Welcome to Digital Shaktipat
Digital Shaktipat is the free shakti-infused meditation track offered by Subtle Energy Sciences
as a powerful introduction to the even more transformative meditation technology called
Shaktipat Awakening. It contains very powerful subtle energetic frequencies specifically
arranged to evoke extraordinarily deep meditation and safely awaken kundalini energy.
To enjoy this as an audio meditation, this program is best experienced using headphones,
while seated comfortably upright, with eyes closed. However, it is also quite effective
without the use of headphones. This program can facilitate uncommonly deep GROUP
meditation as well, when played over stereo speakers.
Basic Instructions
Using this program is simple and easy:
For optimal results, it is best used regularly as a daily meditation.
Headphones will often deliver optimal results but are not absolutely necessary.
Push play for Track 1.
Sit upright comfortably and close your eyes.
Allow your attention to rest gently on the sounds in the track. If your attention wanders,
allow it to be brought back to the sounds. Notice and accept any thoughts or feelings
without judgment.
Alternately, you may practice virtually any meditation technique while listening to this
program, and this program will significantly boost your meditations.
For meditations longer than 20 minutes in length, repeat the track as often as desired.
The more you repeat the track, the deeper you’ll go.
However, we recommend not meditating with this track for more than 60 minutes per
day, as this is very powerful.
We’d love to hear from you. Please share your Digital Shaktipat experience with us at
[email protected]
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File Information
File Information for
Optimal Results
The download-version contains
high-quality (320 kbps) MP3 files,
which use less compression than
typical MP3 files.
We strongly recommend not
converting these tracks to normal
MP3 format (anything below 320
kbps) when uploading from CD or
burning to CD.
The MP3 compression will filter
out a considerable amount of the
Torsion field power embedded in
the CD and download versions. If
you wish to burn them to a CD,
burning them as WAV files, Apple
Lossless files or 320 kbps MP3 files
will deliver optimal results.
In iTunes, go to "Edit," then
"Preferences," and locate the
"When you insert a CD“ section on
the "General" tab. Push the
"Import Settings" button, and
another tab will appear. For the
"Import Using" section select
"Apple Lossless Encoder, WAV or
320 kbps MP3."
No Headphones
The torsion fields in this program
will positively influence your
state of mind with or without the
use of stereo headphones, but
headphones may enhance the
Compatible Players
This torsion field audio will play
on virtually any mp3 player, CD
player, computer media player or
cell phone music player.
File Information
Drink Water Before
And After
Being well hydrated before and
after each listening session is
Water plays an important role in
storing, amplifying and radiating
subtle (life force) energy. By
staying well hydrated throughout
the day, the torsion field
technology will remain more
active in your field, even after your
listening session.
Cover Artwork
Built-In EMF Safety
Clearing Space
Digital Shaktipat CD cover
designed by Eric W. Thompson.
The subtle energetic frequencies
in this recording, when played, will
electromagnetic field (EMF) of the
playing device, resulting in two
wonderful things: 1) the negative
subtle energetic effects normally
associated with EMF will be
completely canceled; and 2) the
EMF will be converted into a
carrier for the torsion field tech,
significantly amplifying the subtle
energetic field.
Playing this powerful torsion field
program, silently or otherwise, will
naturally clear the surrounding
space of negative energy.
© Copyright 2015 Subtle Energy
Sciences. All rights reserved.
Do I Need to Use Track Volume in Order to Enjoy Digital Shaktipat?
There are two basic ways to enjoy this track as a meditation:
With volume
Without volume
With volume, the track will deliver a subtle energetic field (which contains the energetic signature of basic shaktipat meditation) that envelops the whole body. For
many people, this will be the preferred way to enjoy these tracks during meditation.
For those individuals who are particularly sensitive to the torsion field technology, listening to this track without volume can sometimes deliver a deeper
experience than listening to it with volume. The torsion field technology used by itself (when the volume is turned all the way down) is capable of leading your brain,
energetic field and consciousness as deep as you are willing to go, as long as you have developed sufficient sensitivity to, and awareness of, the energy. You might
think of it as allowing your consciousness to “surf” the energy, like a wave, into the deepest states of consciousness.
For those of you interested in meditating with the torsion technology only (i.e., with no volume), first meditating with the track with volume (for a 20-minute , 40minute or 60-minute meditation) will typically saturate your energetic field with the energy strongly enough that you will sufficiently “feel” the energy consciously.
Then immediately continue the meditation, but turn the volume all the way down. You should now notice the energetic field being emanated by the track more
tangibly, even though there’s no sound.
How Digital Shaktipat Differs from Shaktipat Awakening
If you never meditate with any other program than our free Digital Shaktipat
program, as long as you use it daily, we promise your life will change dramatically
for the better. We are grateful to offer this powerful program for free, and we
believe it is more powerful than even the most popular and expensive premium
meditation technologies available on the planet.
We’re very pleased to offer it you—completely free—as our investment in your
spiritual growth and awakening.
Nevertheless, as powerful as Digital Shaktipat is, the Shaktipat Awakening program
Is even more transformative. Here are some of the advantages of Shaktipat
Awakening (SA):
• Chakras – SA contains the actual energetic signature of each of the major chakras.
• Kundalini awakening – SA contains even more kundalini energy than Digital
Shaktipat, and is entirely safe and gentle.
• Extra heart coherence – SA contains special signatures for profoundly increasing
heart coherence.
• Extra deep brainwaves – SA contains signatures for evoking ALL the major
brainwave patterns (gamma, beta, alpha, theta, delta and epsilon) in optimal
balance for incredibly deep, ecstatic meditations. This is a feat that conventional
brainwave entrainment (BWE) cannot reliably perform.
Important Notes on the SES Torsion Field Technology
THE POWER OF INTENTION: Because of the informational and energetic properties of this technology, it is especially powerful when used with conscious
intention. You can consciously direct the energy to flow in specific areas of the body or to catalyze particular changes in your consciousness. Form and hold
your intention with each meditation.
LASTING EFFECTS: Although you will feel the effects of this technology while listening to this program, especially when listened to for 20 minutes or more at
a time, the effects will also last for quite some time throughout the day.
SATURATE YOUR BIOFIELD WITH PEACEFUL ENERGY: The energetic signatures contained in this program have been amplified millions of times, making
them quite potent. The more you listen, the more densely these soothing and calming energies will saturate your biofield for lasting change. You’ll carry this
feeling of deep calm into your day.
SENSING THE ENERGY: Although some people are sensitive enough to go into light samadhic/trance states while playing this energetic field silently as they
work, most people will sense it most deeply during eyes-closed meditation and relaxation. For best results, please do not forsake a formal meditation practice.
AVOIDING OVERWHELM: Even though the torsion field energies embedded in this program are calming by nature, they can still have an overwhelming effect
on the nervous system if it absorbs more energy than it can handle at one time. Start by meditating an hour or two a day with the track and see how you feel. If
you notice that you seem to be on edge, this is just your nervous system letting you know that it needs a break. Any overwhelm experienced through excess
exposure to this technology is only temporary and never serious or permanent. Simply cut back on your exposure time.
How Digital Shaktipat Differs from Shaktipat Awakening Continued
Here are a few more of the advantages of Shaktipat Awakening (SA):
• Meditative concentration – SA contains unique signatures for facilitating
extraordinary meditative concentration and various levels of Samadhi.
• Pituitary activation – SA contains signatures for activating the pituitary and pineal
• Dissolution of Karma – SA uses signatures that penetrate into the higher subtle and
causal bodies to gently dissolve generational karma.
• Whole Brain Balancing – SA contains signatures for EVERY MAJOR AREA OF THE
BRAIN, including the amygdala, prefrontal cortex, ventromedial cortex, limbic
system, neocortex, corpus callosum, brain stem, spinal cord and cerebrospinal fluid.
This guarantees optimal brain balancing and attunement.
• Clears energetic blocks
• Addresses deep healing at all levels (contains actual Reiki energy in addition to all
the other energetic signatures)
• Supports ultra-high coherence, balance and synergy between the brain, heart,
central nervous system, chakras and overall energetic system
• Makes various degrees of Samadhi (meditative concentration) available to anyone
• Able to be amplified to virtually ANY power level you like – enough Shakti to
empower your ongoing meditation practice for a LIFETIME. This is accomplished a
BRAND NEW technology that is included with every copy of Shaktipat Awakening.
• Contains signatures uniquely designed for supporting profound spiritual insight.
• Awakens and activates the Third Eye.
• Deeply quiets mental chatter in a unique way not included with Digital Shaktipat
Introducing Digital Shaktipat
by Eric W Thompson
Digital Shaktipat is a preview into a new and unique meditation technology
that is yet another introduction into an even more transformative
meditation technology we offer called Shaktipat Awakening.
If you never meditate with any other program than this free Digital
Shaktipat program, as long as you use it daily, I promise your life will change
dramatically for the better. I am grateful to offer this powerful program for
free, and I believe it is more potent and dynamic than even the most
popular and expensive premium meditation technologies available
I’m very pleased to offer it you—completely free—as my investment in
your spiritual growth and awakening.
I've spent several years and many thousands of dollars developing this
technology, and I've found it to be the most effective meditation
technology I've ever used, except for the even more powerful Shaktipat
Awakening program. (Yes, I’m probably biased, but I've used a lot of them,
including magnetic brain stimulation and many of the most popular audio
brainwave entrainment technologies on the market.)
An Exclusive, Groundbreaking Meditation
Technology that Energetically
Awakens Your Innate Capacity to
Meditate Deeply and Blissfully
When you listen to this powerful track, you may notice a growing sense of
elation and calm after just the first minute or two of listening.
In terms of meditation technology, I believe this represents a revolution,
since conventional brainwave entrainment takes a minimum of about six
minutes to produce an entrainment effect. And even at the six-minute mark,
it usually takes even longer for brainwave entrainment to produce a more
pronounced effect in support of deep meditation.
The Missing Key:
The ENERGY of Meditation
To be clear, this blissful track you are about to experience does not contain
ShaktiTM Torsion Field Technology—represents what I believe is a major
revolution in meditation technology.
Whereas many people tend to reduce meditation to a mere brainwave
pattern, meditation is much more than simple brain rhythms.
Even more important than the brainwaves of meditation is the
overall energy of meditation and its capacity to support the profound states
of spontaneous spiritual insight possible with meditation.
Genuinely transformative meditation produces powerful brainwaves, but
not necessarily vice versa.
Yes, specific brainwave patterns can help facilitate powerful meditations,
but they don’t guarantee it.
You see, when your spiritual energy flows powerfully enough, focusing your
mind in true meditation becomes more effortless.
In other words, the energy of true meditation creates specific brainwave
patterns, not the other way around.
That is to say, when the kundalini-shakti flows strongly, its energy literally
meditates YOU.
Kundalini Shakti
Digital Shaktipat produces this energy of meditation by activating your own
innate potential for deep meditation.
It awakens your innate capacity to access this energy on
your own.
In fact, after sufficient use, you'll find that you can access your spiritual
energy entirely on your own, unaided, because Digital Shaktipat opens the
energetic channels within you that allow deep access.
Meditation has absolutely changed my life profoundly, and it is my hope
that this 20-min demo will give you a small taste of just how profound and
blissful meditation can be. If you enjoy this demo, please know that our
Flagship program—Shaktipat Awakening—is much, much more powerful..
The Power of Shaktipat
I chose the name “Digital Shaktipat” in part due to my own experience with
the shaktipat meditation tradition.
The primordial spiritual energy in every
individual which eventually, through
the practice of meditation, rises up the
Shaktipat refers to an ancient custom used by Hindu meditation masters as
a means of transmitting the “grace of the Guru” from teacher to student.
The student’s vibration slowly synchronizes with the higher vibration of the
master, allowing the student to more easily enter into higher states of
After years of meditating with various techniques and technologies
(including mindfulness meditation, shamatha, Transcendental Meditation,
kundalini meditation, binaural beats and magnetic brain stimulation),
The energetic initiation I underwent during shaktipat was
so incredible that I enjoyed a level of Samadhi—meditative
concentration—I’d never before experienced.
My kundalini energy awakened so deeply and smoothly that its immense
energy began to meditate me.
Rather than having to wrestle with my mind, the energy of shaktipat focused
my mental body so extraordinarily that I was able to rest and focus my mind in
blissful meditation much more easily and quickly than ever before.
Although I had experienced many wonderful states previously using the
aforementioned technologies, shaktipat meditation changed everything for
me, including how I approached creating new meditation technologies.
As a result, I became positively obsessed with making this transformative
experience and practice available to anyone.
I’ve spent the last several years evolving this technology to a point where I
believe it is now possible for most anyone to experience various levels of
Samadhi more quickly and safely than ever.
Torsion Field Technology
This track contains a new type of meditation technology, Digital
ShaktiTM Torsion Field Technology, which is unlike any other meditation
technology now available.
To be clear, this technology is not binaural beats, isochronic beats,
monaural beats nor any other kind of audio brainwave entrainment.
In fact, though the soundtrack is made up of rain, the actual “shaktipat”
technology is totally silent.
We use a unique process to embed these silent energies into the
soundtrack, which in this case is a soothing rain soundtrack.
Digital ShaktiTM Torsion Field Technology is a subtle energetic technology—
digital energy medicine—that stimulates and nourishes the whole human
being using the principle of subtle energetic resonance.
Rather than using binaural beats or similar sound technologies, this
exclusive torsion technology uses silent energetic pulses and informational
medicine to do much more than just stimulate the brain:
Digital ShaktiTM Torsion Field Technology entrains the entire
human energetic system.
Keep in mind that, even though the Digital ShaktiTM energetic/informational
pulses are silent, they can also be superimposed onto music and sound, thus
transforming the music/sound into a powerful carrier for the silent pulses.
Specific areas of the body and the energetic system can also be targeted,
whether the target is a specific area of the brain (like the pineal gland),
body (such as the parasympathetic nervous system) or energy body (e.g.,
the chakra system or the causal body).
This energetic resonance technology is made possible using proprietary
software and computer technology.
As may already be apparent, this exciting new technology extends its
capacities far beyond that possible using binaural beat or brainwave
entrainment technologies.
Furthermore, when embedded in music or sound, Digital ShaktiTM Torsion
Field Technology does not require the use of headphones (though using them
can enhance the experience).
In fact, it is effective even when used with the volume turned all the way
That’s right. Just push PLAY and turn down the volume, and the Digital
ShaktiTM Torsion Field Technology will still be emitted from your player,
whether you are using a computer media player, cell phone, mp3 player or
CD player to play the audio track.
When I began my daily meditation practice more than 10 years ago, I
intuited that it would eventually help me in healing the deeply ingrained
bipolar depression I had experienced every year of my adult life.
And it did just that.
Indeed, today my life is more meaningful, more joyful, more balanced than
it’s ever been, and it keeps getting better!
It took me a long time to become adept at meditation, but I created Digital
Shaktipat to help you and others to master meditation and experience its
profound benefits much more quickly than I ever did.
Please send me an email after you’ve experienced, and let me know what
you think.
Eric W Thompson
Subtle Energy Sciences
Inventor of the Digital ShaktiTM Torsion Field Technology
When used as a meditation once or more times daily,
the Digital Shaktipat free meditation technology
• Deep, blissful meditation
• Dramatically increased qi flow
• The safe and smooth awakening of
kundalini energy
• Greatly reduced stress levels
• Profound spiritual connection
• An open heart
• Balanced chakras
• Immense wellbeing
The Unique Torsion Field
Signatures Included in
Digital Shaktipat
The Unique Torsion Field Signatures Included in Digital Shaktipat
The primordial
cosmic energy
that naturally
lifts and
activates the
human spirit.
A profoundly
balancing spiritual
energy that lies at
the heart of the
formative process in
The harmonious flow
of emotional energy
and information in
and through the
Deeper than the
heart chakra, the
spiritual heart is the
gateway to the soul.
It sits just to the
right of (and down a
little from) the heart
The Unique Torsion Field Signatures Included in Digital Shaktipat
Targeted precisely
to the prefrontal
Highly coherent
associated with
compassion, super
processing and
Correlated with
Associated with
Appears in very
relaxed focus, Zen deep meditation,
deep meditation,
meditation and
bliss, creativity and
effortless learning. profound emotional
empathy and deep
Digital Shaktipat is the ONLY meditation technology that
evokes Gamma, Alpha, Theta and Delta brainwaves
simultaneously for deep meditation.
The Unique Torsion Field Signatures Included in Digital Shaktipat
Digital Shaktipat contains powerful torsion signatures
associated with deep meditative concentration.
Kundalini Awakening
Using the actual torsion fields of kundalini, Digital Shaktipat
gently and safely awakens kundalini energy, without any
danger of overwhelm.
“According to many Russian scientists, torsion IS subtle energy. It is responsible for . . . the aura and long distance
healing.” ~ Claude Swanson, Ph.D. (from “Life Force: The Scientific Basis”)
“From the late 80’s to the late 90’s, major experimental investigations were conducted that confirmed the theoretical
predictions. It was established that torsion generators allows us not only to replicate all ‘phenomena’ by so-called ‘psychics,’
but they are also able to demonstrate effects that were never demonstrated by any ‘psychic.’” ~ Dr. Yu V. Nachalov
(2003, from “Theoretical Basics of Experimental Phenomena”)
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