Tiwi Forestry News

Tiwi Forestry News
TOP LEFT Katie is helping Jenna at the training with NTES at MXC
TOP RIGHT Wayne, Brett and Jannah are doing some rope work.
BOTTOM LEFT Teddy and Kipa are doing training with NTES at MXC, with
Alison Heath looking at them is if they are doing it right.
BOTTOM RIGHT Jenna and Jannah doing training with young Katy and Kipa
looking at them if they are doing it right .
Issue: 21
Tiwi Forestry News
What’s happening in forestry
Tiwi Mask Owl Survey. On Wednesday 22 July the crew went to see if we
can find some mask owl that evening. The areas where to look for the owls
are Northern Beaches, Milikapiti, Jessie Creeks and Picka, Andranagoo and
Tinganoo Bay. We have to go every 2km and play the sound to attract the
Owl to listen to the sound we play, so the owl can respond to the call, some
time the owl may come maybe not {but Aaron,Barlo.seen 3 owls that night}
on Northern Beaches Road. Gibbo and Petina saw 1 owl all evening along
the Taracumbie Road.
Northern Territory Emergency Service came to Maxwell Creek to
conducted training for two days. They will do training course about {Cyclone
evacuation respond, Car crash, Fire respond and Missing person etc,} .The
training been held over two days, first day at Maxwell Creek doing first aid
and ropes. Day two at Pirlangimpi Police Station we look at our new NTES
trailer. The staff from Maxwell Creek attend the workshop are ;Aaron,
Teddy, Michaela and Petina Jenna, Jannah and Katie, Adam, Jodie, Chris
and Cian, Nicholas Hunter and Chris Smith all attend that workshop at
Pirlangimpi Police Station and they said to me that the workshop they have
attended was real good and they have learnt some thing different, because
maybe one day if there is an accident on the roads between Pirlangimpi,
Maxwell Creek to Three Ways, the guys be able to help the Police. If you
want to know more ask Aaron Trenfield at Maxwell Creek 089783713
because he is the Unit Officer. Alison Health is the regional manager for
NTES and goes to other communities.
Fuel Reduction Burn. The burning will be finish in 10 days time {two
weeks} and if you people want your areas burn for hunting purpose call
Maxwell Creek during business hours on 0889783713 or 1800 622 001.
Burn Notice. Please don’t ignore the Fire Notice sign that’s been put out in
the Communities Notice Board because its important for us Tiwi People to
make sure the trees don’t get Burn.
Great Southern will be conducting Fuel Reduction Burn. in the following
areas during the week commencing Thursday the 23/7/2009 at Rangini/
Friday 24/7/2009.at Andranangoo 1&2.Saturday 25/7/2009/ at Andranangoo
27/72009/Andranangoo/4/ Tuesday 28/7/2009/at Putjimirra Carbon Plots
and Wednesday 29/7/2009/at Woolunga&Rangini South. And we will let you
guys know more about the areas that we are going to do next. We will up
date all Notice Boards next week.
We will keep in Touch Cheers.