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'1 . lfok4nR is a personal .atter and each person should have
the ireedos to decide for hiaself if hs wants to nohs and
what kind of cigarettes . The govsro .eat should do nothing
.ore than provide accurate inforYtion about s .oting so that
the person can .ake an inforsed decision . There is alresdy
1 too wch go.ernweot iatsrferenos in personal satters .
K, we ha~s serious parobler such as the energy orisis, arise,
unaaDloy.ent, saploywent conditions, and atahla sarkets
for fara goods . Senator Hayh should be spending his tise
seeking solutiona to these peoblsr .
3 . Tobacco provides jobs and inaowe to Indisna oitinens
Indiana citiaens who receive inoes .e fro . tobacco imlade
far.ers, transportation workers, tobacco distrihutors,
retailers, and nenpaysrs . it is a aistake for Senator Eqh
to take aotions which will reduce iteore aaiLble to pay
these workers at a tine when there is severe unwyloy .ent .
Senator 8ayh'∎ plan to pay ywDle who lose jobs in the
tobacco industry would be unrealistic and inflationary .
4 . Cigarette salss produoe rerenue through oigarette taxes
for aate and federal go .ernrents of about $6 .5 billion per
year . Cigarette sales yawride Indiana alone with .ere thaa
$60 .iliion in cigarette tax rewnues . If Senator Hayh is
suoowstul in substantially reducing consu.ption the governasnt will have to raise other taxes or cut back s .r.iow .
6 . . we aesd answers to cancer, like hos is it caused and how can
it be treated and cured . The answers can cons only through
long and expensive soientiiic research . Senator Bayh's
political aoti.itiss relating to smoking will not give the
antwea7 and they are a :istake because they take away the
srphasis needed for solentitic research .
Senator Hayh's address is : Senator Birch Bqh
Benate Office Building
Washington, D . C. 20510
1 . Saoking is a personal and individual .attar . iach person
should have the freedos to decide for biareif whether he
wants to sroke and, if so, what kind of cigarettes . The
gc7ernaeut r,ould do nothing rore than provide information
about smoking so that tbe person can make an infor .ad
decision . There Sa alrsady too aueh government interfarenee
with individual fresdom in personal aatters and we do oot
o ..d Inwa putting furthsr restrictions on tobacco . Of
course, the governnent should see to it that information
about smoking is accurate and balanced .
2 . Indiana citizens and a11 oiticens of the United 8tates are
faced with vital proble.s, such as the energy crisis, crime,
unaploynent, healtb care, and providing stable aarkete for
farn goods whicb will allow the farmer to nake a reasonable
incoae . Senator Bnyh's planned fight asainet tobacco will
require a great deal of his ti .e. 8e would better serve
the citineos of Indiana and the United Otates ii he spent
that time working for solutions to major probler which
cannot be solved by individual choice .
3 . Tobaeeo yrovides Jobs and income to Indiana citizens .
Income from tobacoo salee in enjoyed by farners, traneyortation oo.panies, tobacco distributors, retailers (including
grocery stores), Indiana newspapers, and employees of tobacco
manufacturers living in Indiana . Senator Bayh's activities
against tobacco could eliainate nany of those jobs and reduce
incoses at a ti .e when une,.ployaent Se already eevere and
governments are having difficulties financing their operations
because of insufficient tax revenuea . Senator Bayb's plan to
subsidize far.ers not to grow tobaeco is unrealistic beeause
the paynent∎ would hav+ to be quite high and such paynents
would be severely inflationary .
4 . Federal aod state cigarette excise taxes produces yearly
retinues of about $5 .5 billion . In Indiana alone the cigarette tax produoee more than $50 million in tax revenue . If
Senator Bayb were successful in reducing cigarette coneusptieb
other taxes would have to be raised eubstantially to replace
the lost cigarette taz revenue .
5. The American public badly needs answers to cancer . Those
aanters can core only as a result of dedicated and expensive
scientific research . Senator Bayh'∎ political activities will
not provide the answers . It is misleading to tell the American
public that they are being protected from cancer by a reduction
in cigarette s.oking . There is oo way to know that reduced
cigarette e.okLni or s.oking cigarettes with reduced "tar•" and
nicotine content will have any effect on the cancer rate .
Senator Hayb's address Se : Senator sirab I+ayh
Senate Office Duilding
Washington, D. C . 20510