Palm Sunday 20th March 2016

Money Matters
Offertory Collection last weekend:
£657.81 of which
£354.50 was Gift Aided.
Gift Aid: If you are a Tax Payer,
please consider filling out the Gift
Aid form which is in the church
porch to receive a box of weekly
envelopes for your
offertory donation or for a one-off
donation then please use the
Green envelopes.
Please remember to write your
name, address, sign and date the
green envelope.
Thank you for supporting
our Parish.
Responsorial Psalm:
My God, my God, why
have you forsaken me?
Gospel Acclamation:
Praise to you, O Christ,
King of eternal glory!
Christ was humbler yet,
even to accepting death,
death on a cross. But God
raised him high and gave
him the name which is
above all names.
Praise to you, O Christ,
King of eternal glory!
Church cleaning for Easter will take
place on Thursday 24th from 9am. If you
have 1/2 hr to spare please come along
to help. Thank you. Sheila McKnight
“Summer Time”: “Summer Time”
begins next Sunday 27 March –
clocks go forward 1 hour
We remember in our prayers
Those whose anniversaries
(19th Mar) Patrick Needham, Charlotte Griffiths,
Joseph McLoughlin, Ellen Clewarth (20th Mar)
Catherine Hughes, Antonio Lommano (21st Mar)
Thomas Ibll, Vera Mathieson, Brenda Magnani,
Albert Baker, David Hughes, John Rowlands,
Carmel Mary Oliver, Franciszek Dziomba (23rd
Mar) William Parry, Elizabeth Kelly, William Murphy, Ann Daly, John Hill, Anthony Whitley, Graham Edwards (24th Mar) Martin Thomas Carr,
John Keating, Winefride Danson (25th Mar)
Mary Helen Scott, Joan Jones, Margaret O’Neill,
Edward Broderick, Ellen Halford, James Dunne
Let us pray for the Sick
Joe Goggin, Ian Byron, Debra Ann Roberts,Tricia Twizell, Rosa Maria, Joan Lawrence, Gay McCornick, Moira Catherall, Lea
Hill, Anne Turner, Mary Rowe, Rose Bryan,
Jenny Mansley, Jennifer Rowley, Nancy
Wilson, Joe & Luisa Desena, Shelagh Fulham, Margaret Stubbs, Philomena Lamano,
and Leo McManus.
Divine Mercy Novena
Saint Faustina’s Novena to the Divine Mercy
begins on Good Friday in the preparation for
the Feast of Divine Mercy on the First Sunday of Easter. Divine Mercy prayers suggested for the Year of Mercy and Divine
Mercy leaflets are available in the Porch.
Stations of The Cross at Pantasaph
The Knights of Saint Columba,Buckley and
Mold will lead the service of the Stations of
the Cross at Pantasaph on Good Friday
25th March.
All those wishing to attend please congregate in the car park,Pantasaph,at 10.15 for
the distribution of the Stations of The Cross
booklets.The Stations of The Cross journey
of prayer and reflection will begin at 10.30.
Peter Carberry & Mike Cotter
Eglwys Catholig Dewi Sant, Yr Wyddgrug
St.David’s Catholic Church, Mold
Parish Priest: Fr. Pius Mathew CMI,
St.David’s Presbytery, St.David’s Lane, Mold. CH7 1LH
Email: [email protected]
01352 752087
Deacon David Joy:01352 754722 LSUConvent:01352 700121
20th March 2016
Palm Sunday
Year C
19th March Saturday
Mass 5.30pm
Int. Brian and Irene Jones
20th March Sunday
Mass 11am
Antonio Lommano RIP
(Mrs. F. Lommano)
Monday :
Liturgy of the day
21st March Mass 9.15am
Int. Michael Cresswell (Cresswell family)
Liturgy of the day
22nd March Mass 9.15am
Int. PJ & Myra Towey (Bea Towey)
Wednesday: Liturgy of the day
23rd March Mass 9.15am
Deceased Members of the Bunting Family
(Mike and Margaret Bunting)
7pm Stations of the Cross
24th Maundy Thursday:
Evening Mass of the Lord’s supper at 7pm
Vigil at the altar of repose up to 10pm
25th Good Friday:
Service of the Lord’s Passion at 3pm
26th March Saturday
Easter Vigil at 8pm
27th March Sunday
Mass 11am
Jack Waters RIP
(Jim and Rose Hamill)
For People of the Parish
Rosary and
Every Friday
following the
morning Mass
at 9.15am
Sacrament of
10.30am to
& Before the Vigil
Sundays before
the Mass
hen the word
“crowd” is used in
the gospels it’s almost as if
it is some sort of audience.
The crowd follows Jesus
here and there wanting to
their coats on the floor in
front of him and cheer him
as their great white hope in
shining armour, even
though he is unarmed and
riding on donkey. But by
Friday the mood changes
and the crowd bays for his
blood. Offered the chance
of releasing a prisoner they
choose Barabbas, a wellknown criminal. Never trust
a cheering crowd.
ut before we get on
our high horses and
throw scorn at the crowd,
let’s admit that we’re just
the same. We
have our moments
of great faith and
devotion and then
the next minute
we behave in
ways that are far
from the gospel.
relish the cut and thrust of
the arguments between him
and the authorities; it’s
there for something to eat
in the desert, to see the
scribes and the Pharisees
put in their place or to enjoy
a good miracle. Jesus says
it’s like sheep without a
uring this
shepherd. And most of all
Holy Week
it’s fickle. It can change
inevitably going to
allegiance as quickly as the
wind can change direction. be in the crowd, but we are
offered the opportunity of
o on Palm Sunday we standing out from it, of not
see the crowd gather- simply going with the flow.
ing to watch its hero as he On Maundy Thursday we
approaches Jerusalem. are given the chance of
The people even spread pledging ourselves once
more to service of each
other, symbolised by the
Washing of the Feet, a service that culminates in eucharist. On Good Friday we
praise God for the victory of
the cross and offer ourselves to be taken, broken
and used in whatever way
God chooses to use us.
And on Holy Saturday, as
the Easter event becomes
clear, we celebrate the core
of our faith that Jesus has
conquered all evil and that
he invites us to share life to
the full. Singing our allelu-
ias means that we are signing on the dotted line to be
permanent witnesses of
this by our lives.
o let’s take our place
in the crowd. But let’s
not simply go with the flow.
Today : Collection for Flowers
For the Altar at Easter
Holy Week
21st Monday : Mass at 9.15am
22nd Tuesday: Mass at 9.15am
23rd Wednesday: Mass at 9.15am
Chrism Mass (Cathedral) 7pm
24th: Maundy Thursday
Evening Mass of the Lord’s
Supper at 7pm followed by vigil
at the altar of repose until 10pm
25th: Good Friday
Service of the Passion at 3pm
26th : Holy Saturday
Easter Vigil at 8pm
27th Easter Sunday : 11am
Mass of the Chrism on Wednesday:
Good Friday – Day of Fasting & Abstinence:
At 3pm we celebrate the Passion of the Lord.
The collection at the Veneration of the Cross will
be for the upkeep of the Holy Places in the Holy
Land – more necessary than ever in these days
of turmoil in the Middle East.
Holy Saturday 8pm The Easter Vigil:
with the blessing of the fire and Paschal
Candle, the Easter Proclamation, the
great Old Testament and New Testament
readings, the Baptismal Liturgy – with the
renewal of our Baptismal promises – and
the liturgy of the Eucharist. Do try to be
Mold Cytun
Cytun Easter Sunday Service
On 27th March at 7.30am
This year, the Cytun Easter Service will
be held in Daniel Owen Square at 7 30
am with DIY refreshments afterwards .
(please bring a thermos to share).
Advance Notice: Cytun Quiz Night is on
Fri April 29th . More information later.
Mena Kerslake &Sue Cocker
This Wednesday, 23rd March at 7pm in
the Cathedral, Wrexham. The oils, which
will be used for the administration of the
Sacraments for the next 12 months, are
blessed and consecrated; and the priests
renew their priestly commitment.
come along.
The owners of the car park at Island
Green at the back of the Cathedral
have agreed to waive the car parking fee
between the hours 6.00pm to 10.00pm on
Wednesday, for those attending the
Chrism Mass.
The SVP Central Council members would like
to say a big thank you to
those parishioners who
helped out last weekend
(you know who you are).
Thank you so very much; as always you
were BRILLIANT! Brian Cullen
Maundy Thursday Washing the Feet.
Please sign your name on the sheet in
the porch if you are willing to be an
'apostle'. We welcome all ages, male and
female, and the tradition of the parish is
for a representative of Parish groups to
volunteer, along with ANY member of the
congregation. MC Mark Philpot
Together, our parish raised an amazing
£2,076. 30p for the Lent fast day.
This will be doubled with UK Aid Match
funding. meaning we have ensured
£4.152. 60p can be used to bring water
around the world. £1,319 was gift
aided. Thank you everyone for your continuing support.
Joyce and John Elcock
Thank you
Cafod Lent Collection
Thank you