5th Sunday of Easter 24th April 2016

Money Matters
Offertory Collection last weekend
£697.30 of which
£408.50 was Gift Aided.
Gift Aid: If you are a Tax Payer,
please consider filling out the Gift
Aid form which is in the church
porch to receive a box of weekly
envelopes for your
offertory donation or for a one-off
donation then please use the
Green envelopes.
Please remember to write your
name, address, sign and date the
green envelope.
Thank you for supporting
our Parish.
Responsorial Psalm:
I will bless your name for
ever, O God my King
Gospel Acclamation:
Alleluia, alleluia!
Jesus said: ‘I give you a
new commandment’ :
love one another,
just as I have loved you.
Pilgrimage to LOURDES
If anyone requires transport from
Mold Church car park to the pick-up
point at St David's Ewloe, please add
your names to the list at the back of
the church.
The cost of this leg of the journey is
approx £5 per person (return fare).
Times to follow when available.
For information:
Helen Russell (07789388013)
Eglwys Catholig Dewi Sant, Yr Wyddgrug
St.David’s Catholic Church, Mold
We remember in our prayers
Those whose anniversaries
(23rd Apr) John Lloyd (24th Apr) Martin Carney,
Frank Sewall(25th Apr) John Gregory McHugh,
(26th Apr) Elizabeth Bryan, James Christian
(27th Apr) Sarah McManus, Thomas Curran,
Michael Burns, (28th Apr) Patrick Gavaghan,
George Evans, Mary Doyle, Dorothy Tilston,
Michael Carnevale (29th Apr) Edward Doyle,
Marie Henderson, Violet Knight, Timothy
McManus, Ann Hanaffy, Marjorie Humphreys
Parish Priest: Fr. Pius Mathew CMI,
St.David’s Presbytery, St.David’s Lane, Mold. CH7 1LH
Email: [email protected]
01352 752087
Deacon David Joy:01352 754722 LSUConvent:01352 700121
Website: http://www.stdavidsmold.org.uk/
www.wrexhamdiocese.org.uk http://www.cmi.org.in
24th April 2016
Let us pray for the Sick
23rd April Saturday
Mass 5.30pm
Pat and Terry Loftus, Fred Battersby, Gwen
Jones,Joe Goggin, Ian Byron, Debra Ann
Roberts,Tricia Twizell, Rosa Maria, Joan
Lawrence, Gay McCornick, Moira Catherall,
Lea Hill, Anne Turner, Mary Rowe, Rose
Bryan, Jenny Mansley, Jennifer Rowley,
Nancy Wilson,
Joe & Luisa Desena,
Shelagh Fulham, Margaret Stubbs, Philomena Lamano, and Leo McManus.
Vilma Lommano RIP
The Funeral Service for Vilma Lommano who died on 18th April will take
place here on Wednesday (27th) at
10.30am followed by internment in the
Mold cemetery. May she rest in peace!
Mission Appeal Today
We welcome Sr.Maria FMSJ, a member of the Franciscan Missionaries of
St.Joseph with Missions in Kenya and
Uganda in E.Africa and Ecudor in
S.America who will be making a Mission Appeal today on behalf of the Religious Sisters Missions Committee .
There will be a collection at the door to
support the Missionary Sisters.
Choir Practice this Tuesday
Fifth Sunday of Easter Year C
For People of the Parish
24th April Sunday
Mass 11am
Int. Mark Philpot
(Birthday Thanksgiving)
Monday :
25th April
Feast: St. Mark, Evangelist
Mass 9.15am
Francis Cheetham RIP (Anne Cheetham)
Liturgy of the day
26th April
Mass 9.15am
William Ennis RIP (Anne Cheetham)
Wednesday: Liturgy of the day
27th April
Mass 9.15am
Int. Michael Cresswell (Cresswell Family)
Liturgy of the day
28th April
Mass 9.15am
Int. Janet Easton (Anne Cheetham)
Mem. St.Catherine of Siena
29th April
Mass 9.15am
Int. Jim&Josephine Smullen (Anne Cheetham)
30th April Saturday
Mass at 5.30pm
For People of the Parish
1st May Sunday
Mass 11am
Int. Endsleigh Union
(Margaret&Mike Bunting)
Rosary and
Every Friday
following the
morning Mass
at 9.15am
Sacrament of
10.30am to
& Before the Vigil
Sundays before
the Mass
ften the closer
we are to something, the less clearly we
see it. We might go on holiday to a beautiful island
paradise only to find that
the locals take the sunshine, the palm trees and
the gentle pace for granted.
It’s not uncommon for Parisian
or Roman taxi
drivers to consider the Arc de Triomphe or the
Colosseum as
mere traffic islands to be negotiated with difficulty at rush
hour. We tend not to appreciate the wonders around
us when we see them every day.
The same can be true for
Christians who live cheek
by jowl with their faith. We
can end up downsizing the
importance of what we believe because we package
it into sound-bites such as
“God is love” or “Love your
neighbour as yourself”. And
if our faith and religion is
reduced to maxims then it
has to compete with all other political, commercial and
recreational claims on our
time and talent. And thus it
becomes relativised.
So Christianity is in danger
of being seen as just one
way of spending our spare
time, along with party politics, sport, caravanning,
bird-watching or knitting.
And we get sucked into
thinking that tolerance demands of us that we make
no greater claim for our
faith than we do about our
hobbies and our interests.
After all, it would be indecent to make a lot of noise
about our faith, wouldn’t it?
Especially if faith is a private thing.
But Christians don’t think
like that. We don’t consider
our belief in Jesus Christ to
be a take-it-or-leave-it af-
fair. It’s not merely like being a member of a wine
club or a social networking
group. For Christians, faith
in Jesus is massive; it is the
single most important factor
in our lives because it determines who we are and
how we behave. To be a
Christian is not simply a
“nice” thing; it’s totally consuming
because it informs
every aspect of our
living and breathing.
In today’s scripture
God says, “Now I
am making the
whole of creation new”. The
resurrection of Jesus
changes everything. The
old order is wiped away,
death and evil have lost
their power to keep us held
captive, and we are offered
a radically new and eternal
life that has already begun
now and that will come to
fulfilment the other side of
the grave. There is nothing
“same-old” about our Christian faith. It’s something
that can transform the
whole of creation.
Sacrament of Baptism
We welcome into our parish Community Seren Smith who is
baptised here today/
Sunday during the Mass.
As Christopher Smith and
Lucy Smith give thanks
to God for the gift of
Seren, may she in turn bring many
blessings and much happiness to
Chris and Lucy would like you to join
them and their family for the refreshments in the Hall after the Mass.
Knights of Saint Columba
Annual Dinner
The Knights of Saint Columba,Council
614,Buckley and Mold will be holding
their Annual Dinner in the church hall of
Our Lady of the Rosary,Buckley on Saturday the 30th of April at 1930 hrs,Cost
The guest speaker will be Fr Dermot
Byrne(Mill Hill Father). Those interested
in attending please contact :
Peter Carberry and Mike Cotter
L’Arche Flintshire
Bedding Plants &
Hanging Basket Sale
Order now and collect from St.David’s
Church Hall On Saturday 21st May
Between 2pm and 5pm.
More information and order forms from
the Notice Board at the back of the
church or
Contact Jane Dowell 01244 545758
If we were willing to learn the meaning of real
discipleship and actually to become disciples, the Church iwould be transformed, and
the resultant impact on society would be
(David Watson)
SVP Coffee Morning
You are invited to 'Coffee
and tea with the SVP'
Sunday May 1st after
Mass in the hall. Money
raised will support Youth
SVP and Mini Vinnie
groups. Our conference report will also be
available on the day. Everyone Welcome.
Visit to Tatton Park - Wed 11th May
10am. Details and sign-up sheet now
available on the SVP notice board in the
porch. We have booked a 36 seater coach.
Any queries please ring 01352 755067.
Brian Cullen
Mold Cytun : Parkfields
Pentecost Lunch Meetings
Monday 25 April, 12.30pm :
The World and its climate
Speaker: Rev Dr Mike Ward
Chair: Ken Chisholm
Cytun News
"It aint what you do it's the way that you do
it". This is the L'Arche difference, we
found out at the Parkfield Lunch last week.
The Core Members are at the heart of decision making within a L'Ache Community,
and their unique and joyful outlook on life
can transform their carers and volunteers
in unexpected ways. The hope or Flintshire
L'Arche is to have an integrated community of Core Members and retirees in
Mold, working with and for the wider community, within the next few years. We wish
them well.
Cytun are holding a light hearted and informal quiz with refreshments on Friday 29th
April at 7 30, Tyddyn St.
All are welcome.
Cytun AGM is on Friday 6th May at 2 pm
in the Salvation Army Centre, Wrexham
Rd. All are welcome to come and meet
those from other churches, and see what
goes on. Mena Kerlslake &Sue Cocker