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Tonawanda NEWS
Thursdoy, January 2, 1964
Blood Chapter
New Construction
Takes Dip for Year
For New Aides
New construction — except in factory buildings
and extensions ^— took a downward trend in the Town
of Tonawanda last vear.
The trend showed up in the other types of projects make up
1963 report filed Monday with the the 1963 total of $5,561,985.
Mr. Batterson itemized t h e
Town Board by Richard J. Batterson, supervising building in- "other types of projects":
spector. He valued the year's
Factory extensions, $900,110;
new projects at $5,561,985. '
dwelling extensions,
gaThat total is $1,316,903 below
the $6,878,888 estimated total for
1962. But the report had bright dwellings' $245,300; town water
spots in factory building and fac- plant. $200,000; church extension,
$175,000, and gas stations, intory extensions.
cluding tanks and pumps, $86,Factory extensions for 1963
were valued at $900,110. ConDrive-in theater. $30,000: relostruction sDf new factories was
cation of homes, 577,000; county
valued at $493,535 for a $386,485
utility building. $60,000; o f f i c e
gain over the $107,050 total for
buildings, $57,000; signs, $51,695
1962. Most of the work was in
and boat-truck storage buildings,
the town's River Road industrial
district that has ample room for
4,'nion hall. $40,000; relocations
more industrial construction
•net homes' $34,000; town wadTOWN OFFICIALS: These Town of Tonawanda officials were
The "valuations" in Mr. Bat- ing poo^ $32,000, sales buildsworn into office Monday by Town Clerk Robert Johnson
terson's report differs from pub- ings - stores $27,000; building
at the Municipal Building in Kenmore. From left, front,
licly announced "costs" of most demolition.-, $12,600; field house
are Mr. Johnson administering the oath of office to Superprojects. The town has a 27 per addition, SS.0C0. and accessory
visor Henry J. DeWitt J r . , rear, Town Councilmen Wilbur
cent equalization rate for Lax buildings, $5.7oo
purposes in valuations.
The last two building permits
That difference, for example, approved for the soar were a
is reflected in the $900,000 ex- $2,500 frame extension to the
pan^ on of the town's water home of NOJ! Simmons. 50
plant at the end of Sheridan Brookville Drive and construcDrive. The project valuation in tion of a SJO.Ct.l) concrete ""and
the 1963 report is set at $200,000. steel basement beneath a mediThe 1963 "big business" proj- cal building at 4o48 Delaware
ects were estimated at $1,465,- Ave.
410 for a slight gain over the
1962 total of $1,456,000.*
The items in this classification
are: factory' extensions. $900.110; town water plant expansion,
$200,000; church extension, $175,000; boat-truck storage b u i l d ings. $50,300; Erie County utility
building, $60,000, and an $80,000
drive-in theater.
DUNKIRK iL'PD— Wrecking
The Town Board approved 1,crews
worked to clear the main041 applications for building perline
today after 36 cars
mits in 1963. Of this total. 137
New York Central
were for new single dwellings
train jumped
having $1,849,000 total valuation.
added $232,530 to the home build- tion.
One man, George Rahn, 78. of
ing total. And two appartment
suftered minor injurbouses added $90,000 more valuies
one of the cars struck
was parked near
But the $2,171,530 grand total
Fifteen c a r s
in residential construction was
into a
$691,070 below the 1962 figure of
Two of the cars reportedly
The $2,171,530 residential construction total and $3,390,455 in contained propane gas, but authorities said they had been
sealed off and there was no danger of explosion or fire. Two
buildings along the- track were
damaged in the derailment yesterday.
Cause of the accident was unKELLER — Beatrice M. Kelder
ler, Wednesday (Jan. 1, 1964) of
50 Cobb St., Tonawanda. Wife of
Qetus G. Keller; mother of John
0 . , James C. and Mary L. Keller; daughter of Margaret and
the late Godfrey Prenevou; sister of Joseph, William and John
The state superintendent of
Prenevou, Mrs. Mary Louise
Baer and Mrs. Catherine Ryan. banking has rejected a proposed
Funeral from the William A. $7 million merger of the Bank
Rolling Funeral Home, 3000 Del- of Jamestown into the ManufacSNOW BLOWER IN ACTION: Bernard Fulson puts the Kenaware at Tremont, Kenmore, turers & Traders Trust Co.
more Mercy Hospital snow blower through its paces as he
Oren Root told Buffalo bankSaturday morning at 9:30 and
walks on the hospital grounds in the wake of the New
from S t Timothy's Church at 10. ing officials "Such a developFriends are invited. Mrs. Keller ment would* do violence to the
was a member of the Altar and state's policy against the concenFellowcraft Club
Rosary Society of St. Timothy's tration of banking assets beyond
effecChurch. The family will be presDinner Tomorrow
ent from 2 to 5 and 7 to 10 p.m. tive competition "
The Fellowcraft Club of MasM&T is the second largest
Builder Lodge 911. F&AM,
WURL — Gertrude B. Wurl, commercial bank in Western ty Organization today asked resi- will have its first monthly din51, died Wednesday <Jan. 1, New York. The Bank of James- dents to take Christmas trees to ner meeting of the year tomor1964) at her residence. 2563 town is ranked sixth in the area. Fnsminger ball diamond Satur- row night at the Masonic TemThe Marine Trust Co., the M
Wurl St., Bergholtz, after a
T. and Liberty National Bank day for a tree burning ceremony. ple, 173 Delaware Road, Kenlengthy illness. She is survived
The trees will be burned dur- more
by her husband, Wilmer E., and already maintain 77 per cent of ing the program starting at 7;30
A social period from 6 to 6 30
a daughter, Linda, at home; four the commercial banking assets p.m. at the diamond near the p.m. will precede the dinner. All
sisters. Esther Elser of N'orth in Western New York and oper- Erie County Society for Preven- who . attend will receive Master
Tonawanda, Mrs. Leslie "Ella* ate about 65 per cent of the tion of Cruelty to Animals, 205 Builder 50th anniversary year
Geyer of Buffalo, Mrs. 01 af banking offices in the region.
Ensminger Road.
gold medallions.
(Edna* Ohrstrum of Millport,
Louis Martin and John McN.Y.. and Mrs. John < Jeanette*
Nerney. program
Sieber of California, and f i v e
Richard F. Cowles, 17, son of
John P Propis of Williams\ ilie said Sheridan Park volunteer
brothers, Walter, Elmer, Arthur, has been named general chairfiremen will supervise the burn- Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Cowles
Norman and LeRoy Malchow, all man of the annua! Heart Fund
ing. There will be a community of 188 Warren Ave, Kenmore,
of California. Friends may call campaign to he conducted in
songfest during the program. Ed- has begun basic training at the
at the Fretthold Funeral Home. February b> the Heart Associaward Culver has provided loud Naval Training Center, G r e a t
1241 Oliver St. at Ward Road, tion of Erie Countv.
speakers to amplify the music. Lakes, 111.
where services will be at 2 p.m.
Saturday. The family will be in
attendance from 2 to 4 and 7 to
9 p.m. The Rev. Enno
Schmoock will officiate
Interment in Acacia Park Cemetcrv
Mrs. Wurl was a member of St.
Paul's Lutheran Church and the
Ladies Aid Societv.
T. Carlson, J a m e s V. Ryan and George J. Butler; Peace
Justice William G. Coleman, Adam R. Rumley, receiver of
taxes and assessments, and Charles R. Laufer, who succeeded Mr. Rumley as Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda Civil
Defense director.
Victim Dies
In Lackawanna
Fall Off Bridge,
Rogucki, 69, Lackawanna, died
in Our Lady of Victory Hospital
Wednesday of injuries suffered
in a beating-robbery in his home
Dec. 5.
The incident was not reported
to police until four days after
Rogucki was attacked. Police
found him in a semi-conscious
condition and later he underwent surgery for head and facial injuries.
Mrs. Ernestine Williams, 27,
of Lackawanna, was arrested in
connection with the crime. Police said they are seeking two
men believed involved in the
robbery and beatmg.
The case against Mrs. Williams was adjourned to Jan. 19
and she was held in $10,000 cash
bail. Authorities indicated more
serious charges may be placed
against the woman.
Land in Street
Merger Plan
Is Rejected
Yule Tree Fire
To Be Saturday
«•>»**»« ua&S,.
C L E M O — The family of the late
E z r a Clemo w ;sh to e x p r e s s their
s i n c e r e t h a n k s ar.d a p p r e c i a t i o n to
their many relatives friends
n e i g h b o r s , for all their kindness and
flor a l t r i b u t e s sent, s y m p a t h y c a r d s
d u r i n g their recent
the loss of a d e a r husband and father.
Mrs. E z r a Clemo and F a m U y
F E R R I S — T h e family of the late
Anthony F e r r i s wish to e x p r e s s
t h e i r s i n c e r e t h a n k s and a p p r e c i a tion to their m a n y r e l a t i v e s , friends
a n d n e i g h b o r s for all their kindn e s s and s y m p a t h y shown, beautiful floral t r i b u t e s sent, s y m p a t h y
c a r d s . M a s s c a r d s and use of c a r s
d u r i n g their r e c e n t b e r e a v e m e n t ,
the loss of a d e a r h u s b a n d and
M r s Nita F e r n s
and daughters
Ceremony Set
By Holy Name
CHARTER: The Town of Tonawanda Industrial Development Corp. is now r e a d y to
complete its organization. F r o m left a r e
Councilman Thomas J . Kelly, P e t e r G. Weber
and Councilman Carlton D. Cruickshank with
the state c h a r t e r the corporation received
Tuesday. The new non-profit organization'!
leaders will meet Wednesday and J a n . 22
at the Municipal Building in Kenmore on further organization. The corporation executive
committee is F r e d O. F r a n c i s , H a r r y E.
Goss, Henry G. Blaufuss, Raymond E. Sinclair, Mr. Kelly, Mr. Weber and Mr. Cruick-
Thirty-two Kenmore and Town
of Tonawanda resident! art
members of the freshman clasa
at the State University of New
York at Buffalo. They include:
Charles W. Cotton, 4 St. John's
Place; Joyce J. Gianni, 104 Soroerton Ave.; Leslie S. May, 47 Argonne Drive; Janet G. Savanyu,
484 Moore Ave.; Christine J.
Bowe, 175 Rosemont Ave.; Jean
W. Coleman, 364 Wabash Ave.;
Karen J. Hoffman, 79 S. Irving
Ter.; John P. Radzwill, 1023 Englewood Ave.; Hari Dene Abrams, 187 Crosby Ave.; Nancy
J. Kindron, 139 Fairfield Ave.
Also, Sandra Klein, 543 Delaware Road; Penelope M. Kramer, 17 Columbia Blvd.; L a n r :
R. Maier, 53 Keller Ave.; Mary
Ann Passno, 269 Harrison Ave.;
James C. Bober, 66 June Road;
Donald W. Havas, 187 Liston
Road; Karen Ann Leff, 85 Meadow Lane; Jeanette Schultz. 122
Deumont-Ter.; Jeanette Veling,
43 Dorset Drive: David E.
Ralph, 113 Harrison Ave.: Lana
M. Schiffman, 68 S. Irving Ter.
Also, Robert W. Huyck. 280
Warren Ave.; Christine J. Bowe,
175 Rosemont Ave.: Judith L.
Bulgrin, 211 Stillwell Ave.; Russell Goldberg, 310 Crosby Ave.;
Robert L. Gauchat, 282 Argonne
Drive; Mary A. Fowler, 151 Willow Breeze Road; Charles Lotsof, 276 Nassau Ave.: Alexis B.
Pile, 643 Harrison Ave.; Henry
Ullman, 255 Nassau Ave.: Susan M. Duffy, 279 Woodcrest
Blvd., and Robert F. Baker, 882
Englewood Ave.
Robert S. Marshall, 2730 Colvin Blvd., Town, and Roy G.
Swerdfeger, 346 Nassau Ave.,
Kenmore, were among 1,254 students to receive degrees at Michigan State University's fall term
commencement exercises
Thirteen Town residents have
been named to the freshman
honors program for advanced
study at the State University of
New York at Buffalo. They are:
Paul R. Leffler, 142 Wrexham
Court; Mary D. Hayes, 66 Pinewoods Ave.; David A. McDowell. 230 Glenhurst Road; Richard Nicholson, 183 Somervillo
Ave.; James B. Sharcot, 36 Fenwick Road; Arnold C. Westphal,
8 Greenfield Ave.; Barbara A.
Reif, 133 Cobb St.
Also, Brenda L. Smith, 158
Westfall D r i v e ; Patricia C.
Jones, 3117 Brighton Road: Karen A. Gottler, 34 Brookville
Drive; Virginia Woolams, 128
Ames Ave.; Kenneth C. Sherry,
1001 Parkhurst Blvd. and Ann
Marie Masters, 52 Bannard Ave.
The Holy Name Society of St.
Andrew's Church will install officers Jan. 12 at a Communion
breakfast in St. Andrew's School,
1545 Sheridan Drive, Town of
Year's Day storm that dumped eight inches of snow on the
The installation will be by the
area. (Storm Stories, Page 1.)
Rev. Eugene Radon after the 8
a.m. Mass. Officers-elect are:
Steven Gaye, president: Raymond Nabor, first vice presiFund Trustees
dent: John Mays, second vice
president: Leon Mackowski, secTo Be Elected
(Key to a b b r e v i a t i o n s TonThe Peter Doctor Memorial In- treasurer, and John Hutten, maranandd
T, North
Tonadian Scholarship Foundation Inc.
NT. Town of Tonshal.
TT; Kenmore
will have its annual election of
Amh; V.'hea tfiflrttrustee officers at 1 p.m. SaturIV, P e n d l e t o n - P ; Buf.alo-B).
day at the Kenmore Presbyteri- France Rejects
an Church.
ice Briefs
Members of the statewide In- W. German Demands
BONN 'UPD—France today
organization will attend the
I.ip rut — Mf-s S a n d r a V Demp- 6:30 p.m. dinner meeting of the rejected
West Germany's desey, 20. of 51 P a l m e r (Ki received
Church mands for the return of cona cut on her upper lip 7 15 p.m. Kenmore Presbyterian
victed OAS leader Antoine Ar%
T u e s d a y in a t •• <> • c a r collision at Couples' Club.
E l m w o o d and T r e m a m e .
D e m p s e v v. as t r e a t e d at K e n m o r e
spokesman announced.
Mercy Hospital. C a r s o p e r a t e d by
The French note refusing to
Marine Pvt. Gerard M. Wolf
N o r m a n K Whitchurch, 88 Woodward i TT i and Miss
D e m p s e v Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Gerard hand over Argoud, condemned
w e r e involved in the collision
M. Wolf, 89 Koenig Road, Town to a life-time prison term after
of Tonawanda, has completed being kidnaped from Munich,
Marine was received at the West GerCouple hurt — P a u l M. Weisrn- basic training at the
b e r g e r , 25, and his bride. J a n e t . 25. Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Is- man foreign office at noon, the
both of Saginaw, Mich . received land, S. C.
spokesman said.
v a r i o u s cuts in a two-car collision
For the Record
5 2 5 p in. Monday at Brighton and
N i a g a r a F a l l s . Couple received
t r e a t m e n t at K e n m o r e M e r c y Hospital. C a r s o p e r a ' e d by Mr. Weisenb e r g e r and Victor P i t o m a k , Cheektowaga. involved in collision.
T h r e e injured — Miss M a r l e n e
Luke. 17. of 352 Knowlton (Ki received nose f r a c t u r e
T u e s d a y in two-car collision at Mili t a r y and P u l l m a n . C h a r l e s Smith.
27. of 75 Rockne (TT) received
b a c k and left leg injury; T i m o t h y
T r a p p e r . 21. of 343 W. Hazeltine
(K), back, chest, r i g h t s h o u l d e r and
left leg injuries All t r e a t e d at Kenm o r e Mercy Hospital. Miss L u k e
w a s in c a r o p e r a t e d by her father,
H a r r y Luke O t h e r s injured w e r e
p a s s e n g e r s in cay o p e r a t e d by Leona r d Valvo, 468 i W. D e l e v a n ( B ) .
Whiplash — A r t h u r P a t a n o J r . ,
20, of 463 Busti (B) w a s t r e a t e d
W e d n e s d a y at K e n m o r e
Hospital for neck and back p a i n s .
P a t a n o w a s o c c u p a n t of c a r p a r k e d
in Waverry, b e t w e e n E l m w o o d and
Military. P a r k e d c a r w a s hit by c a r
o p e r a t e d by R o d n e y T. B e r g J r . ,
224 O r c h a r d ( T T ) .
E n t r y — Theft of fur coat discove r e d T u e s d a y a t h o m e of Mr. a n d
Mrs. A a r o n J. N a z a r i a n , 355 F a y e t t e . House a p p a r e n t l y e n t e r e d by
d u p l i c a t e key to door by thief who
r a n s a c k e d t h e h o m e . Loss still und e r investigation.
A b a n d o n e d c a r — C a r of N a n c y
M. Sefranik, 51 K i n g (T) found
a b a n d o n e d T u e s d a y in front of 275
O a k r i d g e . L a t e r listed a s recove r e d stolen c a r .
F i r s t aid — H e r b e r t H a c k e t t , 46,
of 10 A m e s (TT) b e c a m e ill at
h o m e 5:35 p . m . W e d n e s d a y . G i v e n
first aid by P a t r o l m e n G e o r g e Struc a a n d S a l v a t o r e F i o r e l l a before his
t r a n s f e r t o M i l l a r d F i l l m o r e Hospital.
COCOLA - The family of the late
Helen U. Cocola wish to e x p r e s s
t h e i r s i n c e r e t h a n k s and a p p r e c i a tion to their m a n y r e l a t i v e s , friends
and neighbors, especially St. Joseph Society 436. G r a t w i c k U n i t
H o m e B u r e a u and P a l l o t t i n e Auxiliary, ' o r all their kindness and
s y m p a t h y shown, beautiful
t r i b u t e s sent, s y m p a t h y c a r d s . M a s s
c a r d s and use of c a r s d u r i n g their
r e c e n t b e r e a v e m e n t , the loss of a
d e a r wiie, m o t h e r , d a u g h t e r and
Cocola and Chodacki F a m i l i e s
Mrs. Glenny said a minimum
of 50 women is needed to augment the several hundred volunteers presently working in the
Blood Program.
Enrollment interviews will be
conducted Jan. 10 from 10 a.m.
to 3 p.m. and on Jan. 15 from 3
to 8 p.m.
Classes will be conducted on:
Jan. 20, 27 and Feb. 3 from 9:30
a.m. to 1 p.m. Both the interviews and the classes will be held
at Red Cross Headquarters, 786
Delaware Ave.
Anyone wishing additional information may call TT 6-7500
and ask for the Office of Volunteers.
Railroad Cars
Plans Program
Mrs. Bryant Glenny, chairman
of Office of Volunteers for the
Buffalo Red Cross, today announced the inauguration of a
new'uniformed service to be designated Blood Program Aides.
The new service has been developed to train a specialized
group in blood program procedures: Registration of donors,
taking temperatures, weight and
pulse, issuance of donors refreshments and the assembly of plastic donor bags. They also will be
given a two-hour orientation of
Red Cross.
Pago 17
Robert D. Klenk, 17, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford A. Klenk,
44 Mayfair Lane, Town of Tonawanda, recently began his .two
weeks active Naval
training duty as a seaman recruit at the Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, HI.
Untitled Document
Thomas M. Tryniski
309 South 4th Street
Fulton New York
League Offers
News Service
The Kenmore League of Women Voters is offering area residents a State Legislature news
This includes a "Legislative
Forecast," a series of newsletters summarizing activities of
the Legislature throughout its
session, and a "Legislative Review." The reviews will be available after the close of the session.
The Legislative Forecast copies are 25 cents each. The full
information service costs $1.60.
Checks may be sent to Mrs. John
R. Jewett, 69 Sherwin Drive,
Town of Tonawanda.
The Kenmore Volunteer Fire
Department will have its annual election of delegates to other fire organization from 8 to 10
tomorrow night. Balloting will be
at the Kenmore Fire Hall. 16
Nash Road.
Certified's 5V6% debentures due in 1976 carry interest from January 1st if purchased
before January 20, 1964. Bonds may be in Individual accounts, joint accounts, or as
custodians for minor children. Since 1936, Certified has never missed an interest
payment. The 5y 2 % bonds are available In denominations of $106. and up.