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Friday, February 21, 2014
Friday, February
Illinois 21, 2014
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Eric Church
Church aims
for edge in
McClatchy-Tribune News Service
Church’s new album is called
“The Outsiders,” but he sure
didn’t look like one during a
recent visit to Hollywood.
Sitting in a chauffeured SUV,
the country singer watched as
paparazzi snapped photos of his
arrival for a taping last week at
“Jimmy Kimmel Live.” A bottle
of his favorite whiskey awaited
him in his dressing room,
where a representative of the
late-night show soon turned up
bearing more gifts: a stack of
mint-condition vinyl records
by the likes of George Jones and
Johnny Cash.
“Very cool,” Church said,
inspecting the cover of
the Cash album. “He’s so
young here.”
At 36, this North Carolina
native is inching closer to country music’s power center. His
third studio disc, 2011’s “Chief,”
sold 1.7 million copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan, and
was named album of the year by
both the Country Music Assn.
and the Academy of Country
Music. It even spawned a top
20 pop hit with “Springsteen,”
a plaintive midtempo cut about
reminiscing to the sound of the
Boss’ “I’m on Fire.”
“Historians may not have
him on their radar yet,” said
ACM head Bob Romeo. “But if
we’re looking back 10 or 15 years
from now, it’s clear that Eric is
making an indelible mark on
the genre.”
What kind of mark, though?
In spite of his recent success,
Church insists he’s a country
music fringe-dweller — that
“it’s a different kind of cloth
that we’re cut from,” as he puts
it in the new album’s freak flag
of a title track. And even more
than “Chief,” which brought an
ornery rock ‘n’ roll energy to
songwriting steeped in country
tradition, “The Outsiders”
backs him up.
“The Outsiders” opens
with that title cut, a heavygauge guitar stomp about
owning one’s individuality
that climaxes with an explosive instrumental section as
intense as anything by Metallica or Pantera, both of which
the singer said he listened to
growing up. (In 2012 Metallica
invited Church to play its Orion
Music Festival.)
“The last minute and a half
of the song, I had never, ever,
ever heard anything like that
on country radio,” he said as
he nursed a Jack and Coke at a
Beverly Hills hotel before heading to Kimmel’s show. “I’ve not
heard anything like that on rock
radio for a while. And that’s
what I love about it.”
The song isn’t the only
rave-up on the album, which
also contains the AC/DC-ish
“That’s Damn Rock & Roll” and
a multipart screed against the
music business called — oh,
yes — “Devil, Devil (Prelude:
Princess of Darkness).”
Yet Church, who’s married
with a 2-year-old son, can be
disarmingly delicate too, as in
the hushed “A Man Who Was
Gonna Die Young,” about finding stability in a committed
And the album has hard-todefine numbers such as “The
Joint,” which Church referred
to as a cross between JJ Cale
and “Rock On” by David Essex,
and the disco-streaked “Roller
Coaster Ride.”
“I don’t know what the hell
that one is,” he said with a
laugh, crediting his longtime
producer, Jay Joyce, with helping to create an atmosphere of
open experimentation during
the album’s recording. A couple of songs, including “Cold
One,” even make prominent
use of trombone — a rarity on
modern pop, rock or country radio.
“I went to this jazz club in
San Francisco and just fell in
love with that sound,” Church
explained. “When I went back
to Jay, every song I’d be like,
‘Trombone!’ It became a joke
in the studio.”
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Decatur, Illinois
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Your Mother Your Mother Your Mother Your Mother Your Mother Your Mother Your Mother Your Mother Recreation Recreation King”
Thanks to Twitter, @helena becomes Brazilian meme
McClatchy-Tribune News Service
‌ he dramatic news about
Helena Price keeps coming,
always in doses of 140 characters or less. And in Portuguese.
She had to undress in front
of her uncle, others informed
her on Twitter.
She is pregnant, but
the identity of the father
is unclear, according to
another tweet.
“@helena, you did a blood
pact with your boyfriend
(who’s also your cousin) and
then went swimming and
nearly died,” tweeted someone
with the handle @gacta.
“I do not remember this”
@helena dead-panned
in reply.
She had a good reason not
to: None of those things really
happened to Helena Price, a
26-year-old North Carolina
State University grad. But
Price has become an instant
cultural phenomenon in Brazil,
famous, essentially, for not
being someone else.
And for having a sense of
humor about it.
It started Feb. 3 when a
serialized Brazilian soap opera
called “Em Familia” (In Family) debuted, featuring a character named Helena.
Instantly, Price began getting hundreds of tweets, as
Brazilian fans of the show tried
to connect with the real star,
or accidentally typed Price’s
Twitter username, @helena,
rather than the topic #helena
as they shared their thoughts
on the show.
At first, Price thought little
of it.
“I’ve had this before, just
from people who don’t know
how to use Twitter,” she
said in a recent interview by
phone from her home in San
Feb. 21
Helena Price’s acknowledgment of her world status.
Francisco. “I could be mentioned in a tweet intended for
Helena Bonham Carter, or a
DJ named Helena or someone’s best friend Helena. But
I’ve been everyone’s Helena
at some point on Twitter, so
at first it didn’t strike me as
that weird.
“But then,” said Price, “it
blew up.”
Initially, Price wasn’t sure
what was going on. Then she
ran a couple of the tweets
through Google Translate and
began to figure it out.
She quickly adjusted
her Twitter profile: “Tall,
pale, and half-Norwegian.
Full-time photographer
who occasionally dabbles
in tech. Not the actress, DJ,
Brazilian soap opera star, or
state capital.”
Her good-humored
responses led to an almost
instantaneous explosion of
Actor Gary Lockwood, 77; Actor
Peter McEnery, 74; Record company
executive David Geffen, 71; Actress
Tyne Daly, 68; Actor Anthony Daniels
(C3P0 in “Star Wars” films), 68;
Actor Alan Rickman, 68; Keyboardist
Jerry Harrison of Talking Heads, 65;
Actor William Petersen (“C;S;I;”), 61; Actor Kelsey
© Twitter‌
popularity. Within hours, she
had more than 6,000 new
followers on Twitter, most of
them clearly in on the joke that
she really wasn’t connected
with the show.
Brazilians began circulating
photos of her face digitally
swapped into scenes from the
show, and onto the covers of
Brazilian tabloids, or Brazilian icons such as a dancer
at Carnival.
“Omg, I think I’ve become a
meme,” she tweeted.
Hundreds of her new followers begged her to come
to their country. Others professed their love.
Then it spilled out of Twitter. The day after the debut
show, her story began popping
up all over major Brazilian
print and digital media.
“American is confused
with Helena of ‘Em Familia’
and turns meme on Twitter,”
trumpeted a headline on
the weekly news magazine “Veja.”
A Brazilian TV crew showed
up on her doorstep to film
this mystery Helena, and a
British tabloid reporter and a
New York Times tech blogger called.
Her new kind of fame was,
of course, not even possible
before the advent of social
media, and she doesn’t know
quite what to call it or quite
what to think about it.
“It went from @replies to
the entirety of Brazil being
in on the joke, basically, and
I became a meme,” Price
said. “It’s all really hard
to explain.”
Price is a serious citizen of
the online world. She does
photo shoots and creates
marketing campaigns for tech
companies, promotes her work
and theirs via a network of
social media channels such as
Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo,
LinkedIn and Facebook and,
of course, on her own website. Even before the Brazilian
phenomenon, she had 14,000
Twitter followers.
As Price sees it, her odd
adventure says as much about
Brazilians as it does about
social media.
“Brazil really has a good
sense of humor as a culture,
and I have never seen an
Internet culture specific to
a country that’s so coordinated and focused,” she said.
“Someone finds a gem, and
the whole country descends on
it at once.
“It’s clear to me in watching them that this is a form of
entertainment that is as significant to them as watching
television or watching movies,” she said. “They’re on the
Internet and they’re watching
Grammer, 59;
Singer Mary Chapin Carpenter,
56; Actor Jack Coleman, 56; Actor
Christopher Atkins, 53; Singer Ranking
Roger of General Public and of English
Beat, 53; Actor William Baldwin, 51;
Country singer Eric Heatherly, 44;
Bassist Eric Wilson (Sublime), 44;
Bassist Tad Kinchla of Blues Traveler, 41; Actress
very carefully what the rest of
Brazilian Twitter is tweeting
about and it’s like this giant
organism that ebbs and flows.”
Price diligently recorded
the presence of the TV crew,
shooting selfies for Twitter
showing the Brazilians behind
her with their video camera,
another mirror-image-ofa-mirror-image moment in
this saga of odd fame. She
still tweets about some of the
odder twists in the saga.
But her new kind of fame
has created a new kind of
etiquette problem: she’s
struggling to figure out how
to balance her more than
10,000 new Brazilian followers with her 14,000 old ones,
who presumably will still
be around after this surreal
bout with international fame
is over.
“This thing is only superrelevant in Brazil, and Brazil
is just all over it, but I’m sure
a majority of people in my
network are like, ‘Oookaaay,
we get it,’ and I don’t want to
annoy them,” she said. “So I
have to be careful about how
much I engage with the Brazilians. But at the same time I
don’t want to tick them off
and have them be like, ‘Why
don’t you reply to us?’
“So I’m in this funny position here, and I think the
easiest solution for me it to not
tweet very much,” she said
It’s also unclear how long
her unusual role in Brazilian
culture will last. It could be
a tad more than the standard
15 minutes.
“You know, being a meme
you kind of die as quickly as
you grow,” she said. “So, it
could be something that just
fades away. But the show is
on another eight months,
after all.”
Jennifer Love Hewitt, 35; Opera/pop
singer Charlotte Church, 28;
Actress Ashley Green (“Twilight”),
27; Actress Ellen Page (“Juno”), 27;
Actor Corbin Bleu (“High School
Musical,” ‘’Jump In!”), 25; Actress
Hayley Orrantia (“The Goldbergs”/
former contestant “The X Factor”), 20.