Obama: Syrian Govt Carried Out Chemical Attack

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Friday August 30, 2013
Newport Beach
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Obama: Syrian Govt Carried Out Chemical Attack
Report by
U.S. officials were searching for
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Reports by Associated Press
Newport Beach has paid more than
$1 million to the parents of a woman
crushed by a falling tree.
Twenty-nine-year-old Haeyoon
Miller of Tustin died in September
2011 when a 10-ton eucalyptus fell on
her car. Her parents sued the city and
the contractor that cared for the trees.
They argued that the tree was rotten.
The Orange County Register
(http://bit.ly/12FHsaE ) says the City
Council approved payments to the
parents of Haeyoon Miller in April but
the settlement wasn’t disclosed until
Monday because written agreements
hadn’t been finalized.
Neither the city nor the contractor
acknowledged any wrongdoing.
Son of Calif
Suspected of
Deb Riechmann
Kimberly Dozier
WASHINGTON (AP) — President
Barack Obama on Wednesday
declared unequivocally that the
United States has “concluded” that
the Syrian government carried out
a deadly chemical weapons attack
on civilians. Yet U.S. intelligence
officials say questions remain about
whether the attack could be linked
to Syrian President Bashar Assad or
high officials in his government.
Obama did not present any
direct evidence to back up his
assertion that the Syrian government
bears responsibility for the attack.
additional intelligence to bolster
the case for a strike against Assad’s
military infrastructure and rule out
the possibility that a rogue element of
the Syrian military could have used
the weapons on its own authority.
While Obama said he is still
evaluating possible military
retaliation, he vowed that any
American response would send a
“strong signal” to Assad.
“We have concluded that the
Syrian government in fact carried
these out,” Obama said during an
interview with “NewsHour” on PBS.
“And if that’s so, then there need to
be international consequences.”
New hurdles emerged that
Image Courtesy of Associated Press
appeared to slow the formation of an
international coalition that could use
military force to punish Syria. Earlier
Wednesday, the five permanent
members of the U.N. Security
Council failed to reach
See, p. 3
LA Schools Begin Providing iPads to Students
Report by
Associated Press
70 percent of the students are from
low-income families.
“This is going to level the playing
LOS ANGELES (AP) — The nation’s field as far as what schools are doing
second-largest school district has
throughout the district,” Principal
begun providing iPads to its students, Cynthia M. Williams said.
hoping to boost achievement and put The district is paying a relatively
low-income students on a footing with steep $678 per iPad but each comes
SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) — The son wealthier ones.
loaded with educational software.
of an Orange County firefighter has
The computer tablets were
The students will be permitted to take
been arrested for allegedly starting
distributed Tuesday at the Los
them home.
three brush fires.
Angeles Unified School District’s
“It gives us the sense of hope that
Nineteen-year-old Gabriel
Broadacres Avenue Elementary in
these kids are being looked after, that
Michael Castro of Anaheim was
Carson and Cimarron Elementary in
they’re now able to move into the
arrested Sunday and booked for
Hawthorne, the Los Angeles Times
future,” said Dwayne Loughridge,
investigation of arson.
(http://lat.ms/1dNNJpj ) reported.
a parent who works as a Broadacres
Authorities say the fires broke out Over the next two weeks, the
campus aide. “It gives them a sense of
between noon and 4 p.m. Aug. 19 in
LAUSD plans to distribute iPads at
aspiration and inspiration ... that we’re
the Anaheim Hills and Yorba Linda
45 other campuses. It’s part of a $1
not left out.”
area. No homes were damaged and no billion effort to put iPads into the
Students had some work and some
one was injured.
hands of 650,000 students over the
play with the tablets.
Castillo is the son of an 18-year
next year.
Broadacres second-grader
veteran of the Orange County Fire
The iPads were welcomed
Beautiful Morris dressed up an image
Authority who is stationed in Santa
enthusiastically at Cimarron, where
of her face with photo distortion
“I’m having fun on this iPad,” she
The tablets were an exciting
innovation for Cimarron third-grade
teacher Tiffany DeCoursey.
“At the beginning of the year you
usually have arts and crafts projects,”
DeCoursey said. “Now they can
create movies. If they have a burning
question and I don’t have an answer,
now they can Google. It’s literally
going to bring the world into the
classroom, but positively.”
School construction bonds will
cover most of the cost of the iPads
and other expenses such as installing
campus wireless networks.
The appointed Bond Oversight
Committee narrowly endorsed the
project despite concerns over the
legality of buying iPads with longterm bonds originally earmarked for
more fixed, building-related projects.
Friday August 30, 2013
Page 2
Odd News
Reports By: Associated Press
Police in Calif. City
Warning of Snake Scam
FREMONT, Calif. (AP) — Police in a San Francisco Bay
Area city are warning residents to be wary of burglary
suspects who are posing as city animal control employees
looking for a snake.
Fremont police spokeswoman Geneva Bosques says the
unknown suspects struck at least once on Saturday. They
told the residents of a home that they were looking for a
poisonous snake that had bitten a girl, and needed to come
inside to set traps and take measurements.
While the residents were distracted in the backyard,
someone went into the home and stole jewelry and cash.
Bosques did not know the value of what was taken.
Police are investigating what appears to be a second
burglary in Fremont on Saturday using the same scheme,
and Bosques says the incidents sound similar to a recent
burglary in neighboring Union City.
Fur Real: Colonel Meow’s
9-Inch Hair Sets Record
LOS ANGELES (AP) — This is fur real. Colonel Meow
has 9-inch hair.
That’s good enough to put the Himalayan-Persian mix
into the 2014 edition of the Guinness World Records book,
due out Sept. 12.
Owners Anne Marie Avey and Eric Rosario, of Los
Angeles, say the 2-year-old cat got its name because of his
epic frown and fur. It takes both of them to brush the cat’s
fur three times a week.
Three independent veterinarians verified the length of
the colonel’s hair and submitted their findings to Guinness
before he won the title.
Avey says the 10-pound cat has his own website,
Facebook page and YouTube channel with more than 2
million views. Avey says there’s one other thing Colonel
Meow does quite well too: He sheds up a storm.
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Pa. Clown Couple Ties the Knot,
No Foolin’
LANCASTER, Pa. (AP) — If the key to a long marriage is
laughter, these clowns are set.
Billy Tedeski and Patty Kulwicki tied the knot Friday at
an annual clown festival in central Pennsylvania.
The (Harrisburg) Patriot-News reports Kulwicki
literally reeled Tedeski in to start the ceremony — a bit
the Pittsburgh couple had performed at Clownfest two
years ago. Tedeski wore a fake nose, black lipstick and full
clown regalia as he exchanged vows with Kulwicki at the
festival in Lancaster. The bride wore the same dress she’d
used in the skit two years ago, plus a lace headband to go
along with her flame-red wig.
Guests got in on the act and so did the officiant, a
fellow clown. Tedeski says his fellow clowns are more than
friends, they’re family.
Spontaneous Goat Manure Fire
Stinks Up Vt. Town
WINDSOR, Vt. (AP) — A pile of goat manure
spontaneously caught fire, spreading stench and wrinkling
noses through a Vermont town but causing no damage,
officials said.
The odor evoked “a damp kind of burning leaves or
brush fire,” Windsor Town Manager Tom Marsh said.
A worker on her way to milk goats discovered the
fire in the 120-cubic-yard manure pile around 3 a.m.
Wednesday, said George Redick, owner of the 800-goat
Oak Knoll Dairy. He and others put out the flames with
water from a hose but the pile continued to smolder. He
planned to call the fire department later in the morning,
but firefighters were already searching for the source of
the smell by 6:30 a.m. Marsh said he could smell the fire
at his hilltop home five miles away. He called it “a little
disconcerting, because it was a very strong smell.”
Redick says the manure would typically have been
spread around the farm earlier in the year, but the rainy
season and other factors kept that from happening.
He said he used to think spontaneous combustion was
“Now I’m a believer,” he said.
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Friday August 30, 2013
Chemical Attacks
Page 3
Continued from page 1
an agreement on a draft resolution from the British seeking authorization for
the use of force. Russia, as expected, objected to international intervention.
Obama administration officials said they would take action against the
Syrian government even without the backing of allies or the United Nations
because diplomatic paralysis must not prevent a response to the alleged
chemical weapons attack outside the Syrian capital last week.
British Prime Minister David Cameron promised British lawmakers he
would not go to war until a U.N. chemical weapons team on the ground in
Syria has a chance to report its findings, pushing the U.K.’s involvement
in any potential strike until next week at the earliest. Cameron called an
emergency meeting of Parliament on Thursday to vote on whether to endorse
international action against Syria.
Even so, British Foreign Secretary William Hague suggested that U.S.
military action need not be constrained by Britain. “The United States are
able to make their own decisions,” he told reporters late Wednesday, just after
speaking with Secretary of State John Kerry.
More intelligence was being sought by U.S. officials. While a lower-level
Syrian military commanders’ communications discussing a chemical attack
had been intercepted, they don’t specifically link the attack to an official
senior enough to tie the killings to Assad himself, according to one U.S.
intelligence official and two other U.S. officials. They spoke on condition
of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the intelligence
publicly. The White House ideally wants intelligence that links the attack
directly to Assad or someone in his inner circle, to rule out the possibility that
a rogue element of the military acting without Assad’s authorization.
That quest for added intelligence has delayed the release of the report by
the Office of the Director for National Intelligence laying out evidence against
Assad. The report was promised earlier this week by administration officials.
The CIA and the Pentagon have been working to gather more human
intelligence tying Assad to the attack, relying on the intelligence services of
Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Israel, the officials said. The administration was
planning a teleconference briefing Thursday on Syria for leaders of the House
and Senate and national security committees in both parties, U.S. officials and
congressional aides said.
Both the CIA and the Defense Intelligence Agency have their own human
sources — the rebel commanders and others who cross the border to brief
CIA and defense intelligence officers at training camps in Jordan and Turkey.
But their operation is much smaller than some of the other intelligence
services, and it takes longer for their contacts to make their way overland.
The CIA, the Pentagon, and the Office of the Director of National
Intelligence all declined to comment on the intelligence picture, and the White
House did not respond to requests for comment.
Obama said he was not seeking a lengthy, open-ended conflict in Syria,
indicating that any U.S. response would be limited in scope. But he argued
that Syria’s use of chemical weapons not only violated international norms,
but threatened “America’s core self-interest.”
“We do have to make sure that when countries break international norms
on weapons like chemical weapons that could threaten us, that they are held
accountable,” he said.
Laying out a legal justification for a U.S. response, Obama said Syria was
violating the Geneva Protocols, an agreement signed in 1925 in the wake
of World War I to ban the use of chemical gases. The White House has also
cited the Chemical Weapons Convention, a 1992 agreement that builds on the
Geneva Protocols by prohibiting the development and
See, p. 4
Calif. High Court Allows
Sex Predator’s Release
LOS ANGELES (AP) — The California Supreme Court
Report by
Tami Abdollah denied Los Angeles County’s appeal to stop the release
of convicted serial rapist Christopher Hubbart, who law
enforcement officials said is a significant threat to public safety.
The state’s high court issued the denials Wednesday of both Hubbart’s
release and his specific release to Los Angeles County. That means 62-yearold Hubbart — a convicted serial rapist who has admitted to raping and
sexually assaulting 38 women in California between 1971 and 1982 — will
be released as soon as housing is found.
“We aggressively pursued and exhausted all legal avenues to stop the
release of sexually violent predator Christopher Hubbart to Los Angeles
County,” said L.A. County District Attorney Jackie Lacey in a statement. “We
now are committed to working with our law enforcement partners to ensure
that all terms and conditions of Hubbart’s release from custody are strictly
An attorney representing Hubbart could not immediately be reached for
Those terms and conditions will be quite strict, said Santa Clara County
Deputy District Attorney Vonda Tracey. It’s “a super intensive parole, it’s
more intensive than any state parole or county probation out there,” Tracey
said. Hubbart will be required to wear a GPS ankle bracelet, continue
treatment, obey a curfew and be subject to random searches and seizures, drug
testing and polygraphs. And unlike his prior releases from prison, where he
began attacking women again, he’ll be monitored 24/7.
Hubbart was admitted to a state hospital after serving a prison term that
was due to end in January 1996 under a then newly-enacted law that allowed
sexually violent predators to be civilly committed for treatment.
Santa Clara County Superior Court Gilbert Brown granted Hubbart’s
conditional release in May. Because Hubbart was born and raised in LA
County and considers it home, he was ordered released here.
“It’s not going to happen tomorrow,” Tracey said. “The housing search
generally takes six months to a year, and there’s a lot of thought that goes into
placing these individuals some place that they can be monitored the best for
community safety.”
Tracey said Hubbart’s release is the final phase
in a multi-step treatment process that ends with
a conditional release in the community under the
supervision of Liberty Healthcare Corporation.
The decision to release Hubbart was made by a
panel of professionals at the state hospital who
have followed and analyzed his progress.
Once a home is found, the community will
be notified and they will have a chance to
comment on the proposed housing location. In
the meantime, Hubbart remains at Coalinga State
Hospital while officials search for his housing.
Officials will have monthly hearings to discuss
whether housing has been found for Hubbart. If
it can’t be found within a year, Tracey said, there
is precedent for a judge ordering a “homeless
release,” which is considered a public safety and
supervision nightmare.
Page 4
Chemical Attacks
Friday August 30, 2013
(Continued from page 3)
stockpiling of chemical weapons.
Syria is a party to the original Geneva accord, but not the latter chemical
weapons agreement. Syria, which sits on one of the world’s largest stockpiles
of chemical weapons, has denied the charges. Moreover, Syria’s U.N.
ambassador, Bashar Ja’afari, is demanding that United Nations experts
investigate three alleged chemical weapons attacks against Syrian soldiers.
He said the attacks occurred on Aug. 22, 24 and 25 in three suburbs of the
Syrian capital and dozens of soldiers are being treated for inhaling nerve gas.
Certain members of Congress are expected to get a classified U.S.
intelligence report laying out the case against Assad. An unclassified version
is to be made public. Officials say it won’t have any detail that would
jeopardize sources and methods.
Some lawmakers have argued that Congress must authorize any military
action unless there has been an attack on the U.S. or the existence of an
eminent threat to the U.S. Both Democrats and Republicans on Wednesday
pressed the White House to provide a clear explanation of how military
action would secure U.S. objectives.
Specifically, in a letter to Obama, House Speaker John Boehner asked
him to make his case to Congress and the public about how military action
would “secure American national security interests, preserve America’s
credibility, deter the future use of chemical weapons, and, critically, be a
part of our broader policy and strategy.” Boehner said it was “essential you
address on what basis any use of force would be legally justified.”
Philadelphia Tries Less
Salt in Chinese Takeout
Report by
Kathy Matheson
PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Amar Jones knows that
high-salt Chinese takeout isn’t good for his high blood
pressure. But the lure of shrimp with broccoli is hard to
So he was heartened recently to hear that his favorite dish now has 20
percent less sodium thanks to a citywide effort to battle hypertension — a
major risk factor for heart disease.
“People might think I’m being extreme, but you’re probably going to save
some lives,” Jones said. “You might save my life.”
Organizers have recruited more than 200 eateries across Philadelphia for
the city’s Healthy Chinese Takeout Initiative, which aims to reduce the food’s
salt content by 10 percent to 15 percent.
Participants have made several changes, such as flavoring orders with
chilies or garlic instead of sodium; using
less sauce; distributing soy sauce packets
only on demand; and posting nutrition
It’s the latest effort by a major U.S.
city to help people eat better. Many have
already banned trans-fats, and some require
restaurants to post calorie counts.
Philadelphia has focused on salt
consumption because 37 percent of
residents have high blood pressure. The
number jumps to 47 percent for AfricanAmericans, according to a 2012 survey by the Public Health Management
The multi-agency initiative, which began about a year ago, focuses on
mom-and-pop Chinese joints because they are “an enormous industry” in the
city, serving about 3 million meals a year, said Health Commissioner Donald
The dishes are cheap and easily available, especially in low-income
minority neighborhoods that often lack supermarkets and access to fresh
But many residents — and even takeout owners — didn’t realize how the
meals affected their health, said Schwarz.
“In some restaurants, the restaurateurs were really taken aback by the
amount of sodium in their food,” Schwarz said.
Dietary guidelines recommend that Americans consume less than 2,300
milligrams of salt per day — about a teaspoon. Yet an order of chicken lo
mein from local takeouts averaged 3,200 milligrams, while shrimp with
broccoli had 1,900 milligrams.
Organizers offered a series of low-sodium cooking classes last summer
with the goal of changing the ingredients but not the taste. Nine months
later, salt content in those two dishes was down 20 percent in samples from
20 restaurants. Researchers plan to test the food again in a few months, and
expand the program to other items.
Steven Zhu, president of the Greater Philadelphia Chinese Restaurant
Association, recruited participants by saying healthier food could attract more
customers. Still, some owners declined because they worried about losing
“Change is always not an easy process, and there was
See, p. 6
Page 5
Friday August 30, 2013
Scientists Find Clue to Age-Related Memory Loss
Report by
Lauran Neergaard
WASHINGTON (AP) — Scientists have found a
compelling clue in the quest to learn what causes
age-related memory problems, and to one day be
able to tell if those misplaced car keys are just a
senior moment or an early warning of something
Wednesday’s report offers evidence that agerelated memory loss really is a distinct condition
from pre-Alzheimer’s — and offers a hint that
what we now consider the normal forgetfulness of
old age might eventually be treatable.
Researchers at Columbia University Medical
Center examined brains, young and old ones,
donated from people who died without signs of
neurologic disease. They discovered that a certain
gene in a specific part of the hippocampus, the
brain’s memory center, quits working properly in
older people. It produces less of a key protein.
That section of the brain, called the dentate
gyrus, has long been suspected of being especially
vulnerable to aging. Importantly, it’s a different
neural neighborhood than where Alzheimer’s
begins to form.
But it’s circumstantial evidence that having less
of that protein, named RbAp48, affects memory
loss in older adults. So the researchers took a
closer look at mice, which become forgetful as
they age in much the same way that people do.
investigation to now try to identify interventions.”
Sure enough, cutting levels of the protein made This is early-stage research that will require
healthy young rodents lose their way in mazes and years of additional work to confirm, cautioned Dr.
perform worse on other memory tasks just like old Molly Wagster of the National Institute on Aging,
mice naturally do.
who wasn’t involved with the report.
More intriguing, the memory loss was
But Wagster said the findings add to a growing
reversible: Boosting the protein made forgetful
body of evidence suggesting “that we’re not all on
old mice as sharp as the youngsters again, the
the road to Alzheimer’s disease” after we pass a
researchers reported in the journal Science
certain age.
Translational Medicine.
For example, other researchers have found
“It’s the best evidence so far” that age-related
that connections between neurons in other parts
memory loss isn’t the same as early Alzheimer’s,
of the brain weaken with normal aging, making it
said Nobel laureate Dr. Eric Kandel, who led the
harder but not impossible to retrieve memories. In
Columbia University team.
contrast, Alzheimer’s kills neurons.
And since some people make it to 100 without
How does Wednesday’s research fit? Many
showing much of a cognitive slowdown, the
pathways make up a smoothly functioning
work begs another question:
memory, and that protein
“Is that normal aging, or is
plays a role in turning a
it a deterioration that we’re
short-term memory — like
allowing to occur?” Kandel
where you left those car
keys — into a longer-term
“As we want to live
one, Kandel explained.
longer and stay engaged
Some good news: Scientists
in a cognitively complex
already know that exercise
world, I think even mild agemakes the dentate gyrus —
related memory decline is
that age-targeted spot in the
meaningful,” added Columbia
hippocampus — function
neurologist Dr. Scott Small, a
better, Small said. He’s also
senior author of the study. “It
studying if nutrition might
Image Courtesy of Ramzi Hashisho
opens up a whole avenue of
make a difference.
Bill Would Let Non-Physicians Perform Abortions
Report by
Don Thompson
SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Nurse
practitioners, certified nurse midwives and
physician assistants could perform a type of early
abortion under a bill approved Monday by the
state Senate, leaving the measure one step from the
The measure by Assemblywoman Toni
Atkins, D-San Diego, would let those medical
professionals perform what are known as
aspiration abortions during the first trimester. The
method involves inserting a tube and using suction
to terminate a pregnancy.
The Senate approved AB154 on a mostly partyline, 25-11 vote, sending it back to the Assembly
for a final vote on amendments.
Expanding the list of professionals who can
perform those types of abortions would help make
them available in areas that have few doctors, said
Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson, D-Santa Barbara, who
carried the measure in the Senate. She said about
half of California counties lack abortion providers.
“All women deserve access to care in their local
communities,” she said.
The procedure is safest when performed early,
yet women in rural areas often have difficulty
arranging for and traveling to a provider, she said.
Several Republicans objected to the expansion,
saying it would increase medical risks for patients.
“Abortion is a serious medical procedure with
vast complications, and I would argue that only the
best-trained should conduct such an operation,”
said Sen. Jim Nielsen, R-Gerber. “It has direct and
profound impact on lives: the mother and the baby
— and there is a baby.”
Sen. Joel Anderson, R-Alpine, said legalized
abortion was supposed to end the days when
women’s lives were put at risk. Yet he said Atkins’
bill would allow the procedures by providers who
have less training and in clinics without sufficient
backup if there are complications.
Jackson responded that the medical
professionals covered by the bill have been
performing the procedure for six years without
significant problems. The bill requires them
to get specialized training and follow standard
Under a state pilot program created in 2007,
8,000 aspiration abortions have been provided by
non-doctors. Data from the program showed both
doctors and non-doctors performing the procedures
with error rates below 2 percent, Jackson said.
Oregon, Montana, Vermont and New
Hampshire already allow nurse practitioners to
perform these abortions. Under California law,
nurse practitioners can administer medicine to
induce an abortion.
Sen. Lou Correa, D-Anaheim, joined
Republicans in voting against the bill, while three
senators did not vote: Republicans Bill Emmerson
of Redlands and Mark Wyland of Escondido; and
Democrat Ben Hueso of San Diego.
Page 6
Less Salt Takeout
Friday August 30, 2013
(Continued from page 4)
some reluctance in the beginning when we started this project,” said Grace
Ma, director of Temple University’s Center for Asian Health.
Xue Xiu Liu, owner of Choy Yung Inn in the city’s Point Breeze
community, said through a translator that he got involved to improve
customers’ health. Business is about the same, Liu said.
Jones frequents the takeout because he works just up the block at the
Arabic Institute. And he said he’s hardly alone, often joined by colleagues or
“We’re always going in there, even if we don’t want to sometimes. There’s
nothing else to eat,” Jones said. “You
want something hot, you want something
now, so you order from the Chinese
The Food Trust, a Philadelphia-based
organization that promotes healthy eating,
praised the city for working with the
takeouts instead of pointing fingers. The
eateries are community gathering points
and not going away anytime soon, noted
spokeswoman April White.
“Let’s find ways to make everyone a part of the solution,” White said.
The Food Trust is not part of the study. Participants include the city health
department, Temple University, Asian Community Health Coalition and
restaurant association; the project is supported by local and federal funds.
Court Refuses to Block
Calif. Shark Fin Soup Ban
Report by
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A federal appeals court on
Associated Press Tuesday refused to block California’s ban on the sale of
shark fin soup.
The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously refused to ban the sale
of the soup while San Francisco-area Chinese restaurants and their suppliers
pursue their lawsuit to overturn the state law. The suit to overturn the law and
reinstate the sale of the soup is also supported by the Obama administration.
The law took effect last month.
The Chinese restaurants wanted sales to continue until a trial court decided
the lawsuit.
But the appeals court said that the restaurants failed to show they would
suffer “irreparable harm” if the ban went into effect while the lawsuit was
The state law that passed in 2011 also bans the serving of shark fin soup,
a traditional Chinese delicacy. The law was sponsored by conservation and
animal-protection groups whose stated goals are to stop the cutting of fins
from live sharks — a practice already banned in federal waters — and to
protect consumers from mercury in the fins.
Environmentalists say 73 million sharks are killed annually around the
world for their fins.
The restaurants allege banning the Chinese delicacy is discriminatory.
The court said that it’s unlikely the lawsuit would prevail, but noted
the legal action was still alive and that the restaurateurs and Obama
administration could continue fighting the ban in a lower court.
Toyota Says New Prius,
Fuel Cell Car Due in 2015
Report by
Dee-Ann Durbin
YPSILANTI, Michigan (AP) — Toyota has two
important vehicles coming in 2015: the next-generation
Prius hybrid and the company’s first hydrogen fuel cell
Satoshi Ogiso, a top Toyota engineer who helped develop the original
Prius 20 years ago, said Wednesday that the new Prius will get significantly
better fuel economy than its current 50 miles per gallon (4.7 liters per
100 kilometers). It will have an advanced battery, motor and gas engine
combination that is smaller, lighter and cheaper than the current version.
Ogiso wouldn’t reveal the fuel economy, but he’s hoping to at least match
the 10-percent gains Toyota has gotten in the last three generations of Priuses.
A 10 percent gain would get the Prius to 55 mpg (4.2 liters per 100 kms) in
combined city and highway driving.
“The challenge to continue to improve at this rate, to beat your own
record, becomes very difficult but makes it all the more motivating,” Ogiso
told media at an event near Detroit. “I can tell you that we are very motivated
to beat our record.”
The new Prius will ride on a new, lower chassis to improve its handling
and aerodynamics. It will also have a nicer interior. Ogiso wouldn’t say how
much it might cost, but a less expensive hybrid system could help bring down
the Prius’s $24,000 price tag.
Toyota hopes the revamped Prius will help it reach its goal of selling 5
million hybrids in the U.S. by 2016. As of July, the company had sold more
than 2 million Toyota and
Lexus hybrids, including
1.4 million Prius compact
cars, Prius C subcompacts
and Prius V wagons.
Bob Carter, Toyota’s
senior vice president of
automotive operations in
the U.S., said its hybrids
have come a long way
since the Prius debuted in
the U.S. in 2000. Just over
5,500 Prius hybrids were
sold that year; last year, the company sold 236,000 Prius family vehicles.
“Arguably, Prius is more than a car. It’s become a pop culture icon,”
Carter said.
Carter added that even as the company introduces other technologies,
including hydrogen fuel cell and electric cars, hybrids will remain at the core
of the company’s offerings for at least another 50 years.
“You can take any fuel efficient technology and extend the range and
make it even more efficient with a hybrid,” he said.
Ogiso said more details about the hydrogen fuel cell car will come early
next year. So far, there is only one other commercially available hydrogen
fuel cell car in the U.S.: Honda’s FCX Clarity, which is leased in limited
numbers in Southern California.
Zero-emission fuel cell cars are not likely to be big sellers until there
are more hydrogen fueling stations on U.S. roads. But Ogiso said Toyota is
committed to the technology and expects to sell “tens of thousands” of them
through 2030.
Friday August 30, 2013
Page 7
A Charming City Park:
The Santa Ana Zoo at Prentice Park
Although the Santa Ana
South American theme.
Zoo (SAZOO) is hardly
Beyond their engaging and useful programming, SAZOO
considered a top tourist
has carefully designed the park to allow for an intimate
destination of Southern
experience between visitors and the animals. Whether
California, it is probably the
you’re saddling up on the Conservation Carrousel of
most charming and engaging
Endangered Animals or cruising onboard the Zoofari
Jimmy Hsu
Express Train that takes you into the Tierra de las Pampas
Staff Writer little attraction around town.
Better known for their
Grasslands exhibit, you’re sure to feel close to the animals
variety of monkeys and their passion for
while learning a thing or two about them. The cozy
conservation, SAZOO has earned a spot in the
atmosphere is easily experienced at an intimate zoo such as
list of local favorites. If the free parking and
SAZOO—not once did I feel lost on my visit. The twenty
the low admission prices were not enough to
acre zoo is the ideal size to give you a sense of familiarity
draw you in, then perhaps the living Peter the
and closeness with the animals while being big enough for
Anteater (UC Irvine’s mascot) or the curious
you to have a nice family picnic.
looking Sloths will—not to mention the mysterious green sea dragons (if you One thing you won’t find
can find them).
in SAZOO is an abundance of
Briefly put, SAZOO caters mainly to smaller sized animals. If your goal
distracting food/gift vendors. Rather
is to see elephants, tigers, lions, or rhinos, SAZOO is simply not the place for than drawing money from your
you. In fact, I would go so far as to discourage you from visiting SAZOO at
pockets, they aim, more so, to draw
this point in time. The last thing I would want is for you to have a negative
your attention to the interactive
perception of a local city zoo. If, however, you are looking to have a nice
exhibits. In fact, SAZOO partnered
weekday afternoon or an alternative to your usual weekend at the park,
up with Knowlwood Café to bring
SAZOO might just exceed your expectations. The zoo might just surprise
the public extremely affordable
you and your family with their unique collection of extremely adorable and
dining options. Tax included, you
interesting animals.
can enjoy one of Knowlwoods’
Since 1949, SAZOO has consistently brought new attractions to the park. World’s Best Burgers for under $5
Efficiently operating on a small annual budget of $1.8 Million dollars—with
and snacks for under $2—with most
only 10 full-time and 20 part-time employees—SAZOO effectively manages
of the snack options being around
12 main attractions and programs.
$1. It is extremely difficult
Probably the most impressive fact
to believe the prices on their
about SAZOO, however, is their
menu, considering the price
membership with the Association
for adult admission is only
of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA is a
$10 and $6 after 2pm on
leader in global wildlife conservation
who awards memberships to only
So get out there and get your Endangered Animal Trading card after
about 10% of zoos). Furthermore,
the Carrousel ride. Go munch on a Knowlwood burger while watching
SAZOO has always maintained their
the camel eat their lunch. Go watch Peter the Anteater pace around on
“minimum of 50 monkeys at all
its claws—while pondering about what he might be thinking. Drag your
times” stipulation since opening—a
picnic baskets along and put on your safari hats. Expect the unexpected.
requirement set by J.E. Prentice
Let the Santa Ana Zoo make you giddy with joy when one of their
when he donated the land to the city.
small monkeys jump
Main attractions include
close to you and looks
the Zoofari Express train ride,
at you with a curious
Conservation Carrousel ride, the Amazon Aviary, and the Crean Family
face. Bring a date, bring your
Farm. SAZOO helps to make the most out of school field trips by offering
kids, bring the whole family;
educational programs like the Zoo Safari, Rainforest Tour, and the Bird Lab.
whoever you bring, just brace
What appealed most to me was the free gardening class that is occasionally
them for a mini-adventure.
held and taught by the University of California Master Gardeners. Impressed
by their current programming, I can hardly wait for the zoo to open their
For more information:
Ocelot Exhibit and Education Center in 2014. The $350,000 Ocelot attraction
will be the newest addition to the park. The exotic “miniature Cheetahs,” as
or call 714-836-4000.
Ocelots are commonly described, will add to SAZOO’s seemingly ongoing
Page 8
Special Events
Great Wine Festival
Orange County Great Park- Balloon, Irvine, CA
When: Sep 14, 2pm-5pm
What: Join us at the annual Great Wine Festival at
the Great Park featuring more than 50 exceptional
wineries for UNLIMITED wine tasting, delicious
food, some tunes and a great silent auction. Best
of all- you get to support a great cause benefiting
Legal Aid Society of Orange County. Come out
for a great event & to support free legal services
for those who would not otherwise be able to
afford assistance.
Contact: http://www.greatwinefestival.com/
Cost: $20-$75
Irvine Global Village Festival
Bill Barber Park, Irvine, CA
When: Sep 28, 10am-6pm
What: Recognized as one of the best cultural
festivals in Orange County, this free, daylong event
features international cuisine, live entertainment, a
kids village with crafts and activities, cultural and
religious exhibits and an international marketplace.
Contact: http://www.cityofirvine.org/globalvillage/
Cost: Free
Orange International Street Fair
Plaza Square Park,
Glassell and Chapman, Orange, CA
When: Aug 30- Sep 1
What: Every Labor Day weekend for the past three
decades, the Orange International Street FairSM
(OISF) in downtown Orange has been the place
where friends, families and neighbors get together
to experience a wide variety of food, music and
dance from different cultures and ethnicities.
Contact: http://www.orangestreetfair.org/
Cost: Free
Orange County Antique Market
88 Fair Dr., Costa Mesa, CA
When: Aug 31- Sep 1
What: Join us for the Orange County Antique
Market held within The Orange County Market
Place (consider it a “show within a show”). Not
only will you enjoy 75+ antique vendors, but
you’ll also receive entry to the entire Orange
County Market Place with nearly 1,000 vendors.
Contact: http://www.ocantiquemarket.com/
Cost: $2
CANstruction: Orange County
South Coast Plaza,
3333 S. Bristol St., Costa Mesa, CA
Friday August 30, 2013
When: Aug 30- Sep 29
What: The CANstruction Building Event is an
over night event. Each team will build their
structures in groups. After the building night
people are able to vote on structures throughout the
month of September. After the winner is chosen
the structures will be broken down and given to
the Orange County Food Bank. Come view the
projects at South Coast Plaza and vote for your
favorite on Facebook.
Contact: http://canstructionoc.org/
Cost: Free
Taste of the Region & Business Expo
Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts,
12700 Center Ctr Dr S, Cerritos, CA
When: Sep 10, 4:30pm-7:30pm
What: The Cerritos Regional Chamber of
Commerce “Taste of the Region & Business
Expo” will be held on Tuesday, September 10th
from 4:30 to 7:30 pm at the Cerritos Center for the
Performing Arts in Cerritos. This one-day event
is dedicated to ‘Cuisine, Culture, and Commerce’
and showcases the best of the region’s food, music,
performers, restaurants, and local businesses.
Contact: 562-916-8501
Cost: $5
Segerstrom Center Movie Mondays
600 Town Ctr Dr., Costa Mesa, CA
When: Mondays at 7:30pm starting July 8
What: Special pre-show movie themed activities,
selected shorts and a featured film musical will
be played. You can purchase sweets, fondue, and
assorted cheeses and charcuterie. Please bring lawn
chairs or blankets to sit on as this event will be on
the lawn.
Contact: 714-556-2122
Cost: Free
Flights & Sounds Summer Festival
Orange County Great Park Terraced Lawn, Irvine,
When: Aug 31, 6pm-10pm
What: Food trucks serving at 6pm. There will be
an opening act and a headliner for each event.
Contact: 949-724-6574
Cost: Free Admission, $10 Parking
Wall Painting Exhibition
Irvine Fine Arts Center
When: June 29-Sep 7
What: The Irvine Fine Arts Center presents Wall
Painting 2013, the third exhibition in a series that
premiered at the Center over a decade ago. The
gallery spaces at the Center will be transformed
into a distinctive exhibition of wall murals using
methodologies in painting, drawing, calligraphy,
silkscreen, rubbing, collage and other mixed
Contact: 949-724-6880
Cost: Free
All Media 2013 & the $99 Show Reception
Irvine Fine Arts Center
When: Reception- Sep 21, 3pm-6pm; Exhibition
Sep 21-Oct 26
What: The Irvine Fine Arts Center presents All
Media 2013, an annual juried exhibition open to all
artists residing in Southern California. This show
features two and three-dimensional art including
painting, photography, drawing, mixed media,
sculpture, ceramics, jewelry, video, digital media
and more.
Contact: 949-724-6880
Cost: Free
Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue
Hyatt Regency,
1107 Jamboree Rd., Newport Beach, CA
When: Aug 30, 6pm- 9:55pm
What: Pioneer of his aptly self-named genre
“Supafunkrock”, Trombone Shorty & Orleans
truly bring the house down with their driving beats,
funky horn riffs and energetic presence.
Contact: 949-729-1234
Cost: $55- $70
“Wet Electric” Beach Party
Beach City Sports, Huntington Beach, CA
When: Sep 14, 12pm
What: WET ELECTRIC will produce an engaging
festival and beach party experience with two
massive stages, world renowned artists and DJ’s
from around the world, huge inflatable waterslides,
zip lines, art installations, sand scultptures,
elevated luxury cabanas and VIP areas, fully
stocked bars, tasty food and beverage options,
vendor village and much more.
Contact: https://www.beachcitysportsregistrations.
Cost: $75
iWalk… 4 Kids Benefiting Miller Children’s
Hospital Long Beach
Harry Bridges Memorial Park near the Queen
Mary, 1126 Queens Hwy, Long Beach, CA
When: Sep 15, 8:30am-12:30pm
Friday August 30, 2013
What: Join Miller Children’s Hospital Long Beach
for its 2013 walk to support critical programs,
services and research initiatives that support
infants, kids, teens, and expectant moms need that only a children’s hospital can provide. What
do you walk for? A former patient. A favorite
caretaker or physician. A department. A cure.
Because you think all kids have the right to be
healthy and well cared for. No matter the reason,
community members, doctors, nurses and parents
will all be united while enjoying the Long Beach
skyline. Stay for the Family FunFest and enjoy
interactive games and booths.
Contact: http://www.iwalk4kids.org/
Cost: $0-$25
OC Weekly’s “Decadence”
Rancho Las Lomas, 19191 Lawrence Canyon,
Silverado, CA
When: Sep 13, 7pm-10pm
What: OC Weekly presents the 10th Annual
Decadence, a celebration of OC Weekly’s
restaurant guide, DISH, publishing on August 29th
2013. Decadence brings these restaurants from
the pages, to your palette. Join us at Rancho Los
Lomas for an evening of indulgence.
Contact: http://microapp.ocweekly.com/
Cost: $30-$50
The Tsars’ Cabinet: Two Hundred Years of
Decorative Arts under the Romanovs
Bowers Museum,
2002 N. Main St., Santa Ana, CA
When: Aug 2- Sep 1
What: The Bowers Museum is pleased to host
The Tsars’ Cabinet, which highlights two hundred
years of decorative arts under the Romanovs, from
the time of Peter the Great in the early eighteenth
century to that of Nicholas II in the early twentieth
Contact: 714-567-3600
Cost: $10-$15
Mayor’s Forum on Children’s Well-being
Lakeview Senior Center, 20 Lake Rd, Irvine, CA
When: Sep 12, 6-8:30pm
What: A component of the City’s Strategic Plan
for Children, Youth and Families, this educational
event features multiple breakout sessions by
expert speakers in the areas of autism, bullying
prevention, bicycle and personal safety, and youth
stress and risky behavior prevention. Child care
provided for children age 4 and up. Please register
for child care ahead of time.
Contact: 949-724-6690
Cost: Free
Page 9
Bingo at Lakeview Senior Center
Lakeview Senior Center, 20 Lake Rd, Irvine, CA
When: Tuesdays 12:30 pm-3 pm
What: Doors open at 12:15 p.m. for buy-in; games
start at 1 p.m. Hosted by Friends of Outreach;
proceeds support senior outreach programs.
Contact: 949-724-6900
Cost: Free
Orange County Great Park Info
Note: There is currently no
physical address to the Great
Park. Please do not rely on
From 5 North
GPS, online maps, or directions
other than those provided below
Exit Sand Canyon Ave or on the ocgp.org website.
and turn Right
Turn Left on Marine Way
Turn Left after the Guard Shack
Follow the road signs to Parking
From 5 South
Park Location:
Oktoberfest Luncheon
Lakeview Senior Center, 20 Lake Rd., Irvine, CA
When: Sep 25, 11:45am-12:30pm
What: Join us for our annual Oktoberfest luncheon.
We will be playing music, dancing to the “Chicken
Dance” and enjoying delicious food.
Contact: 949-724-6900
Cost: $4 suggested donation for adults 60+, $5 for From 405 North
adults 59 and younger
Bommer Canyon Campout
Bommer Canyon, Irvine, CA
When: Aug 31-Sep 1, 3pm-11am
What: Escape into Irvine’s wilderness for a rustic
camping adventure in Bommer Canyon. Bring
your camping gear and food to cook on the grill
(food not provided). Activities include nature
walks, slide presentation, campfire songs and
stories. Adult must accompany children under 18.
Registration Required.
Contact: 949-724-6738
Cost: $14 for Irvine Residents, $19 for nonResidents
Children’s Garden Workshop SeriesStone Soup: The Power of Working Together
Orange County Great Park Farm + Food Lab
When: Sep 8, 11am-1pm
What: Find out about some amazingly tasty
“cool season” vegetables that you can grow right
here in your own backyard while participating
in an interactive re-telling of the classic tale of
community, cooperation, and friendship. Then stay
to make paper pots and plant seeds to start your
very own Stone Soup Garden.
Contact: 949-724-6574
Cost: Free Parking & Admission
Los Cerritos Center National Geographic Kids
Club- Under the Sea
239 Los Cerritos Center, Cerritos, CA
When: Sep 14, 11am-12pm
What: Los Cerritos Center is pleased to announce
the National Geographic Kids Club fall 2013 event
schedule. Monthly Kids Club events offer shoppers
a unique opportunity for their children to learn in
a fun, interactive setting through demonstrations,
hands-on activities, crafts, entertainment and play!
Contact: http://www.mallkidsclub.com/
Cost: Free
Exit Sand Canyon Ave and turn Left
Turn Right on Marine Way
Turn Left after the Guard Shack
Follow the road signs to Parking
Exit Sand Canyon Ave and turn Right
Turn Right on Marine Way
Turn Left after the Guard Shack
Follow the road signs to Parking
Park Hours
From 405 South
Exit Sand Canyon Ave and turn Left
Turn Right on Marine Way
Turn Left after the Guard Shack
Follow the road signs to Parking
Mon–Wed : 10:00 a.m.–Sunset
Thu–Fri : 10:00 a.m.–10:00 p.m.
Sat–Sun : 9:00 a.m.–10:00 p.m.
Great Park Balloon
Sat–Sun Mon–Wed : 10:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m.
7:00 p.m.–10:00 p.m.
: 9:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m.
7:00 p.m.–10:00 p.m.
: Closed
Great Park Carousel
Thurs–Fri : 10 am–10 pm
Sat–Sun : 9 am–10 pm
• Adults 17 and older : $10
• Children age 6-16 : $5
• Children under 6 : Free
• $2 per trip
For more information
Call (866) 829-3829
Visit ocgp.org
Page 10
Friday August 30, 2013
Dodgers’ Kemp Passes Major
Kate Gosselin Sues Ex
Over Book, Alleges Hacking Hurdle by Running Bases
Report by
MaryClaire Dale
PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Former reality TV star Kate
Gosselin filed a lawsuit Monday accusing her exhusband of stealing her hard drive and hacking into her
phone and computer to get material for a tell-all book.
Jon Gosselin accessed email, bank accounts and other private information
for a book called “Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World,” according to
the federal lawsuit.
The 2012 book was written by Jon Gosselin’s friend and business partner,
tabloid writer Robert Hoffman, but pulled from the market after two days
because the information had been illegally obtained, the lawsuit said.
“Jon violated a federal anti-hacking statute in order to publish salacious,
scandalous and defamatory information about Kate,” said her lawyer A.
Jordan Rushie. “It’s damaged her reputation.”
The couple starred in the TLC show “Jon & Kate plus 8,” detailing life
with their twins and sextuplets, before they separated in 2009 and later
She, a former nurse who now runs a coupon website, lives in Sinking
Spring. He worked in information technology and now lives in nearby
Wyomissing. Both are outside Reading, northwest of Philadelphia.
The lawsuit accuses Jon Gosselin of identity theft, wiretapping and
invasion of privacy and seeks unspecified damages. A lawyer who once
represented Jon Gosselin did not immediately return a message. Hoffman is
also named as a defendant. He did not immediately return an email message
sent through his website.
Even beyond their acrimonious divorce, the Gosselins have been
embroiled in a series of legal problems over the past few years.
— The state investigated whether the children’s TV appearances violated
child labor laws, amid concerns from her estranged brother.
— Jon Gosselin threated to seek primary custody of the children on
grounds that his ex-wife’s appearances on “Dancing With the Stars” made her
an absentee mother, claims her lawyer called reckless.
— Jon Gosselin tangled with the TLC network over outside appearances
that allegedly violated his contract for the family-friendly show.
— A Pennsylvania marriage therapist sued Kate Gosselin for the cost of
flying to California in 2009 to work with the couple.
— Jon Gosselin’s apartment in New York was ransacked by someone who
slashed furniture, stole his TV and left a note pinned to his dresser with a
butcher knife, according to his lawyer.
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Matt Kemp ran the bases on
Tuesday for the first time since spraining his left ankle a
month ago, and the Los Angeles Dodgers slugger said he’s
getting closer to returning.
Kemp said he felt better than he had expected because he was skeptical
about how things would go. The next step will be running the bases again
Wednesday. If things go well, manager Don Mattingly said Kemp could be
cleared for a minor league rehab assignment.
“Everything felt pretty much normal,” Kemp said. “In the back of your
mind, you feel like, ‘Man, I just sprained my ankle,’ so you kind of like take it
easy. But I felt really normal after the third or fourth time, so I just let it go.”
The minor league regular season ends Monday, although Class A Rancho
Cucamonga could reach the postseason, which would give the Dodgers more
time to get Kemp in some rehab games. Kemp said he has no plans to go to
Arizona and play in instructional league games there.
“When I do join the team, I’ll be ready to go,” he said. “I just need atbats.”
Kemp has been on the disabled list since July 24, his third stint there this
His return will make things interesting in the outfield, where Carl
Crawford has been playing in left, Andre Ethier in center (Kemp’s usual
position) and rookie Yasiel Puig in right.
“I don’t know why people keep
asking me what role I’m going to play. I
want to play every day,” Kemp said. “I
don’t like to sit out of games. I like to
give my team a chance to win, and I feel
like I can do that.”
Mattingly answered carefully when
asked how Kemp will fit into the lineup
“I’m not going to try to make lineups
out now,” he said. “I don’t want to throw
anybody aside, but you get to a point
where it’s got to be about us winning.
Matt’s had a hard year physically
and I think he’s going to understand.
Somebody is going to be mad.”
Report by
Beth Harris
At the Box Office:
1. “Lee Daniels’ the Butler,” Weinstein Co., $16,503,812, 3,110 locations, $51,760,625, two weeks.
11. “2 Guns,” Universal, $3,359,825, 1,841 locations, $1,825 average, $65,353,995, four weeks.
2. “We’re the Millers,” Warner Bros., $13,047,119, 3,445 locations, $91,287,318, three weeks.
12. “Jobs,” Open Road, $2,866,014, 2,381 locations, $1,204 average, $12,009,301, two weeks.
3. “Mortal Instruments: City of Bones,” Sony, $9,336,957, 3,118 locations, $14,088,359, one week.
13. “The Smurfs 2,” Sony, $2,764,252, 1,852 locations, $1,493 average, $62,580,370, four weeks.
4. “The World’s End,” Focus, $8,790,237, 1,551 locations, $5,667 average, $8,790,237, one week.
14. “Despicable Me 2,” Universal, $2,600,715, 1,402 locations, $350,701,135, eight weeks.
5. “Planes,” Disney, $8,575,214, 3,378 locations, $2,539 average, $59,599,909, three weeks.
15. “The Wolverine,” Fox, $2,483,787, 1,449 locations, $1,714 average, $125,079,463, five weeks.
6. “You’re Next,” Lionsgate, $7,020,196, 2,437 locations, $2,881 average, $7,020,196, one week.
16. “The Conjuring,” Warner Bros., $2,058,284, 1,355 locations, $131,668,992, six weeks.
7. “Elysium,” Sony, $6,926,280, 2,913 locations, $2,378 average, $68,880,218, three weeks.
17. “Paranoia,” Relativity Media, $1,313,251, 2,459 locations, $6,250,293, two weeks.
8. “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters,” Fox, $5,274,716, 2,730 locations, $48,421,169, three weeks.
18. “Grown Ups 2,” Sony, $900,617, 620 locations, $1,453 average, $128,945,248, seven weeks.
9. “Kick-Ass 2,” Universal, $4,373,310, 2,945 locations, $1,485 average, $22,526,445, two weeks.
19. “The Spectacular Now,” A24 Films, $650,003, 154 locations, $1,935,181, four weeks.
10. “Blue Jasmine,” Sony Pictures Classics, $3,972,687, 1,283 locations, $14,471,489, five weeks.
20. “Turbo,” Fox, $643,442, 470 locations, $1,369 average, $78,785,445, six weeks.
Courtesy of Associated Press
Page 11
Friday August 30, 2013
“By firmly grasping and picking up one flower,
a person can lift the entire garland of yama and niyama.” -Swami Kripalu
Yoga’s teachings on ethical living are contained in the
first two stages of Patanjali’s eight-stage path: yama and
niyama. Yama means restraint or something to avoid.
Niyama means observance or something to cultivate. In
the form of yoga called Kripalu, both are referred to as
living in integrity.
Swami Kripalu taught that the way to make the world
a better place was through individual efforts to build
Lakshmi Voelker character, treat others lovingly, and serve humanity.
Contributing Writer Yama and niyama are the beginning and the end of the
spiritual path. What begins as a discipline ends as a
natural reflection of our deeper spiritual nature. All quotes below are from the
teachings of Swami Kripalu.
Ahimsa: Nonviolence
When one practices nonviolence, one “refrains from causing distress in
thought, word, or deed to any living creature.” Nonviolence is the root of all
other ethical precepts.
Satya: Truthfulness
“Truth destroys the walls between hearts and transforms even strangers
and enemies into loved ones. Truth is speaking that which promotes the
welfare of all living beings, and which is not adulterated with untruth.”
Asteya: Non-Stealing
“When we obtain what we desire by honest means, our mind remains
at peace and free of fear. Non-stealing is not desiring anyone’s wealth by
thought, word, or deed, and not taking anyone’s possessions, no matter how
small, without their permission.”
Brahmacharya: Moderation
A person practicing moderation is able to channel his or her full energy
toward activities that support growth and transformation. Brahmacharya
literally means movement towards the Lord and its practice involves
moderation in all sense pleasures.
Aparigraha: Non-Attachment
A person practicing non-attachment cultivates a voluntary simplicity and
discharges his or her duties in life while remaining free of obsessive desires.
“Any action which is performed for the love of God or welfare of humanity is
a form of non-attachment.”
Saucha: Purity
The practice of purity involves cultivating a healthy body through habits
such as proper diet, bathing, and regular exercise. It also includes cultivating
a wholesome mind through positive thinking, good company, prayer, and
meditation. “Virtuous conduct is the chief characteristic of mental purity,
since one can act virtuously only when his or her mind is pure.”
Santosha: Contentment
Contentment is joyfully accepting whatever life provides and not wanting
more than is at hand.” Contentment renders the mind steady and is a source
of true happiness.”
Tapas: Austerity
Tapas means to generate light or heat. It refers to the psychic energy
generated by the voluntary practice of various disciplines, which is said to
purify the bodymind and ultimately generate spiritual radiance.” “Just as fire
purifies gold, austerity purifies the seeker.”
Swadhyaya: Study of Self & Scriptures
“One practices swadhyaya to get to know one’s deeper or higher Self.”
The highest form of swadhyaya is a continual self-inquiry that Swami Kripalu
described as “self–observation without judgment.” Swadhyaya also includes
reading and reflecting upon sacred scriptures. The practice of self-observation
and scripture study gradually increases self-awareness and eventually results
in a direct experience of the Self.”
Ishvara-Pranidhana: Surrender to the Divine
Yoga teaches that we must learn to accept the truth that our limited human
mind is ultimately not in control of our lives and destiny. We must surrender
to a higher principle in order to find peace and experience our inborn divinity.
“Ishvara-Pranidhana means to dedicate one’s every thought, word and deed to
the Lord and surrender them at his feet with total faith.”
I would like to recommend choosing a single Yama or Niyama and
practice it intensively for a time—perhaps a week, a month, or longer.
Google or Bing it, read about it, study it. Begin to imbibe and live it in every
part of your being.
“By firmly grasping and picking up one flower, a person can lift the
entire garland of yama and niyama.” When we begin to practice, we see our
fault’s and short comings with great clarity. At this stage, we must cultivate a
balance of self-observation and self-acceptance to bear the challenge of seeing
ourselves clearly. Over time, we learn that awareness followed by acceptance
and then adjustment is a proven path too growth.
Namasté! I honor the Light that shines within you that also shines within me!
For questions or comments please contact
Lakshmi at [email protected]
www.getfitwhereyousit.com 760-774-1752
Lakshmi Voelker, E-RYT 500, YA, IAYT, has over 45 years in the
fitness industry specializing in senior fitness and adaptive/disabled fitness.
Friday August 30, 2013
Page 12
Science of Puig &
Great Hitters Too!
Quickly, Yasiel Puig of the Los
Angeles Dodgers, has gained quite the
enchantment of some mystical lore.
He has recently become the hot ticket
stadium sellout attraction. Fans have
come out in droves to catch this almost
mythical player in action as if he were
the Haley’s comet.
Dr. Justin C. Lin At any rate, something usually
Contributing Writer amazing happens in every game he has
played. He has even been credited for
being the spark the Dodgers have needed from last place to first
I recently came upon a video of ESPN’s Sport Science with
John Brenkus. Brenkus analyzes Puig’s swing and below are
some interesting facts that I have gathered from his analysis. (http://espn.
• His ability to create 140 degrees by bending his back leg—giving him a straighter stance than most power hitters who bend at 120 degrees on average. This flexibility allows him to get more power transfer from his legs to the ball.
• He produces a swing that reaches a max speed of approximately 85.9mph.
• He is able to turn 45 degrees at his trunk—which is 10 degrees more than the average player
• He creates a torque trunk rotation of 675 degrees per second during a home run swing. This transfers into a large distance the ball is launched into outerspace.
Here is my take on the magic of Puig’s swing (more specifically: a more
powerful swing).
Former Major League Baseball players Bret Barbarie and Rene Gonzales
of Santa Clarita’s Hardknocks Baseball have asked me to analyze, on a
biomechanical level, why great hitters can produce so much power through
their hips. More specifically, they wanted a breakdown of the front leg (being
stiffest at the point of contact).
Their take is different from most conventional thinking: that the weight
back onto the back leg creates a spin and torque at the trunk.
With all that I know about the power of the pelvis and hips, I believe they are
shifting towards a more correct analysis of why great hitters hit as hard as
they do.
Why is the pelvic ring important?
Dr. James Cyriax, MD explained that the joint’s tightest/most stable
position was the closed pack positioning—which in a batter’s case, is his
legs being turned in. The tightness can be likened to a toy top that is wound
up and just about to be spun onto a surface. Or, you can relate it to the
Tazmanian Devil from Looney Tunes.
Let’s just term this process for batters and golfers: the Pelvic
Point of Impact (PPOI). This would be where the closure of
the hip joints on the pelvis is in this position for milliseconds
before it opens up during follow-through of the swing.
Well known researchers and physical therapy clinicians, Andre
Vleeming and Diane Lee, have published an article about the
coupling force of the pelvic ring. Their explanations seemed
to support Barbarie and Gonzales’ analysis. Please see Diane
Lee’s article Pelvic Stability and Your Core (http://dianelee.ca/
The main emphasis by the developer of Functional Manual
Therapy’s™ Gregg Johnson, in a course for Functional
Mobilization of the Lower Quadrant, adds fuel to the argument
by Barberie and Gonzales. Johnson believes that an efficient
pelvis/hip functions together in an appropriate sequence to produce the most
efficient and optimal output for an Automatic Core Engagement™ (ACE)—
in this instance needed for a batter’s swing. A proper ACE is needed to
connect with the strong pelvis/hips to produce a very powerful unit for force
This may explain why his teammate, Matt Kemp, is having such
difficulties with injuries that continue to come back or other injuries that
develop. This seems to all be the result of an inefficient movement and a
lack of protection from his ACE. The painful process of not having a strong
pelvic unit and ACE is why he heals slowly. It is also the reason why it takes a
longer time to recover—compared to fellow teammate, Hanley Rameriz who
seems to bounce back quickly and not miss a step. Please read last week’s
article on my explanations why. (thenoticeca.com/2013/08/28/)
There you have it. Maybe Puig has a more efficient pelvis than the
average MLB ballplayer. Like most of the greats, he can produce the greatest
PPOI that causes the massive slingshot of angular velocity for that massive
trunk torque. (Maybe the trunk really just comes along for the ride instead of
what is conventionally believed to be an abdominal strength emphasis).
This would also explain why the craze about abdominal strength is not the
end all—be all of batters. Just look at Prince Fielder, Babe Ruth, Pablo
Sandoval; they aren’t sporting GQ covers with firm stomachs. We can look
back historically as to why there have been more abdominal oblique strains in
ballplayers in the recent past because of the emphasis on poor “core” exercise
regimes in a baseball player’s programs. Perhaps the abdomen’s main job is
to counteract the torque of the hips/pelvis and to, eccentrically, slow down the
torque of the swing.
I have developed the Kinematic Sports Enhancement (KSE) program that
promotes the training and strengthening of the ACE and the power for the
pelvis and hips. It is developed to maximize power and protect the dynamic
body in tasks such as a batter or golfer’s swing and the pelvic point of impact.
It can also help athletes like Matt Kemp get better quicker and get athletes
like Mike Trout, Clayton Kershaw, and Yasiel Puig to be even better.
I’d like to believe Yasiel Puig will be around for a long time, but if he is just
here for a short time (before he hurts himself from a wild and passionate
See, p. 13
play) he is worth every minute of awe he brings to this 2013
Page 13
Friday August 30, 2013
Great Hitters
(Continued from page 12)
Dodger’s ball club. We’ll just have to see.
Next time, keep an eye on that front leg’s ability to accept weight and
transfer the massive power that Puig produces. You just might catch that
Haley’s comet he launches.
**Also on a side note, if Barberie and Gonzales’ theory is correct, this
may explain why baseball players have the biggest butts in all of sports. All
the hip and pelvic use would create such an emphasis on the buttocks region.
We Can and We Will Get Better Together,
-Dr. Justin Lin.
Dr. Justin C. Lin, DPT, MS, CSCS is a Licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy
and Board Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He specializes in Chronic
Pain and Sports Medicine. He may be contacted at [email protected]
Find out more at www.RehabandRevive.com. Dr. Justin is rated #1 in Yelp Physical
Therapy for Orange County.
Bill Mandates 3-Foot Buffer Between Cars, Bikes
Report by
Juliet Williams
SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — The state Senate
approved a bill on Monday that would require drivers to
stay at least three feet away from bicyclists when they
are passing in the same direction, despite Gov. Jerry Brown’s previous vetoes
of similar legislation.
Lawmakers approved AB1371 by Assemblyman Steven Bradford,
D-Gardena, on a 31-7 vote. It aims to protect bicyclists from harassment by
drivers who deliberately travel close to bikes in an effort to intimidate riders.
The legislation would require a driver to pass a bicycle at a distance of
at least three feet, but when drivers cannot leave that much room due to road
conditions they must slow to “a reasonable and prudent speed” and pass only
if doing so would not endanger the cyclist’s safety. A violation would be
punishable by fines starting at $35.
The bill is nearly identical to one Brown vetoed last year, citing concerns
about the possibility of increased crashes if drivers cross the center line or
slow down too much to pass cyclists. He said then that the state could be held
liable for those crashes if drivers are legally allowed to cross a double-yellow
line to make room for a cyclist. Bradford’s bill added new language to address
those concerns.
Sen. Mark DeSaulnier, D-Concord, who carried the bill in the Senate, said
California is one of 32 states that have so-called safe distance laws. However,
California law does not currently specify a safe distance.
He said the law is needed until California has more infrastructure making
it safer for bicyclists and pedestrians.
Senate Minority Leader Bob Huff, R-Diamond Bar, said it is difficult to
estimate a three-foot distance while driving and noted that sometimes cyclists
must swerve into vehicle traffic to avoid road hazards.
“It’s just impossible to gauge what three feet is and so I don’t think it
really accomplishes what you want,” Huff said. He said the state should
instead focus on educating people about sharing the road with non-motorized
vehicles when they renew their driver’s licenses.
“To create outlaws of everybody because you can’t judge the distance is
nuts,” he said.
AB1371 returns to the state Assembly for a final vote.
Mont. Judge Apologizes For
Comments in Teen’s Rape
Report by
Matt Volz
Matthew Brown
BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — A Montana judge on
Wednesday stood by his decision to send a former
teacher to prison for 30 days for raping a 14-year-old
girl who later killed herself, but said he “deserved to be
chastised” for his comments about the young victim.
District Judge G. Todd Baugh sentenced former Billings Senior High
School teacher Stacey Rambold to 15 years, then suspended all but 31 days
and gave him credit for one day already served.
In handing down the sentence Monday, Baugh said the teenage victim was
“older than her chronological age” and had as much control of the situation as
the teacher who raped her.
Faced with a backlash over the comments and calls for his resignation,
Baugh, 71, wrote an apology in a letter to the editor of The Billings Gazette.
He said his comments were demeaning of all
women and not reflective of his beliefs.
Later Wednesday, the judge spoke
to reporters in his office. He said he was
“fumbling around” in court trying to explain
his sentence and “made some really stupid
“I don’t know how to pass that off. I’m
saying I’m sorry and it’s not who I am,” Baugh
said. “I deserve to be chastised. I apologize for that.”
However, Rambold’s sentence was appropriate, he said.
Rambold was charged in October 2008 with three counts of sexual
intercourse without consent after authorities alleged he had an ongoing sexual
relationship with Cherice Moralez, starting the previous year when she was
14. Moralez killed herself in 2010 at age 16 while the case was pending,
and the girl’s mother, Auleia Hanlon, said her daughter’s relationship with
Rambold was a “major factor.”
Hanlon said in a statement to the Gazette that she no longer believes in
justice after Baugh’s sentence and remarks about her daughter.
“She wasn’t even old enough to get a driver’s license. But Judge Baugh,
who never met our daughter, justified the paltry sentence saying she was older
than her chronological age,” Hanlon said. “I guess somehow it makes a rape
more acceptable if you blame the victim, even if she was only 14.”
Under state law, children younger than 16 cannot consent to sexual
Yellowstone County officials previously agreed to defer Rambold’s
prosecution for three years and dismiss the charges if he completed a sexual
offender treatment program. The case was revived in December after
prosecutors learned Rambold, 54, was kicked out of the program for having
unsupervised visits with minors who were family members and not telling
counselors he was having a sexual relationship with a woman.
Defense attorney Jay Lansing said Rambold has continued his treatment
with a different program and an evaluation found him at low risk to re-offend.
Prosecutors had recommended a 10-year prison term.
“My thought was, given the relatively minor violations in the sex offender
treatment program, it didn’t seem appropriate to put him in jail, put him in
prison” for a longer time, Baugh said. “It didn’t seem to me that the violations
were such that the state should be able to back out of their agreement.”
A protest scheduled for Thursday outside Yellowstone County Courthouse
Friday August 30, 2013
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Judge Apologizes
(Continued from page 13)
will go on despite Baugh’s apology, said organizer Sheena Rice.
“I’m glad he apologized, but he should have known better as a judge,”
Rice said. “The fact that he said it makes me think he still believes it.”
A petition will be circulated at the protest calling for Baugh’s resignation.
An online version of the petition had more than 17,500 signatures by late
Wednesday afternoon.
If the petition and protest aren’t enough to force Baugh’s resignation,
protesters will shift to defeating him in the 2014 election, Rice said.
Baugh was first elected to the bench in 1984 and has been re-elected every
six years since then without an opponent.
He said he has no plans to resign and he has not decided whether to run
again in 2014.
Yellowstone County Attorney Scott Twito previously said he disagreed
with the judge’s ruling but would not appeal it.
“The judge’s reasons are his reasons and his reasons alone. He has broad
authority under state law,” Twito said Tuesday.
On Wednesday, he told the Gazette his office was reviewing the sentence
to make sure it conforms to the facts of the case and the law.
Twito also said he has consulted with the appellate division of the
Attorney General’s Office about the case.
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