Contractor Service Level Agreement Minimum Standards

Contractor Service Level Agreement
Minimum Standards
Mainstay’s strategy is to provide their service Safely and Sustainably; we are
therefore keen to ensure that companies working on our behalf have the same high
service standards and values.
In order to ensure that our clients are happy with the services provided, we expect
companies working on our behalf or under our instruction to adhere to the following
service standard conditions.
When visiting Mainstay managed properties –
Present copies of risk assessments and method statements for the works to
be undertaken to site staff before commencing work.
Where there is no site staff, contractors are required to have available for
inspection copies of risk assessments and method statements.
Complete and carry the appropriate ‘Permit to Work’; required on a daily
basis before commencing work.
To be appropriately presentable and carry identification.
To treat all residents, staff and the general public with respect.
Report any comments made about Mainstay or other required repairs to the
Customer Services Department.
Act to protect the interests of Mainstay on the development.
Ensure that the development is left in a tidy condition when you leave; take
all waste away with you (unless otherwise agreed).
Secure and make safe any equipment or materials left on the property whilst
works are completed.
Use personal protective equipment to comply with current H&S legislation
and the supplied risk and method statements.
Return all keys to the key safe or give them back to the on-site staff; leave
the property in a secure condition.
Ensure any security codes provided for access are protected.
Do not smoke within the property or grounds of managed developments, use
assigned smoking areas only.
Contractors are required to take tea or lunch breaks away from areas where
they can be observed by residents or visitors
When quotes are requested they should be provided within five working days, not
including the day the request was made.
Mainstay will not pay for quotes to be provided. If it is your company policy to charge
for quotations then this should be stated during the registration process.
Undertaking Works
Mainstay has four priority levels which define the time scales in which works are to
be completed by; these are –
Critical – works to be completed within 4 hours due to the significant risks
High – works to be completed within 24 to 48 hours
Contractor service level agreement: Ver2
 Medium – works to be completed within 2 – 10 working days
 Low - works to be completed within 11 – 20 working days
Other planned works are to be completed as per any agreement between Mainstay
and the contractor(s).
Contractors accepting works are expected to complete within the above time scales.
Continued failure to deliver within the agreed timescales will result in suspension of
registration until a service improvement plan is agreed.
Contractors are required to supply visit dates and lead times for return visits. This
allows Mainstay to inform residents, site staff and other relevant persons of any
possible disruption before the visit occurs.
Risk Assessments & Method Statements
Contractors are required to supply site specific risk assessments and method
statements before commencing work. These are to be provided to site staff, where
available, when collecting work permits or made available for inspection to Mainstay
employees or others when requested.
Health & Safety Considerations
Contractors are expected to work in accordance with current health & safety
legislation and in such a manner as to reduce the risk of harm to employees and
others affected by their undertakings.
However, all Mainstay staff have the authority to temporarily suspend works should,
in their opinion, contractors or their staff be working in a manner likely to cause injury,
harm or distress to themselves or others. Works may also be suspended if
unacceptable damage to property is likely to occur.
Some likely breaches of Health & Safety include, but are not limited to:
o Working at heights without using appropriate safety equipment.
o Working in confined spaces without implementing proper safety controls.
o Working on electrical systems without ‘Locking Off’ the system.
o Conducting works outside the scope of the contract, method statements
and risk assessments.
o When a leaseholder or other person highlights a potential breach of
Health & Safety.
Site staff will inform the Property Manager and the Head of Health, Safety &
Compliance immediately when they suspend works and supply the following
o Outline of incident resulting in suspension.
o Time of incident.
o Persons involved in the incident.
o Persons affected by the incident.
Investigations will then be undertaken by the Head of Health, Safety & Compliance or
Health & Safety Advisor along with the property manager to ascertain if a breach
which warrants suspension of works has occurred.
Mainstay randomly audits its managed properties, processes and procedures to
ensure compliance with Health & Safety management systems.
Contractors should be aware that these audits may require auditors requesting
information from staff and sight of relevant documentation such as site specific risk
assessments, method statements and permits to work.
Contractor service level agreement: Ver2
Mainstay also reserve the right to ask for or inspect work related equipment to ensure
this does not present a potential for harm to contractor employees, Mainstay
employees or others affected by the undertaking.
Works completion
A works completion form will be sent with the purchase order; this needs to be
completed and returned with the invoice before payment will be made.
Mainstay will, on high value works, occasionally request further evidence of works
being completed; such as photographs, parts lists, etc.
Out of Hours
Contractors indicating during the registration process that they perform works ‘Out of
Hours’ are expected to provide emergency cover during weekends and all national
Contractors conducting statutory testing on any mechanical, electrical or other
installations on behalf of Mainstay are required to –
Complete testing within an agreed time frame
Supply all certifications, assessments or other documentation to the Asset &
compliance department within 21 days of works completion.
Mainstay has a target of ensuring statutory testing is completed on or before the due
date. Contractors are required where possible to ensure this target is met.
Electrical safety
Contractors should not work on electrical systems within managed properties unless
competent to do so. Works conducted on electrical systems should be subjected to a
risk assessment and appropriate safety measures, such as lock out procedures,
Portable appliances used on managed properties are to be free of defects and tested
for electrical safety.
Gas Safety
Under no circumstances should contractors undertake works on or interfere with gas
systems on managed properties unless they are qualified to do so and have informed
Mainstay of the need for these works and gained authorisation.
Should there be a gas incident or leak then contractors are required to call the
service provider via the National Emergency number - 0800 111 999
Contractors should then inform site staff immediately; if there is no staff on site then
contact should be made with the Mainstay head office or the Mainstay out of hours
If gas is used within the work process then this should be declared to site staff, where
available, and stated within the risk assessment.
Only contractors registered or authorised to work with Asbestos Containing Materials
(ACMs) are allowed to work with these materials on Mainstay managed properties.
When working with these materials contractors are required to inform the HSE and
gain the appropriate approvals before commencing work.
All Mainstay managed properties where ACMs have been identified have
management plans in place along with contractor check sheets and logs. Contractors
working at these properties are required to consult the management plan and
complete the log sheets before works are undertaken.
Contractor service level agreement: Ver2
Failure to consult the management plan and complete the required log sheets may
result in suspension of works or removal from our approved contractor list.
Contractors working with ACMs are required to implement the required control
measures to prevent accidental release of or exposure to asbestos fibres.
Environmental considerations
Contractors will comply with current environmental legislation and regulations
pertaining to the business activities they undertake and with Mainstay’s own
environmental policy and procedures.
Contractors must hold the relevant registration, permit or exemption for the type of
waste they produce, remove and transfer.
Waste products
All waste is to be removed from site by the contractor and disposed of in
accordance with environmental guidelines, local waste bylaws and
manufacturer’s recommendations.
Contractors may not deposit any waste, chemicals or any other substances
within site refuse areas or dispose of these into drains or watercourses.
Contractor will when required produce their waste carriers licence
Where controlled waste is being removed from site a waste transfer note is to
be issued.
Materials storage
Contractors shall suitably store the minimum necessary quantities of
hazardous materials on site.
Chemical, flammable and combustible materials held on-site must be stored
in a safe and appropriate manner to reduce the risk of harm to others or fire.
Measures, such as bunding and/or spill kits, are to be in place to deal with
any spillage or accidental release which may occur. Particular care shall be
exercised near watercourses and ponds.
Pollution control
Adequate prevention and mitigation procedures must be in place for any substances
brought on to premises that have the potential to be released to land, air or water
and cause environmental harm.
Any unplanned release of materials should be reported as soon as is practicable to
Mainstay Customer Services department.
Unplanned or accidental release of chemicals should be prevented from
contaminating the land or water in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
All contaminated materials are to be removed from site and disposed of in an
appropriate manner.
Only works classified as critical by Mainstay and instructed by Mainstay’s ‘Out Of Hours’
service can be undertaken without a Purchase Order number. In these circumstances
however, a Purchase Order number must be obtained the next working day.
All other works undertaken by contractors without a Purchase Order number will be
considered as being outside of the agreement with Mainstay.
Contractors working on behalf of Mainstay will be required to comply with following:
Invoices should be made out to the contracting party as quoted on the purchase
order and not to Mainstay.
Invoices should be sent to the following address:
Contractor service level agreement: Ver2
o c/o Mainstay
o Whittington Hall
o Whittington Road
o Worcester
o WR5 2ZX
 A valid Purchase Order number must be quoted on all invoices submitted.
 Invoice number should be clearly stated
 Concise description of the works undertaken is required.
 Date works were undertaken should be clearly stated.
 Amount of VAT and VAT number.
In addition to the above details the following documentation is also required 
Works completion form (correctly completed)or other evidential documentation
Any Certificates, assessments or other documentation required to ensure
compliance (if not already provided)
Should the above details or documentation not be provided the invoice will be returned for
amendment; this may result in payments being delayed.
Payment Details
To aid and therefore ensure quicker processing of payments we also require that you
provide an email address for sending remittance advices to and bank account details to
which we can make direct payments. You can provide these details by contacting our
customer services team and requesting to be directed to the purchase ledger department.
Mainstay reserve the right to review any contracts where we feel that a contractor has failed
to meet the high standards expected either in terms of their contractual obligations or in
reaching our customer service expectations.
Signing this form indicates your agreement to abide by the terms and conditions set out in
this service level agreement.
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Signed ______________________________
Signed for and on behalf of _____________________________________________
(Company name)
Date ___________________
Contractor service level agreement: Ver2