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Sunday, 10 April 2016
Competition info
Distance: 220 kilometer
Starting time: 6 a.m.
Start: Purkijaur, 16 km west of Jokkmokk; Finish: Jokkmokk Ski Stadium
Technique: Classic technique
Competition rules: International Ski Federation (FIS) competition rules apply.
Ski change is not allowed except due to technical faults. Ski marking is done at the start.
Participation is at your own risk.
Race course: Jokkmokk/Purkijaur - Kvikkjokk - Jokkmokk, the race follows the same track towards
Kvikkjokk and back to Jokkmokk.
Competition center - pick-up of the start-ID etc.: Jokkmokk, Västra skolan, Åsgatan 4
Opening times: Friday April 8th 12:00 to 20:00, Saturday April 9th 10:00 to 22:00, Sunday April 10th 14:00
to Monday April 11th 13:00.
Estimated winning time: we expect - depending on conditions - a winning time of about 10 hours.
Winning time in 1884: 21 hours 22 minutes.
Competition classes: Elite / Competition / Amateur for Ladies and Men. Result lists total and Ladies/Men.
No senior classes.
Prices: To further connect with the unbelievable story surrounding Pavva-Lasse Nilsson Tuorda the prize
money will be the same as in 1884. First person to ski the entire distance won 200 SEK, second person who
came back to Jokkmokk won 150 SEK, the third person 100 SEK. The prizes will be paid to each winner in
Ladies and Men elite class. The prize money from 1884 will be paid out in today’s money value (200 SEK ->
11 000 SEK).
Pavva-Lasse medal: for all who complete the distance in not more than 21 hours 22 minutes.
Time limits: 30 hours to the finish line. The following time limits apply at controls along the track:
Kvikkjokk km 104: 19:30, Årrenjarkka km 117: 21:20, Tjåmotis km 144: Monday 1:00, Vierra km 167:
Monday 4:00, Randijaur km 187: Monday 6:45, Purkijaur km 208: Monday 9:30.
It is allowed to take a break, but all controls must be passed and you must stay within the time limits listed
above. Medical personnel and representatives from the organization will have the right to stop participants
from further participation if there is a risk to the health of the person
Timing: Electronic timing chip / transponder. Timing at each control. SMS service is available. The timing
chip is handed out along with the start ID. Failing to return the timing chip adds a charge of 500 SEK.
Bus transportation to the start in Purkijaur: We offer free bus transportation to the start in Purkijaur.
Buses run from “Västra skolan” (competition center) between 4:30 and 5:10 Sunday morning. Note: Limited
parking space in Purkijaur!
Clothing transportation: Clothing can be checked at the following controls: Tjåmotis after 64 km,
Årrenjarka after 91 km, Årrenjarka efter 117 km, Tjåmotis efter 144 km, and with Randijaur after 187 km. It
is possible to change clothing 5 times during the course of the race. There are three locations to change at:
Tjåmotis, Årrenjarka and Randijaur. Clothing will be transported to these three checkpoints.
All clothing must be submitted to the competition center at Västra skolan by Saturday at 18:00. Coveralls
which the participants wear before the start in Purkijaur will be placed in a bag, sealed, and transported to
Västra skolan.
Headlamps: All participants who expect finishing time longer than 15 hours need a headlamp. All
participants are solely responsible for having headlamps. Headlamps can be transported together with
clothes to certain controls - see "clothing transportation". Spare batteries are available at controls.
Waxing Services: The registration fee includes waxing service. A variety of waxes can be found at several
of the controls along the course and the participants can wax their own skis. Our volunteers will be
available for assistance.
Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet is also offering an extended waxing service through an agreement with SkiGo.
2 different packages of professional competition waxing and services during the race are available:
Package 1: Complete Waxing: basic glider, high fluor glider and kick wax.
Includes waxing before the start of the race, at the turning point in Kvikkjokk, and at the check point in
Tjåmotis (2x) Price: 750 SEK.
Package 2: Complete Waxing: basic glider, high fluor glider and kick wax. Sealed with HF powder. Includes
waxing before the start of the race, at the turning point in Kvikkjokk, and at the checkpoint in Tjåmotis (2x)
Price: 1250 SEK.
Book your waxing service in time! Contact: [email protected]
Controls: A total of 25 controls along the course, drinks and food every 10 km that offer: sports drinks, tea,
water, buns, cheese sandwiches, oranges, bananas, pickles, blueberry soup, energy bars, energy gel, Red
Bull. At the controls Randijaur, Tjåmotis, Årrenjarkka and Kvikkjokk we offer additional food as meat soup,
pasta, etc.
Emergency services / medical care at the controls is available at Purkijaur, Randijaur, Tjåmotis, Årrenjarkka
and Kvikkjokk. All controls have a heated tent or alternatively a heated building nearby.
Racing track: Double track for classic technique between Jokkmokk and Granudden, 2 parallel double
tracks for classic technique between Granudden and Kvikkjokk when racers towards Jokkmokk meet
participants who are still on the way to Kvikkjokk.
If you have to quit: Transport by minibus back to Jokkmokk is available along the entire race track.
Mobile Phones: Coverage is good along the course. We recommend that all participants should have
mobile phone during the entire race. Coverage map: www.telia.se/privat/support/tackningskartor
Track maps and elevation profile:
Travel and accommodation:
The local travel agency SN Resor in Jokkmokk can support you:
[email protected], +46(0)971-582 22
Shuttle busses are available between Luleå Airport and Jokkmokk:
Thursday 7 April 13:00 from Luleå Airport
Friday 8 April 14:00 from Luleå Airport
Back to Luleå Monday 11 April 13:00 from Jokkmokk
Back to Luleå Tuesday 12 April 7:00 from Jokkmokk
Price: 250 SEK per person one way, contact and booking: [email protected]
Experience unforgettable mountain, snow and Sami culture adventures. Read more about Jokkmokk region
at www.destinationjokkmokk.se and www.jokkmokk.se.
Contact and organization:
The race is organized by Nordenskiöldsloppet AB and Red Bull in cooperation with Jokkmokks skidklubb and
Föreningsalliansen Jokkmokk.
Wolfgang Mehl, CEO Nordenskiöldsloppet, +46(0)70-201 37 48, [email protected]
Daniel Tynell, sport director, [email protected]
Lennart Larsson, competition manager, [email protected]
Roland Arvidsson & Leif Åkerlund, track executives, +46(0)70-656 00 65, [email protected];
+46(0)70-555 80 50, [email protected]
Wigert Engström, head of organization, +46(0)70-229 06 63, [email protected]
Merja Tyrväinen, local organization and volunteers, +46(0)70- 559 40 19, [email protected]
David Sarden, marketing and sponsors, +46(0)70-343 65 70, [email protected]
Lennart Nilsson, responsible Jokkmokks SK, +46(0)639 44 47, [email protected]
Silva Herrmann, competition secretary, +46(0)70-202 74 74, [email protected]