labor relations.
Looking forward, I am planning toward retirement in the next 2-3 years, to devote full time to
all the things I love to do ....... like travel with
Dorothy, boating on Keuka or Lake Ontario, play
golf, tinker with an antique Corvette, ride a
motorcycle, manage a few investments, volunteer,
do home projects, trail our kids around, walk the
dog, and even paint a picture once in a while.
I mentioned our kids.......Katie, 25, is in her 2nd
year of teaching 2nd grade special ed in
Spotsylvania, Virginia; Scott, 24, is a mechanical
engineer also working for Corning Inc.; and Tim,
22, is a senior mechanical engineer.
Albert Ermanovics
Richard M. Evans
Elaine and sister Nancy Ferris Blemle, SHS ‘63
I have been married twice. I have a daughter
age 40 from my first marriage. I got married
again at age 23 and have been married 36 years!!!
We have 4 children together, 2 girls and 2 boys
but not in that order. So I have 5 children all
I stayed home and took care of our children for
a few years and did home partys in the evening so
my husband could be there with the kids.Then
went to work at a grocery store for a few years.
Also worked at a wreath factory, I have worked
cleaning homes and managed sporting goods and
pet store. I worked severel years at a dress
factory and while I was working there I also
demonstrated home parties.
During all this I raised AKC. Reg Various Breeds
of dogs and showed them and raised them to sell.
Twenty-three years ago we purchased 6 acres
between Wyalusing and Dushore, PA. We have a
modular ranch house here. I have dogs here but no
longer show them.
My son and I do have AQHA Registered horses
November, 2001
Elmira Southside High School Class of 1961: 40th Reunion Yearbook
that we raise and sell. I have my own stallion—I
had two but decided to have the older one gelded
so other people would go riding with me. My three
daughters were married and all three have children. My sons have never been married as of now.
So we have four grandchildren, three girls and one
boy. Well there is my life story in nut shell!!!
Ellen Finch Boyd
344 Hillcrest Rd.
Elmira, NY 14903
Phone: 607-733-9228
Email: [email protected]
It was so good to see people with whom I had
shared the first 12 years of my school life at the
40th Class Reunion.
After graduation in 1961, I went to Jean Summers Business School for two years for executive
secretarial training. My first job was as secretary
to the Personnel Manager at LeValley McLeod on
Church Street upon graduating from Jean Summers in 1963. My first marriage occurred in
September 1964, with the birth of my son in
August 1966.
From LeValley McCleod I was secretary to a
local lawyer before I retired to have my baby.
After I dissolved my marriage in 1967, I reentered the workforce as secretary to the Credit
Manager at Thatcher Glass. From Thatcher’s, I
worked for the County Executive, Doc Blostein;
then on to New York State as Executive Secretary to the Business Manager of the Elmira
Psychiatric Center.
During these years, I was active in Elmira Little
Theater and the Elmira Choral Society. The Elmira
Psychiatric Enter has The Mental Health Players
under John Edwards, which I joined and had great
fun as well as a great education performing
statewide with other members who were employees of the Center.
November, 2001
From New York State I became a Federal
employee by joining the Small Business Administration in 1978, where I am currently working as
Economic Development Specialist.
I have been with my present husband, Jack
Boyd, since 1974. He sold his business which he
started, Curly’s Chicken House, 11 years ago. It
seems like only last year though—the time slips
past so quickly.
During the years we have traveled around the
world, from the Arctic to the Amazon and points
east and west. To celebrate my 50th birthday in
1993 I decided to take a private African safari in
tents and lodges in Tanzania and Kenya—learning
to herd goats along the way on an island called
Lamu in the Indian Ocean. Jack did not want to go,
so I went by myself with the help of an outfitter
in Ithaca called Voyagers who made the 6-week
long arrangements for drivers and campboys. I
highly recommend taking a safari—believe it or
not those guys can cook up amazing things over a
campfire—like crepes for breakfast.
Both my husband and I took up flying in the late
1970’s. I got my pilot’s license (single engine, fixed
wing), and my husband also got his glider’s license.
I have my SCUBA certificate—taking my licensing
test in Seneca Lake in January of 1980. Everyone
from this area knows how cold Seneca Lake is even
in summer. I enjoy white water rafting, having
rafted the Colorado River for a week and the
white waters of Costa Rica. My friends and I play
tennis several times a week, along with walking and
I have a thirteen-year old granddaughter with
whom I have traveled since she was 5 years old.
She definitely has the travel bug. Last October
we spent a month in Morocco, including a camel
trek into the Sahara Desert to an oasis.
I’m looking forward to the next reunion, which I
believe will be in 2003? Please let me know if I can
be of help. Maybe we could invite some of the
teachers to come, if any are still in the area.
I’ve only touched on the some of the highlights—the boring details can be shared at the
reunions, over the internet, or by mail. Stay in
Dennis Fisher
Listed on
Bonnie A. Fitzgerald
Elmira Southside High School Class of 1961: 40th Reunion Yearbook
Maureen E. Foody McKernan
952 Hillock Dr
Pine City, NY 14871
Phone: 607-734-5382
Darlene Gettsy Greco
301 Rushmore Ave.
Carle Place, NY 11514
Bruce Fudge
706 Dominion Drive
Katy, TX 77450
Email: [email protected]
Married for 37; 2 kids; 5 grandkids. 20 years in
the Army and now 20 years in computers. I have
been in Texas for 32 yrs. Now that you guys voted
in Hillary, maybe I’ll just stay here (no state
income tax either). I sure do miss NY in the fall.
Janice Fullerton Konkus
28 Sunnyside Dr.
Elmira, NY 14905
Phone: 607-734-2745
Patricia Ann Furey
Faith Gee Moffe
Lot 214. 3374 Lower Maple Ave.
Elmira, NY 14901
Phone: 607-734-5601
Email: [email protected]
Frank Gilbert
202 Oak Dr
Anderson, SC 29625
Miriam Gilbert Stanton
208 James St.
Elmira, NY 14904
Phone: 607-733-5789
I have been married 40 years to Patrick Moffe.
We have 4 boys. They are all grown. We have 10
grandchildren. I was a home health aide until was
hurt and had to retire. So now I am a homemaker.
My husband is the Director of Laundry and Linen
and Enviromental Services at Arnot Medical
Center. We live at Carriage Estates. Hope there
will be another one so I can see everyone.
George Generas, Jr
9 Old Barge Road
Simbury, CT 06070
Married, four children (two boys, two girls).
Divorced, remarried. Moved around. Now spend
summer in Elmira and winter in Florida (26 Da Rosa
Ave., DeBary, FL 32713; phone after area code
changes in winter, 2001: 904-774-7789). Work at
Wal-Mart in both Elmira and Florida. 13 grandchildren.
November, 2001
Elmira Southside High School Class of 1961: 40th Reunion Yearbook
Cal Gillette
1003 Sycamore Circle
Elmira, NY 14904
Phone: 607-734-0033
Email: [email protected]
Gerald Goodwin
Carole Goodwin Kohler
1035 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10028-0912
Phone: 212-410-4362
Email: [email protected]
Webster, NY
Email: [email protected]
Patrick Granger
603 Post St.
Elmira, NY 14904
Phone: 607-732-6224
Dianne Green Vandenburgh
20 Spindrift Court
Williamsville, NY 14221
Carole and husband Dave
I live in Webster NY outside of Rochester
where my husband and I have been since we were
married, 30+ yrs. We have 3 children—our daughter is single/lives locally; our 2 sons are married
with one living in Vancouver, BC, and the other
living in Yardley, PA, with our 2 grandchildren. My
husband David is retired and is waiting for me to
join him—which looks like the end of the year.
Diane and husband Bob
Edgar Green
549 Gaines St.
Elmira, NY 14904
Phone: 607-732-5609
William Green
November, 2001
Elmira Southside High School Class of 1961: 40th Reunion Yearbook
Jack Griff
223 North Lee Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone: 703-548-5225
Email: [email protected]
blessed (enjoyed many similar “life stories” at the
So now, live in Old Town Alexandria, VA...full of
history, and right on the Potomac River, just
across from DC. So, if any of you get to our
nations’s Capitol, give me a buzz...please. Always up
for beer (actually, bourbon in my case) and a
bite...and reliving “old” times with you...
Enough...except looking forward to 2006 already, and I hope to see many of you beforehand...
Bernadette lives right here on Capitol Hill, classmates like Jerry Goodwin get to DC quite a bit,
and I plan to see many of you on the road (Jack
Page, Ann Terwilliger, etc)...or in Elmira...
Hi to All!! As I told many of you at the reunion,
it was the definite highlight of the
least for me. Enjoyed talking to each and every
one...and so good to see the “Green Hornet” spirit
OK, a short blurb. After the Universtity of
Kentucky (“Go Cats”), had a super 20-year career
in the U.S. Air Force, retiring as Lieutentant
Colonel in 1988. Stationed at bases in AZ, FL
(twice), VA (twice), WA and OK...and traveled and
lived in many parts of the world, especially Europe
and the Middle East.
Starting as a Captain in 1975, with a flight test
tour at the Boeing Company in Seattle, most of my
career revolved around aircrew and staff assignments with the E-3 AWACS radar surveillance
aircraft...interesting beyond belief as involved in
every U.S. contingency imagineable.
A good place to close, with the tag line (ask
Carol Goodwin) that I still love my hometown...and
in all my travels, have not found a neater, more
beautiful place on earth. So glad so many of you
still around the Elmira and Upstate NY area, and
hope to see some of you on my frequent swings
through the area.
And, many thanks again to the Reunion Committee...
Jack...aka John...(a little humor from the reunion, led by Darlene Gettsy...)
Reese Griswold
Nina Gronowski
Sheila Gross Fleysher
18 Candlewood Circle
Pittsford, NY 14534
Phone: 716-586-8305
Email: [email protected]
Retired out of a Pentagon assigmment, and into
the defense industry. Have worked with the
Northrop Grumman Corporation for 13 years now,
the last nine here in the Washington, DC area,
with daily associations among the DoD leadership,
and on “the Hill.” Feel lucky, as still interesting
every single day...
I was married right out of college (sound familiar), and although divorced years ago, have three
beautiful and talented daughters (my ex-wife says
we’ve achieved the “3 Gs”—they’re grown, graduated and gone...ha). They’re all westerners, as two
in Phoenix (both in education) and the third in
Denver (my young attorney). And, they’re all
married (I have loose change now)...and with two
neat grandkids, and a third on the way. Honestly...
how did so many of we SHS grads turn out so
November, 2001
Sheila and husband Dan
I hope you are all having a wonderful time at the
reunion. I am so saddened that I am not able to
attend. We have the wedding of a dear friend’s
Elmira Southside High School Class of 1961: 40th Reunion Yearbook
daughter in Vermont.
A little history:
I have been married for 34 years to my husband, Dan. We have lived in the Rochester suburbs
for the past 33 years. Dan is a systems & software engineer with Xerox. We have two grown
daughters, Renee, 31 and Deanna, 27. They both
live in NYC.
My parents both died in 1989.
I was a classroom teacher during early marriage,
left to raise a family and be an active volunteer,
and then returned to education in the mid 80’s. I
was initially a nursery school teacher, then went
for my masters in Special Education, and have
been employed by the Honeoye Falls-Lima School
district since the early 90’s — working with school
age at-risk students. I love the work I do, the
children and my collegues. So far, my husband and
I have no retirement plans, and will continue to
work as long as we continue to enjoy what we do.
health. I like the work very much, though it is not
as challenging as the things I used to do. I trained
as an L.P.N., but after 20 years of not working in
nursing, I am now an aide.
We have one son, David, who is 31. He still lives
at home but is independent. He isn’t married.
We have an interesting life serving the Lord; in
New York State, in Texas, Old Mexico, California,
and Arizona.
Bernice Harvey
Carole Harvey
Linda Harvey Elia
2440 Hilltop Rd.
Niskayuna, NY 12309
Phone: 518-372-5967
Email: [email protected]
When I have free time I like to read, do needlepoint, play golf and we both enjoy travelling. The
attached photos are from our latest trip to
Portugal and Spain in July.
On a sad note: I did keep in touch with Sandy
Botnick. Although she did not graduate with our
class (she moved to California Sophomore year)
many of you might remember her. After many
years I was able to visit her on a trip to California
in ’93. She was divorced and had 2 children who
are about the same age as ours. It was great to
see her and share old times. Unfortunately, Sandy
passed away 2 years ago from cancer.
I would love to hear about the reunion activities
and about all those folks who attended. Hopefully,
I can make the next one.
Linda and husband Lew
RN. Married; one son, two stepsons, one grandson.
Harold Hackett
Marilys Halm Swart
3 Ivan Lane
Binghamton, NY 13901
Arleah Hardenstine
Tucson, AZ
Email: [email protected]
I shall not be able to attend our high school
reunion this year. I was in Elmira in May but can’t
return so soon though I would love to see everyone.
We live in Tucson, Arizona, and are missionaries
working among the Hispanic Peoples of the area. I
also work part time as a nurses aide in home
November, 2001
Elmira Southside High School Class of 1961: 40th Reunion Yearbook
Arthur Haynes
1907 Tilden Avenue
New Hartford, NY 13413
Phone: 315-793-3377
Email: [email protected]
Art and wife Pat
After college and the Army, I taught high
school English in Pulaski, NY, for 32 years. I’m
retired and living in New Hartford with my wife
Kenneth Held
RD2, PO Box 40C
Pownal, VT 05261
Phone: 802-823-5536
Email: [email protected]
at a navy technical school at Bainbridge, MD I met
my wife to be, Joyce. She was from Wilmington,
Del. We were married Dec 7, 1963.
After we got out of the service we settled down
in Pownal, VT. I had obtained employment at
General Electric Defense Systems in Pittsfield,
MA which is only 25 miles south of Pownal. I was
still working the Navy FBM program as Defense
Systems was the prime contractor for the Weapons System. In ’68 I started going to college
evenings and finished up with a BS in Physics.
After many years of work, promotions and continued education, I ended my career as Manager,
FBM Support Software Engineering. I retired May
1 of this year.
Joyce and I have two children, Kimberly (37)
and Kenneth (33). Kim and her husband Tom have
two children, Kevin(13) and Colleen (11). They live
in Cheshire, MA. Kenneth and his wife Julie have
three children, Alex (8), Emily (5) and Megan
(2).They live in Pownal, VT.
Web site
Eugene Hemenway
Box 95, Guiles Rd.
Spencer, NY 14883
Phone: 607-589-4940
Thomas Henderson
Sharon Henrich Ravert
612 Reynolds St.
Elmira, NY 14904
Phone: 607-733-2394
Email: [email protected]
(See William Ravert.)
Colleen Hicks
408 Hillview Dr
Elmira, NY 14904
Phone: 607-732-8369
Held family in 1999
In Sept ’61 I entered the Navy Fleet Ballistic
Missile Submarine program. If you all can remember back then, the cold war was going strong and
the US wanted to develop a deterrent to war. All
I wanted was to learn about computers. Maybe
some of you can remember the digital computer
that I built for the science fair.
I spent 7 years in the Navy and made 6 deterrent patrols on the USS Von Steubin SSB(N) 632.
And I learned a lot about computers. While I was
November, 2001
Elmira Southside High School Class of 1961: 40th Reunion Yearbook
Larry (Bill) Hicks
Email: [email protected]
Thomas Holleran
38 Hickory Lane
Pine City, NY 14871
Phone: 607-734-9686
Email: [email protected]
Larry and wife Becki
Barbara Hill
Tom and wife Janet
Patricia Hill
Marvin Hollister
Listed on
Sylvia Hill Dininny
1490 Carpenter Rd.
Pine City, NY 14871
Phone: 607-735-0816
Gerald Horton
Sharon Howe Wilcox
Dianna Himmelrich
321 Oak St.
Vestal, NY 13850
Ross Hobler
Diann Hungerford
Timber Lane
Elmira, NY 14901
Phone: 607-734-8082
Email: [email protected]
Howard Holcomb
Pamela Huntley Fitzpatrick
31 Danforth Crescent
Rochester, NY 14618
Phone: 716-271-4431
Email: [email protected]
118 Willys St.
Elmira, NY 14904
Phone: 607-734-3049
Email: [email protected]
November, 2001
Divorced. Three children (one daughter, two
sons), three grandaughters, one grandson, one
grandbaby due in November.
Elmira Southside High School Class of 1961: 40th Reunion Yearbook
Joy Huonker Klein
290 Westminster Road
Rochester, NY 14607
Phone: 716-244-6026
Email: [email protected]
Gary and wife Pat
I moved to Rochester in August 1961 after
graduation to attend Rochester Business Institute
for the next two years. Retired from Xerox
Corporation December, 1999 after 35 years.
Married Carl Klein from Pittsburgh, PA in May
1970, and we have one son born in January 1974.
Christian is in his 4th year of medical school at
Upstate Medical, Syracuse. I have only lived on
Westminster Road in Rochester in (3) places since
1962. The last place for 29 years, our home, was
built in 1905. Even though I don’t move often, I do
love traveling, also outside of the USA.
After high school I went into the Marine Corps
in September. After a tour, which took me from
South Carolina to California to Japan and the rest
of the fareast and back to North Carolina, I got
out in 1966. Then I came back to Elmira and got an
apprenticeship in the sheet metal workers union.
Then in 1976 work wasn’t very good so I built a
barn and went into milking cows. Then in 1984 I
sold them and went back to the sheet metal union
and retired in January 2000. In 1967 I married
Pat Terry (class of 62) and we have two married
sons, the oldest is 31 and the youngest is 28. We
had our first grand child in August 2000 a boy.
Life has been good to us. I enjoy hunting, fishing,
canoeing and snowmobiling. Just life itself. We
have two dogs, two cats and one horse. We plan on
doing some traveling with a camper.
Bonni Issacs Swartz
Joyce Johnson
Joy and husband Carl
Listed on
Sharon Johnson Mashanic
Don Jabore
6280 Edsall Rd.
Alexandria, VA 22312
Gary Jezorski
416 Euclid Ave.
Elmira, NY 14905
Email: [email protected]
R.D.#1, Box 41-6
Millerton, PA 16936-9600
Phone: 570-537-2401
Email: [email protected]
I enjoyed my career as an elementary teacher
November, 2001
Elmira Southside High School Class of 1961: 40th Reunion Yearbook
for the Elmira City School District for almost 34
years. I was also involved with the Elmira College
Education Program and was a mentor for about 22
student teachers. It was a joy watching the
students blossom from student to teacher.
Camilla Kane Stadtmueller
8002 Driftwood Avenue
Erie, PA 16511
Phone: 814-899-6952
Email: [email protected]
I retired in June of 1999 and have done alot of
traveling since than. I enjoy going to Sarasota, Fl
for the months of Feb. March and April. Siesta
Key has one of the most beautiful beaches in the
world. One of the highlights of my travels was
when Marie Deaton Waters and I went to Florence, Italy to visit Marie’s daughter Sara. Sara
was studying there for a semester. Would enjoy
going back again.
If everything works out, the next big trip in the
year 2002 will be to Norway, Denmark and Sweden. I will be checking on some Swedish heritage
as well. I have been very fortunate thus far and
look forward to getting together with everyone in
William M. Johnson
477 Kinner Hill Rd.
Pine City, NY 14871
Phone: 607-733-3090
Email: [email protected]
Cam and husband George
High School Social Studies teacher at Harbor
Creek Senior High School in a suburb of Erie, PA;
30 years in PA education system. Married for 35
years to George Stadtmueller, a retired residential appraiser, now an export cargo inspector.
One daughter (32), a lawyer in Washington, DC;
grandson born in December, 2000. One son (30),
finishing Masters in Computer Information Sciences at University of Pittsburgh.
Grace Keller Hagar
252 Breed Hollow Rd
Horseheads, NY 14845
Phone: 607-562-3498
Ruth Kelly Slaven
Deceased 7/21/2001.
Catherine Kerwan
David Kester
Robert D. Jones
Portsville Rd.
Laurel, DE 19956
(See Cheryl Smith Jones.)
Sharon Jordan Searles
Listed on
Bernard Ketter
845 Chambers Rd
Horseheads, NY 14845
Phone: 607-739-3868
Email: [email protected]
Marian W. Keyes
Karen King Cole
November, 2001
Elmira Southside High School Class of 1961: 40th Reunion Yearbook
Kathy Kittle McGee
114 Hazelwood Dr
Clemson, SC 29631
Phone: 864-654-8194
Email: [email protected]
Gloria L’Amoreaux Davis
5878 Laurel St.
Harrisburg, PA 17718
Cheryl Lamb Chung
45-814 Anoi Place
Kaneohe, HI 96744-3401
Phone: 808-235-5132
Email: [email protected]
I am widowed after taking care of my husband
through 20 yrs of kidney dialysis & transplantation. We dialyzed him at home evenings while both
held f/t jobs. Together we started a non-profit
org. for chronic kidney patients.
After graduating from SUNY Albany, I married
a Southerner and moved south. Frank and I have
two daughters. English is 32, married and the
mother of our three adorable grandchildren; Elise
is single, lives in Charleston SC, and sells uniforms
to resorts, industry, etc.
I taught school a couple of years but because
Frank traveled so much I was a stay-at-home mom.
We live on Lake Hartwell in the small town of
Clemson SC (home to the Clemson Tigers). Frank
graduated from Clemson in ’63, is retired but does
some consulting to the paper industry. I have a
part-time job to keep me out of trouble and from
being bored while Frank is traveling. If this stock
market doesn’t do something I may have to go to a
full time job.
My mom is still living (with my sister Pat and her
husband) in Elmira so I am in town a couple of
times a year. We have traveled a good bit and
have two major trips (Ireland, Australia) we plan
to take before we are too old or slow to go. I had
breast cancer in ’99 but had to have no follow-up
treatment (unless a mastectomy is treatment).
Frank has atrial fibrillation and will have a pacemaker installed in August ’01. Other than that we
are in great shape.
With BA (sociology) from U of Hi., I was employment service specialist III w/ the state, before
leaving to care for increasingly ill husband & late
born child, Dustin, now almost 16 & entering 10th
grade. As volunteer school lunch coordinator w/
Vegetarian Society of Hi., I had fun facilitating 3
tours of nutritionists & environmental activists to
work w/ Hi. schools, medical facilities & the public.
(Statewide Hi. schools this year are offering
optional vegetarian meals to students due to
efforts of many people.)
Since my sister, mom & recently dad have died,
leaving just me & my brother (a Staten Island
resident, w/ serious health challenges), I will
likely be moving to Elmira by Summer, 2002, to
manage family affairs. Dustin will finish school at
our old alma mater. As an almost senior citizen
(who acts like a kid), I will be seeking employment
in the Elmira area in public health education.
Would love to hear from “old” (excuse) classmates.
Aloha, Cheryl (Lamb) Chung
Ellen Lemoncelli Taft
149 Bartholomew Rd
Pine City, NY 14871
Phone: 607-734-2626
Richard Lemoncelli
718 Holdridge St.
Elmira, NY 14904
Phone: 607-734-8435
Paul Konkus
6103 Arlington Drive
Friso, TX 75035
Email: [email protected]
November, 2001
Elmira Southside High School Class of 1961: 40th Reunion Yearbook
Jeane Lee LeVelle
46 Walsh Rd
Wellsburg, NY 14894
Phone: 607-733-1572
Email: [email protected]
Scott Logue
813 Hazel St.
Elmira, NY 14904
Phone: 607-734-5740
Carol Lewis Smith
Kenneth (Scott) Lowe
4l2 Highland Avenue
Elmira, NY 14905
Phone: 607-732-4366
62 Cheyenne Rd.
Florissant, CO 80816
Phone: 719-689-7540
Email: [email protected]
Ronald G. Lowe
Sally Lowman Casteline
605 Partridge St
Elmira, NY 14904
Verna D. (Doreen) Lucky Hurlburt
768 Breesport N. Chemung Rd.
Lowman, NY 14861
Phone: 607-732-5461
Bob Ludwig
Married (second time around) for 32 years. Two
children, two stepchildren, seven grandchildren,
two great-grandchildren.
Sandy Lewis Berry
Dean Lincoln
125 Broad St
Salunga, PA 17538
November, 2001
6 Gleason Road
Glenville, NY 12302
Email: [email protected]
Message on SHS 61 website: Will not be able to
make it home for our reunion. Hope every one has
a great time. We have four great kids and seven
grand children..LIFE IS GOOD!!!!
Stanley Lutomski
1 Birmingham Dr
Rochester, NY 14618
Phone: 716-271-4559
Elmira Southside High School Class of 1961: 40th Reunion Yearbook
Ronda Lyon Allen
264 Garnsey Rd.
Pittsford, NY 14534
Email: [email protected]
Pamela MacLatchie Personius
507 Schuyler Ave.
Elmira, NY 14904
Phone: 607-732-2543
We have three children, Egan, a physician in
Rochester, Leif, an artist in Seattle and Rachel, a
graphic designer and marketing director for a
hospital in Arizona. All are married. Egan has
three girls, Leif a son and Rachel is expecting her
first in Feb.
I spent twenty years in communications. First as
an executive producer for Wisconsin Public Radio
and NPR. After that I assumed the director
position of Public Relations for Wis. Division of
Tourism. I’m a fine artist ( portrait ) and have
written three novels. Two I hope will be published
this year.
Gary Maddox
Bernadette Malone McMahon
19 Seventh Street NE
Washington, DC 20002
Phone: 202-543-4544
Email: [email protected]
My husband Hayward is a writer/editor. Has
published four books: one on whales, one on the
Blue Heron and two on Native American travel.
He’s working on a historical project now. For many
years he was communications director for World
Council of Credit Unions which took him all over
the world developing credit unions. He was in
Africa in the Peace Corp under Kennedy.
We now live in Pittsford near Rochester, NY.
My website will be up
and running by December. Check it out!!!
Ruth MacDowall Olszowy
320 E. Miller St. #A
Elmira, NY 14904
Email: [email protected]
Bernadette and husband Jim
Graduated from Nazareth College. Worked 33
years as a chemist for the U.S. Food and Drug
Administration in Washington, DC, retiring in
1999. Now consulting in database development and
active in several organizations in our neighborhood
near the U.S. Capitol.
Married since 1971 to Jim McMahon, a government attorney, now also retired. Two sons, Joe,
age 27, and Kevin, age 25, both single.
Jack Malone
107 Larchmont Rd.
Elmira, NY 14905
(See Joann Overton Malone.)
Ed Many
830 Doe Hill Lane
Roswell, GA 30075
Phone: 770-642-4672
Have worked for the Elmira City School District since 1980. Presently I am an attendance
clerk at Ernie Davis Middle School. I am divorced,
have 5 children, and 8 grandchildren.
Donald MacIntosh
November, 2001
Vincent Maria
Al Martin
418 Wyncoop Creek Rd
Chemung, NY 14825
Phone: 607-529-8842
Email: [email protected]
Elmira Southside High School Class of 1961: 40th Reunion Yearbook
Joseph P. Mashanic
Jan Maslinski Reibson
10921 S. La Serna Dr.
Whittier , CA 90604-2330
Email: [email protected]
(See Gene Reibson.)
John Massey
Edward Miele
912 Laurel St.
Elmira, NY 14904
Phone: 607-734-3487
Email: [email protected]
Allen Miller
Marlene Miller Douglas
c/o Mrs. Massey 512 Balsam Street
Elmira, NY 14904
Pamela Mathews Francisco
Listed on
45 Crestview Drive W
Pine City, NY 14871
Phone: 607-733-7845
Email: [email protected]
Jeanne Mattison Breese
418 Wyncoop Creek Rd
Chemung, NY 14825
Phone: 607-529-8842
Email: [email protected]
Geraldine McCarthy
Dan McDonald
365 W.Second St.
Elmira, NY 14901
Phone: 607-737-1377
Email: [email protected]
Judith Ann McElroy
Gary McEwan
5744 Merring Rd
Woodhull, NY 14801
Margaret McFarland
JoAnne McGrain
Lillian McGrain
Eileen McNamara Blampied
506 Harcourt Drive
Elmira, NY 14904
Cindy Messing Slater
974 Hudson Acres Drive
Pine City, NY 14871
Phone: 607-734-2621
November, 2001
Marlene and husband Ken
I married Ken Douglas (class of 60) and stayed
home with our three daughters for ten years. I
went to Corning Community College in 1972 and
became a registered nurse. The ER at the Arnot
was my place of employment for four years, then I
went to Elmira College for my bachelors in nursing.
The next ten years were spent in nursing supervision and when I was burned out from that I went
back to college to obtain my teaching certification
and started teaching in the adult ed program for
LPN at SCT BOCES.U Hopefully I will be able to
retire from this career!
We have three grandsons and one granddaughter so Ken is now able to enjoy straightening out
his fishing gear! We have observed the changes in
Elmira with some sadness. My old neighborhood,
the Maple Ave. area, has badly deteriorated.
Society’s unfortunate changes have taken over
with a vengenance. Hopefully, the southside can be
reclaimed as the family oriented place it was when
we were growing up.
Tony Minotti
3881 27th Ave. S. W.
Naples, FL 33968
Phone: 813-455-1133
Elmira Southside High School Class of 1961: 40th Reunion Yearbook
BJ Mitchell Holleran
1103 Sliter St.
Elmira, NY 14904
Email: [email protected]
Valerie J. Munn Freeman
101 Chestnut St.
Reading, PA 19607-2721
Clifton Munson
Charles Nevans
Sharon Nichols
Richard Niles
203 W Lake Rd.
Hammondsport, NY 14840
Alma Oakes Clearwater
153 E. Genesee St.
Skaneateles, NY 13152
Dixie L. Mitchell
Dawn Oliver Costley
399 E. 14th. St Apt 603
Elmira Heights, NY 14903
Doug Mitchell
Nancy Oppenheim Shuart
3001 Eden Mills Dr.
Sarasota, FL 34237
1009 Penna. Ave
Elmira, NY 14904
Phone: 607-733-5475
Email: [email protected]
Linda Monks
Gary Morseman
308 E. Creekside Dr.
Frisco, CO 80443
Arnold Mosch
2 Michael St.
Palmer, NY 13077-1122
Phone: 607-749-4369
Email: [email protected]
Married 39 years to Gary Shuart. 3 daughters:
Pam (38), mother to my only grandchild (Emily
Jane, 14); Wendy (36); and Tina (34), married to
Lenny Boulas.
Worked for 12 years @ Tops Markets, unable to
work for nearly 14 years due to health reasons. I
have dedicated my life to my family and remain
active in the lives of my children.
Arnie and wife Pat
Patrick Mullaney
November, 2001
I had a wonderful time at the reunion! Those of
you who were involved in the planning deserve
much praise... you did a GREAT job. And to those
Elmira Southside High School Class of 1961: 40th Reunion Yearbook
who were unable to attend... you missed a wonderful time. Seeing old friends, chatting and remembering all the good old days!
Robert Ordway
900 E. River Rd
Flushing, MI 48433
Phone: 810-659-4129
Email: [email protected] (sister’s)
Hanus in 1964. Two children - Susan and Jeffrey.
Both married.
In 2001 have 4 grandchildren and another due
12/01. Worked for R.T. French, Vogel Van &
Storage, and in 1989 started Page Associates, an
executive recruiting business. Moved to Florida
from Albany, NY in 1995. As of 2001, still working
full time. Barb and I enjoy domestic and international travel and are active in our neighborhood
Ann Parks
Joyce Pedrich Todd
20559 Alburry Dr.
Port Charlotte, FL 33952
Phone: 941-629-9457
Lyle Peet
316 Sutton. St.
Elmira, NY 14904
Phone: 607-732-1745
Rob and Mickie Beebe
Mary Peroski Houseknecht
1421 Hunter St.
Florence, SC 29505-6417
Diane Ostrander Plouse
RD 1, Macaffee Road
Country Acres Lot 3
Milan, PA 18831
Sharon Peters
Joann Overton Malone
Dick Peterson
107 Larchmont Rd.
Elmira, NY 14905
(See Jack Malone.)
Jack Page
1486 Carpenter Rd.
Pine City, NY 14871
Phone: 607-734-3287
733 Pine Shores Circle
New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169
Phone: 386-424-5682
Email: [email protected]
Graduated from RIT, 1965. Married Barbara
November, 2001
Janet Pfeifer Card
Email: [email protected]
Edward Phillips
Email: [email protected]
Elmira Southside High School Class of 1961: 40th Reunion Yearbook
Linda Phillips Rice
37100 NW Long Rd
Cornelius, OR 97113
Phone: 503-357-3095
Email: [email protected]
units to the Wiesbaden Community we were unable
to make the time available. I am looking forward
to seeing all of you at the 45th reunion and
wishUyou the best of happiness andUgood health.
We have all been affected by the insane attack
of 11 Sep. on the World Trade Center and the
Pentagon, I sincerely hope that none of you nor
your friends were directly affected.
I certainly would enjoy receiving an e-mailUfrom
you andUhearing about how you have been doing
andUyour plans for the future. May God bless each
of you, your families and our nation.
Robert F. Pierce
1112 Herford Ct.
Wilmington, NC 28411
Email: [email protected]
Linda and husband Howard
Robert A. Pierce
Unit 24201, Box 961
APO AE09185,
Email: [email protected]
Just a short note to thank the class committee
for all the hard work that went into the 40th
reunion and the very special 40th reunion yearbook. It is so enjoyable to read about the families,
careers, and things that everyone has done over
the years.
I was shocked to read the names of the classmates that have passed away. I knew about Craig
Siar, and Donna Andrus, but I had not heard about
so many of the others.
To make a long story short (considering what
some classmates have accomplished in their lives).
I joined the Army a year after school and stayed
with it until now. The first 30 years were primarily flying a multitude of helicopters. We were
stationed in numerous places in the states, Vietnam, andUthen predominately in Germany. After
retiring from active duty IUworked the last ten
years as the Safety Director for the Mainz/
Wiesbaden Military Community.
I met my wife Ingrid in Berlin in 1964, we were
married in 1966 and are still living happilyUin
Mainz, Germany. The only unfortunate part about
living here is the distance to Elmira and the
infrequency of being home. My folks are relatively
well and still live on Pennsylvania Ave. My “little”
sister is married with two teenagers and lives in
Huntsville Al.
We had sincerely planned to attend the 40th
reunion, but due to the restationing of several
November, 2001
Bob and wife Cheryl
Forty years since graduation form SHS, how can
that be? Our reunion in August was one of the
highlights of our summer. We have exchanged
addresses and promises to stay in touch with
classmates we have not seen for years.
What has happened in my life since September
Well, let’s work backward. I retired from
Corning Incorporated in May of 2001 after 38
years of employment. My last assignment being in
1992 when I accepted a position at Corning’s big
Optical Fiber Manufacturing Facility in
Wilmington, North Carolina. We have been residing in Wilmington since retirement. I have been
married to Cheryl Fischer (from Horseheads) for
34 years, successfully negotiating a few martial
bumps in the road, along the way. We have two
great daughters and four beautiful grandchildren
who also live in the Wilmington area. After SHS I
graduated from Corning Community College, and
Elmira College, and spent 8 years in the Army
Reserve. My hobbies are fishing, tinkering with old
cars and NASCAR (you have to be a NASCAR fan
to survive in the South).
Elmira Southside High School Class of 1961: 40th Reunion Yearbook
Bill Pint
502 Scott Lane
Horseheads, NY 14845
Phone: 607-739-4505
Patricia Rafferty
Bill and wife Barb
Sherolyn (Sherry) Ramsdell Cortright
Harry Pittman
310 Cross Gates Rd
Rochester, NY 14606
Phone: 716-247-4463
Email: [email protected]
I worked for 31 years at Kodak here in Rochester and retired Jan. 1, 1998. We have three
children all here in Rochester and 3 grandchildren.
Earl Plate
268 Universal Ave.
Elmira, NY 14904
Phone: 607-734-0794
Email: [email protected]
William J. Ravert
612 Reynolds St.
Elmira, NY 14904
Phone: 607-733-2394
Email: [email protected]
(See Sharon Henrich Ravert.)
36 Olcott Rd N
Big Flats, NY 14814
Phone: 607-562-3806
Email: [email protected]
James Precit
12419 Bennett Road
Oak Hill, VA 20171
Phone: 703-476-4055
Tax preparer 28 years. One daughter.
Albert Redner
Albert Pollen
Sharon Pullen Baker
7459 Hickory Hill Road
Bath, NY 14810
Phone: 607-776-0911
Email: [email protected]
See Cortright for photo.
Al’s wife Linda provided the following history:
Al has been in banking for more than 35 years.
We have lived in Elmira and Big Flats for all our
married life except for 4 years when Al was
employed by M&T Bank in Batavia. Al is and has
been active in Lions Club, Boy Scouts, Chemung
County Chamber of Commerce. Al enjoys boating,
fishing, and hunting. We have 3 sons: Jeff who is a
div. mgr. at CFE Evans, Dennis, a cop in Binghamton, and Daniel who works for City Bank in Hagerstown, MD. We have 7 grandkids ranging in age
from 7 to 16. Al is not retired yet, he is a branch
mgr of Northwest Savings Bank in Lawrenceville,
I have heard one story that sticks with me
about Al in high school. It seems he and Fred
Hanwell brought a bike inside the school. Fred
November, 2001
Elmira Southside High School Class of 1961: 40th Reunion Yearbook
Hanwell was sitting on the handlebars. Al headed
for the cafeteria and then jumped off the bike
leaving Fred Hanwell sailing through the cafeteria
on the handlebars—all by himself. I don’t know
what trouble they may have gotten into.
Kathleen M. Rees Strohl
P.O. Box 23
Horseheads, NY 14845
Phone: 607-796-0552
Email: [email protected]
Kathy and husband Jim
John J Redito/Rekito
Donna Reppard
32 Masonic Street, #8
Northampton, MA 01060
Phone: 413-586-9168
Email: [email protected]
Retired from Elmira City School District 1/1/
2000. Left Elmira 4/5/2000, arrived Portland,
OR, 7/5/2000. Went to Alaska 1/1/2000. Left
Portland 5/16/2001, arrived Elmira 7/16/2001.
Retirement wonderful!
Two marriages; two children, two grandchildren.
Gene Reibson
10921 S. La Serna Dr.
Whittier , CA 90604-2330
Email: [email protected]
(See Jan Maslinski Reibson.)
Kathleen Reidy Carrier
958 Farnham St.
Elmira, NY 14901
Phone: 607-734-9323
Email: [email protected]
Ronald Ripley
750 Falck Street
Elmira, NY 14904
Phone: 607-733-2426
Email: [email protected]
Retired from NYSEG. Three children, Joseph,
James, and Mary. Four grandkids, two boys, two
girls. Wife Joyce, EFA ’59.
Cathleen Robinson Brookman
29W410 Emerald Green Dr. Unit D
Warrenville, IL 60555-2043
November, 2001
Elmira Southside High School Class of 1961: 40th Reunion Yearbook
Frank Robinson
Donald Rosekrans
Email: [email protected]
Marvin Robinson
Maxine Roupp Condon
Rodney Robinson
126 Berwick Turnpike
Wellsburg, NY 14894
Phone: 607-733-7375
10 Wolcott Drive
Horseheads, NY 14845
Phone: 607-739-3116
Email: [email protected]
Steve Roe
215 W Water St.
Elmira, NY 14901
Phone: 607-733-0699
Lance Rohr
270 Lormore St.
Elmira, NY 14904
Mary Ellen Rohrer Gowan
201 St. Lucie Lane, Unit B204
Cocoa Beach, FL 32931
Phone: 321-868-0954
Email: [email protected]
Retired from Corning, Inc. March 1, 2001 with
33 years service. Single. Have one son and two
granddaughters. My Mom, who will be 90 on Jan.
21, lives with me. Spend a lot of time at Ocean
City, MD, and Florida. I don’t know how I had time
to work.
Elizabeth Rourke Enright
29 Lincoln Terrace
Brooklyn, NY 11235
Email: [email protected]
Patricia Reubens/Rubens
Mary Ellen is presently relocated to Cocoa
Beach, Florida, from Coral Gables, to be near her
parents who are relatively well and still living on
their own. After a long illness and disability, her
dear husband Jim died last December. They had
raised their kids, Jim, Jr. and Julie in Watertown,
NY, but had been in Florida for several years.
Young Jim and his wife now live in Watertown and
Julie, with Mary Ellen’s two grandchildren, lives
near Buffalo.
Mary Ellen was delighted to be found and hopes
those who remember her will contact her at her
new address (no phone or email yet) and she would
love to combine a visit with old friends with a trip
to NY to see the family.
November, 2001
Elmira Southside High School Class of 1961: 40th Reunion Yearbook
Suzanne Russ Westbrook
35 Shamrock Dr.
Erin, NY 14838
Phone: 607-7390470
Email: [email protected]
Diane Scoza Stratton
10126 Brownwood Avenue
Orlando, FL 32825
Email: [email protected]
See Stratton for photo.
Marcia Seeley Harrian
34 Church St.
Savona, NY 14879-9661
Thomas Sheehan
David Sheen
P.O. Box 1206
Elmira, NY 14902
Email: [email protected]
Suzanne, husband Larry, and granddaughter
My husband Larry & I have been married for 37
years and have 3 adult children and 1 grandchild. I
just retired Dec. 31st from SCT BOCES after 18
years in the business office. My husband has
worked at Hesselson’s for 30 years and is also a
part time pastor. We have lived in Erin for the
past 24 years.
Edward Ryan
30 Belaire Dr
Horseheads, NY 14845
Thelma Sanford Korsky
Vichy, MO
Email: [email protected]
Live in Missiouri (not far from Rolla, MO). Would
like to go to the reunion but had surgery on both
of my feet and can not make it. Hopefully I will
make the next one. Have a great time.
Karen Sheer
Ernest Sherman Jr
5957 Jim Crow Rd
Flowery Branch, GA 31542
Alfred Sherwood
Ward Saunders
579 Lowman Rd.
Lowman, NY 14861
Phone: 607-732-0796
(See Susan Comstock Saunders.)
Nancy Scaife
Shirley Schock Tebo
November, 2001
David and wife Susan
Gary Shope
Sharon Short
Craig Siar
Louis Sigel
52 St. Lawrence
Portland, ME 04101
Phone: 207-874-6928
Elmira Southside High School Class of 1961: 40th Reunion Yearbook
Cecelia Sipple
Alan Spencer
Cheryl Smith Jones
Berverly Spencer
Portsville Rd.
Laurel, DE 19956
(See Robert D. Jones.)
Jacquelyn Spink
Joyce Smith Oliver
Joan Sponyoe Figueroa
6012 Buck Settlement Rd.
Bath, NY 14810
Phone: 607-776-4160
San Juan, PR
Email: [email protected]
Lloyd Smith
Sharon Smithmen Peyton
Lot 102 Carriage Est.
3374 Lower Maple Ave.
Elmira, NY
Joan and her family
I have been married 33 years to Nadir Figueroa,
and living in San Juan , Puerto Rico. He’s a retired
accounting manager for the electric company.
Robert Sofia
6134 Red Ridge Trail
Bellvue, CO 80512
Phone: 970-221-0511
Email: [email protected]
Sandra Somers Williams
120 Curran Road
Elmira, NY 14903-9395
Jean Soper
Phone: 607-589-4879
Email: [email protected]
James Sorenson
Barbara Spence Bergquist
511 Cape Cod Lane # 204
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714
Phone: 407-389-8053
November, 2001
We have three sons, Joseph, 27, computer
design engineer for Microsoft in Seattle, M.I.T.
graduate. Next is John, 26, Syracuse Univ. grad,
graphic, web designer for Sierra on Line in Seattle. Then there is our youngest, Christian, 22,
May grad. of Syracuse Univ. He will continue his
masters now at New England Conservatory in
Boston in Sept., he’s a tenor. They are all still
I went out of nursing 28 years ago, continued in
education and have now worked 20 years part time
as an English teacher in a small private elementary
I get to Elmira about twice a year, I have my
mother who is now almost 86 and my sister Ann
and her husband in Elmira. She is from the class
of 1956 as well as my brother John who lives in
Potomac, MD. Their forty fifth reunion is coming
up real soon.
I saw Marlene and Kathy Kittle when I was home
in April. I also keep in touch with Carole Battisti.
Elmira Southside High School Class of 1961: 40th Reunion Yearbook
They all have done well and look great. I will truly
miss not being at our fortieth but it just didn’t
work out.
If anyone is planning a visit to San Juan, let me
know. Have a marvelous time and put lots of
pictures on the web site!
Penny Stadelmaier Cardone
45 West Hill Road
Elmira, NY 14903
Phone: 607-732-9044
Linda Stahle Comfort
22 Cornell St.
Horseheads, NY 14845
Phone: 607-733-5216
Ron and I began building our retirement home in
South Carolina just before he was diagnosed with
cancer. We enjoyed as much time as we could
manage there before he died in December, 1999.
Now I keep busy with our three girls and five
grandchildren, friends, and professional and
community organizations.
Bill Stone
3905 Bandera Drive
Plano, TX 75074
Phone: 972-423-1529
Email: [email protected]
Patrick J. Steed
340 Vargo Rd.
Horseheads, NY 14845
Phone: 607-739-7499
Bill was in the process of moving to Texas and
missed the reunion. He sent this message in May:
Nelson L. Stermer
Linda Stiles Rankin
8074 Princess Path
Liverpool, NY 13088
Sharon Stimmerman Lowe
challenge. I worked in acute care and later long
term care. I earned my BS in Health Care Administration and was Director of Nursing at the
Chemung County Nursing Facility when I retired in
December, 2000.
107 Guinnip Ave.
Elmira, NY 14905
Phone: 607-734-3869
Email: [email protected]
Long story short. I retired in Texas after
teaching there for twenty years. I had taught in
Western New York for six years and so I came
back to New York to get a second retirement. I
now have enough years and will go back to Texas
(Plano which is a suburb of Dallas) where my wife
and I live. She is also in Texas and it will be nice
to establish a relationship again.
Roger Storch
1671 Crescent St.
Traverse City, MI 40686
Phone: 231-946-6572
Email: [email protected]
Mary Jo Strapple Sheridan
San Diego, CA
Email: [email protected]
After SHS graduation, I became a Registered
Nurse and lived in Buffalo, NY for several years. I
returned to Elmira, renewed an old friendship with
Ron Lowe and we were married in 1971. We raised
our three daughters here so we are all SHS
My nursing career was always an interesting
November, 2001
Mary Jo, husband Bob, and Maltese Mimi
I live in San Diego and have been here since
1972. I have a husband (my second) and we’ve been
Elmira Southside High School Class of 1961: 40th Reunion Yearbook
married 5 years. He works for United Airlines. I
don’t have any children or grandchildren, but I
have a sweet Maltese dog.
Carl Stratton
10126 Brownwood Avenue
Orlando, FL 32825
Email: [email protected]
Posted on the SHS 61 website: I hope to make it
to the 61 class reunion. Still keep in touch with
some of my classmates! Expecting grandchild #2
in Oct., semi-retired, traveling to Egypt, work for
the county part-time.
Marilyn Taft Bixler
Carl and Diane (Scoza)
35 Crestview Dr. E.
Pine City, NY 14871
Phone: 607-732-6512
Email: [email protected]
Jeanne Strawn
Walter Swanks
Dennis J. Sweeney
1004 Sycamore Circle
Elmira, NY 14904
Phone: 607-733-5220
Rosemond Sykes Piatt
2220 State Route 17
Elmira, NY 14901
Phone: 607-733-8261
Madeline Symonds Harrison
754 Reservoir St. Apt B
Elmira, NY 14905
Phone: 607-734-8019
Marilyn and husband Fred
Married Fred Bixler (SHS Class of ’60) in 1963.
Sons Scott, age 34, and Gregg, age 31. Three
grandsons. Work part time at Board of Elections.
George Tarntino
Cecilia Telech Ryan
821 South Ave.
Horseheads, NY 14845
Phone: 607-739-7003
November, 2001
Elmira Southside High School Class of 1961: 40th Reunion Yearbook
Thomas Terkoski
84 Greenridge Drive
Elmira, NY 14905
Phone: 607-734-0182
Michael Ungvarsky
40 Brink St.
Crystal Lake, IL 60014
Steve Urbaniak
Robert Usselman
Listed on
Jerry Utter
615 Hoffman St.
Elmira, NY 14905
Phone: 607 732-7695
Email: [email protected]
Robert Van De Bogart
Summit Drive
Pine City, NY 14871
Tom and wife Marilyn
Richard Vandegrift
Linda Terry
Ann Terwilliger Wenzl
1901 East Barden Road
Charlotte, NC 28226
Phone: 704-366-6256
Email: [email protected]
3011 Michigan Ave
Kissimmee, FL 34744
Phone: 407 847-0740
Email: [email protected]
Ann and husband Warren
We have 2 sons, Peter and Eric, both married,
and 4 grandchildren. I retired from teaching
middle school Math and Science last year after 25
years of teaching.
Dennis Thayer
Deceased 7/18/2001.
Sharon Towner Chrisler
I’m still hauling concrete for CSR Rinker. I just
finished 20 years with them. I can get 100% of my
union pension at 62. I’m trying to tough it out
another 5 years and then retire. It is a real
struggle at times with this traffic and all those
idiots on the road today. Road courtesy is a thing
of the past here. I went to work last night at
11:45 P.M. We hauled 510 yards of concrete to
Universal Studios for a new hotel.
I’m still married to my wife Stella. We’ve been
married 34 years. We’ve got a daughter and a
grandson. They live around here, so we get to see
them occasionally.
I’ve always been into bowling since I worked at
St. Mary’s Lanes in Elmira. I was still in high
school then. Here I’m on the Board of Directors
November, 2001
Elmira Southside High School Class of 1961: 40th Reunion Yearbook
of the Greater Orlando Bowling Association. I
served as President for two terms and was in
charge of one bowling center for the state bowling
tournament when it was here (that was 13 weekends straight). I bowl every year in the ABC
National Tournament. I am a delegate for our
Bowling Association, so I go to the tournament on
delegates week each year. That week, we discuss
any proposed legislation to change or add to the
American Bowling Congress rule book. I also bowl
every year in the state tournament and the local
association tournament. A few years ago, in the
state Tournament, I rolled a 300 game and a 774
series.That was a high point! I was on cloud nine!
Nancy VonHendy Baker
95 Combs Hill Rd
Pine City, NY 14871
Phone: 607-732-5323
Mary Vosburgh
3535 Williston Loop
Land O’ Lakes, FL 34639
Email: [email protected]
Broadway Dept. Store at the Del Amo Shopping
Center; then to Kingman, AZ were I worked as a
Dental Receptionist; Cleveland, OH were I returned to Northwest Airlines in February of 1973.
Another transfer in September of 1974 took us to
Bethesda, MD this time I was fortunate that I
could transfer with Northwest to their DC office.
The end of 1976 my husband & I decided on
divorce and I moved to Alexandria, VA which
allowed me to remain with Northwest in DC From
September 1978 to August 1980 I worked at
Washington National Airport with Northwest and
for health reasons I had to return to the Reservation Dept. But while I was at the airport I met my
“Significant Other”, Bus Slater, who was a Chief
Mechanic with Northwest. We decided to “just
see where our relationship goes”. UAnd it’s still
When our office in DC closed in March of 1982,
I came to work in our Tampa office. Bus remained
in Virginia and it was difficult keeping a relationship going over such long distance. But when he
retired in 1991, he started doing the commuting
which made it much easier for me. We combined
households in 1999 after selling my home in Tampa
and Ubuying one in Land O’ Lakes. I also retired in
July 1999.
Bus has two grown daughters by a previous
marriage and I never had any children. We do have
one 15 plus year old cat that adopted me in 1987.
UWe enjoy some traveling, gardening, swimming in
our pool, and in the winter months down here we
like to bike especially since we are getting more
and more bike trails in the area. I also work on my
Family Tree a lot. The computer is very handy for
After graduation I worked for Winnick’s Army &
Navy Store and C & K Laundry before leaving
Elmira in June of 1963 for Minneapolis, MN. I had
been paying to go to a school there that trained
people for government office jobs and airline
work. I had thought that I wanted to be a Stewardess. To get my foot in the door I started as a
Reservation Agent with Northwest Airlines and
was located in Seattle, WA where I met my
husband. In 1968 he was transferred to San
Francisco with his work and we made our home in
San Mateo.
Usually I get back to the Elmira area every
couple years as I still have family there. It is very
difficult to leave when I am up there. The area is
the prettiest of anywhere I have lived. But this is
home now and I especially enjoy it here when on
TV they show the snow blowing and zero temperatures in Elmira. Hope to see all of you in 2006.
Carol Webb
Northwest didn’t have an office in the San
Francisco area so I went to work for United. His
work brought about several more transfers: Los
Angeles were we lived in Torrance and I worked as
an Assistant Manager of the Jr Fashions at the
November, 2001
Elmira Southside High School Class of 1961: 40th Reunion Yearbook
Raymond Weiland
Alana Whitmoyer Ely
Listed on
15 Windy Knoll
Lowman, NY 14861
Phone: 607-733-5201
I think you may find this surprising about me
and my life now...
That after marrying at the young age of 15, that
I am still with my original husband, happily married with two grown sons, and four grandchildren.
It was a struggle, but with the help of our Lord
Jesus Christ, we succeeded.
Patty Whitney Large
830 Nicole Court
West Linn, OR 97068
Phone: 503-656-2285
Email: [email protected] (husband’s)
Ray and wife Barb
Navy two years. Hardinge Bros. 11 years. Rural
postal carrier 27 years.
Two children, Shelly and Scott; one grandson,
Brandon; spouse Barb.
Cliff West
Jennings Road
Horseheads, NY 14845
John Weston
298 Universal Ave.
Elmira, NY 14904
Phone: 607-734-8934
Patty and husband Don
Harold Wilcox
Thomas Wilcox
38 Wilcox Drive
Elmira, NY 14903
Phone: 607-732-5596
Email: [email protected]
John and wife Carol
Gary White
743 Robinson Street
Elmira, NY 14904
Phone: 607-733-5395
Craig Whitman
2200 East River Road
Rochester, NY 14623
November, 2001
I’ve been happly married for 37 years to Ann
(Pullen) Wilcox. We’ve threeUwonderful children
Elmira Southside High School Class of 1961: 40th Reunion Yearbook
andUone wonderful, if you can be wonderful when
you’re three, granddaughter. I’ve worked at
Schweizer Aircraft Corp for 37 years, most of
which I’ve been their Plant Engineer. We have
aUcottage on Seneca Lake where we can relax. We
enjoy boating, fishing, camping, playing on the
computer, and many other hobbies. We have a nice
home on the hill behind the Mark Twain Golf
Course. PS: I had a very nice time at our reunion. I
thought the location was great.
Judith Wilkinson Moss
RR5 Box 258A
Wellsboro, PA 16901
Phone: 570-724-7664
Email: [email protected]
128 Lake Wallkill Rd.
Sussex, NJ 07461
William Wombough Jr.
183 Howard Landgerfield
Vale, NC 28168
William Wood
40 Dungan St.
Canandaigua, NY 14424
Esther Young
Jan Yule Altilio
Married 40 years. Four daughters. Assistant
head nurse, NICU. Living in Texas now but retiring
to Wellsboro.
Dianne Williams McNeil
Jack Wilson
PO Box 604
Millbrook, NY 12545
Email: [email protected]
618 Stillwater Dr.
Horseheads, NY 14845
Phone: 607-796-9773
Lee Zepp
16 Frosty Rd.
Pine City, NY 14871
Phone: 607-735-0633
It doesn’t seem possible that it has been 40
years since we graduated because I do not feel
that old. But so much life has gone by, it must be
real. I’ve raised three strong, independent, beautiful daughters as a single parent, become a RN
and then on to be a Nurse Practitioner. After 30
years of state service, I will be retiring as of 9/
30/01 and have already started teaching in a
private school in CT. of only 19 students.
I also plan on working at the local bookstore and
spending more time with the grandchildren plus my
hobbies of gardening, genealogy, sewing and
I would love to hear from all my old friends
from SHS and hope to see more of you next time.
Don’t wait until the 50th!
November, 2001