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Christopher Parker
Stuntman SAG/AFTRA
Height: 6'
Phone: 407-234-0118
Weight: 195 lbs.
Email: [email protected]
Eyes: Blue
Passport thru 2017
Hair: Brown
CMG Talent New York
Sizes: Pants 34"x 34" (Inseam 33 1/2" out seam 38"), Shirt: X-Large (Sleeve length 35"), Neck 18", Jacket: 42L,
Shoes: 11, Gloves: Large, Hat: 7 3/8
Utility Stunts
Keith Woulard
Boardwalk Empire
Utility Stunts
Christopher Place
Manny Siverio John Wick
Utility Stunts
Darrin Prescott
Taxi Brooklyn South
Stunts/Stunt Driver (2 eps)
Manny Siverio
Person of Interest
Stunt Performer
Jeff Gibson
The Knick
Utility Stunts/Actor
Manny Siverio
The Blacklist
Stunts/Actor (4 eps)
Cort Hessler
Stunt Performer/Stunts (4 eps)
Jeff Wolfe
Stunts/Stunt Performer (2 eps)
Jim Vickers
Burn Notice
Stunt double: Bruce Campbell (74 eps)
Artie Malesci / Cort Hessler
Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe
Stunt double: Bruce Campbell
Artie Malesci
Rock of Ages
Stunt double: Alec Baldwin
Artie Malesci
The Possession
Stunt double: Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Todd Warren
Magic City
Stunt double: Jeffrey Dean Morgan / Danny Huston (4 eps)
Artie Malesci
The Glades
Stunt Coordinator (2 eps) / Stunts
Christopher Parker / Chick Bernhard
Behind Enemy Lines: Columbia
Stunt double: Mr. Kennedy
Artie Malesci
Sex Drive
Stunt double: Michael Cudlitz
Artie Malesci
Bait Shop
Stunt Performer
Jeff Moldovan
Stunt Performer
Artie Malesci
Miami Vice
Stunt double / Stunt Performer
Artie Malesci
CSI: Miami
Stunt double: Michael Cudlitz
Artie Malesci
The Librarians
Stunt Performer
Hank Amos
Athletic Skills
Car Work, Boats, Ratchets, Decenders, Full Body Burns, Fighting, Slide-for-Life, High (50 ft) & Low Falls, Rappelling,
Jet Skies, Firearms, Rigging, ALL NECESSARY STUNTS
Bruce Campbell, Alec Baldwin, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Danny Huston, Michael Cudlitz