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JUNE 2011
The Chlorine Chronicle
Coach’s Corner
Upcoming Events:
For the month of
By Rich Tobergte
June 1: Team Unify training session for parents - 7:00-8:30 pm
June 3: Fireworks Stand Training Session/BBQ Dinner,
Clackamas, OR 6:00-8:00 pm
June 4: Summer Blast 2 - Gresham, OR
5:00 pm Warm-ups; 6:00 pm Timed Finals
June 8: Board of Directors Mtg - 7:00-8:30 pm Sr. Ctr.
June 11: Team Pictures - 7:00 am at the pool
June 17-19: Mike Morris Invitational - Eugene, OR
June 23-July 5: Fireworks Stand Fundraiser - Sherwood, OR
June 23: Birthday celebration during practice at the pool.
Remember to check the CST bulletin board at the pool, team
Facebook page, email or team website for any additional updates.
MARK YOUR CALENDARS: The Long Course end of the
season BBQ will be held Saturday, August 27th from
11:00 am - 5:00 pm at Champoeg Park at the Riverside Day Use
Area #4. Check the website for more details.
Welcome New CST Swim Families:
Tammie & Erik Dyal" "
Maria & James Gerke" "
Kathy & Casey McWilliams"
Jeffery White" "
Angie Worthington" "
Hannah Miller""
Trinity ""
Emma" "
Ava" "
To add information into the monthly newsletter, please contact
Yvonne Gleaves at 503-969-6611 or [email protected]
The nature of athletics and competition
dictates that athletes will not always
succeed. Failure is a part of the competitive
experience. Athletes need to understand
that failure offers learning experiences from
which they can grow and that help them go
on to achieve greater things. Athletes not
only learn through mistakes and failures but
also through coach feedback. Present this
feedback as a critique of the athlete’s skills
and not as a critique of the athlete as a
person. Athletes need to accept this
criticism and learn from it. Athletes should
become their own best friends. Instead of
relying on others to boost their selfconfidence and self-esteem, they must take
on that responsibility for themselves. This is
accomplished, in part, by monitoring self-talk
and keeping it positive and productive.
Have the athletes ask themselves, “Would I
allow my friends to talk to me the way I talk
to myself?” It is important for athletes to
have an understanding that the influence of
self-talk extends beyond performance. Selftalk also has an impact on how athletes
perceive and feel about themselves. It is
crucial, therefore, for athletes to be
supportive, encouraging, and positive in
their daily internal dialogue and images.
CST Board of Directors:
Jeff Gleaves, Acting Pres."
Dina Aldred, Sec." "
Amber Lynott, Treas." "
Thad Dolyniuk"
Rich Tobergte, Coach" "
Tina Jengtes, Meet Dir.""
Gary Mays"
Tina Hubbard"
CST’s Communication Tools:
Chehalem Swim Team
2 - Website:" "
3 - Bulletin Board" Located at pool
4 - Email"
JUNE 2011
June Birthday Swimmer Bio’s
First/Last Name:
Erin Hubbard - 6/16
Color: Purple
Food: Salads & fruit
TV Show: Glee
Subject in School: Science
Song/Artist/Group: Rolling In The Deep
by Adele & Queen
Holiday: Halloween
Professional Athlete: ME! Lol - I don’t
really have one.
Hobbies (likes/interests): swimming DUH; reading, writing, shopping,
hangin’ w/my buddies, oh yah and I
love kids and babysitting.
When I grow up I want to be: A
pediatrician, and a farmer - oh yah and
I still want to swim. :0)
First/Last Name:
Grace Kavanagh - 6/9
Color: Orange
Food: Steak
TV Show: Wipeout
Subject in School: Writing & Social
Song/Artist/Group: Nobody Right
Nobody Wrong by Michael Fronte
Holiday: Thanksgiving
Professional Athlete: Rebecca Soni
Hobbies (likes/interests): swimming,
piano, drawing, playing w/friends,
When I grow up I want to be: An
First/Last Name:
Mitchell Lynott - 6/2
Color: Blue
Food: Cheese
TV Show: Burn Notice
Subject in School: Math
Song/Artist/Group: Hello-Goodbye Beattles
Holiday: Christmas
Professional Athlete: Michael Phelps
Hobbies (likes/interests): reading,
traveling, military history
When I grow up I want to be: Historian
and/or Travel Writer
First/Last Name:
Emma Rourke 6/27
Color: Purple or pink
Food: Top Ramen
TV Show: Tom & Jerry
Subject in School: PE
Song/Artist/Group: none
Holiday: My Birthday!!
Professional Athlete: Kristi Yamaguchi
Hobbies (likes/interests):
horseback riding
When I grow up I want to be:
A Horse Trainer
First/Last Name:
Chance Tobergte - 6/7
Color: Green & turquoise
Food: Pizza, cake & ice cream
TV Show: Ben 10
Subject in School: PE
Song/Artist/Group: Lightning McQueen
Theme song
Holiday: My Birthday!!
Professional Athlete: Nonei
Hobbies (likes/interests):
finding bugs, climbing trees, running
fast, getting dirty
When I grow up I want to be:
Swim Coach like Dad
President’s Corner
(Acting President) by Jeff Gleaves
So far, the transition to the Team
Unify software program has been
seamless. We’re still adding
information to the site and may need
to make a few adjustments along the
way. Once we all familiarize
ourselves with the flow of
information, I’m certain we will all
agree the new website is a great asset
to our team. The new system allows
us, as parents, to fully manage our
swim team account. We will sign our
swimmers up for meets, see all
upcoming events, have the ability to
pay our CST invoices online, and so
much more; all in one convenient
place. We’ve included many nice
features on the site in hopes to make
it more convenient for you to know
what’s going on, and who to contact
if you have questions.
Also, as many of you know, the
Board of Directors has decided to
meet weekly throughout the summer.
These meetings are mainly work
sessions for the Board to go through
documentation, processes, etc. before
the Short Course season begins in
September; all members are welcome
to attend. Meetings are every
Wednesday at the Sr. Ctr. from
7:00-8:30 pm.
Special Thanks To:
- Everyone who donated items and
volunteered at the Rummage Sale.
- All of the individuals from CST
that are helping make the Team
Unify process seamless.
- One anonymous CST family who
donated $50 for the Team
Equipment Cart and to the
Maiorano Family for donating the
remaining $150 needed to
purchase the cart.
JUNE 2011
At just over 5'2" tall, and not having
made her first Olympic team until the
age of 27, Sheila Taormina seems an
unlikely candidate to have competed at
four consecutive summer Olympiads in
three completely different sports. Her
first two attempts to qualify for the
Olympics in swimming (1988 and
1992), came up short, during what
were considered her "peak" years.
Following those years she moved
forward with her education, finishing
her Masters degree in Business in
1994, and then began her professional
career in the automotive industry that
same year, working a full-time salaried
position in Detroit.
This is not the "rise to the top quickly
and make millions" story. It is the "get
an education, work the best you can
with what you have, and never giveup" story. In the end, Sheila Taormina
has experienced six completely different
disciplines on the Olympic stage swimming, cycling, running, pistol
shooting, fencing, and equestrian show
jumping. Her perspective on the
Olympics, human potential, and
performance is unparalleled.
With her eyes set on the possibilities
of 1996, she trained before and after
work with her small hometown swim
team in Livonia, Michigan. There were
no corporate endorsements fueling the
effort - just a plan, some hard work,
and a coach who believed along with
her. Sheila learned about technique,
efficiency, and the keys to success.
Applying those throughout the years,
Sheila grew to become Olympic
champion in one sport, world
champion in a second sport, and the
world cup standings leader in a third