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August 2006
Honors and awards bestowed
2 - President’s Message
Those active in the current section and
several long-time members were honored at
the annual Southern San Joaquin Valley
Section’s Honors and Awards Banquet on
June 15th. This year’s banquet was expertly
organized by Alan McMurry and held at
Benji’s Basque Restaurant.
Outgoing Section President John
Sheehan (left) accepts award from District
Vice President Joe Bingham at the Southern San Joaquin Valley Section Honors and
Awards Dinner.
3 - DVP: Get Involved!
4 - Instrumentation 2007
Cal Poly Beach Party
5 - PLC Training,
Instrumentation Training,
CCST Training
6 - Instrument Technicians
Industry News
7 - Cal Poly to Compete
8 - Local Section Meetings
9 - Regional Events
10 - History of OC Section
12 - Application Notes:
Boiler Systems
13 - ISA Offers Free Webinars
What is Bluetooth?
14 - Job Shop
ISA Offers
Webinars Free
to Members,
. . . Details on page 13
“The only difference between a
problem and a solution is that
people understand the solution.”
-- Charles Kettering, Inventor of
Freon, founder of Delco. His house,
built in 1914, was the first in the US
to have air conditioning.
August 2006
Award recipients included Mohammad Heidari (right), Del
Signorelli (below center) and Alan McMurry (below right.).
Ray Spangler
(left) received an
award from Alan
McMurry (left) and
Seth Olson (below)
received an award
from John
These are only a
few of those
present at the
award ceremony
this year.
Not pictured due
to space lmitations
are a great many
others who have
given their time to
keep the Southern
San Joaquin Valley
Section one of the
premier sections of
Other photos on
page 11. Photos
courtesy of John
ISA Newsletters, Southern District 11
Southern San Joaquin V
Section Officers
P.O. Box 9271
Bakersfield, CA 93389
Del Signorelli, President
[email protected]
Seth Olson, Vice President
PLCs Plus International
(661) 322-4470
[email protected]
Octavio Escobeto, Secretary
OXY Elk Hills
[email protected]
Alan McMurry, Treasurer/Honors and
Awards Chair
[email protected]
President’s message
As you know it is the that time of year for the new incoming board to
there places on the board, as your new incoming president I would like to
thank all of the 2005-2006 ISA SSJV board members for the outstanding
job that they did last year. For the 2006-2007 board members it is time to
get started on another promising year.
I would also like to thank everyone that help out with this years Golf
Tournament and Table Top, everybody did a tremendous job and as you
know the proceeds generate goes to our Scholarship fund to help local
student further the education in the automation world.
As incoming President it is such a pleasure to work with such a great
group of people. The board will be getting together sometime in August to start working on the
upcoming year plan. We will be starting up our monthly lunches again in September.
Have a safe and great summer and hope to see you all at our monthly luncheons.
Del Signorelli, President
ISA SSJV 2006-2007
John Sheehan, Delegate,
Past President
[email protected]
Are you committed?
Show you're serious about your career–become a CCST®
The ISA Certified Control Systems
Technician®(CCST) Program verifies and
documents your knowledge, experience,
and education in instrumentation and
control. Designed to enhance your professional development, the CCST program provides an endorsement of your
accomplishments from ISA. The CCST
program proves that you’re a capable
technician with documented skills.
Hundreds of companies have already
recognized the value of hiring ISA CCSTs
and many require this credential.
Raymond Spangler,
Alternate Deligate/Web Master/
Central Automation, Inc.
(661) 387-0638
[email protected]
Visit http://ccst.isa.org for more
information or call CASTLE™ Worldwide
and ask for the ISA CCST representative
at (919) 572-6880 or e-mail [email protected]
Del Signorelli, Exhibit Chair
[email protected]
Chip Wickline, Membership Chair
(661) 664-1406
[email protected]
Gary Brown, Membership Co-Chair
(661) 392-3859
[email protected]
John Prince, Newsletter Editor
APG Analyzer Systems
(714) 968-5501
[email protected]
Sound the ALARM!!
Lisa Denke, Program Chair
Barry Petroleum
(661) 201-7842
[email protected]
The newsletter and directory carry your
message directly to 1500 automation and
instrumentation specifiers and buyers
throughout Southern and Central
California and Nevada.
Ira Miller, Historian
Blair-Martin Co., Inc.
(661) 872-2903
[email protected]
Mohammad Heidari,
Scholarship Chair
(661) 392-2224
[email protected]
Paul Wade, Training Chairman
Process Instruments & Controls, LLC
(805) 327-7000
[email protected]
Joe Bingham, Distr 11 VP
AES Automation
(714) 625-9021
[email protected]
For advertising infomation, please call the newsletter editor.
Dalton Wilson,
ISA Staff Contact
(919) 990-9280
[email protected]
Open Positions:
Central Coast Coordinator
Section-Division Liaison
The monthly ISA Section Newsletters and annual Regional Membership Directory and Buyers’
Guide are mailed to all ISA section members in Southern California and Southern Nevada and to ISA student
affiliates at Cal Poly Pomona, Cal State Fullterton and Long Beach State. Newsletters include the South San
Joaquin Valley Alarm, Los Angeles Annunciator, Orange County Chart, San Diego Signal and Las Vegas
Experience. Changes of address can only be processed by ISA by calling (919) 549-8411 or via
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ISA Newsletters, Southern District 11
August 2006
Message from the DVP
Get involved!
By Joe Bingham
There are those who spend their time
bashing ISA. They talk about “rearranging the
deck-chairs”, the lack of senior corporate
executives involvement and how they are
impatient for fundamental change. But at the
same time they do not get involved in the
organization — they merely sit on the
sidelines and complain. Their articles make an
interesting read, but lack proper research.
ISA has had great stewardship over the
last few decades. We are a non-profit
organization and have a little over two years worth of reserves. We are a
not for profit organization, it is not our business model to make business
deals that will make us millions of dollars, but to provide quality
benefits to our membership.
ISA has spent millions of dollars in the last several years on
Certification programs (CCST, CAP), improving on our magazine Intech
just to mention a few. We have an NVI (New Venture Investment)
program that will allow us to invest in new benefits to the membership.
Anyone can submit an NVI idea, but you have to get involved first.
Anyone who would like to contribute their ideas to ISA is always
welcome to join in any number of leadership positions at the local or
international level. You can then attend the leadership meetings that are
held in the spring or fall and submit your ideas to any of the Executive
board meetings or directly to the board member. We love hearing from
people with creative ideas.
August 2006
Don’t be an armchair quarterback! If you don’t like or understand
something ask your local leader. That’s what I did. That’s why I got
involved in the first place. I would like to see you at the next ISA
leadership here locally in Irvine or at the conference in Houston Texas
getting involved and helping. We never turn down any “Good” advice or
refuse anyone from joining in any event.
As in all organizations, there are those who are afraid to get involved
so that they won’t have to take responsibility for their ideas. To those
people, I say get off of your kester and do something instead of just
mouthing off! I dare you! Yes, you heard me! I triple dog dare you to
get involved!
See you in Houston!
The District Leadership Conference
Just a friendly reminder that on August 5th and 6th I will be hosting
the DLC for District 11 at the Rosemount Analytical offices in Irvine,
CA. We will spend the whole day Saturday and Sunday teaching
leadership skills, management skills, and organization skills for your
section leadership. Mark Adams of Enthusiadams. All are welcome, but
the seating is limited (not to mention the $50 fee). We will start at 8am
both days. Please email me for more information.
As always, please let me know if you like my messages or think that
I’m way off track. Also please let me know if you have any questions,
concerns, comments, etc. You can reach me at 714-625-9021 or
[email protected]
Yours truly,
Joe Bingham
District Vice-President, District 11, 2006 - 2007
Chairman, Engineering, Science, and Technology policy for ISA
Chairman SP – 101, HMI’s
Member of the Executive Board of ISA
ISA Newsletters, Southern District 11
Technology Exhibitions and Training
Instrumentation 2007 is coming to LA!
Planning for Instrumentation 2007 is already well underway. The exhibition and training will be held February 22nd at the Carson Convention Center. Training classes are already planned (see article in this newsletter) and there will be discounts for early exhibitor sign-ups. Watch the
newsletter and check the LA Section website, www.isala.org, for details as they become available.
This year, by getting an early start, we hope to return to the large venue shows that the section was known for in years past. But we cannot
do it without your help. To anyone who has attended past shows, given training sessions or has exhibited locally in the past (including Automation West) please tell us your experiences and observations of past shows and suggestions for this year’s show.
Don’t worry, you will not be dragged into doing anything unless you volunteer. It is your feedback and suggestions that are of great value to
us. Our goal is to produce a show that is informative and beneficial to both attendees and exhibitors this year.!
Please contact Kristina Balobeck, ISALA President Elect, at [email protected] or (818) 203-7436 to give your ideas and for more
information about Instrumentation 2007.
Photographs courtesy U.S. Navy and NASA without endorsement expressed or implied.
Los Angeles & Cal Poly Sections
Photo of 2005 Cal Poly Beach Party courtesy of Miki Prince
Third Annual
Beach BBQ &
ISO 9001:2000 Quality System Certified ,
METI/KHK Product Certification.
All ISA members thoughout the region are welcome
to come and enjoy the beach at the Third Annual ISALA
BeachParty, BBQ and Bonfire on August 12th at
Huntington Beach State Beach.
This is a family event and is open to all ISA
members and guests. If you have a student in the family
who is considering a career in instrumentation, controls,
automation or engineering, this is a ideal chance to let
them meet with those who are studying in these fields,
and maybe help to clarify some of their ideas about their
future career.
More photos on page 15. For details and to RSVP,
please see page 8 or check the ISALA website at
Please contact:
Northern California
Dennis Post 408-370-3649
[email protected]
Southern California
Steven Manuel 714-672-9097
[email protected]
ISA Newsletters, Southern District 11
August 2006
Professional Training & Advancement
PLC, instrumentation, CCST training series
to be held
A series of three instrumentation courses has been scheduled this
year by the Los Angeles Section. Classes will be held on weekday
evenings. Each of the three sessions will consist of nine classroom and
lab hours. Courses will be conducted by professional instrumentation
trainers and are not product specific. Professional Development
Certificates will be awarded to those who complete each class.
Basic-to-Advanced PLC Programming is a hands-on
session using student laptops as the training tool. Each student will use
an instructional aid to program a live simulation on their computer.
There will also be review of programming components to enlighten even
an experienced technician and increase his experience level. 9 hours total
training. A RSLogix PLC Simulator and ProSim-II Simulation disc will
be provided as part of the package. Students will need to bring their own
laptop computer. Instructors: Orlando Manahan and Neil Finch.
- Tues, Sept 12 - Introduction to PLC Programming and Lab
- Tues, Sept 19 - Practical Programming and Lab
- Thurs, Sept 28 - More Programming and Lab
Instrumentation Level 1 Training consists of three
evenings. This class will give anyone new to the industry basic practical
working knowledge in the areas of flow, temperature, pressure and level
instrumentation. Some of the practical things you will learn include how
to specify and order thermocouples, flowmeters and other instrumenta-
tion devices. Instructors: Neil Finch, Kevin O’Neill and Gary Penny.
- Tues, Nov 7 - Instrumentation Physics
- Tues, Nov 21 - Calibration Practices & Training Lab
- Tues, Nov 28 - Detailed Review of Flow, Temperature, Pressure & Level
Instrumentation and Applications
CCST Review & Instrumentation Level 2 Training
consists of three evenings. The first session will be held February 22nd at
the Carson Convention Center in conjunction with Instrumentation 2007.
Instructors: Neil Finch and Gary Penny.
- Thurs, Feb 22 - CCST Review
- Thurs, Mar 1 - Analytical Instrumentation, ISA Symbols and Math for
- Thurs, Mar 8 - CEMS Calibration and Maintenance
Who should attend? Those who need to get up to speed on
current instrumentation technology should attend. This series of training
classes is not just for the experienced engineer and technician, but will be
valuable for instrument sales people, project managers as well as for those
new to the field. After taking this course, attendees will better understand
how to assess, compare and select the various methods of measurement
and control.
Professional Training & Advancement,
continued on page 15
Patten Systems, Inc.
Industrial & Municipal Representatives
3D Instruments
Direct Drive Process and Test Gauges, Digital Process
and Test Gauges, Diaphragm Seals, Hand Pumps and
B S & B Safety Systems
Industrial & Sanitary Rupture Disks, Explosion Vents,
Wireless Sensor Systems, Suppression Systems
Honeywell Analytics
Danfoss Water & Wastewater
Variable Frequency Drives, Soft Starters
(Sieger, Zareba & Zellweger)
Combustible & Toxic Gas Dectectors, IR Gas Detectors,
Open Path IR, Controllers & Flame Detection
L & J Technologies
L&J Technologies
Kurz Instruments
Air & Gas Thermal Mass Flow Meters, Flow Conditioners,
CEM Flow Systems, Portable Flow Meters
(Shand & Jurs - GPE - Omnitrol - Delavan),
Tank Gauging Systems, Radar & Servo, Tank Vents, Breather
Valves, Gauge Hatches, Flame & Detonation Arrestors/ Vapor
Recovery, Capacitance and Ultrasonic Level
Moore Industries
Meriam Process Technologies
HART Configurators, Calibrators & Software, Averaging
Pitot Tubes, Laminar Flow Elements, Digital Manometers
Intelligent Distributed I/O, Alarm Trips, Isolators,
Temperature Transmitters, I/P’s, AC Power Transducers,
Controllers, Fieldbus Device Couplers and Power Supplies
Measurement Systems
NuFlo Measurement Systems
(Barton & Former Haliburton Measurement Systems)
D.P. & Pressure Transmitters, D.P. Indicators & Recorders
Turbine Meters, PD Meters, Totalizers, Samplers, Orifice
Fittings, Relief Valves
Ronan Display Products Division
Sparling Instruments
Vishay BLH
Magnetic Flowmeters, Propeller Meters, Vortex Flow
Meters, Ultrasonic Flow Meters
Load Cells, Electronic Weighing, Tension Measurement,
Weight Display and Control
Annunciators, Mosaic Graphics, Serial Annunciators
Sequence of Events Recorders, Fault Finders, Protocol
Converters & Lamp Boxes.
15201 Springdale Street • Huntington Beach, California 92649
Tel (714) 799-5656 • Fax (714) 799-5353 • www.pattensystems.com
August 2006
ISA Newsletters, Southern District 11
Spotlight on Careers
Everything you ever wanted to know about instrum
Instrumentation technicians test, certify, install, repair, inspect,
maintain, and help to develop complex instruments that measure and
record changes in industrial environments. The process-controlled
systems operated by these technicians are central to the operation of
such facilities as chemical plants, canneries, food processing plants, air
and water pollution control agencies, petroleum refineries, and power
Technicians test and record the effects of varying conditions,
actual or simulated, such as vibration, temperature, humidity, pressure,
differential pressure, liquid flow and level, altitude, acceleration, pH,
conductivity, stress, and chemical analysis. They prepare graphs and
written reports translating test results into meaningful terms.
Technicians select, install, calibrate, and check out telemetering and
recording instruments and circuits. Using engineering data, and
considering the limitations of the equipment being tested, they develop
specifications for nonstandard apparatus and equipment.
They may make sketches and build or modify jibs, fixtures,
instruments, and related apparatus. They also may verify the acceptability of devices which have been fabricated by craft workers or other
technical personnel. In addition, technicians, troubleshoot, repair, and
perform preventive maintenance on test apparatus and peripheral
Some Instrumentation Technicians work as field service representatives who install and maintain equipment and systems at the
customer’s worksite. In addition to providing preventive and corrective
maintenance, their duties may involve training the customer’s employees and advising them of proper procedures to use to avoid equipment
In the performance of their duties, technicians operate calculators,
computers, testing devices, and laboratory equipment. They use drafting
tools, complex electronic and mechanical instruments, and also use
engineering handbooks and other reference materials.
Working Conditions
Although working conditions vary widely for Instrumentation
Technicians, most work areas will be relatively new, modern, airconditioned buildings that offer a pleasant working environment.
Instrumentation Technicians may work in the engineering or prototype
department, in the main production department, or at their own test
benches. Due to the delicate nature of many electronics products,
technicians may perform much of their work in “clean rooms” in which
the temperature, humidity, and dust content of the air are carefully
controlled. All workers in clean rooms wear masks, gloves and smocks or
coveralls, which are usually referred to as “bunny suits.” The work may
occasionally require lifting up to 20 pounds, standing, stooping, climbing,
and working in tight or confined control panels. Depending on the
worksite, technicians may be exposed to chemicals, extreme temperatures, pressures, and vacuum.
Employment Outlook
The following information is from the California Projections of
Employment published by the Labor Market Information Division. The
figures represent the broad occupational group Electrical and Electronics
Engineering Technicians and Technologists that includes Instrumentation
partners with AES
AES Automation, a systems integration
firm specializing in the water, wastewater, oil,
gas, and process control industries, has signed
on with AutomationDirect as a Certified
Systems Integrator.
“Joe Bingham has been a close friend and
supporter of AutomationDirect for many years.
It was a no brainier decision for us to add AES
Automation to our coveted list of Certified
System Integrators” said Brian Gallogly,
President of Quantum Automation,
AutomationDirect’s West Coast Value Added
This partnership will be mutually beneficial for AutomationDirect and AES Automation,” said Joe Bingham, founder and president
of AES Automation. “Due to the high quality
PLC’s and additional automation products,
local stock, competitive pricing and awesome
technical support, I was able to easily standardized their products within the last company I
worked for (Sempra Energy Solutions) and AES
Automation plans on continuing its success
with their products”. “We are currently developing an eleven station training course around their
For more information, please contact AES
Automation by phone, (714) 625-9021; by email,
[email protected]; or www.aesglobal.com.
ISA Newsletters, Southern District 11
August 2006
mentation technicians
Estimated number of workers in 1993 49,250. Estimated number of
workers in 2005 58,760. Estimated Growth 1993-2005 19%. (These
figures do not include self-employment or openings due to turnover.)
A projected increase of over 9,000 new jobs, combined with the
estimated 14,000 workers leaving the labor force, were estimated to have
resulted in 23,000 job openings in California by the year 2005 for
instrumentation technicians.
The need for industry to modernize, install labor-saving equipment,
and replace old systems with those featuring the latest technologies
assures a continuing need for Instrumentation Technicians.
The standard workweek is 40 hours, Monday through Friday.
Many companies employ technicians on swing and night shifts. Night
shift employees can expect up to an additional 10 percent in pay. Most
plants shut down twice a year to overhaul their continual operating
systems. These “turnarounds” (lasting one to three weeks each) can
offer Instrument Technicians 12-16 hour work days, seven days a week.
Field service technicians normally have the opportunity for
unlimited overtime by being “on call” during their off-duty hours. Such
overtime work is sometimes compensated at time and one-half, or double
time on holidays.
Entrance Requirements and Training
Instrumentation Technicians must understand and apply electronics
theory. High school students interested in this field should study
mathematics, general physics, and laboratory science. These jobs,
according to representatives from personnel departments, will require at
least two or three years experience, an Associate of Arts or Science
degree, or completion of an Instrument Technician program at a private
Got Good Instrument Air?
ISA Expo 2007
Cal Poly Pomona
to participate in
Student Games
Please spread the word at your company and others that
they can get a great deal of publicity by supporting Cal Poly as a
sponsor of the student games to be held at the ISA Show in
Houston. This year, the games will be held during the EXPO, right
on the exhibit floor on Tuesday, Oct 17, the first (busiest) day of
the show. Sponsorship funds go directly to the students — medals
and certificates, photos, students’ meals, tickets for the students
to attend the Honors & Awards Banquet. Any funds not spend on
the students will go into the Education Foundation which provides
student scholarships.
Sponsors will get public recognition in the hall, logos on
www.isa.org and on the EXPO programs, and they will receive a
Certificate of Appreciation from ISA. Cost of sponsoring is $750$1500.
The sponsorship form can be downloaded along with
information about all the other events at www.isa.org/expo/html/
August 2006
technical school.
California has several private and public two-year colleges and
technical schools offering courses in instrumentation technology or
engineering technology. Technicians learn hands-on laboratory skills as
well as theory in electronic and electrical circuitry and digital and
microprocessing computers.
Good communication skills, both oral and written, are necessary
since reports and verbal explanations are usually part of the job. The job
also requires good manual dexterity, good vision, and color perception.
Technicians who are graduates of qualified technical institutes may
become certified by organizations such as the Institute for the Certification of Engineering Technicians. They may also become members of the
Instrument Society of America and similar professional societies.
Membership in such organizations is not mandatory but serves as a good
way to keep informed of advancing technology.
Instrumentation Technicians who demonstrate skill and leadership
may be promoted to supervisory-level positions. Those who continue
their formal education and earn at least a Bachelor of Science degree may
advance to a wide range of professional engineering positions.
Finding the Job
Applicants for technician positions should contact employers
directly, and should respond to want ads in local newspapers or trade
journals. In addition, some employers frequently list their openings with
the Job Service offices of the California Employment Development
Department. Additional sources and other information about instrumentation technician issues can be found through ISA at (919) 549-8411 or
This article is excerpted from the California Employment Development Dept, California Occupational Guide Number 485;
www.calmis.cahwnet.gov. To go directly to this article, go to:
Call for a FREE analysis! Find out if your air
meets the appropriate ISO/ISA standards.
We offer the following air treatment products:
Coalescing Filters
Particulate Filters
Hydrocarbon Adsorbers
• Refrigeration
• Desiccant
• Membrane
Pressure Regulators
Distributors of Pressure and Flow Controls:
Pressure regulators, pressure indicators, flowmeters,
filters, separators, thermometers, and enclosures
13413 Benson Ave., Chino CA 91710
TEL: (909) 590-0 408 FAX: (909)590-4146
ISA Newsletters, Southern District 11
Local section meetings
For more details about any of the section meetings, please contact the section president, website or read each section’s complete
newsletter online at www.techpubs.net/isanews.
Orange County
Wed., August 9
President - Craig Lanternier, [email protected]
Cal Poly Pomona Student Section
Saturday, August 12
President - Saif Rawas, [email protected], (909) 802-0159
Gasification Today. The August meeting will be an overview of
gasification technology by Gordon Sims, Senior Director in the
Process/Specialty Engineering group of Fluor. Covered topics will
include feeds and products, basic gasification chemistry, leading
gasification technology providers, some typical plant configurations
including the technology providers for the major unit operations. The
presentation will also include a discussion of the control systems and
integration challenges for gasification projects. Social hour will begin at
5:00pm with the presentation at 6:00pm, at Fluor - Irvine Office,
University Research Park, 5211 California Avenue, Irvine 92617.
Please RSVP to Sarah Sheldon at [email protected] or (949)
349-8750. Map and more at the section website: www.isa.org/~oranc.
3rd Annual Beach Party, BBQ and Bon Fire. Enjoy the sun, sand,
great food, volleyball and other activities at the Third Annual Cal PolyISALA BBQ and Beach Party. This event is organized and presented
by the ISALA Student Section at Cal Poly Pomona. Details: 11am - 10
pm; Huntington Beach State Beach. No Cost to ISA members or their
friends, family or guests. Beach parking is $10. To RSVP and for more
info, contact Saif Rawas, Cal Poly Section President, at (909) 802-0159
or [email protected] For more, see www.isala.org.
So. San Joaquin Valley
No Meeting
President - Del Signorelli, [email protected]
Please see website: www.isa.org/~ssjv.
San Diego
No Meeting
President - Alex Bates, [email protected], (858) 531-3886
Please see website: www.isa.org/community/sandi. or www.isasd.org.
Los Angeles
Saturday, August 12
President - John Prince, [email protected], (714) 968-5501
3rd Annual Beach Barbeque & Bonfire! Continuing with the writeup above... there will be plenty of good food and beach activities for
all. No cost - just bring your beach chair and umbrella and plan to have
a good time. If you really want to make a hit, bring your favorite food
to share... or WOOD for the fire! Tables are alsoneeded! For more
details and map, please see the section website www.isala.org.
Las Vegas
No Information
President - Mike Bridenberg, [email protected]
Please see website: www.isa.org.~lasve.
Thermal Controls
Measurement & Instruments
Tank Gauging & Systems
V-Cone & Process Flowmeters
Heat Tracing Products & Services
Ultrasonic Flowmeters
Industrial Flowmeters
Process Level Measurement
Coriolis Mass Flowmeters
Gas Mass Flowmeters
Analytical Instruments
Gas & Liquid Analyzers
Pipeline Strainers & Bag Filters
Gas & Flame Detection
Gas/Liquid Separators
Tel 714.282.5600 ✦ Fax 714.282.7874
[email protected]
Instrumentation Products
Flow/Level/Temp Switches
Tel 661.391.1000 ✦ Fax 661.391.0990
ISA Newsletters, Southern District 11
August 2006
Regional events
Dates are subject to change. Always contact the
sponsoring party before making your final plans to
attend. To include an event or make a correction,
please contact the editor.
August - Oct 2006
ISALA Control Systems Engg
PE Exam Review Course,
Carollo Engineers, Fountain
Valley, www.isala.org
August 13-17, 2006
Optics & Photonics Expo &
Conference; San Diego
Sept 12, 19, 28, 2006
PLC Programming: Basic to
Advanced. Energy Resource
Center, Downey. www.isala.org
November 12-17, 2006
American Institute of Chemical
Engineers (AIChE) Annual Meeting,
San Francisco Hilton, San Francisco,
(212) 591-7338 www.aiche.org
November 2006
National Chemistry Week
American Chemical Society
December 9, 2006
Orange County / Los Angeles
Christmas Party and Awards
Ceremony. Featuring Casino Night.
October 5-8, 2006
Ramada Inn Suites, El Monte.
Valve Manufacturers Assoc of
America (VMA) Annual
Meeting, La Quinta Resort &
February 22, 2007
Club, Palm Springs, CA
www.vma.org 202-331-8105
Exposition and Technical Training,
Carson Convention Center, Carson,
October 7-8, 2006
CA, www.isala.org
Petroleum Marketers
Association of America
February 22, 2007
(PMAA) Fall Meeting in
CCST Review Class
conjunction with the NACS
Carson Convention Center, Carson,
Show, Las Vegas, NV
CA, www.isala.org
(703) 351-8000 www.pmaa.org
March 1, 8, 2007
October 9-11, 2006
Analytical Instrumentation, ISA
Petroleum Equipment
Symbols and Math for InstrumentaInstitute (PEI) PEI Convention tion; CEMS Calibration and
& Tradeshow, Las Vegas,
Maintenance. Energy Resource
(918) 494-9696 www.pei.org
Center, Downey. www.isala.org.
Oct 17-19, 2006
ISA Expo 2006
Houston, TX, www.isa.org
February 22-25, 2007
National Fluid Power Association
(NFPA) Spring Conference and Annual
Meeting, La Quinta, Palm Springs,
(414) 778-3344 www.nfpa.com
October 30-November 1, 2006
American Petroleum Institute
April 1-4, 2007
(API) Fall Refining and
Equipment Standards Meeting, American Association of Petroleum
Geologists (AAPG) Annual ConvenSan Francisco, CA
tion, Long Beach, www.aapg.org
Nove 7, 21, 28, 2006
April 11-15, 2007
Instrumentation Physics,
Calibration Lab & Review of National Association of Pipe
Flow, Temperature, Pressure Coating Applicators (NAPCA)
& Level Instrumentation and Annual Convention, Indian Wells
Applications. Energy Resource (318) 227-2769 www.napca.com
Center, Downey. www.isala.org June 2007 (date not set)
November 9-10
National Propane Gas Association
Remote Monitoring &
(NPGA) Annual Meeting & EducaNetworking and Onsite
tional Conference, Las Vegas, NV
Power 2006
(202) 466-7200 www.npga.org
Westin Long Beach
Regional Events,
(800) 803-9488
continued on page 11
August 2006
ISA Newsletters, Southern District 11
Historical Perspectives
History of the Orange County Section
by John Querido, P.E., Past President
This is a continuation of a series
of historical articles chronicling the
development of the ISA sections in
Southern California and Nevada. If you
would like to see more about your own
section here, please contact your
Section President or the newsletter
editor. This article continues with the
history of the Orange County Section
which will be concluded in the next
article in this series.
After 40+ years, the Orange
County Section continues to work
closely with the Los Angeles Section. Each year we jointly sponsor
technical meetings, tours, social events and an annual honorarium dinner.
Moreover, the two sections jointly served as host sections when the
ISA International Conference was held in Los Angeles in 1965 and in
Anaheim in 1987, 1991, and 1994. We worked together to make these
conventions a success.
In 1987, the Orange County Section and Los Angeles Section
teamed up with the Southern California Measurement Association to
expand the annual SCMA Short Course into the annual SCMA / ISA
Short Course & Exhibits. This event grew into the largest short course in
the nation and was held each year until 1998. It made a major educational contribution to the measurement and control community.
Our section was well represented on the Host Committee for the
ISA Western Regional Conference & Exhibition, Chaired by Kim Miller
Dunn of the Los Angeles Section. That event took place on June 18th &
19th, 2002 in Las Vegas.
On April 23- 24, 2004, the ISA Automation West Conference &
Exhibition was held at the Long Beach Convention Center. John Querido
was Host Chair, leading a Host Committee consisting of Los Angeles and
Orange County members. Other Orange County Section members on this
committee were Raj Adani, Publicity Chair; Don Zee, Finance Chair; Bob
Harrison, Web Master and John Gong, Monitor Co Chair. This event was
repeated as Automation West 2006 at the Long Beach Convention Center
in the May 2006. Joe Bingham of the Los Angeles Section was the Host
Chair for 2006.
The ISA Analytical Division held AD 2006, its annual symposium,
in Anaheim this year. John Querido is a member of this Division and was
Symposium Chair for the Anaheim event. This symposium has been held
in various cities in the US and Canada for a number of years and features
state of the art papers on analyzer measurements and systems. The
symposium was another successful event, with 140 paid attendees from
many countries.
Part of our history is related to 9/11, which took place during ISA
2001 in Houston. With airlines shut down, we out of town people had to
find a way to get home. In typical style, Bis Mitra came to the rescue.
Historical Perspectives, continued on page13
ISA Newsletters, Southern District 11
August 2006
So San Joaquin Valley Section
Amgen presents
2006 awards for
science teaching
John Sheehan (left) accepts award from DVP Joe Bingham at the
Southern San Joaquin Valley Section Honors and Awards Dinner.
Thousand Oaks, Calif., April 10, 2006 — Amgen
announced that 19 science teachers have been awarded this
year’s Amgen Award for Science Teaching Excellence. Each
of the individuals honored have demonstrated an outstanding
ability to inspire their students and produce results in
science education. The program was designed to recognize
teachers in the K-12 grade levels in public and private
schools whose dedication to their student’s education has
had a significant impact on the learning and interest of the
future generation of scientists.
Recipients include Edwin Bell of Costa Mesa High
School/Middle School in Costa Mesa, Brendan Casey of
Joan MacQueen Middle School in Alpine, and Kim Castagna
of Canalino School in Carpinteria.
Amgen is the world’s largest biotechnology company,
and discovers, develops and delivers innovative human
therapeutics. A biotechnology pioneer since 1980, Amgen
therapeutics have helped millions of people around the world
in the fight against cancer, kidney disease, rheumatoid
arthritis, and other serious illnesses. Source:
Keith Ogborn serves up a fantastic Cajun Barbeque at the Golf
Tournament, Cajun Feast & TableTop Show in Bakersfield.
Regional Events,
continued from page 9
June 6-7, 2007
Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) West Coast Energy
Management Congress, Long Beach Convention Center, (770) 4475083 www.aeecenter.org
June 10-15, 2007
American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME-OOAE),
Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering Division OMAE 2007,
San Diego, CA (212) 591-7055 www.ooae.org, www.asme.org
June 11-13, 2007
Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA) Midyear
Meeting, Ritz Carlton Lake Las Vegas Resort, Henderson, NV (202)
857-4722 www.ipaa.org
June 25-29, 2007
American Petroleum Institute (API) Exploration and Production
Standards Conference on Oilfield Equipment and Materials, San
Francisco, CA, (202) 682-8000 www.api.org
August 2006
Industry Support
Carollo Engineers supports ISA
Carollo Engineers has graciously donated their facility to the ISA
Los Angeles Section for the 2006 PE License Exam Review Course to be
held in six Saturday meetings from August 12 through September 30,
2006. For more information about the course, please see the article in this
newsletter or visit the ISALA website at www.isala.org.
Founded in 1933, Carollo Engineers has twenty-four offices across
the United States, including eight in California and two in Nevada and is
currently ranked within Engineering News Record’s top 100 design firms.
More importantly, ENR’s annual Source Book ranks Carollo among the
top firms for water and wastewater treatment plant design, according to
their website.
Carollo provides only water and wastewater engineering services
with a staff numbering more than 689 employees including over 300
licensed engineers.
For more information about the PE Review Course being hosted by
Carollo Engineers, please visit www.isala.org. Carollo Engineers is
located at 10540 Talbert Ave in Fountain Valley and can be reached at
(714) 593-5100 or through their website, www.carollo.com.
ISA Newsletters, Southern District 11
Application Notes
Units of operation: simple building blocks of the industries
By Linda Meyers, Product Manager at George Fischer Signet, Inc.
In the last issue of the ISA newsletter, you were introduced to the “Units of Operation”
(UO’s), a term commonly used to describe individual and distinct processes in industrial plants.
These units make up a good portion of the industrial plant and regardless of which industry you
work in, you will surely be able to identify these units. Last month, reverse osmosis systems
were highlighted; this month’s feature is boiler systems. Boilers can be found in many industries
including food, beverage, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, power, aerospace, chemical, composites, mining, HVAC, and other general industries. They are also found in hospitals, municipalities,
research labs, schools and colleges, and commercial buildings, just to name a few.
Boiler Process Description
the Team!
We’re looking for
creative Chemical
and Petroleum
willing to share
knowledge and
exchange ideas with
like-minded individuals.
Become part of the Chemical
and Petroleum Industries Division.
Members access cutting-edge
through to
e-mail discussion groups, an exclusive
Division Web site, and conferences &
exhibits. Join us today!
Contact ChemPID
Director James Dawson
[email protected] or call
ISA at (919) 549-8411.
Division Website
and conference &
exhibits. To join, call ISA
at (919) 549-8411.
The main purpose of a boiler
is to provide a large volume of
high quality steam to a process in
a quick and efficient manner.
Maintaining the quality of boiler
water is important to sustain
continuously efficient heat
transfer while reducing the
amount of scaling and pitting of
the internal boiler and condenser
Make-up water is used to
replace the water lost during the
normal operation of the boiler and
during the blow down process.
Water treatment for the make-up water can vary dramatically depending on the boilers pressure.
As the pressure rating of the boiler increases, so does the requirement for higher quality water.
Standard water treatment can be as simple as softening the water to remove calcium and magnesium for lower pressure systems to a full water treatment program that includes both multi bed
and mix bed demineralizers.
In order to ensure that the water quality remains high, it is common to measure conductivity
or resistivity in several points throughout the condensate return system. Condensate return water
is usually very low in mineral content (1-5 ppm) compared to the cooling water used to convert
the steam to condensate (could be as high as several thousand ppm). An increase of conductivity
of the condensate return line indicates a failure in the piping system. If the boiler system is
continuously exposed to high conductivity water, it is only a matter of time before major damage
occurs to the boiler system.
Measurements in a Boiler
There are flow, conductivity, and resistivity measurements within a boiler that are typically
made within the operation. Flow measurements are made to measure volume in the condensate
return and make-up water lines. However, conductivity and resistivity are more critical measurements to optimize and control scaling and corrosion of the system.
The condensate return from the output pump is measured for conductivity so as to detect
leaks between the condenser and heat exchange. It is also measured for blow down control; as
steam is generated, minerals are left behind in the boiler. As feed water is added with additional
minerals from chemicals used to treat the boiler’s water, the overall conductivity will naturally
increase. When conductivity levels reach a critical point (application dependent) scaling and
corrosion occurs. Another area where measurement may be critical is the condensate polisher
(esp. in high-pressure systems). The condensate return water is processed through a deionization
(DI) system. A measurement of conductivity before and resistivity after the DI banks will
indicate the efficiency of the resin beads.
Next month’s Unit of Operations will include three methods of deionization; mixed beds,
twin beds, and ultra pure water (combination of mixed and twin beds).Graphics and description
courtesy of George Fischer Signet, Inc. Visit www.gfsignet.com for more application information.
Linda Meyers is the Special Events Chair of the Los Angeles Section. She can be reached at
[email protected] or (626) 571-2770.
ISA Newsletters, Southern District 11
August 2006
Technology Notes
Bluetooth, old and new
The term Bluetooth has become commonplace buzzword in
today’s world of communication, but how many know exactly what it
is and where the name came from?
Technically speaking, Bluetooth is an industrial specification for
wireless personal area networks (PANs), also known as IEEE
802.15.1. Bluetooth provides a way to connect and exchange information between devices like personal digital assistants (PDAs), mobile
phones, laptops, PCs, printers, digital cameras and video game
consoles via a secure, globally unlicensed short range radio frequency.
The technology is intended to replace the cables connecting portable
and/or fixed devices while maintaining high levels of security, according
to Wikipedia.
The name Bluetooth is derived from the family name of the
second king of Denmark, Harald Bluetooth, a Viking who is credited for
unifying Denmark and who ruled from 958 until 986. According to the
inventors of the Bluetooth technology, Harald engaged in diplomacy
which led warring parties to negotiate with each other, making
Bluetooth a fitting name for their technology, which allows different
devices to talk to each other, states Wikipedia.
The Bluetooth logo is based on the H and B runes, which are
monuments carved as memorials.
Education and Training
ISA offers free
webinars to members
ISA is now offering unlimited access to all full dues paying
members to all pre-recorded web seminars. As of this month, there
are over 60 online pre-recorded web seminars covering today’s
hottest topics.
These ISA web seminars cover the hottest topics and are led
by leading experts in the field. You’ll choose from topics like safety
instrumented systems, ethernet, control systems security, fieldbus,
grounding, and much more.
To access your free web seminars, go to www.isa.org and click
“My ISA” and “Online Files” from the left navigation bar. (If you
aren’t already logged in, you’ll be prompted to log in with your
member ID and password. Once you’ve logged in, select “Return to
online files.” If you are already logged in, you’ll be taken directly to
your online files page.) Scroll down to the Web Seminars section
and select “Browse and select your free web seminars.”
And now free access to all technical papers!
Also, the ISA technical library now is available with unlimited
downloads of ISA’s library of over 2,500 technical papers published
at ISA conferences and symposia.
Also, as has been the case for several years, each members is
entitled to one free standard per membership year.
More info here.... http://tinyurl.com/OB6LS.
Photo courtesy of Suranaree University of Technology.
The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) is a privately held,
not-for-profit trade association formed in 1998 by Ericsson, Nokia, IBM,
Toshiba and Intel. Now composed of over 4,000 members in the
telecommunications, computing, automotive, music, apparel, industrial
automation, and network industries, the Bluetooth SIG itself does not
make, manufacture, or sell Bluetooth enabled products.
Some information reprinted her by permission of the GNU Free
Documentation License of the Free Software Foundation. Sources:
Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bluetooth) and the Bluetooth
Special Interest Group (www.bluetooth.com).
14978 Sand Canyon Ave., Suite C
Irvine, CA 92618
Office: 949-559-1941
Instrumentation and
Control Systems for
Southern California,
Nevada and Hawaii
Golden State Controls and Invensys Foxboro
We are the authorized Representative for the Foxboro Systems
group. We now support the full range of Foxboro control systems
including IA and A Squared. Please call us for information, support
and service.
Control Valves
Control Systems
Historical Perspectives, continued from page 10
August 2006
Sub-Distributor for
G M Cooke, Inc.
Bis arranged for several ISA members to join him and two fellow
employees in driving back to California in two Fluor Corporation rental
cars. Kim Miller, of the Los Angeles Section, solved the luggage
problem by filling the hatch back of the rental car she was driving. We
left Houston on Thursday morning, September 13, stopped overnight
in Las Cruces, New Mexico and arrived home late Friday night. There
were ten of us in the three car convoy. Kim Miller and Susan Varalla
were in Kim’s car. Bis Mitra, Terry Sellers, Jeannie and Don Zee were
in one Fluor car. Sara Sheldon, Albert Briones, John Querido and Alan
McMurray were in the other. We were all happy to get home!
Golden State Controls is affiliated with Western States Controls’
Professional Services Group that provides engineering and technical
solutions to process control systems and instrumentation.
ISA Newsletters, Southern District 11
Job Shop
There is no charge to insert a “position open” or “seeking position”
ad up to 75 words. Circulation is approximately 1,500 ISA members
and other industry personnel. To place an ad, please contact the
newsletter editor. Also, see www.isajobs.org.
Industrial Instrument Technician. Journeyman level instrument
technician. Applicant must show experience with setting-up, installing,
running, troubleshooting industrial process control loops, configuring and
troubleshooting DCS. Knowledge in the installation, calibrating, and
repairing of the following pneumatic and smart field instruments:
pressure, flow, temp, level, analytical transmitters, value positioners,
valve actuators, printers, scanners and PID controllers. Requires high
school diploma or GED. Mail resume to Industrial Instr Tech 0602, c/o
TechPubs Communications, PO Box 1605, Costa Mesa, CA 92628.
Manufacturers Representative. MCR Technologies a manufacturers representative covering Southern California and Southern Nevada
is seeking qualified outside sales person with 3+ years of sales
experience in the instrumentation field. Competitive salary and
bonus, Health, Dental, Vision, Life insurance benefits. Forward
resume to [email protected] or fax to 949-830-2390.
Automation Distributor - Opto 22. Reseller Partner wanted for
Southern California to sell and distribute industrial automation, control,
remote monitoring, and data acquisition products. Opto 22 designs,
manufactures, and supports all products from headquarters based in
Temecula, CA. Experience in automation software, control systems, and
Ethernet networks a must; complimentary product lines a plus. Proven
ability to develop new customers and markets required. For more
information, please contact Arun Sinha at (951) 695-3079, or
[email protected]
Ponton Industries has a unique job opening for the right candidate. Due
to our significant growth we need an inside sales person who will focus
on our municipal bidding opportunities. The candidate must have prior
experience reading municipal bid specifications and plans. The position
also requires a general background in instrumentation. Responsibilities
will include quotation generation, identifying bidding contractors, project
management, and submittal preparation. Potential candidates should have
the following skills: Good phone skills, courteous, polite and articulate,
computer literate with good typing skills, responsible and punctual, can
multi-task, is not intimidated by change or challenges, good math skills.
An engineering background would be helpful. Position comes with
unlimited growth opportunities, tax deferred retirement package, full
health coverage, and dental plan. Send your resumes to the attention of
Marty Ponton at [email protected] or call 714-998-9073.
SVF Flow Controls continues to seek talented individuals for a variety
of positions throughout the organization. If you have experience in
customer service, production, product application and design or
engineering and if you have leadership skills, we would like to speak with
you. Excellent written and oral communication skills are a must. Our
offices are located in Santa Fe Springs, California. Positions are available
immediately. Contact Wayne Ulanski at 800-783-7836 or email your
resume to [email protected]
Application Engineer. ICP DAS USA, Inc., manufacturer of data
acquisition, embedded control, and data communication products, is
looking for a qualified engineer proficient in PLC, and SCADA programming. C/C++, Studio.net and DOS platform experience is a plus. Will
provide technical support to customers; write manuals, cut sheets; make
demonstration software and hardware; test hardware. Benefits include
salary, bonus; holidays and two weeks of paid vacation; PPO Medical
Insurance and retirement plan. Send resume to [email protected]
Instrumentation & Analyzer Technicians. Perform repairs,
calibration, preventative maintenance with a minimum of supervision
on all types of electrical, instrumentation, and plant analytical
equipment. Installation of wiring, instrumentation and control system
equipment. Experience with PLC programming, graphical interface
software desirable but not required. Ability to work from electrical
schematics, mechanical drawings. Will work from home and cover
Southern California. Full-time, part-time or contract openings. No
overnight travel. Please contact John Prince at APG Analyzer Systems,
at (714) 968-5501 or apply through website - wwwCalCEMS.com.
Controls Technician. ACCS is currently seeking an experienced
Controls Technician to join our team. We require 3 years experience in
Direct Digital Controls, DDC, PLC or DCS field programming and startup. HVAC/BAC experience with object oriented programming a plus.
Must demonstrate problem solving skills with the ability to diagnose
problems and effect repairs in a timely, cost effective manner. Position
yourself in the growing building automation marketplace. Call 714-7798111 or e-mail to [email protected]
Western Regional Sales Manager. For industrial control equipment
manufacture. Mature individual with 10 years + experience in the flow
control or valve and actuator industry. A self-starter able to operate
independently and manage third party representatives. Organizational
and communication skills a must. Adaptable to changing priorities and
capable of meeting deadlines. Engineering degree preferred, but not
necessary. Salary commensurate with experience. Fax: (508) 436-7173
or email: [email protected]
Electro-Mechanical Engineer/Technician. Automation company
needs Engineer/Technician experienced with computer and PLC
controlled equipment comprised of multi-axis motor control, pneumatic actuators, machine control, and feedback elements including
analog & digital inputs, encoders, photo-electrics, vision systems.
Must understand PC/PLC software, HW/SW interfaces and be able to
identify and isolate electrical, software, or mechanical problems. Will
assist with design & assembly of new systems as well as installation,
field service & support. Salary commensurate with experience. Email
resume to [email protected]
Outside Sales Position. Valin is interviewing for an immediate outside
sales position covering a territory that includes Los Angeles and Orange
Counties. The position has specific focus on the petrochemical and
engineering contractor markets. Candidates should have experience selling
valve and instrumentation products. Please contact the following for
more information: Greg Neneman at [email protected] or John Hill at
[email protected] You may also find out more about Valin Corporation at
Outside Salesperson. Kube Engineering is a leading supplier of fluid
handling, measurement and control products for a wide range of industrial
process applications and specializing in Water/Wastewater markets. We
are currently seeing an outside Sales person for Southern California with
knowledge of field instrumentation. We offer excellent growth opportunity, established accounts and exciting profession. Salary/commissions/
bonus depends on experience. Please send resume to
[email protected] or call 951-328-0343.
JOB WANTED: Sales or Marketing Position. I have extensive
automation, controls, fluid power, process & instrumentation experience
as well as an MBA. This includes the gas/oil energy, industrial, food/
beverage, process, semiconductor & water/wastewater markets. I am
looking for a sales or marketing opportunity based out of Southern
California. Any ideas or contact names would be helpful. Please contact
Ron Novak at (949) 842-4194 or [email protected]
ISA Newsletters, Southern District 11
Cal Poly Pomona Student Section
The ISA Cal Poly Pomona Student Section really knows how to host a beach party! Once again this year, all
ISA members are invited. For info, see page 8 or check the ISALA website, www.isala.org. This photo of the 2005 event is courtesy of Miki Prince.
Sales Engineer Position. SurelokTM, a business unit of cMAX-2000,
Inc., is seeking experienced sales engineers, for the sales of tube fittings,
face seal and weld fittings to the industrial customers such as manufacturers of Analytical Instruments, Gas Analyzers, Gas Panels, Gas
regulators, etc., in Southern California. We offer a reasonable base salary
and attractive sales commission to results oriented persons. Forward
resume to [email protected] or fax to (951) 688-1885.
Environmental Engineer. Develop procedures, conduct training and
audits, interface with regulatory agencies. Manage RCRA and Hazardous
Material Programs, including HMP, RMP, SPCC and SARA 313.
Develop waste minimization strategies. Maintain compliance with local,
state and federal hazardous waste and hazardous material regulations,
including RCRA and CAL-EPA. BS Degree in Environmental Eng. (or
relevant) and at least 5 yrs. exp. Exp. in the chemical or pharmaceutical
industry a plus. Ampac Fine Chemicals / HR (916) 355-3725.
Sales Representative. Applied Valves and Controls is seeking a
qualified Sales Representative for the San Diego area. This position
requires selling and supporting on-off and automated process flow
control valves and related products to the biopharm, commercial HVAC,
industrial process, and water/waste industries. Minimum 3 years sales
experience required. Engineering degree/technical skills a plus. Compensation package includes base salary plus commissions, bonus, and benefits.
Contact Ray Herrera at (760) 479-1477 or email to
[email protected]
Instrumentation and Controls Engineer. Kennedy/Jenks
Consultants has an opportunity for an Instrumentation and Controls
Engineer in southern California. Requires 10+ years experience in PLC
programming, SCADA system configuration, and managing I&C system
design and installation. Successful candidate will develop and lead
discipline teams; work in a team environment. Knowledge of
AutoCAD a plus. Must posses BS or MS in electrical or controls
engineering and CA PE. Experience with municipal projects is
desirable. Resumes to [email protected]
August 2006
Professional Training &
Advancement, continued from page 5
What are the class materials? The basic registration fee
include a PLC training CD and supporting documentation. In addition,
the textbook, Condensed Handbook of Measurement and Control, 2nd
Edition, by N.E. Battikha, will be available free of charge to all those
who mail payment by August 12. After that date, the book will be
offered at $62 for members and $68 for non-members, which is 10% off
ISA’s normal price. Or you can purchase the book directly from ISA at
full prine. A direct link to this book can be found at the training link
under “What’s New” at www.isala.org.
What is the cost? This training is open to everyone —
registration fee for ISA members is $150 per session or $365 for all
three. For non-members, $195 per session or $450 for all three ($450
includes a one-year membership in ISA, an $85 value). A special rate is
offered for full-time students - call for information. There will be a small
charge for class materials for each course.
Where will it be held? All courses will be held at the Gas
Company’s Energy Resource Center in Downey, except for the Feb 22
session, which will be held at Instrumentation 2007 at the Carson
Convention Center.
For more information and to sign up, please contact Neil Finch at
(951) 675-3395 or [email protected], or see the ISA Los Angeles
Section website, www.isala.org.
Instrument & Analyzer Engineers: Open positions located at the
Chevron Refinery in El Segundo, California. Minimum 5 years field
experience in the design, installation, and start-up of instrumentation or
analyzer systems and 4 year engineering degree required; extensive field
experience may be considered in lieu of degree. Must be a U.S. citizen or
permanent resident and possess a valid California driver’s license. For
more specific requirements and to apply on-line, go to
ISA Newsletters, Southern District 11
2330 WestwoodBlvd.Suite100
Los Angeles,California90064
Phone(310)474-821 1
202La VistaGrande
SantaBarbara,CA 93103
www .westmarksales.com
OnLineInstrumentationfor Pr ocessandPollutionMonitoring&Contr
Industrial WirelessDataCollectionSystems
Industrial Wireless Data Collection Systems
(UV,IR,NIRand Visible)analyzers
Continuous process spectrophotometer
(UV, IR, NIR and Visible) analyzers
Gas AnalyzersforRefrigerantGases/Safety
Monitors/Indoor AirQuality
PH/Conductivity/ORP/Dissolved Oxygen
Non-Contacting Ultrasonic Level and Flow/
Doppler and Transit Time Flow Meters
Gas Analyzersfor TraceandPercentOxygen/Moisture
Process On-line and laboratory:
Turbidity/Residual Chlorine/Streaming Current
Ambient AirandProcessGasMonitorsfor
Dissolved Oxygen/Suspended Solids
Gas Analyzersforambientandprocess
Moisture Analyzers
Thermal flow, level, temperature and interface
switches/Radar level/Ultrasonic level
Aug 12 - Sept 30
For info, see www.isala.org
PLC Training
Sept 12 - 28
For info, see page 5
Instrumentation 2007
Carson Convention Center
Feb 22, 2007
For info, see page 5
Free ISA Webinars
For info, see page 13
Thermalflow ,level,temperatureandinterface
High TempRemote ViewingSystems,Camerasfor
On-lineProperty AnalyzerforR VP,CloudPoint,
FreezePoint,PourPoint,Or ganicsandOilin Water
On-line Process Refractometer for liquid measurements
of concentration, liquid density, Refractive
Index and Brix
On-line Water Quality Analyzers for
Ultrapure/Process/Waste Water
Sensor/ComputerInterfaceincluding Transmitters/
DigitalIndicators/CEMand AnalyzerControllers/
,SO 2,NO xandH-G.
Gas Analyzersfor TraceH 2Sand TotalSulfur
Turbidity/Suspended Solids/Residual Chlorine/
Streaming Current/Ozone/On-line and Portable
Water/Wastewater Samplers/Particle Counters/
andareamonitoringof VOC,IAQ, Toxic,
CombustibleandOxygen Analyzers
Gas AnalyzersforCO,Co
PE Review Course
Wesell100%compatibler eplacementsensorsfor usewith
GreatLakesanalyzer -systems.
-PH/ORP -Differ entialandconventionaltypes
-Conductivity-Electr odelessandContactingtypes
Become rich and famous overnight!
Do you have an application note that would be of interest to other ISA members? Are
you looking for answers to a specific problem? Are there industry events in your area
that you would like us to promote? Send ‘em in! (Correction - “Rich” is a typo.)
Caltrol, Inc .......................................................... 8
Capital Westward Systems & Controls ........... 10
Electrical Systems Limited ............................... 12
Emerson Process Management ........................ 10
George Fischer Signet ......................................... 9
Golden State Controls ...................................... 13
Hach Company .................................................. 3
JPR Systems ...................................................... 8
MCR Technologies, Inc. ................................... 5
Moore Industries ......................................... Insert
Patten Systems ................................................... 5
Precision Instrumentation .................................. 7
TESCOM Corp. ................................................. 4
Valin Corporation ............................................... 6
WestMark Sales, Inc. ....................................... 16
ISA Section Newsletter
c/o TechPubs Communications
PO Box 1605
Costa Mesa, CA 92628
ISA Newsletters, Southern District 11
August 2006