16th Sunday Ordinary Time C 17th July 2016

Responsorial Psalm:
The just will live in the
presence of the Lord.
Gospel Acclamation:
Alleluia, alleluia!
Open our heart, O Lord,
to accept the words
of your son.
Celebration Mass
We will be celebrating the many successes and achievements of the
year on Tuesday 19th July at
9.15am in St David’s Mold.
In addition, to saying goodbye to our
Year 6 pupils, we will be marking the
retirement of Mrs Peover, who has
given 25 years of teaching to St David’s.
A farewell goes to Miss Cousins,
who will be taking up a teaching post
in Dubai.
All are welcome.
Mr. Hughes
Farewell and Thank you
Next Sunday (24th July), we will
say “Farewell” to the Morris family
and to Sheila and Bob Naybour. We
thank them for being part of our parish community and for their generous
service and involvement .
Tea/Coffee will be served in the Hall
after the Mass, so that we can thank
them and say our “Goodbyes”. We
wish them every blessing in the future.
People expect us to be busy, overworked.
It’s become a status symbol in our society: if we’re busy we’re important; if we’re
not busy, we’re embarrassed to admit it.
Busyness is where we get our security.
It’s validating, popular and pleasing. It’s
also a good excuse for not dealing with
the first things in our lives.
(Stephen Convey)
Eglwys Catholig Dewi Sant, Yr Wyddgrug
St.David’s Catholic Church, Mold
Parish Priest: Fr. Pius Mathew CMI,
St.David’s Presbytery, St.David’s Lane, Mold. CH7 1LH
Email: [email protected]
01352 752087
Deacon David Joy:01352 754722 LSUConvent:01352 700121
Website: http://www.stdavidsmold.org.uk/
Hospitality is making your guests feel at
home, even though you wish they were.
(Renee Waterworth)
Next Weekend
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17th July 2016
16th Sunday Ordinary time
16th July Saturday
Mass 5.30pm
Collection for Flowers
Choir Practice this Tuesday
For People of the Parish
Let us pray for the Sick
Jones, Jim Hughes, Margaret Carr, Judith Rowe, Margaret Evans, Fred Battersby,
Gwen Jones,Joe Goggin, Ian
Byron, Debra Ann Roberts,Tricia Twizell, Rosa Maria, Joan Lawrence, Gay McCornick, Moira
Catherall, Lea Hill, Anne Turner, Mary
Rowe, Jenny Mansley, Jennifer Rowley,
Nancy Wilson,
Joe & Luisa Desena,
Shelagh Fulham, Margaret Stubbs, Philomena Lamano, and Leo McManus.
We remember in our prayers
Those whose anniversaries
Occur this week
(16th July) George Clarke, Clara Pimblett
(17th July) William Collins, Gerald Whitley,
Francis Williams, Martin Brannan, Michael
Maloney, Jim McIntyre (18th July) Helen
Brennan, John Carney, (19th July) Mary
Brownrigg, Honora Hyland (20th July) Bernard O’Hara, Nora Supersad (21st July) Esther Mayers, Helen Hall, Thomas James
McVey (22nd July) David Wilson, Thomas
Neale, Tim Turner
Year C
17th July Sunday
Mass 11am
Christopher Shone RIP
(Joanne and John Shone)
Monday :
18th July
19th July
Liturgy of the day
Mass 9.15am
Chris Shone RIP & Int. Joanne, John&
Andrew Shone (Win and Brian Eagan)
Mass 9.15am : School Leavers’ Mass
Mass 7pm
Sr.Aidan Doran RIP
Wednesday: Liturgy of the day
20th July
Mass 9.15am
21st July
22nd July
Gerry Walsh &Ron Johnson RIP (Agnes Walsh)
Liturgy of the day
Mass 9.15am
Int. Michael Cresswell (Creswell Family)
Feast: St.Mary Magdalene
Mass 9.15am
Tommie Flannery RIP (Rose & Jim Hamill)
23rd July Saturday
Mass at 5.30pm
24th July Sunday
Mass 11am
For People of the Parish
Int. The Morris Family
(Simon Hughes)
Rosary and
Every Friday
following the
morning Mass
at 9.15am
Sacrament of
10.30am to
& Before the Vigil
Sundays before
the Mass
e have defined
ourselves by what
we do, not by what we are.
When first meeting a person we often ask “What do
you do?” And we seem to
be impressed by how busy
they are. Somebody with a
full diary, with a frenetic
lifestyle and a backlog of
texts on their mobile phone
is considered a success. To
have no time is thought of
as a status symbol. But we
may still not know who we
If we always respond to the
urgent, we may end up
missing the essential. By
keeping busy we can easily
stave off what we know we
should really be doing.
Where we set our priorities
often says more about how
we would like to be thought
of than it does about who shown the basic courtesies.
we really are.
Maybe she’d got into the
It’s easy to hear the epi- habit of doing everything in
sode about Jesus visiting the kitchen and then feeling
Martha and Mary and to sorry for herself and blamcome out on Mary’s side. ing others? She wouldn’t be
She was the one who sat the first!
and talked while Martha
was going frantic in the
kitchen. The gospel tells us
that Martha was
“distracted” by all the work
that had to be done for the
meal and the entertaining.
But both Martha and Mary
were needed. The guest
did not come just for food
but for company too. Mary
played her part by entertaining Jesus and by allowing herself to be enriched
as she listened to what he
had to say. Martha’s role
was to get everything just
right so that the meal would
go without a hitch.
It might be a bit harsh to
say that the whole occasion
smacked of devotion on
Mary’s part and of duty on
Martha’s. But what is certain is that Martha allowed
herself to be “distracted” by
important things that could
have waited until she’d
In our relationship with
God, do we feel that we
have always got to be doing something? Always active, proving our love of
God? A faith without any
sign of good works would
be a lazy one. But if we
never slow down enough to
talk to God, to rest in God’s
presence and to listen for
what God is trying to tell us,
then we will end up running
on very low batteries. And
we might find that what we
thought was crucial just
turns out to be a way of
distracting ourselves and
avoiding God.
Journey of Faith 2016/17
‘Come and See’
Are you or someone you know interested
in learning more about the process of
entering the Catholic Faith? Come and
learn why Catholics do what they do and
what Catholics believe about God,
church and family life in Christ.
We start our new sessions during the
first week of September on Monday evenings starting at 7.30pm in the Parish
Library. Registration forms are available
at the Flint parish office or from your parish priests. This programme is open to
every parish in the deanery.
Fr. Adrian Wilcock (Dean)
[email protected]
Telephone: 01352732245
After considering your family and friends in
your will, why not think of leaving a gift to
the family of the Church? It is a way of
thanking God for the blessings you
have received during your life and a wonderful way of helping to ensure that the
faith and values we cherish will be carried
on for future generations- your children,
grandchildren and beyond.
Your gift could be specified to be used for
general purposes at the discretion of the
parish priest ( or the bishop if it is given to
the diocese).
Making the ultimate gift will be as simple as
asking your advisor to include a statement
such as :
ESTATE] to St. David's Catholic
Church, Mold (or if you would like to give
to the diocese: to Wrexham Diocesan Trustees Registered) to be applied as to both
capital and income for the general charitable purposes of the Parish ( or Wrexham
Diocesan Trust (Charity Number
700426) AND I REQUEST without imposing any binding trust or legal obligation that the same shall be used for such
purposes within St. David’s, Mold or at the
discretion of the parish priest AND I DIRECT that the receipt of the Parish Priest
shall be sufficient
discharge to my Executors.
Money Matters : Offertory Collection
last weekend
£650.64 of which £372.95 was Gift Aided.
Gift Aid: If you are a Tax Payer, please consider filling out the Gift Aid form which
is in the church porch to receive a box of weekly envelopes for your offertory donation
or for a one-off donation then please use the Green envelopes. Please remember to
write your name, address, sign and date the green envelope.
Thank you for supporting our Parish.