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May 1, 2012
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A Broward College Student Publication
Cameras & actors flood BC for “The Glades”
Kyle Rambo
Managing Editor
There is nothing like leaving class and
seeing BC’s Central campus overflowing
with police cars, cops, and stretchers.
Thank goodness there was no tragedy as
students quickly realized they were smack
dab in the middle of a T.V. show filming
with the surrounding cameras and directors
overtaking Broward College.
The hit A & E series “The Glades” took
its set and actors to Central campus on
April 16 and 17th for two intense days of
filming. The scenes took place in front of
Central Campus’ library and the Science
and Liberal Arts Building at FAU.
The scenes will be a part of the third
episode in the upcoming third season which
will air this summer on A & E. Students
were very excited to see a high rated
television show shot on campus and some,
like Business major William Beersman,
sat outside the set to get a peek at some
of the stars. Beersman has been a fan of
the show since season one and describes
the show as “kind of like CSI Miami but
with more attractive actors.” Beersman’s
favorite part of the show is “watching
Matt Passmore in action.”
While some Broward students watched
the action take place, others were in it.
Walter Jean-Mary, a Criminal Justice
major, was cast as an extra during filming
at Broward College. This isn’t Jean-Mary’s
first screen time as he was also in the USA
network hit series Burn Notice and danced
Photos by Constanza Gallardo
Camera crew for the show and sign informing students about the taping.
in the Step up 3 and 4 movies. Jean-Mary
says “dancing is my background and I just
went from there. This is my dream.” He
enjoyed his time working on the set of
“The Glades” and says “it’s been pretty
exciting filming at Broward College.”
It takes many parts to put a full screen
production together. One of the many
pieces needed is the special effects makeup
which was provided by Bill McCoy.
McCoy, who worked makeup and design
on the movie Zombieland, says “it could
take up to four hours to apply makeup.”
McCoy has worked on “The Glades” since
season one, and starts the process of
creating a dead body by getting a model
of the person. He then makes prostatic
limbs in his garage with his wife (who he
says “is as weird as me”).
Lead actor Matt Passmore plays
Detective Jim Longworth who he
describes as “a big city cop in a quiet
environment who walks to the beat of his
own drum.” Passmore, who is originally
from Brisbane, Australia, didn’t always
have the motivation to be an actor. He
went into the army right after high school
and eventually made his way to NIDA
(National Institute of Dramatic Art) school
in Australia. He says “stage (acting) was
my first love because of the immediate
audience, but I enjoy putting together the
pieces of the puzzle on “the Glades”.” He
describes every job as “different”, and his
favorite part of shooting “The Glades” is
“being in Florida.” Passmore’s advice to
anyone pursuing acting is “to get a real
job” he said jokingly. His real advice is to
have “persistence” and “never be stupid
enough to think you know it all.”
“The Glades” came and left BC
without leaving a trace it was ever there.
For two short days Broward College’s
Central campus was in the limelight. For
more information on “The Glades” visit
Actor from The Glades setting up for
shooting at Broward College Central
Campus. Constanza Gallardo / Photo Editor
Tennis team serves up success, heads to nationals
Gustavo Anaya
Sports Editor
As the spring semester comes to a close,
the Broward College women’s tennis team
concludes their season in the most honored
celebration for a coach, scholar-athlete and
Athletic Department. For the first time
since 2007, the Broward College women’s
tennis team has qualified for the NJCAA
National Championship in Tyler, Texas
taking place May 6 - 10. Prior to 2007,
Broward College boasted four national
titles with their last one in 2006.
Since the program resurfaced in 2009,
Head Coach Marlena Hall has embarked
on a mission to bring back the excellence
the tennis program once tasted years back
when she trained with the Broward College
‘Lady Seahawks’ as a dually enrolled high
school and Broward College student. “I
remember training with the [Broward]
team vividly…in addition to their talent, I
remember the camaraderie of the team... as
diverse as their backgrounds were they all
shared one mission when on the [tennis]
photo courtesy of athletics department
Broward’s Tennis team with coaches at Central Campus’ court
court…to win passionately as a team for
their College,” said Coach Hall.
Last week at the State Tournament in
Tampa, doubles duo of Captain Stephanie
Cardullo and last year’s MVP Ali Underhill
defeated Ann-Sophie Porry/Lai Wei of
State College of Florida 9-8 at the FCSAA
Tournament in Tampa to qualify for
Nationals. “It was unbelievable…the girls
were down 6-3 in the 8-game pro set match,
but if anyone knows our team’s mantra,
quitting isn’t in our makeup. We believe if
we’re down 5-0, 40-0, we still can win. And
this is something we’ve proven before,” Hall
said. Cardullo and Underhill lost in singles
against State College of Florida twice this
year throughout the season, so this win is
sure to give them confidence going into the
National tournament.
The Seahawks finished second in the
FCSAA Standings with 15.5 points to join
State College of Florida and St. Petersburg
as the qualifiers for Nationals. Currently
the Broward College Lady Seahawks
are ranked #7 in the country in their
conference, moving up 2 spots since their
fall ranking. Going on the trip to Texas
will be seven players, Coach Hall, Assistant
Coach Forman, and Athletic Director Bob
Deutschman. Follow the Lady Seahawks
road to success on the Broward College
Athletics Facebook page for photos and
May 1, 2012
page 3
Barack Obama versus Mitt Romney
Stephon Hall
Staff Writer
In a race that once featured
eight candidates, including 20
debates across various networks and
money spent by various donors to
keep some campaigns afloat, it has
decreased to only two candidates.
According to USA Today, GOP
frontrunner Mitt Romney has an
insurmountable lead from his other
candidates with 824 delegates;
Newt Gingrich, the former Speaker
of the House with a paltry 137
delegates dropped out on April 25,
according to ABC news; and Texas
congressman, Ron Paul, with only
79 delegates. Rick Santorum, the
former Pennsylvania senator was on
Romney has won 22 states,
Santorum with 11 states, Gingrich
has only 2 with South Carolina
and his home state of Georgia;
and Paul with no states to his
credit. The delegates were rewarded
proportionally, meaning that a
select number of delegates go to the
candidate who wins the state or just
the ones who participated in the
Even though, technically, the
race for delegates is on, Mitt’s
lead is pretty well intact, because
his campaign is well-financed
compared to his rivals. A lot has
happened from the election of
President Obama to where we
are now with this slow recovery.
President Obama has done a lot
in his span during his first term
of president, despite the ongoing
bumps in the road. From getting
Osama Bin Laden to ending the
war in Iraq, the record is sound
and many of his accomplishments
generally came from a barely
Democratic congress in the House
and Senate from 2009-11.
When it comes to these two
individuals and their programs,
nothing becomes more parallel
than Healthcare, or as others
call it: Obamacare or, if you live
in Massachusetts: Romneycare.
Obama and Romney have similar
health plans that have benefitted
America, although, the current
president’s plan has come under
fire from the GOP, pundits and
currently the Supreme Court, who
will make the decision in June.
When it comes to issues like the
bailout of the automobile industry,
stimulus package, and a bunch of
issues, these two are on opposite
sides. Romney wasn’t for the
bailout of the car industry, stimulus
package, and isn’t for Obama’s health
plan. There’s not a lot that these
A photo of Obama speaking (left), and Romney speaking (right).
Photo courtesy of
two agree on, especially regarding
free-market principles where the
president wants more regulation
of our banks, while Romney,
who comes from a background of
business, is for letting the markets
do whatever they want, meaning
that no regulation should come
between Wall Street or the banks
on the market.
Whether you’re a Republican,
who stands up for free markets,
limited government, and other
forms of regulation that you may
feel are keeping you from doing
business, then, Mitt is your man to
run this country. If not, vote for the
current president if you still think
his policies still can work for this
country. This Nov. 6 is another
chance for students to lend their
rights towards voting this time to
retain an incumbent or to vote for a
new president. The general election
begins on Oct. 9, while early voting
begins in late October. For more
information, you can visit the
Florida division of Election at their
website: http://election.dos.state.
$5,000, according to Schwarz.
They have been doing this for a
few years. Thus, the Sociology
Club decided to help. T h e
Sociology Club is an outreach
program which usually focuses on
book and toy drives and extreme
make overs for preschools. This
year, their goal was to raise $500.
They have hopes of making this
St. Jude fundraiser bigger and
better in the future. Marcus, a
4-year-old preschooler, shyly said
he enjoyed the trike-a-thon for St.
Jude. Thankful to the Academy
and other schools that are invited
to participate in the Trike-A-Thon,
St. Jude gives T-shirts and stuffed
animals to the children that shared
in bringing joy to the children in
need. Kids “trike” on South to raise money
Giannette Rodriguez
Staff Writer
Walking into the Breezeway of
Broward College South Campus on
April 5 students were surrounded
by a bunch of bikers. These weren’t
the roaring Harley types, they
were the small chimes, tassels,
and three wheels type of bikers.
The Academy for Early Learning,
children ages three to five, along
with the Sociology Club hosted a
Trike-A-Thon. The purpose was
to raise funds to give to St. Jude
Children’s Research Hospital. They
raised about $2,700 in pledges
and donations, according to Jay
Schwarz, Sociology Club advisor.
The Sociology Club contributed
approximately $350 in donations
from loose change from donut and
raffle sales.
The children from the Academy
rode their bikes around the campus
and used the baskets in front
of their bicycles to collect coins
from passing students. Brittany
Swink, a member of the Sociology
Club explains, “They have people
sponsoring them”. The children
in need at St. Jude have a lot
of support from their families,
preschool friends and Broward
College. St. Jude Children’s Research
Hospital is the pioneer in ‘Finding
cures. Saving children.’ And, they
have done so for the past 50 years.
Cancer, leukemia and other life
threatening diseases can destroy
the time that kids have to be
kids. However, through outreach
programs which fundraise, these
children are receiving donations
which go into toys, crayons, and
various activities to keep them
happy and having fun.
A preschool teacher from the
Academy, Ms. Francis said, “Since
they are kids themselves, we are
trying to teach them to help other
The goal for the Academy for
Early Learning next year is to raise
Photo Courtesy of Sociology Club
A volunteer helping the kids get safely on their bikes as the Trike-a-thon
begins on South Campus. The St. Jude’s fundraiser had a goal of raising
$500 during the Trike-a-thon.
May 1, 2012
page 4
Walk for the Kids benefits Family Central
Michelle Castano
staff writer
Education plays a pivotal role
in our society. But what happens
when certain services aren’t able to
assist those in need due to modern
day issues such as the recession and
budget cuts? Community members
gather together and brainstorm
ways to gain revenue for nonprofit
organizations that assist families
and children in need such as Family
Central. Social Problems professor,
Dr. Mirella Baker Bemmel decided
to organize a “Walk for the Kids,”
with all proceeds going to this
On April 7, the second annual
“Walk for the Kids” took place at
Central Campus. The walkathon
commenced by the Behavioral
Sciences building, Bldg 1 and
took course throughout the
entire Davie campus. Students,
staff and community members
were welcome to sign up for the
walkathon and donate money to
the Family Central organization.
“Family Central is a 40-yearold organization serving families
and children in South Florida;
we serve about 110,000 families
and kids and service providers. A
lot of our services deal with low
income families, providing them
with assistive childcare. We also
do training in homes with parents,
making sure that they have the
skills and the resources to provide a
Photos by constanza gallardo
A group of participants who gave their time and services for the Walk for the Kids event
nurturing and safe environment for
their children,” said Family Central
Vice President of Development,
Ron Wudarsky.
organization that Dr. Baker
Bemmel has been involved with
for about three years; she serves on
their board. “I know the needs that
they have, I know the families that
they serve and I know that their
need is big and unfortunately, there
have been a lot of government
cuts,” said Dr. Baker Bemmel.
Dr. Baker Bemmel has come to
find out that there are thousands of
children that are not able to go to
school because they are on a wait
list and there is not enough money
to pay for them. This issue is what
inspired her. “It’s the community
need and to make sure that the
need is filled somehow,” she said.
Family Central stated that
last year alone, Family Central’s
services reached more than
130,000 South Florida clients;
however, for the first time in the
history of this organization, there
are more children on the waiting
list needing subsidized child care
than there are children being
served. “I just hope that more
people are going to take part in
being involved in the community;
however they can because this
walk actually demonstrates that it
doesn’t take that much effort for
people to make a huge difference,”
said Dr. Baker Bemmel.
came to the “Walk for the Kids”
including the volunteers and they
raised over $4,100, according
to Baker Bemmel. Through this
walkathon, $237,759 was raised
for Family Central after a Federal
government match, according
to Baker Bemmel. This event
demonstrated that if one truly
fights for a cause, anything is
achievable. Your voice will be
heard, your philanthropy won’t
be for granted, and individuals
can truly make a difference within
today’s society.
South Campus
holds health fair
Alexa Ponce
On the April 11 at the Breezeway
on South Campus, the Health Fair
was fully in swing. There were various
activities going on throughout the
breezeway and free demos on martial
arts. The martial arts instructors
were teaching students simple moves
on self-defense and demonstrating
them. The instructors talked and
engaged the audience and showed
enthusiasm while teaching. Besides
the high impact demonstrations,
there were various tables of vendors
and advisors throughout the
breezeway like Temple Arts Martial
Arts which was showing students the
excellent benefits in learning martial
arts, LA Fitness which was showing
students the various classes and
locations for their gyms, The Health
Club was there showing various onlookers a healthier way to eat and
taking body weights of students to
know if they were at risk of obesity
and GNC which showed many
new products sold at their stores to
promote healthier living.
With all this excitement
happening, many students were
enjoying the festivities and even
taking part in some of the fun like
Martial artists demonstrating a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu technique called the rear naked choke
Photo by Alexa Ponce
Glass ceiling debated for Women’s History
Gianette rodrigez
staff writer
At the Central Campus library,
Professor Jane Trepton began a
series of workshops for women in
lieu of Women’s History Month.
Trepton discussed a topic that all
college students, especially women
just entering the work force should
be aware of, the Glass Ceiling.
The Glass Ceiling is an invisible
barrier. It may not be obvious just by
looking up, but when women look
down at their paychecks or at the
title on the placard posted outside
their office door, one can notice an
abstruse contrast with their male
parallels. When thinking of the
corporate ladder, it is assumed that
the person best for the job, given
previous successes and ability, will
earn the high paying and ranking
positions in a company. However,
it is not always the case. In Fortune
500 companies, approximately
3 percent of CEOs are women.
In regards to pay, the Huffington
Post reported that female doctors
entering the field earned about
$17,000 less than males did.
The idea of a ceiling being the
reason for women not having the
same merit as men in the work place
is up for debate. One side tells the
story of men choosing other men
for the job only because they believe
men are more competent and the
most influential reason for male
success is men prefer to work with
other men causing a disadvantage to
women. On the other extremity, the
blame is placed on women focusing
more on family life which in turn,
causes a downward spiral in their
careers. Plenty of questions then
arise when trying to understand the
reasons why there is such a disparity.
Is the fact that women are the only
half of the species that can support
new life a reason for inequality in
business? Does evidence prove that
men are better performers in white
and blue collar jobs? The answer to
both questions is simply, no.
Sheryl Sandberg, a very
successful woman, now Chief
Operating Officer of Facebook,
developed a mindset which helped
her shatter the glass ceiling and can
assist other women to do the same.
She recognized that “...women
systematically underestimate their
own abilities.” Also, she brings to
light that women almost never
negotiate their starting salary, while
men almost always do. The most
fascinating attribute to success was
her findings that “if you ask a man
why they did a good job, they’ll
say ‘I’m awesome’… if you ask
women why they did a good job,
they’ll say someone helped them,
they got lucky, they worked really
hard.” Overall the message rang out
clear, “No one gets the promotion if
they don’t think they deserved their
May 1, 2012
Campus news
Broward College
saving the earth
Jillian Melero
Contributing writier
The theme for Earth Day
2012 was Mobilize the Earth.
The concept takes the idea of
globalization and the power of
technology and communication to
unite several communities over a
long distance and applies it to the
idea of being able to implement
and motivate change in helping
to protect and conserve our global
environment. This year, Earth
Day took place on Sunday April
22 but North Campus began its
celebration of Earth Week on April
17 with a Cypress tree planting
and barbecue sponsored by the
Sustainability Club and Student
Life. Cypress trees are tolerant
to flooding and are an important
part of the composition within
Florida’s wetlands
April 18 featured an Earth
Week art exhibition. The exhibit
featured 2D and 3D works in a
variety of themes from appreciating
the beauty of nature in its variety
of creatures and eco systems, to
the need for preservation and
conservation of resources, and the
destruction caused by consumer
consumption and the resulting
waste. The exhibit was shown in the
Student Services building, Bldg 46
in meeting room 152. Prizes were
awarded for first, second and third
place in each category. While most
of the entries came from students
currently enrolled in art classes,
members of the North Campus
art club also contributed works.
There were several pen and pencil
drawings, mixed media renderings,
ceramic sculptures and found
object, nontraditional sculptures
created from post consumer waste
Wednesday also featured movie
screenings for environmental and
eco conscious films “Tapped”
and “Food Inc.” “Tapped” is an
examination of the privatizing of
one of our most valuable natural
resources, water, and the impact
the bottled water industry has
upon the environment and even
taxpayer dollars. “Food Inc.”
examines the industrialization of
agricultural practices and how it
affects the way we look at, purchase
and consume food and poses some
of the long term questions about
April 18 also included a
session of Seeds For Needs, a
group project in which students
received a clay pot in which to
plant their choice of native plants,
herbs or other environmentally
friendly seeds. In addition to
decorating the clay pots, students
received information about the
background, history and care of
their chosen plant.
Activities on April 19 began
with Garbage on the Green, a trash
audit, which was an eye opening
exercise in which participants
or observers could examine how
much of what we discard on a
daily basis can actually be recycled.
Student Seed Projects, Recycled
Art, Rain Barrels and more
were also displayed. The Seed
Project involved planting seeds
within a container that could not
otherwise be recycled. Students
were instructed to initial their
containers, were given packages of
seeds and monitored the growth of
those seeds over a period of time.
Germination times took anywhere
between two weeks to a month
before growth could be seen. The
Seed Project concept is part of a
larger worldwide eco conscious art
installation headed by Brooklyn
artist David Cohen. Information
and photos of Seed Project
installations throughout the U.S.
can be found at the-seed-project.
org and on
For more information about
ongoing environmental issues and
how you can make a difference
check out and 350.
Students and children particiapte in the many events North Campus
had to offer on Earth Day. From planting trees to making pots everyone
involved had a fun and educational time
Photos by Cona Gallardo (left) and Cornell Whitehead (right)
May 1, 2012
Campus News
page 6
South Campus gets a brand new look
Sunil Collins
Contributing writer
Broward College has taken
steps to accommodate students for
success from the parking garage on
Central Campus to the construction
of building 72 on South Campus.
One of the next projects underway
is an upgrade of facilities on South
Almost in the completion
phase is Bldg 72 which will house
the LRC, English Department,
Nursing Department and faculty
and administrative offices. Recently
added to the list is the renovation of
the “chickee hut” recreational area
between Bldg 69 and Bldg 70. This
includes the outside amphitheater
and the surrounding areas. This
project is part of a “campus
renovation project” according to
South Campus facilities manager
Sean Devaney. “This is not the
only other project we have going
on. We have many additions and
renovations that are in the planning
phase for the campus,” said Devaney.
Some of these projects include the
installation of LED walkway pole
lights, painting of all campus and
centers classrooms and replacement
of classroom and cafeteria furniture.
There will be “no more mulched
pathways,” said Devaney. The
renovation will remove the mulch
and stone pathways to a cleaner
and more polished bricked area.
Broward College’s South Campus amphitheatre which plays host to different
performing events
This project is part of an effort to
accommodate more recreational
areas for students to congregate
between classes. Thirty-plus benches
have also been added campus-wide
so students no longer have to use
the breezeway as the only area to
The need for more recreational
areas was brought forth by the South
Campus Student Government
Association’s Board of Trustees
Student presentation in 2011. It
was brought to the attention of
the Board of Trustees and campus
administration that there was a
great need for more recreational
areas on campus. SGA requested a
bigger activity center and also the
implementation of an activity hour
once per week to promote more
student involvement in campus
activities and also to provide more
recreational areas to students to
spend their down time.
Campus facilities were fast in
photo courtesy of South Campus facilities
responding to these demands.
Though the space in the activity
center has not been made bigger it
has been renovated to allow for a
more comfortable space. Students
can now enjoy many other places
around campus to relax and also to
Another important concern
raised at the BOT presentation was
the lack of lighting in parking lots
and campus walkways. This too
has been a top priority for campus
facilities as they have started a
project which replaces all lighting
on campus with a brighter, more
energy efficient LED light. Areas
to be lit with this LED lighting
include all campus parking lots and
walkways. The new LED lights are
more energy efficient which adds
to the list of many other energy
efficient initiatives that Broward
College has adapted in order to
become a Green campus.
The campus obviously has the
comfort of the students at the top
of their priority list but this is not
only limited to recreational areas.
Classroom, tutoring and study areas
are also a priority. Campus facilities
are in the process or re-painting
every classroom at South Campus
and its affiliated centers (Pines,
Weston and Miramar). The new
LRC in Bldg 72 is also done and
opened to accommodate tutoring
and other learning services. Also
along with the LEED classrooms
there will also be replacements and
installations of white boards in all
The new face lift is another
effort to make Broward College a
home away from home for students.
At this pace, South Campus and
Broward College will continue to be
amongst the best State Colleges in
Florida and in the nation.
Student success workshop talks social media
Janice Normil
staff writer
Broward College South Campus
Career Center Coordinator Adam
DeRosa recently hosted a student
success workshop on tips and
resources to help students establish
a professional online presence. In
this new age of technology, the
internet has undeniable become
a major communication device
for leisure and professional
interactions. Creating a “brand”
or self-advertising is a way to
formally introduce yourself, your
professional resume and skills to
prospect employers. Apart from
interviewing, companies are now
asking interviewees permission to
view or screen any profiles they
might have on a social network
such as Facebook or Twitter. Sharyn
Alfonsi CBS News correspondent
reported that Facebook profiles are
becoming a big factor in the hiring
process for students. Alfonsi reports shows “an
increasing number of potential
employers are accessing these
profiles — and using them to
decide whom they hire” and
have the technology to view
profiles that are set to private.
This allows employers to get a
feel of the candidates’ behavior
and personality to get a sense on
what to expect in the workplace.
Understanding this reality is the
first step into harnessing a positive
and professional reflection of you
through Social Networks. Social media phone applications are not only for wasting time but can actually
help you during your job search. was founded
in 2002 by co-founder Reid
Hoffman. The site operates as the
world largest professional network
available in over 200 countries and
territories with over 150 million
members. LinkedIn allows its users
to set up a free account to create
a professional profile for potential
employers to view. The benefits of
becoming a member of LinkedIn
are users are able to join and follow
industry and alumni groups, and
search and apply for jobs. Also
free members can get upgraded
to a premium membership
plan offered starting at $24.95.
It’s a great resource for college
graduates to start connecting with
alumni in the same career field
they aspire to be in, which can
lead to future employment. Vimeo
and YouTube can also be used to
vividly present your skills through
a self-recorded interview. Another
great networking tool is Twitter.
Twitter allows its subscribers to
follow people or companies and
organizations in their areas of
interest. After pressing “follow” on
the profile of your area of interest,
many times available positions can
photo courtesy of
be seen posted on the companies
statuses that appear on their
timeline. Also be aware as a user
not to post anything inappropriate
in your tweets, especially if you are
using the account to gain more
professional opportunities. At the
end of the workshop DeRosa gave
the students a few tips on how to
utilize the many tools available to
students online.
First, research yourself before
employers; remember they are able
to scan through your “private”
profile. Secondly, pictures are
worth a thousand words so make
sure they’re only representing
positive ones. Remember to
pace yourself on any new social
networking site, learn all the
gadgets available to its users and
master the resources given to you.
After joining any networking
groups introduce yourself through
a message or comment on their
page, don’t be an idle follower. If
industry events are posted on their
page, attend a few so you are able
to take your networking to a whole
other level. Besides Facebook and
Twitter new great websites are
available for networking; Google
Plus has similar features available
that are available on most social
networking sites,
allows you to create and decorate
an online pin board of your
interest; you can create a portfolio
of your work, and is a
photo based website where most
communication is shown through
photos. On Flickr, you view
professionals in your field, stream
photos of daily work, even the
White House and NASA photos
stream also. Social networking is
the most inexpensive way to create
the best platform of success for
your career. It’s simple. Set up an
account with a career-professional
networking site and start making
connections today. You can follow
Career Coordinator Adam DeRosa
on Twitter @careerbcsouth.
May 1, 2012
Campus news
Online music gets Broward streaming
Gustavo Anaya
Sports Editor
Broward College is constantly making
new changes to help give better benefits to
its students, and one of the newest features
available to the students is the new Music
Online feature provided by Alexander
Street Press, which is a digital publication
that has an agreement with Broward
College that gets the exclusive rights to
drama and music and makes it available for
students online. “The stuff that’s on there
is exclusively for Alexander Street Press,
you can’t get it anywhere else,” said Rich
Ackerman, librarian at Central Campus.
The Music Online feature started back in
January 2012, and the difference between
this music and what’s already very accessible
to students is the different types of genre of
music included. “There’s literally a lifetime
of music on here, from jazz to classical to
even international world music, thousands
and thousands of albums,” said Ackerman.
Alexander Street Press does all the
research relevant to the music and films
on the website so all the information from
who the artists are, to what year the item
was released, to who published it, is all
available to the students.
It’s one feature that once you understand
how to use it, you can put it to your use.
The music isn’t anything like we hear on
the radio, but it’s great for studying or if
you simply want to listen to many different
playlists. After you register with Music
Online, it’s quite simple to form your
playlists and you can even share with other
Broward College users by sending links
to their phones. The website is accessible
through iPhones and iPods.
Andrew Dutka, another librarian at
Central Campus and user of the Music
Online feature said, “It’s a great resource for
many different classes in addition to music
classes such as history, English, religion and
performing arts.” Many theater and music
documentaries are available to be watched
through the Music Online feature as well.
Although the program is a few months
old, the website has had over 2,000 hits
since January, but with over 60,000 students
currently attending, the school wants to get
this program out to the students.
want the students to know about this, so
they can know what’s accessible to them.
It’s tons of free music. Who wouldn’t want
it?” said Ackerman. To first sign in, you
will be required to put in your student
number and the month and date of your
birthday, and you will be able to check out
all the music and videos you like on Music
Men in Black 3
Clayton gutzmore
editor in chief
When they hear the words “suit up,” most people think it
involves a cape and a utility belt. For these heroes, it means
a black tie, shades, and a memory erasing device called a
neuralyzer. The heroes that utilize these tools are Agent K and
Agent J as they prepare for another galactic adventure in “Men
in Black 3” (MIB3). It has been 15 years since the first movie
of the series, released in theaters back in 1997. “Men in Black”
gained plenty of success as it earned about $84,133,900 in its
opening weekend, according to IMDB. The massive turnout
for the film allowed the studios behind the film to release
an animated series the same year, and a sequel film in 2002.
Academy Award nominated actor Will Smith reprises his role
as Agent J as he travels back in time to save his partner Agent
K, played by Tommy Lee Jones, to prevent an alien invasion
from happening on Earth. Fans of the series should be happy
to know that director Barry Sonnenfeld and the writing team
behind the first two movies has worked on this entry, and
they plan to deliver that same comical galactic justice we fell
in love with back in the 90s. Prepare to suit up as MIB3 lands
in theaters May 18.
The Amazing Spiderman
rafael baez
copy editor
The premiere of “Spider-Man 3,” the last in a trilogy of
disaster, destroyed any hope fans held that it would show
some loyalty to the source material. It strayed so far from
the canon storyline that it became unrecognizable. As a
whole, Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy was unfaithful to
the comics whose stories they tried to tell. From dropped
plotlines and organic web shooters to Gwen Stacy’s identity
swap with Mary-Jane (let’s not forget the leprechaun/goblin
hybrid, either) and the Harry/Peter reconciliation that never
happened, the Spider-Man movies were a mockery of the web
slinger we all love. Thankfully, that is all about to change.
On July 3, “The Amazing Spider-Man” premieres in theaters,
with Andrew Garfield in the title role. The movie also stars
Emma Stone
as Gwen Stacy, and Garfield’s love interest.
that appointment alone, this movie
promises to be more faithful to the
established comic book canon. This
movie will also reveal the secret of
Peter Parker’s parents, who in the
Ultimate Marvel Universe (where
the movie is set) were not CIA
operatives but were nonetheless
mired in secrecy. This movie also
features the Lizard, a villain whose
alter-ego, Dr. Connors, was
introduced in Spider-Man
2 and then dropped from
the movie entirely. “The
Amazing Spider-Man”
is looking to be quite the
movie, well worth the $11 ticket.
Photo from
Dark Shadows
The Avengers
Alexa ponce
Clayton gutzmore
editor in chief
Marvel has teased fans across the world
about this Movie since 2008. Four years and five
correlated blockbusters later, the pieces are finally put
together for Marvel’s latest comic book adaptation: “The
Avengers.” One of Marvel’s most popular superhero
teams up is finally hitting the silver screen. The members
of this legendary team are Iron Man, played by Robert
Downy Jr, Captain America, played by Chris Evans,
Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth, Hawkeye,
played by Jermey Renner, Black Widow, played by
Scarlett Johansson, and The Hulk played by Mark
Ruffalo. The movie is about a secret agency named
the Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement
and Logistics Division, or S.H.I.E.L.D. for short.
They are gathering these unique and powerful
individuals to unite and fight against a powerful
foe named Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston,
who is planning for world domination. This
blockbuster is under the direction of Joss
Whedon, co-director of “Thor” and screenplay writer of “Toy Story.” Expectations
for this movie are extremely high as Marvel and Paramount spent an estimated
amount of $220,000,000 on the production of the film. A plethora of comic
book fans will assemble in theaters May 4.
Dark Shadows is sure to kick off a stream of great summer movies. Johnny
Depp stars as Barnabas Collins, and Eva Green as Angelique Bouchard. The
movie is centralized in Collinsport, Maine; Barnabas (Johnny Depp) breaks the
heart of Angelique Bouchard (Eva Green), which curses Barnabas to become a
vampire and is buried alive. After two centuries, Barnabas is mistakenly set free
and realizes it is 1972. Barnabas returns to his family estate to find that the family
business is in ruins and the family is dysfunctional, this movie is bound to be
a hit with Johnny Depp and Tim Burton as the director. Dark Shadows his the
movie screnes May 11.
Snow White & The Huntsman
rogihanne avin
staff writer
Photo from
The Dark Knight Rises
rafael baez
copy editor
July 20 marks the premiere of “The Dark Knight Rises,” the final installment in Christopher
Nolan’s Batman trilogy. In “The Dark Knight,” Batman becomes Gotham’s most wanted fugitive
after taking the blame for the crimes of Harvey Dent/Two-Face, who is now dead. The new
movie takes place eight years after this event, when Batman, still wanted by the police, returns
to Gotham City and finds it terrorized by Bane, the venom-fueled monstrosity. Christian Bale
reprises his role as Bruce Wayne/Batman for the film. Joining him is Tom Hardy, playing Bane,
and Anne Hathaway, who will be portraying Catwoman. The film is sure to be exciting, as it
is sticking fairly close to its source material, and those who remember “Knightfall,” the comic
and story arc in which Bane first appears, know that he left Batman near death in their first
encounter. Though there have been rumors that Talia Al Ghul, the Caped Crusader’s one time
love interest and future mother of his son, would appear in this movie, they seem to have
proved false. This in turn lends itself to a more
intimate exploration of the Batman/Catwoman
relationship, which Tim Burton tried and failed to
do successfully in “Batman Returns.” “The Dark Knight
Rises” will also feature over an hour’s worth of IMAX film,
more than any other movie in Hollywood history (“The
Dark Knight” only featured about 40 minutes). All things
considered, this movie is shaping up to be an excellent addition to the
Batman mythos, and is definitely worth watching.
Photo from
Photo from
One of the most popular Fairy Tales, Snow White graces its audience with a
new version that promises to tackle our beliefs of how the age old tale has been
told in a variety of ways. However, this new version promises to be darker and
reaches to the depths of the real story of Snow White, the huntsman and the
evil queen. Snow White and The Huntsman is directed by Rupert Sanders and
written by Evan Daugherty and John Lee Hancock. The movie has a surprising
cast, Snow White is played by Kristen Stewart from the Twilight Saga; Chris
Hemsworth from Thor and Charlize Theron from The Italian Job. This movie
goes into the story of what happens to Snow White before and after the evil
queen tries to kill her by sending the huntsman to bring her Snow’s heart. We all
know how that story ends but in this version, there is a twist that the audience
and the evil queen won’t see coming. This movie has a fresh new perspective
of what a damsel in distress should act like and it completely gives you a new
look at taking matters into your own hands. Snow White might be the fairest
of them all but she will go down fighting. Prepare to draw swords on June 1,
2012. One of the most popular Fairy Tales, Snow White graces its audience
with a new version that promises to tackle our beliefs of how the age old tale has
been told in a variety of ways. However, this new version promises to be darker
a n d reaches to the depths of the real story of Snow White, the huntsman
and the evil queen. Snow White and The Huntsman is directed
by Rupert Sanders and written by Evan Daugherty and John
Hancock. The movie has a surprising cast, Snow
White is played by Kristen Stewart from the
Twilight Saga; Chris Hemsworth from Thor and
Charlize Theron from The Italian Job. This movie
goes into the story of what happens to Snow White
before and after the evil queen tries to kill her by sending
the huntsman to bring her Snow’s heart. We all know how
that story ends but in this version, there is a twist
that the audience and the evil queen won’t see
coming. This movie has a fresh new perspective
of what a damsel in distress should act like and
it completely gives you a new look at taking
matters into your own hands. Snow White
might be the fairest of them all but she
will go down fighting. Prepare to draw
swords on June 1, 2012. Design By Alexa Ponce
May 1 ,2012
page 11
Lockout had a small victory at the theater
Rogihanne Avin
Staff writer
In the year 2079, the percentage of
break outs and riots have diminished
because the U.S. Maximum Security prison
is located in the dark, cold, abyss of space.
However, it’s all about to change when a
humanitarian expedition turned to disaster
and one man is called to mediate the
situation and rescue the innocents. From
the creative mind of Luc Besson, writer of
The Fifth Element comes his latest project,
the sci-fi action Lockout.
Ex-government agent Snow, played by
Guy Pierce, the actor who played Fernand
Montego in The Count of Monte Cristo
finds himself in a predicament, go to jail
or be a hero. Pierce’s character Snow has a
devil-may-care attitude that lands him in
trouble and when he realizes that he has
to choose to go to M.S One and save the
daughter of the President Emilie Warnock,
played by Maggie Grace from Taken.
The movie started with a mystery
surrounding Snow and the Secret Service
agent Langral played by Peter Stormare
who played Lucifer in Constantine
questioning him about a deal gone wrong.
Guy Pierce and Maggie Grace in an intense
action scene
Snow is not taking it seriously and jokes
about the whole situation even when his
freedom depends on it.
Pierce is perfect in this role; Snow is a
photo courtesy of
far cry from playing a jealous villain. The
action and humor of this film work hand
and hand perfectly. There were some minor
glitches in some of the fight scenes. Other
than that it was refreshing to watch. One
thing kept nagging me and I realized that
the role that Maggie Grace played was at
first reminiscent to when she played the
endangered and scared daughter in Taken.
However, this daughter was ready to defend
herself and her beliefs. It was a good role
for her.Watching this movie genre about
the future is a cliché of all the movies that
came before it, like Time Cop and Total
Recall. It showed us that once again in
the near future cars would probably fly;
at least this movie had some reality to it
that showed that it would take some time
before there is an actual prison in space.
Stuck on M.S One with dangerous
criminals and with time running out,
Snow has to be the hero he doesn›t want to
be with the help of Emilie and the police.
Lockout did not make first place at the
box office but that’s neither here nor there.
It’s true that the movie wasn’t number one
at the box office, but that does not mean
it was bad. The timeline fits perfectly in
place. It was simple, well written and to
the point.
Oscar’s touching journey: Disney Nature introduces Chimpanzee
Natalie Von Cieminski
Staff Writer
Chimpanzee tells the story of Oscar, the
youngest child of his chimpanzee family who
explores the depths of the jungle. Beautifully
filmed, the real-life footage brings Oscar‘s
life alive on the big screen and moviegoers
close to the action. Released from Walt
Disney Studios and Disneynature, the nature
documentary shows Oscar facing the natural
course of events that leads to challenges and
Narrated by Tim Allen, comedian,
actor, producer and best-known for his TVshow and role in “Home Improvement“
(1991-1999), he leads and entertains the
audience throughout the movie. Explaining
the different aspects of a chimpanzee‘s life
and their environment, his sense of humor
does not come too short either. Much to
the delight of every moviegoer, Allen makes
jokes and funny comments on well-chosen
events. “Chimpanzee“ captures Oscar‘s
process of getting independent. Still being
fully dependent on his mother, Oscar slowly
learns how to cope with challenges. One step
at a time, he goes adrift from his mother to
explore the world. He expands his horizons
by watching and learning his clan members
and carefully gains independence.
Oscar‘s family clan is led by Freddy, the
head of the hierarchy. Consistently protecting
their territory, the clan is threatened by a
rival group of chimpanzees. Their leader Scar
wants to take control over the whole region
and the food sources.
When tempers lose and the situation
escalates, a fight breaks out between both of
them. This attack leads to some victims. As
a result, Oscar loses his mom and is on his
own from this moment forward. Without
his mother’s care Oscar struggles to survive.
Oscar‘s future does not look promising until
suddenly, a surprising turn of happenings
saves Oscar’s life.
With advanced technology and amazing
close-up shots, the viewers will be taken
directly into the action. Directed by Alastair
Fothergill and Mark Linfield, the deeps of the
tropical forests in Africa, the natural home
of the chimpanzees, seem to be touchable.
At first hand, one can feel the fear, the
excitement and the fun Oscar and his family
members experience. The feeling arises as if
you are part of every single step they take.
Further, one cannot overlook that Oscar‘s
emotions and manners resemble the human‘s
once. As a lot of similarities to humanity can
be found, it is not surprising that humans and
chimpanzees share about 95 to 98 percent of
the same DNA. The chimpanzees‘ actions,
habits and emotional intuitions makes one
realize how alike human and chimpanzees
are. Throughout the movie, one can identify
oneself with the human-like primates in so
many ways.“Chimpanzee“ is a mind blowing
experience and joy for all ages. Whether
young or old, every moviegoer will be
amazed and delighted by the true-life story. It
Disney’s Chimpanzee is voiced by Tim Allen and hit theatres
nationwide on April 20. Oscar (left) learns the way of the jungle
with the help of his family.
is an educational, fun and interesting film for
everyone.“Chimpanzee“ opened everywhere
on April 20. It is rated G. Co-produced by
the Jane Goodall Institute, their effort is to
protect and support chimpanzees and their
habitats as chimpanzees are endangered. Less
than approximately 200,000 chimpanzees
remain in the wild, which keeps decreasing
mostly due to habitat destruction and
photo courtesy of
may 1, 2012
page 12
Get your “Groove” on with Grooveshark
Michelle Castano
Staff writer
“Our generation doesn’t want to purchase
music, they see it as something that they
should get for free and if they like you as
an artist, they will go to your concert, they
will pay for your merchandise, they will
support you as an artist but through other
means,” said Grooveshark promotional
design art director, Miquel Kendrick. The
music industry is constantly evolving into
new outlets and concepts; Napster set the
standard for music on the web years ago and
it’s kind of morphed into what it is now in
music streaming.
Grooveshark is a new, up and coming
music streaming web site, founded in 2006
by University of Florida students, Sam
Tarantino and Josh Greenberg; interestingly
enough, they met in an entrepreneurship
club. According to the Grooveshark website,
this music streaming site was founded with
the sole mission of providing a digital music
environment to help bridge the growing
gaps between artists, consumers and those
in between who distribute, market and
promote music. Grooveshark exists to create
means for consumers to listen to exactly
the music they want easily and without
restriction while combating piracy.
“We are trying to be like the music
version of YouTube and its all user uploaded
content. So users join for free, they create
an account, and if they see something that
is not available in our catalog of music, you
upload whatever you want,” said Kendrick.
With approximately 30 million Grooveshark
users, this website is almost worldwide,
with the exception of a few countries not
being able to stream it. When navigating
Grooveshark, one finds any
genre of music they desire
to listen to and can
even curate their own
operates under the
Digital Millennium
Copyright Act of
2008 and it’s what
YouTube operates
under as well. It
makes the streaming
site not totally initially
uploaded content until
an author, provider or label
approaches them
a n d
t o
The grooveshark logo
take down the content.
Grooveshark states that as one of the
largest global on-demand and music
discovery services with over 15 million files
and 30 million users, it is an ecosystem
that brings together music fans, bands,
music labels and brands. This streaming
site even asks artists to curate
their own playlists, so fans
can catch a glimpse of
what they have been
listening to. Aside
from streaming
music, the user
gets a sense of
community in
the way that
Gr o ov e s h a r k
p r o v i d e s
information of an
artist’s tour dates
and ways in which the
user can obtain a band’s
T h i s
site, based in Gainesville, Florida usually
gets spread through word of mouth;
however, Grooveshark employees also get
the opportunity in going to music festivals
and letting music fans know about this userfriendly streaming site. “We are here for the
music and we attend these festivals, we give
out free swag and we interact with the public
and let them know that we work there and
we are passionate about what we’re doing;
we are here for the music and for the crowds.
For the most part, it’s been a good reaction
from the public,” said Kendrick.
Locally, Grooveshark has started
community. They’ve started Grooveshark
University which is a two-day a week
course where students will come in and
have preliminary programming and design
developing classes where employees from
Grooveshark will teach these classes and
teach students about what they are actually
doing with the site.“In the long run, we are
presenting the music industry with a new
and extremely viable option to this sort of
archaic way that labels are clinging to. You
can do market research and find out what
people like through these means of data
and get a better picture of what people are
listening to,” said Kendrick.
Photo courtesy of
The oldest teenager in America dies at 82
Rogihanne Avin
Staff writer
America gave him the nickname of
“World’s oldest teenager”. Dick Clark was an
American radio and television personality,
best known for hosting American television’s
longest-running variety show called
American Bandstand from 1957 to 1987.
He died on April 18 2012. He was 82.
At the age of 10 Clark knew he wanted
to be in radio. He graduated from Syracuse
University in 1951 with a degree in
advertising and a minor in radio. He was
also working at the Syracuse radio Station
He then started working in 1945 in the
mailroom at WRUN, an AM radio station
that was owned by his uncle located in
Rome, New York, which was also managed
by his father. Later on he was asked to
fill in for the weatherman and eventually
moved on to announcing Station Breaks.
While at WRUN he went by the name of
Dick Clay. He got his big break with the
television station WKTV in Utica, New
Clark moved to Riverdale, California
from 1962 to 1982, and traveled around
The icon Dick Clark through the many years
the U.S.A and landed on American
Bandstand from 1957 to 1987. The show
was on ABC August 5, 1957 with an
interview with the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll,
Elvis Presley. According to ABCNews.
photo courtesy of
com “I played records, the kids danced, and
America watched,” said Clark describing
American Bandstand.
After the show ended, Clark hosted
Pyramid and later the popular Dick Clark’s
Rockin’ Eve in Time Square. However,
in 2004 Clark suffered a stroke and Ryan
Seacrest started hosting. In 2011 Seacrest
was on Good Morning America (GMA)
talking about the preparations for the year
2012 and said that Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Eve
has become a tradition for Americans. “I
idolized him from the start, and I was graced
early on in my career with his generous
advice and counsel,” Seacrest said. “He was
a remarkable host and businessman and left
a rich legacy to television audiences around
the world. We will all miss him.”
For this coming New Year’s, all of
America will be sitting down and watching
the ball drop and it won’t have the same
effect because without Dick Clark’s voice
counting down to the New Year, it simply
won’t be the same. My mother, brother and
I watched it every New Years Eve and it was
a way of celebrating the end of the Year and
usher in the new one. When I told them
that Dick Clark died it was as of a family
member had passed away. New Years Eve
will never be the same. We will miss him
deeply; our hearts go out to the Clark family.
Please recycle this paper
May 1, 2012
page 13
Photos courtesy of
A shot from the film, Rock Of Ages (left), and the movie poster (right)
A BC student stars in Rock of Ages movie
Shannon Leibowitz
Staff Writer
The life of an aspiring actor is tiring;
trying to accomplish the necessities
academically while also trying to establish
oneself in the spotlight. A prime factor to
an actor’s success is casting calls, putting
themselves out there to be seen at any given
opportunity is crucial to their goal. When
BC student Joao Gerundo walked into the
casting call for Rock of Ages, he hadn’t even
prepared a headshot, but he was ready to give
the audition everything he had.
“I was just standing there when a casting
director walked up to me, pointed, and
said, ‘I want you here tomorrow to meet
Adam Shankman.’” Gerundo said. “I
couldn’t believe they chose me out of over
500 people.” After meeting the director
of the movie, Adam Shankman, the next
day, Gerundo spent seven days filming the
segment of the movie he was in. There was
a full day dedicated to dressing him up in
different outfits until they found something
he liked, as well as playing around with his
hair and makeup.
A movie set is a very demanding place
to be; Gerundo filmed for ten hours
straight. During this time, he had the
honor of working with actors such as
Alec Baldwin, Russell Brand, and Tom
Cruise.“Russell Brand was my favorite to
be around,” Gerundo said. “I love his sense
of humor.”Gerundo is currently studying
for his associate’s degree at BC, but his real
passion is for acting.He took acting classes in
high school, and has since studied privately
as well. In his quest for fame, he has been an
extra in numerous movies, but this will be his
first blockbuster film.Once the trailer for the
movie was released in December, Gerundo
was pleasantly surprised to find an excerpt
from a scene he was in with Alec Baldwin.
“Just the other week I was walking
through Walmart and a couple stopped me,
asking if I was in the movie Rock of Ages,”
Gerundo said. “They said they saw the trailer
and googled me. I was stunned, the movie
hasn’t even come out yet and people are
recognizing me? I never anticipated it, but
I’m so honored.”
Rock of Ages is a film adaption of the
Broadway musical of the same name. Set
during the rock music era of the 1980s, the
plot focuses around a love story between a
waitress and a busboy. The film is set to be
released June 1, be sure to look out for a
familiar face on the big screen.
Oso City DJ keeps
aiming higher
Stephon Hall
Staff Writer
Ever since he was a preteen, Alex Haniff,
who’s majoring in Mass Communication,
has always had a thing for promoting music.
His father was once a Disc Jockey. He sees
this opportunity to finish a legacy that his
father started when he was young and to
expand his local notoriety.
When he was in high school, he was
called City, which explains his DJ name
of OSOCITY. The OSO part was born
when he was at Bethune Cookman, where
he started his career. People around him
gave him the catchy name. “After walking
back from lunch one day my roommate
asked me what did they call me back in
Ft. Lauderdale, and I told him City. So I
put it together OSO-CITY Daytona to Ft.
Lauderdale,” said Haniff, from his e-mail.
His inspirations growing up were David
Rodigan, Mighty Crown, and God. He
credits his faith as one of his strengths. His
faith is his key to his ambition, his drive
towards being the person that he is striving
to be. He has a vast twitter fan base, with
over 3,500 people following his page, and
was once the number one Trending topic in
He also has a Facebook account with
over 3,700 people following his page. The
key to his early success is a credit to his
persistence at a very young age. He felt
very confident early on that he knew that
he could be a good DJ. “From the very
beginning I knew I was destined to be great;
music has been my passion my entire life. I
never had doubt in myself. I always knew
hard work and dedication would take me
anywhere I want to go.”
You could make an argument that
he’s a self-made man and that he’s making
strides in his life to be achieving his father’s
dream. Haniff lives vicariously through his
father and credits him for being the man
that he is today. Now, at 20 years old, he
wants to stretch his fame toward a career of
prominence. “My ability to voice when the
crowd hears the pitch of my voice through
the mic, it causes a willing suspense of
disbelief and takes events to where they
have never been,” said Haniff. He feels an
immense power that comes from his ability
to command a room with his confidence, as
well as his presence at pep rallies, concerts,
and various places where events take place.
CaribUnity is another project that he
is behind and its purpose is to not just
promote news from the Caribbean Islands,
but to explain the culture elsewhere. “Carib
Unity represents love throughout the
world not only the Caribbean Islands; we
just want to spread the culture across the
nation.” You can also hear Alex on 95.9
WBIGSTATION every Saturday from 12-2
DJ Oso City spinning at an event
photo from alex haniff
may 1, 2012
page 14
A Letter From the Editors
College no longer just a young person’s game
Do not be surprised when you
look to the desk next to you in the
upcoming summer and fall classes
and see someone ten years older
than your parents. It feels as if
more and more older students are
filling the classrooms and going
back to school to get a degree.
The “traditional” student is no
longer in there twenties or right
out of high school.That is especially
true at Broward College. The
amount of college students’ ages 40
to 64 has increased by almost 20
percent to nearly 2 million in the
last decade. That number is quickly
growing with the problems in the
economy and the job demands that
are changing.
Broward College is not only a
melting pot for different cultures
but of all ages as well. It was just last
semester that 85-year-old Elizabeth
J. Reilly graduated from Broward
with her A.A. degree. “If I can do
it, others can do it,” said Reilly.
That is the attitude that many older
students have whether their reason
is money, career-driven, or simply
Being a student right out of
high school, it can feel a little
out of the ordinary to have peers
that were older than the professor
teaching the class. It does not take
long to warm up to them and
realize their enthusiasm and effort
is usually greater than the 18-yearold fresh off a high school diploma.
Experience can give students the
awareness of what it means to be
a successful college student. The
things they have gone through
cannot only help them but also
provide motivation and confidence
to push them through school.
Some students coming to college
at an older age can have trouble
adjusting to the workload and
rigorous classes. Taking a few classes
is the advised way for students to
get back into the groove of going
to school. Returning students can
get much more accustomed to the
schoolwork when attending the
actual college as opposed to getting
a degree online. Those cheesy
ads with people in their pajamas
making it seem easy to get their
degree are misleading. It is much
more work when a student who has
not taken classes in a long period of
time, has to learn the material on
their own. Ditch the computer and
attend class.
The older students who are
coming back to school are just a
symbol of how the generation has
always approached things. Going
head first into a new experience
and not thinking about failure,
with only success in mind. Some
of these returning students are
relying on this schooling to pay
the bills and support their family
in the not so distant future. Most
of the students looking to get into
their second career, it is not plan B
but a leap of faith in hoping that it
will all work out for the best with
a spouse, bills, and kids to support
at home. I definitely would not bet
against them getting a better grade
than me in class. Sometimes all it
takes is some hard work and a leap
of faith.
New Ipad reflects why Jobs was so inventive
Jose Rocca
Contributing Writer
Steve Jobs was a charismatic
developer that changed the way that
people develop their life regarding
technological gadgets. One of the
smartest creations that Jobs made
was the multifunction tablet iPad.
On March 16 Apple launched
their third generation of their
multifunction gadget iPad.
Many new features of the table
have generated massive sales of
the tool. The device has a massive
competition in all the markets
around the world. However, the
iPad has prevailed in quality,
applications and costs.
The iPad has become an essential
instrument for business men and
students. “It’s an amazing tool. I
used it in my courses as a notebook,
schedule organizer and computer.
It’s easy to carry out and, the weight
is nothing compared to a heavy
laptop,” said Jean Carlo Garcia a
Broward College (BC) international
The cutting edge features that
the tablet possesses are very practical
regarding real life situations.
The gadget has four times more
pixels compared with the iPad 2;
therefore, the device delivers a high
definition (HD) smooth and clear
resolution in videos and pictures.
Another original feature is a 10
hour lithium battery that charges in
a few minutes.
The new tablet is full of realworld applications. “The new apps
contain plenty of interactive videos
for young kids and students. It is also
an incredible navigation device. The
medical field also has an application
that is used for medical records,
appointments and prescriptions,”
said Armando Becerra a Mac store
staff member. The cost of the
32 GB version and 4G capability
is $ 729 that is 9 percent higher
compared to the last two versions
of the device. However, Apple states
that the new (HD) features and
the high resolution of the camera
installed in the back of the device
are the reasons for the increasing of
the prices.
Some iPad users are complaining
because sometimes the outside
temperature of the device highly
increases. However, iPad developers
have stated that the increasing of the
temperatures is completely normal
due to the new processing device.
“I bought it two weeks ago and it
works perfectly,” said Angie Font
an iPad user. For more information
about the gadget, features and
applications go to
Apple’s new Ipad 3 has many new features
and applications .
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May, 1, 2012
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Ozzie Guillen loses fans with comments
Kyle Rambo
Managing editor
I had never seen my 88 year old grandmother
get verbally and physically aggressive over
baseball, until Ozzie Guillen came to manage
the Miami Marlins. Like much of the older
Cuban population in Miami, it struck more
than a nerve with her when the new face of the
Miami Marlins confessed his love for Cuban
dictator Fidel Castro.
A stressed out Ozzie Guillen
Being half Cuban, I have learned that there
are three things certain about the culture: the
coffee’s always warm, the talking’s always loud,
and Castro is not really a fun topic to bring up
over a plate of arroz con pollo. As beautiful as
the image of Guillen smoking a Cuban cigar
with Castro over a game of Dominoes is, it’s
not going to sell tickets (or be easy on the eyes).
photo courtesy of
There really is no better way to thank all the
Cuban community members of Miami Dade
County, whose tax dollars paid for the brand
new stadium, then to have the manager idolize
their enemy in the first week of the season. If
the Marlins think they weren’t getting love in
their old stadium (where I was able to count
all the fans in attendance on one hand), then
the protestors holding anti-communism signs
outside the new stadium aren’t really helping
the new image the franchise was striving for
(those ugly clown jerseys aren’t helping either).
I decided to check out the Little Havana
revolution for myself and went to a recent
game. Even though the stadium looks likes like
the spaceship that saved E.T. on the outside,
the inside actually looks like a real baseball
stadium (especially with the fourteen dollar
nachos and hotdogs). The crowd (and my
Cuban mother) were not very supportive of
my pro-Guillen chants. Dirty looks and boos
gave me the idea that everyone in attendance
didn’t really agree with me on bringing back
Ozzie anytime soon.
If the caffeine in the Café Con Leche can’t
get the Cuban population hyped up, then
the Castro comment on the most Hispanic
oriented marketed team in the USA will
probably do it (the new colors of the team look
like an ad campaign for Telemundo). The only
place more Hispanic than the new Marlins
Stadium is Dolphin Mall.
When Ozzie Guillen gets thrown out of
a game this season and my grandma starts
high-fiving the random people around her,
I’m sure all Cubans will be cheering with her.
My grandfather (a devoted Marlins fan) was
undoubtedly rolling over in his grave after
hearing the Marlins manager praise Castro.
I’m not sure if it’s ethical for me to root for the
team or not. I guess it doesn’t matter; they’re
not going to win either way. For some reason I
have a feeling the dynamic duo of Guillen and
Castro are not going to beat out Lebron and
Wade in this city.
Before the city of Miami disowns the
Marlins and the whole team ends up floating
in the Atlantic Ocean halfway to Cuba (not
that Ozzie wouldn’t want to play for his
hero’s country …he might mind the pay cut
though). All Marlins fans should just enjoy the
humongous cartoon statue in centerfield and
take it for what it stands for. The un-seriousness
that the entire league sees the Marlins as.
Whether it’s Florida or Miami this team will
again be insignificant in a couple of years.
Not even two World Series trophies, a new
spaceship looking stadium, or the pronounced
love for a dictator can put this team on the
Miami Dolphins definition of inconsistency
Gatien Laurol
Contributing writer
Almost everyone in South Florida loves the
Miami Dolphins. Even if their season record is
0-15 or 13-2, every South Floridian will come
to see the Miami Dolphins play. But recently,
or should I say since the retirement of Hall
of Fame quarterback Dan Marino, Miami
has, well, sucked. They haven’t sucked like the
Cleveland Browns or the Oakland Raiders,
but slowly the Miami Dolphins are becoming
a running gag for football ineptitude.
If you fast forward from Marino’s
retirement in 1999, it all goes downhill
from there. Sixteen quarterbacks and 7 head
coaches have lead the Dolphins and to show
for it, Miami has compiled a 92-100 record
and one playoff victory. Why? It could be
the quarterback; it could even be the coach
or the General Manager of the Dolphins
Jeff Ireland and maybe Miami is cursed. The
answer is simple: They lack organizational
consistency. In today’s NFL, a team needs a
steady quarterback and a coach to win games
and championships. Almost every team
has them: Bill Bellichick and Tom Brady
from 2001-present, Eli Manning and Tom
Coughlin 2004-present, Sean Payton and
Drew Brees 2006-present, Mike McCarthy
and Aaron Rodgers 2006-present, etc. The
names I just gave you are the quarterback and
coach tandems that have won the last 7 of the
10 Superbowls.
The Miami Dolphins struggle to keep up with the hype surrounding
the other professional sports teams in Miami
Not only do they win championships,
but also aforementioned tandems are always
in contention to win another one year after
year. Miami has had a great history of success
and honestly, it is really baffling to see them
play every Sunday. They’ve had one of the
South bureau chief
Stephanie Juergens
best coaches in football history (Don Shula)
and one of the best quarterbacks to ever play
the game (Dan Marino), many great players
(Jason Taylor, Larry Csonka, Zach Thomas,
etc.) and yet year after year, they continually
find ways to disappoint the fans and past
Clayton Gutzmore
Managing Editor
Kyle Rambo
Central Bureau
Pamela Valencia
Esther Chuang
Michael Sciolino
Cornell Whitehead
Daniel Gavira
North Bureau Chief
David Dulak
Copy Editor
Rafael Baez
Broward college
Sports editor
Gustavo Anaya
Jennifer Shapiro
2010 FCCPA General
Excellence Award
Photo editor
Constanza Gallardo
Alexa Ponce
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Chris Cutro
Felecia King
Michelle Castano
Stephon Hall
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Olivier Solon
Rogihanne Avin
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Natalie Von Cieminski
Jillian Melero
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Janice Normil
Sunil Collins
Jose Rocca
The sad part about it is that they have
constantly missed out on great opportunities
to win. For example, in 2006, they opted to
sign Daunte Culpepper instead of Drew Brees
and they chose Ted Ginn Jr. with the nineth
overall pick in the 2007 draft when they
could’ve chosen Patrick Willis, Darrelle Revis,
or Brady Quinn. It gets worse, they had the
chance to have Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh
coach them but he opted for San Francisco
who he led to the NFC Championship.
This year, they could’ve landed Peyton
Manning but he thought Miami was such a
mess; he didn’t want to be part of the team.
Finally, they had a chance to land Matt Flynn
who was the backup for Aaron Rodgers last
season and was coached under current coach
Joe Philbin, but Flynn opted for Seattle. I’m
not a Dolphin fan by any means, but even I
feel sorry for them. Is there any hope for the
Fins? The 2011 NFL Draft is coming upon us
and they have a chance to land a quarterback
for the future.
With a new coach in place, they might
have a chance to finally keep pace with the
NFL. Only time will tell if they can finally
get it right because in today’s NFL, there is
no quick fix. It takes time to build a winning
franchise. Until they realize that, they will
remain in NFL’s cellar for a long time.
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Wisdom and fitness
Broward College sounds the alarm for wellness professor
Clayton Gutzmore
Fitness is more than
just a hobby. It is a lifestyle
and a market for others
to invest and profit in.
One individual who has
explored more features of
the fitness industry is Jim
Sayih, a wellness professor
at Broward College Central
Campus, who has achieved
a lot during his lifetime.
“Health and fitness is
a lifestyle.
makes me feel ill. I enjoy
fitness competitions and
challenges,” said Sayih.
Outside of his teaching
career, he is the CEO of
911 Fitness gym in Cooper
City. 911 Fitness originally
started off as nationwide
initiative designed for
getting 911 responders
back in shape.
accomplishments under
his belt. He is a retired
Miami police Lieutenant
with 20 years of service.
He earned a Bachelors
degree in Criminal Justice
Science,Physiologist with
a Masters Degree in Sports
Science from Florida
International University
and was awarded the
award that is apart of
the presidents council.
He decided to become a
teacher at Broward College
to help the students
understand the other
aspects of wellness.
“Broward College asked
me to speak at a Personal
Development Retreat and
during my retirement
period I have extra time
to contribute, therefore,
it seemed a natural fit to
instruct our youth in health
and fitness,” said Sayih.
Professor Jim Sayih (center) prepares his Crossfit class for their
work out at his gym, 911 Fitness in Cooper City
Sayih broke into fitness
during his time in the
Air Force. He traveled to
Italy and became a body
builder where he won
Mr. Italy twice. With that
his belt he was asked
to train the Italians in
his community how to
exercise. There he began
his Physiology classes for
his undergraduate degree.
Later he traveled back to
America to complete his
education. “My passion
for fitness spread into my
career in law enforcement
where I created the 911
Fitness Challenge, with a
history of 14 years teaching
cops and firemen to lose fat
and gain muscle in a 12
week period,” said Sayih.
911 Fitness opened its
Cooper City location in
August of 2010. At Sayih’s
gym he utilizes the exercise
style called Crossfit, which
is varying high intensity
functional training. This
to Sayih, Crossfit helps
athletes develop into wellrounded athletes. Training
in Crossfit delivers results
and gets athletes into good
condition. “This is my
fourth month participating
in Crossfit and I have been
lifting weights all my life
but Crossfit is something I
do in between to keep my
strength and my skills up,”
said Brett Thompson, a
member of Sayih’s Crossfit
Another feature of
Sayih’s gym that appeals
more to its members
than other commercial
gyms is the environment
and the trainers showing
more care and focus on
form. “I have been here
for about eight months
and the environment here
is amazing; it pushes you
to do better,” said Joshua
Branza, an Air Traffic
Control student at Broward
Sayih influences the lives
of many, from his students
in the classroom to his
trainers and trainees who
push themselves everyday
at his gym.
Currently Sayih and
his team are training to
compete in the regionals of
the Crossfit games.
For more information
on 911 Fitness or the
sport Crossfit log on to
Photo by Clayton Giutzmore
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