Mar 27, 2015 at Warrensburg, Mo. (Jennies Field)

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1> When did "Burn Notice" debut?
a. 2002
b. 2007
c. 2011
d. 1999
2> On the show "Burn Notice", what does Michael Weston like to eat?
a. Life cereal
b. Oreos
c. Cheeseburgers
d. Yogurt
3> Record by House of Love, what is the name of the theme song for the TV
show "Burn Notice"?
a. I Don't Know Why I Love You
b. Live and Let Die
c. Burn Notice
d. Secret Agent Man
4> Where does Michael's friend Fiona come from?
a. Canada
b. Ireland
c. Russia
d. Peru
5> Being a "burned" spy himself, who does Michael accidently get burned?
a. Barry
b. Nate Weston
c. Sam Axe
d. Jesse Porter
6> What police drama did Sharon Glass star in before "Burn Notice"?
a. Cagney and Lacey
b. Police Woman
c. Law and Order
d. N.Y.P.D. Blue
7> What is the name of the woman who tries to "handle" Michael on the TV show
"Burn Notice"?
a. Jesse
b. Brenda
c. Nicole
d. Carla
8> What is the name of the female assassin who attacks Michael with a knife?
a. Madeline
b. Samantha
c. Joy
d. Kendra
9> What bad habit does Michael's mother have?
a. Prescription drug addiction
b. Smoking
c. Gambling
d. Drinking
10> What kind of business does Michael's brother Nate start?
a. Plumber
b. Accountant
c. Limo driver
d. Electrician
11> On the show Burn Notice, Michael goes undercover as a member on Timo's
jewelry heist crew. What was Michael's role?
a. Look out
b. Safe cracker
c. Getaway driver
d. Alarm specialist
12> In one episode, Michael helps a coach who discovers one of his players is in
trouble. What sport does he coach?
a. Baseball
b. Football
c. Hockey
d. Soccer
13> What is the name of Michael's fiancé who shows up unexpectedly?
a. Martha
b. Mary
c. Sam
d. Carla
14> Where is the hit show Burn Notice set?
a. Miami
b. Los Angeles
c. Chicago
d. New Orleans
15> In which branch of the military did Sam serve?
a. Air Force
b. Marine
c. Navy
d. Army
16> On the show "Burn Notice", Fi's brother arrives from Ireland. What is his
a. Sean
b. Patrick
c. Clancy
d. Tom
1> 2007 - Burn Notice was created by Matt Nix.
2> Yogurt - Michael always has yogurt in his under stocked fridge.
3> I Don't Know Why I Love You - Everybody Wants You by Billy Squier has also
been used.
4> Ireland - Fiona was active in Irish politics before she moved to the states.
5> Jesse Porter - Michael accidently gets Jesse burned when he is trying to get
6> Cagney and Lacey - Tyne Daly was Sharon's partner on the show.
7> Carla - This character is played by Tricia Helfer.
8> Kendra - Kendra gets taken prisoner by Michael and Sam.
9> Smoking - Michael is constantly trying to get his mother to quit.
10> Limo driver - Nate buys his own limo and starts his own company.
11> Safe cracker - Michael is trying to help an ex-con stay out of prison.
12> Football - Michael has to protect the player and his sister.
13> Sam - Michael's fiancé is a thief. Dina Meyer plays this role.
14> Miami - After being blacklisted, Michael is forced to go back to his hometown
of Miami, Florida.
15> Navy - Sam is a retired Navy Seal.
16> Sean - Sean is shot while trying to help his sister.