A4 – Marie Skłodowska-Curie COFUND, Researchers` Night and

16 February 2016
REA - Director
G. Gascard
Excellent Science
A. Luchetti (HoD)
A1 – Marie Skłodowska-Curie
Innovative Training Networks
K.-G.Barthel (HoU)
R. Bilyalov (DHoU)
REA.A.1.001 Project Management – B. Mester (HoS)
REA.A.1.002 Project Management – B. Mester (Acting HoS) *
REA.A.1.003 Administration and Finance - R. Bilyalov (Acting HoS)
A2 – Marie Skłodowska-Curie
Individual Fellowships: European
J.-B.Veyret (HoU)
K. Hellevuo (DHoU)
REA.A.2.001 Project Management - M. Spulber (HoS)
REA.A.2.002 Project Management - E. G. Chira (HoS)
REA.A.2.003 Administration and Finance - M. S. Giannoni (HoS)
A3 – Marie Skłodowska-Curie
Research and Innovation Staff Exchange
F. Olsson Hector (HoU)
S. Ricci (DHoU)
REA.A.3.001 Project Management - L. Apostol (HoS)
REA.A.3.002 Project Management - B. Ferreira (HoS)
REA.A.3.003 Administration and Finance - S. Ricci (Acting HoS)
A4 – Marie Skłodowska-Curie COFUND,
Researchers’ Night and Individual Fellowships: Global
F. Willekens (HoU)
F. Marx (DHoU)
REA.A.4.001 Project Management - A. Craig (HoS)
REA.A.4.002 Project Management - F. Marx (Acting HoS)
REA.A.4.003 Administration and Finance - L. Byrne (HoS)
A5 – Fostering Novel Ideas:
T. Hallantie (HoU)
M. Lange (DHoU)
REA.A.5.001 Project Management *
REA.A.5.002 Project Management
REA.A.5.003 Administration and Finance - M. Pettinaroli (HoS)
Industrial Leadership and
Societal Challenges
M. Tachelet (HoD)
B1 – Space Research
M. Curavič (HoU)
B. Blasch (DHoU)
REA.B.1.001 Project Management - V. Puzzolo (HoS)
REA.B.1.002 Administration and Finance - J. Marti Pique (HoS)
B2 – Sustainable Resources for
Food Security and Growth¹
K. Rosenow (HoU)
D. Bennink (DHoU)
REA.B.2.001 Project Management - O. Pastre (HoS)
REA.B.2.002 Project Management - O. Pastre (Acting HoS)
REA.B.2.003 Administration and Finance - I. Suja Goffin (HoS)
B3 – Inclusive, Innovative
and Reflective Societies¹
C. Amting (HoU)
D. Barbieux (DHoU)
REA.B.3.001 Project Management - J. Hemmelskamp (HoS)
REA.B.3.002 Project Management - D. Barbieux (Acting HoS)
REA.B.3.003 Administration and Finance - S. Masil (TL)
B4 – Safeguarding Secure Society
A. Marino (HoU)
T. Brefort (DHoU)
REA.B.4.001 Project Management - V. Bricola (HoS)
REA.B.4.002 Project Management - K. Van Goey (HoS)
REA.B.4.003 Administration and Finance - P.M. Schmidt (HoS)
B5 – Spreading Excellence, Widening
Participation, Science with and for Society
P. Van Der Zandt (HoU)
F. Roffi (DHoU)
REA.B.5.001 Project Management
REA.B.5.002 Project Management *
REA.B.5.003 Administration and Finance - O. Bobille (HoS)
DG delegating programme
implementation tasks :
Administration, Finance and Support Services
W. Beurms (HoD)
REA.C0.1 ICS & Legal – Internal Control and
Legal Matters - P. Boving (HoS)
C1 – Administration
B. Wastin (HoU)
Human Resources - W. De Meyere (HoS)
ICT - E. Tsavalopoulos (HoS)
Communication - J. Acevedo Bueno (HoS)
Administrative Finance and Logistics - D. Skarja (HoS)
C2 – Finance
R. Bultynck (HoU)
Accountant2 - P. Dellopoulos
Budget - C. Strouzas (HoS)
Financial Support and Verification - J. Novikova (HoS)
Ex-post Audits / Anti-fraud - F. De Rosa (HoS)
C3 – Participant Validation and Support
S. Fumero (HoU)
REA.C.3.001 Validation - N. Giacomuzzi-Moore (HoS)
REA.C.3.002 Support
C4 – Expert Contracting
and Payments
A. Oram (HoU)
REA.C.4.001 Contracting - J.-C. Gayrand (HoS)
REA.C.4.002 Payments - E. Pellizzari (HoS)
¹ Including management of FP7 legacy for SME Actions
Accountant reporting to the Director
To be filled in 2015-2016
Research Executive Agency
First-class support for
European research that matters