Global Palletizing Systems Market

Global Palletizing
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Report Description
Palletizing systems are the equipment that helps in automatic compiling of products on a pallet.
A palletizer is basically designed and structured to organize, align and pack various products on a
pallet for forwarding of freight. Palletizing and pallet wrapping symbolizes highly useful facets of
the end of a packaging line, which is the core function of every industry and indicates the
product’s cycle involving multifaceted distribution network and modes of transportation. The
techniques and methodology in palletizing differ from manual palletizing to semi-automatic and
automatic procedures. The implementation of palletizing varies depending on the requirement
by end-users. Over the past few years, more number of advanced automatic and robotic
palletizing systems have emerged all over the world. Advancement in technology, requirement
to expand speed as well as quality of packaging lines along with changing dynamics of
preferences of consumers has fostered the development of more automated and robotic
palletizing systems. It has been noticed that, robotics has become an essential part of the
packaging domain. The palletizing systems market has grown at a rapid pace over the past few
years and is likely to expand at a stupendous CAGR over the next few years.
Global Palletizing Systems: Market Segmentation
The Global Palletizing Systems market is segmented on the basis of types which include floor
level palletizers, high level palletizers and robotic palletizers. The robotic palletizers are further
bifurcated by inline palletizing, layer palletizing and mixed case palletizing. The robotic
palletizers captured significant share in the total revenue of the global palletizing market in
Report Description
Thus due to its superior automation features, the robotic palletizers are expected to account for
highest share in the overall revenue of the market by 2026. The global palletizing systems
market is also divided by applications such as case palletizers, pail palletizers, bulk palletizers,
and bag palletizers. The global palletizing systems market is also fragmented by type of
techniques which include semi-automated palletizing, automatic palletizing.
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Global Palletizing Systems Market: Growth Drivers
Advancement in technology along with the prominence of the conglomerates on enhancing
operational efficiencies and supply chain utilizing palletizing systems are fostering the growth of
the global palletizing systems market. Apart from this, the robust demand for palletizers in food
and beverage is foreseen to strengthen the growth of the global palletizing systems market over
the period 2016-2026. It has been noticed that beverage and food industries are gradually
inculcating and efficient and innovative ways to packaging, thus increasing demand for newer
machines in palletizing. The evolution of new human machine interface controls, which are
changing both old and robotic palletizers by providing features for handling multi-case sizes,
layers of product and patterns are anticipated to expand the growth of global palletizing systems
market over the next 10 years from 2016-2026.
Report Description
Global Palletizing Systems Market: Regional Outlook
Geographically, the Global Palletizing Systems industry can be divided by major regions which
include North America, Latin America, Western and Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific region, Japan,
Middle East and Africa. Amongst all the mentioned regions, Europe captured the highest share
in the overall global palletizing systems market in 2015. In the same year, Europe, The US and
Asia Pacific captured the highest share in the global palletizing systems market. Asia Pacific
region is expected to develop as a rapidly growing market for palletizing system during the
forecast period. Middle East and Latin American countries are also anticipated to observe rapid
growth in future.
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Global Palletizing Systems Market: Players
Some of the major conglomerates capturing the substantial market share in the Global
Palletizing Systems market includes ABB Flexible Automation Inc., Kuka Roboto GmbH, ABC
packaging, Intelligrated Inc, Cermex group, Beumer Corporation, KHS GmbH, Alligator
Automation Inc, Adept technology Inc., and others. The companies are focusing on development
of more robotic palletizers as per the requirements in various industries and in order to gain the
competitive advantage in the global palletizing systems market.
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