Notice to Vacate

Notice to Vacate
Today’s Date: _________________
Apartment Address: __________________________________________
Move-Out Date: _______________
Email (Non-UNC): ____________________________________________
Reason for Vacating:
Phone: ______________________
No Longer Eligible Student
Too Expensive
Home Purchase
Apartment Features
Over Occupancy Limits
Renting House/Condo
Renting Off Campus Apartment
Change in Marital Status
Other: _____________________
Move-Out Procedure
1. Submit Notice to Vacate Form to
Baity Hill Office.
2. Update address with Postal Service,
Businesses, Family/Friends, Etc.
3. Thoroughly clean the apartment.
4. Remove all personal items.
5. Properly dispose/donate unwanted
6. Return all keys and flex passes to
Baity Hill office. Report lost or
missing keys.
An inspection will be performed within
10 days of your move out. Any charges
for damages or cleaning will be billed to
you or deducted from your security
deposit (if applicable) within 30 days.
Please note that deposit refunds may
take up to 4-6 weeks to receive.
Thank You for making Baity Hill
your home! We hope you
enjoyed your time here!
Future Address: _____________________________________________
I, (Your Name) ____________________________ will be vacating this
apartment on the date given above. I understand that the submission
of this notice does not relieve me of any liability that I may have under
the present lease contract. Should I subsequently wish to cancel or
extend the move out to a later date, I will contact the Baity Hill office
immediately through a written request. If my apartment has already
been reserved by a new resident by the time such a request is made, I
understand that it may be impossible for Baity Hill to grant this
request. In order to fulfill my lease contract, I am aware that the final
month’s rent must be paid on or before the 1st day of that month. The
rent will not be prorated regardless of my move out date as stated in
the lease. If terminating the lease prior to the lease end date, I
understand there is an early termination penalty of $_________ that is
due before or on the day I turn in the keys.
I authorize the UNC Department of Housing and Residential Education
to release my rental history information to entities including, but not
limited to, a mortgage company, property management company,
utility company, or creditor. I release the University of North Carolina
and affiliated departments from any and all manner of actions, suits,
claims and liabilities related to or resulting from actions pertaining to
this authorization.
Student Signature: __________________________________________
Date: ___________________________
This Notice to Vacate was received on ___________________ (Date)
by _____________________________________________________.
The representative signature above is not a release of the lease
contract, only an acknowledgement of receipt of this notice.
Early Lease Termination: Yes / No
Move Out Instructions
What to do before you move out?
1. Update your address with the Postal Service, Businesses/Subscriptions, Family/Friends, Creditors, Etc. Don’t
forget your bank, credit card companies, doctor offices, previous educational institutions, and employers.
Due to the volume of mail we receive, we are not able to forward mail for you. Mailed received after you
move out will be returned to the sender. Please plan accordingly.
2. Update or cancel any newspaper subscriptions.
3. Update contact information in MyUNC/Connect Carolina.
4. Make sure you have a plan to dispose/donate any unwanted items. Large items will require additional
attention due to scheduling of pick-up. Remember, the receptacles in the community are for household
trash only and cannot accommodate large items. A Discard/Donate guide is available at the Baity Hill office.
Get Your Apartment Ready for Inspection:
After you have finished moving your things and cleaned the apartment, bring the all keys to the Baity Hill Office.
If it is after office hours, you may place the keys in an envelope with your Name and Building/Apartment
Number in the after-hours key box beside the office door. Rent will continue to be charged until all keys are
returned to the Baity Hill Office.
Completion of your move-out and refund of your security deposit (when applicable) is subject to the following
 All conditions of the Lease Agreement are fulfilled.
 Your apartment is returned with no damage beyond normal wear and tear.
 The apartment is thoroughly cleaned including appliances, closets, cabinets, sinks, toilets, baths,
windows, and floors.
 All personal items are removed from the apartment.
 All waste and debris is removed from the apartment and placed in appropriate waste containers.
 Remove all nails, picture hangers, screws, tape, putty, hooks, or other attachments. Small nail holes can
be left. Large hole repairs or repainting will be charged at a modest rate. Please do not attempt to repair
An inspection will be performed within 10 days of your move out. Any charges for damages or cleaning will be
billed to you or deducted from your security deposit (if applicable) within 30 days. Please note that deposit
refunds may take up to 4-6 weeks to receive. If you have not received a final account statement or the security
deposit refund (when applicable) after that time, please contact our office at 919-843-8831. Should you wish to
address any issue relating to your final account statement, please submit your concerns in writing to:
Baity Hill @ Mason Farm, Attn: Property Manager, 1503 Baity Hill Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 or via email to
[email protected]
Cleaning Guide
Possible Charges for Damages or Cleaning
Listed below are some of the possible charges for
common damages to apartments. Final charges are not
limited to the amount of a security deposit (when
Labor Rate (Maintenance/Housekeeping) is $38 per hour
with a one hour minimum.
Assessment for Cleaning Charges
Adhesive/Contact Paper Removal (Per Surface)
Grime on Fixtures (Per Fixture)
Vinyl Floor Restoration (Non-Replacement)
Carpet Spot Treatment (Per Spot, No Replacement) $50
Bathtub (Surface Restore; 1 Hour Min)
Bath Sink/Toilet (Surface Restore; 1 Hour Min)
Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning/Resurface (1 Hour Min)
Kitchen Sink Cleaning/Resurface (1 Hour Min)
Bathtub/Sinks Mold Remediation (1 Hour Min)
Refrigerator/Dishwasher Cleaning (1 Hour Min)
Stove Scouring/Burn Food Removal (1 Hour Min)
Walls/Baseboard Cleaning (1 Hour Min)
Assessment for Damages/Repairs
Replace Carpet or Vinyl Flooring
*Actual Cost
(Minus % Deprecation)
Carpet Patch (Per Patch)
Door Re-Hang/Reassemble
Door Replacement (Per Door)
Fire Extinguisher Replacement
Smoke Detector Repair/Replacement
Light Fixture Repair/Replacement
Lost Key = Rekey & Lock Change
Lost Flex Pass (Per Pass)
Kitchen Cabinetry/Counter Replacement
*Actual Cost
Kitchen Appliances Replacement
*Actual Cost
(Minus % Deprecation)
Refrigerator Bin/Tray Replacement
Oven Rack Replacement (Per Rack)
Safe-T Stove Element Replacement (Per Burner)
Bath Cabinetry/Counter Replacement
*Actual Cost
Toilet Replacement (Minus % Deprecation) *Actual Cost
Towel Rack Replacement (Per Rack)
Student Signature: _______________________________
Window Blinds Replacement (Per Blind)
Window Pane/Screen Replacement
Paint Charges (Restore Original Color)
Item Removal (Per Item)
Paint Charges (Restore Original Color)
Item Removal (Per Item)
*Actual Cost
*Actual Cost
*Actual Cost
*Actual Cost = Cost of Materials plus Labor Billed or
Charges as Billed via Contractor Invoice
*Applicable Charges are subject to change without notice
Cleaning Guide
This guide is not meant to be all inclusive, but will help
you avoid cleaning charges.
Shower/Tub: Scrub the shower stall and tub with nonabrasive cleanser and rinse thoroughly.
Toilet: Clean the interior and exterior of the toilet,
including seat and around the base.
Vanity: Clean the sink and mirror. Clean the medicine
Floor: Sweep and mop all linoleum and tile surfaces.
Fixtures: Remove any tape from electrical sockets.
Floor: Sweep and mop all vinyl and tile surfaces.
Range/Stove: Clean stove top surface, oven door, and
range hood (top and underneath).The oven needs to be
completely cleaned. Oven cleaner is permitted (and in
most cases required), but be sure to wipe off residue
from oven cleaner.
Refrigerator: Clean inside and out, including the seal
around the doors. Clean all trays and shelves. Crisper
shelf and drawers should be removed for cleaning and
then placed inside again. Leave the refrigerator running
with doors closed. Remove any ice and turn off the ice
maker in the freezer.
Sink and Counters: Clean cabinets inside and out,
including drawers, shelves, and doors.
CARPET: Vacuum carpets throughout the apartment.
Date: ____________________