Tips to pack your valuables for moving and storage

While packing our homes for moving or just packing extra things around
the house for storage, there are two ways through which the packaging
can be done that is the right way and wrong way. Most of us use
newspaper for the packaging of the things without bothering that the ink
may rub off around the things. There is a list of the most common
suggestions that is needed while moving boxes while changing home.
Glass: Using printed newspaper can led to impressions of the print
around the objects. Instead of using printed newspaper, use unprinted
paper. Bubble wrap can be used for the mirrors, crystals and china. Using
bubble wrap will always ensure you that items are wrapped with bubbles
facing out, away from the object. This will help the bubbles from
avoiding marks on the glass. The boxes that are used for packaging of
mirrors and artwork should be slightly bigger than the objects which help
to keep things from shifting or getting banged.
Metal: Rust and tarnish attack the material very soon. Generally, the industrial
items are packed in oil and grease and not all of us want to do that for our brass
items or for family silver set. For items such as silver should be stored in flannel
bag which are infused with silver particles. The things are to be packed after
cleaning the pieces thoroughly and polishing them as they are to be stored for
long time.
Electronics: Electronics are attacked by rust and corrosion very easily.
Corrosion cannot be cleaned from electronics. Make sure to include a couple
desiccant packets as the electronics are being packed along with bubble wrap.
You might have noticed a small packet when you have bought office supplies or
laptop. These are the desiccant packets which drew moisture out of the area.
Appliances: Appliances are needed to be stored once in a while. When large
items are stored make sure that they are prepped correctly. Refrigerators must
be cleaned out, pans should be drained, clean off the coils, and make sure to
leave the doors are not left cracked open for air circulation while storing. If the
doors are left cracked then moisture and mildew will form inside and ruin it
from completely. Same prepped is followed for stoves and ovens.
Assets such as refrigerators, electronics, silver ware, antiques, expensive
glassware and all can be protected from damaging with proper packaging of
your storage unit. Different storage companies will let you know how and what
you need to store. Climate controlled storage should be included for the
packaging of artwork, antiques and musical instrument which help them to
protect from the wide changes in temperatures.
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