11th Sunday Ordinary Time C 12 June 2016

Money Matters
Offertory Collection last weekend
£644.90 of which
£416.80 was Gift Aided.
Gift Aid: If you are a Tax Payer,
please consider filling out the Gift
Aid form which is in the church
porch to receive a box of weekly
envelopes for your
offertory donation or for a one-off
donation then please use the
Green envelopes.
Please remember to write your
name, address, sign and date the
green envelope.
Following the Prayer
after Communion
O Lord, save Elizabeth, our Queen.
Response: And hear us on the
day we call upon you.
O Lord, hear my prayer.
R: And let my cry come
before you.
The Lord be with you.
R. And with your spirit.
C: Almighty God, we pray,
that your servant Elizabeth, our
Queen, who, by your providence has
received the governance of this
realm, may continue to grow in every
virtue, that, imbued with your heavenly grace, she may be preserved
from all that is harmful and evil and,
being blessed with your favour may,
with her consort and the royal family,
come at last into your presence,
through Christ who is the way, the
truth and the life and who lives and
reigns with you in the unity of the
Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and
Eglwys Catholig Dewi Sant, Yr Wyddgrug
St.David’s Catholic Church, Mold
We remember in our prayers
Those whose anniversaries
(11th June) Thomas Goss, Eileen Edney (12th
June) Joseph Mannion, Elizabeth Thomas, Kathleen Jones (13th June) Mary McManus, James
Patrick Durkin, Christopher Jeremiah Foley,
(14th June) Joseph Duffy, Elizabeth McManus,
Catherine Kunstle, Harold Roden, Lily Evans and
Irene Fidler (15th June) Margaret Small, William
McManus, James Shannon, Gennaro Artignani
(16th June) Patrick Hanoffy, Peter Killoway,
Gilbert Harker (17th June) James Murphy
Parish Priest: Fr. Pius Mathew CMI,
St.David’s Presbytery, St.David’s Lane, Mold. CH7 1LH
Email: [email protected]
01352 752087
Deacon David Joy:01352 754722 LSUConvent:01352 700121
Website: http://www.stdavidsmold.org.uk/
www.wrexhamdiocese.org.uk http://www.cmi.org.in
12th June 2016
Margaret Carr, Judith Rowe, Margaret Evans, Fred Battersby, Gwen Jones,Joe Goggin, Ian Byron, Debra Ann Roberts,Tricia
Twizell, Rosa Maria, Joan Lawrence, Gay
McCornick, Moira Catherall, Lea Hill, Anne
Turner, Mary Rowe, Rose Bryan, Jenny
Mansley, Jennifer Rowley, Nancy Wilson,
Joe & Luisa Desena, Shelagh Fulham,
Margaret Stubbs, Philomena Lamano, and
Leo McManus.
Forgive me Lord,
The guilt of my sin.
Gospel Acclamation:
Alleluia, alleluia!
I am the Way, the Truth
and the Life, says the Lord;
no one can come to the Father
except through me.
Ordination to the Permanent Diaconate
Steve Davies from Coedpoeth is being
ordained to the Permanent Diaconate in
the Cathedral at midday on Saturday, 18th
June 2016. Everyone is Welcome
11th June Saturday
Mass 5.30pm
Let us pray for the Sick
Responsorial Psalm:
11th Sunday Ordinary time
For People of the Parish
12th June Sunday
Mass 11am
Jonathan Yeardly RIP
(Lucy Clarke)
Monday :
13th June
14th June
Mem. St. Antony of Padua
Mass 9.15am
Neil Caulfield RIP (Eunice Faulkner)
Liturgy of the day
Mass 7pm
Int. Pat Jeffreys
Wednesday: Liturgy of the day
15th June
Mass 9.15am
Int. Janet (Anne Cheetham)
Liturgy of the day
16th June
Mass 9.15am
Int. Michael Cresswell (Cresswell Family)
Liturgy of the day
17th June
Mass 9.15am
Int. Pat Jeffreys
18th June Saturday
Mass at 5.30pm
19th June Sunday
Mass 11am
For People of the Parish
Teresa McKeogh RIP
(Maura Fox)
Rosary and
Every Friday
following the
morning Mass
at 9.15am
Sacrament of
10.30am to
& Before the Vigil
Sundays before
the Mass
First Holy Communion
Next Sunday
are so perfect that we have
never needed forgiveness
from another person or
from God.
For that’s where forgiveness comes from: God.
Our sins deface the beauty
of God’s presence in our
world and we need to ask
forgiveness from God. And
Parish celebrates First Holy Communion
On Sunday 19th June, 6 children will be
making their First Holy Communion. The
candidates and their families will be using
the first three rows at the front of Church.
Please keep our young people in your
sychologists tell us
that often when
we get on our high horse
about someone else’s
faults, it’s because we recognise those same failings
in ourselves and our ranting
and raving at others is a
way of exorcising them
from our own psyche.
As long as we have a
target at which we can
direct our anger we
can push our own imperfections to the back
of our mind. So we
love to accuse other
people of the very
things that we know
deep down are the
same flaws that we
have. As a nation we need
to be satisfied by demonising certain types of criminals who become our national hate figures. It makes
us feel righteous and clean.
To refuse to forgive another
person is an extraordinary
thing yet one which we often hear from those who
feel wronged. It’s tantamount to saying that they
have harmed us and we
it usually happens that
someone who is deeply
aware of their own defects
is also acutely aware of
how much they are in need
of God’s love and presence, that presence which
is stronger than all of our
sin. The more we live lives
that recognise our dependence on God’s love and
forgiveness, the easier we
find it to pass on the for-
giveness that has first been
shown to us. We don’t forgive out of our own store of
forgiveness but out of
hen Jesus went
out to the Pharisee’s home for a meal he
had his feet anointed by a
weeping woman who gatecrashed the dinner.
She had a reputation
in the town and it
wasn’t a good one.
Jesus cleverly pointed out that the great
love she showed him
would be impossible
if she had not experienced forgiveness in
her life. Strangely it
was the religious
people who had difficulty
forgiving her. Maybe they
had kept the rules and felt
better than her, and in no
need of God’s forgiveness?
Our “trespasses” are only
forgiven to the same degree that we forgive those
of others. How forgiving are
you? Your answer will tell
you a lot about how much
you have experienced
God’s love.
Race for life
On Friday 27th May, pupils in St David's
took part in a Race for life to raise money
for cancer research. An amazing £976.50
was raised. If anyone would like to help
us beat the £1000 mark, please contact
the school office. Well done St David's!
Mr. Simon Hughes
The Knights of St. Columba
Council 614, Mold and Buckley
Race Night
A Race Night will be held in St. David’s Church Hall on Friday
24th of June at 7.30pm.
The Race night will be part of the
St. David’s Jubilee Celebrations.
Refreshments will be available,
All are welcome.
Mike Cotter and Peter Carberry will
be “ Selling Horses and Races” and
also seeking race sponsors over the
next 2 weekends, after the Sunday
Masses, on 12th and the 19th.
CAFOD : Plant Sale
This year’s CAFOD Plant Sale will take place
on Saturday 25/Sunday 26 June, probably
running over the following weekend as well.
So, please bring along house plants, garden
plants, fruit, vegetables, preserves, plant pots
etc etc to help us raise monies for CAFOD’s
work for the poor and disadvantaged of this
troubled world. Thank you in advance for your
support! John and Tina Harradine
We Wish a Very Happy 90th
Birthday to Her Majesty
Queen Elizabeth II who
celebrates her official
birthday on Saturday 11th
June with the nation.
Celebrating the Queen's
90th Birthday
It was wonderful to see pupils, parents
and so many Parishioners at the Strawberry Tea on Friday afternoon. Many
thanks for your continued help and support. Mr. Simon Hughes
The Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebrations
in Mold Town on Sunday
Mold Town Council will be hosting Mold Celebrates - a family event with “Music through the
Decades” on Daniel Owen Square, Sunday 12th
June starting at 12 noon, the event will coincide
with the Queen’s celebratory street party on The
The town’s celebration of Her Majesty the
Queen’s official 90th Birthday will be a FREE
family event with musical & dance performances
from the 1920’s through to modern day.
Starting off the celebrations at noon will be the
internationally renowned Flint Male Voice Choir,
Cor Meibion Y Fflint, performing a selection of
early 20th Century Welsh and English classics.
National Pilgrimage to
St. Winefride’s Holywell
on Sunday 26th June.
Coach leaving St. David’s car park at
1.45pm. Rosary procession at 2.30pm
and Mass at 3pm with Bishop Peter
Return journey, Coach leaving at 5pm.
Please see the poster in the porch and
the list for you names.