2013 UAW Local 1853 - GM Contract Highlights Mike Herron - Shop Chairman

UAW Local 1853 - GM
Contract Highlights
• Voluntary inverse seniority layoff provisions to
protect members during plant retooling
• Total of 384 new jobs in addition to 1800 jobs
previously announced with core product
• Cockpit: 88 jobs for core products
• Engine Dress: 72 jobs for core products
• Body Shop Subs: 6 jobs
• VIS: 144 jobs (fascia mold, paint and
subassembly operations for two new products)
• Agreement to bring in additional 40 jobs in
VIS (molding and subassembly of doors and
garnish trim for Spring Hills two new products)
• Steel/Stamping: 34 jobs
• 16 New Skilled Trades jobs - 1 MFS, 15 Core
• Submit a letter for Special Attrition Program
(based on having excess people, pending national
job committee approval)
• $350 Million investment in Spring Hill
• Agreement reached to reinstate, rehire or retire
12 discharges
Mike Herron - Shop Chairman
Tim Stannard - President
• Uniform allowance for all UAW-GM Members
• Can be used for clothing and/or Olympus Gym
• $300 starting January 6th
• $300 on May 26th 2014
• $300 on June 8th 2015
• Enhanced Safety Shoe program
• 2010 unused vacation - back pay to eligible
members who provide documentation
• 2011 National Agreement Signing Bonus - back pay
to eligible members who provide documentation
• Grievance Settlements - paid within 30 days of
• Expanded EOH opportunities
• Sitewide EOH zeroing out process established
• Team leader pay increase - subject to national
parties evaluation, must be GMS compliant to
warrant increase
• Tier one raised to $1.00 per hour
• Tier two raised to $0.60 per hour
Kenny Gwynn
Zone Committeeman
Tom Serley
District 1A Committeeman
Mike Danford
District 1F Committeeman
Danny Taylor
District 2A Committeeman
Jay Minella
District 1B Committeeman
Chris Brown
District 5C Committeeman
Steve Homrich
District 6A Committeeman
Eric Sasaki
District 6B Committeeman
• Agreement to allow Local 1853 Union to compile
bids/business cases for all new value added
assemblies coming into the Spring Hill Plant
• Insourcing agreement for core products
• Quarterly product and staffing review with UAW
• 2 new core products to be announced soon
• Additional round of job referrals in April 2014
Skilled Trades Job
Production Jobs
Direct Material
Indirect Material Cribs
Crane Crew
- (PT & BS)
PT Tool Room
Coolant Gallery
Tool Setter
LOC Coverage
Coolant Gallery
Predictive Team
Paint Fire Watch
* All of these jobs were in management demands
to be turned over to a third party provider
• Openings created by sick leaves that require back
fill will be identified on the PRD
• Indefinite layoffs and Appendix A transfers return
to need a job pool with no area return rights
• Improved shift preference application period from
6 months to 5 months
• Production can shift preference to an open job
• Future flex/core manpower movement process
• Additional B move allowed in Flex if a Tier One
team member leaves
• PT Machining KSA process to be revised
• PT structure agreement
Saturn pension (carve out) training/education
Improved MSDS Access
Enhanced PMP training/workshop
Access to GMU training for active members
Retain technical training center
Electrician sub station training
Annual training plan improvements
Training on all three shifts
Team leader training added
Apprentice program started
16 new Skilled Trades jobs
Retained Skilled Trades work
Overtime utilization agreement won
Additional 10 Saturdays & 10 Sundays,
for all Trades on non production days
Additional return rights for Trades
PM closeout by Skilled Trades
Retained 183d Process
Retained fire watch in paint
Enhanced QNPM process
Enhanced PMP training/workshop
Tool & Die future product involvement
New and enhanced Skilled Trades training
Electrician sub station training
Agreement to assign trades to train with OEM’s
Rubber floor mats
Deer skin gloves to be made available
Train all team members on safety concern process
Management commitment to Safe Operating
Procedure (SOP) training
Mobile equipment license enhancements
Weekly meeting for JETT, ADAPT and Medical to
address operations related issues.
Industrial Hygienist to be provided VOC Monitor
Digital Calipers to be provided to the JETT Team
HEPA filters/masks to be provided if job required
Improved MSDS access
Company provided PPE - fire retardant clothing etc
Additional Volt vehicle charging stations
Parking lot lighting - timely repairs
Roadway repairs - timely repairs
Bottled water in areas without accessible fountains
TV’S in all group rooms/cafes with CNN
Enhanced retiree/spouse badges and site access
Agreement to Purchase Radios
FMLA compliance letter - with appeal procedure
Three new ice machines
GM TKS time screen prints available
Joint process for picnic tables, smoking shacks
and grills
Labor office hours to cover all three shifts
UAW business travel agreement established
Agreement to address 215 violations (manager on line)
Vacation replacement staffing agreement
Donning and Doffing agreement
Improved employee respect (Par. 6A and Par 99 of N.A.)
UAW Local 1853
Greetings Brothers & Sisters,
On behalf of the Shop Committee, we are pleased to present to you the 2013
UAW 1853/GM Spring Hill Manufacturing “Tentative Agreement” highlights.
First let us thank you for your patience, support and understanding while we worked on this
agreement. The Local Union Leadership has had to deal with two different sets of GM Management
leaders to complete this agreement, which prolonged the negotiations far longer than either you or the
Shop Committee wanted.
Once sincere negotiations got underway, during late summer this year, the negotiations were not easy.
Management brought over 150 demands to the table, most of which were “take aways” for both our
Production and Skilled Trades members. Management fully intended to strip away most if not all of the
hard fought gains we have made over the years.
We held off management and retained jobs and won gains that improved both language and
programs, in our local agreement for Production and Skilled Trades.
We are very proud to say, based on the review of our local agreement by the International UAW
Financial staff, this is the richest local agreement per capita, of any of the UAW/GM Local agreements
negotiated under the 2011 National Agreement.
An important note on this agreement, is that due to the timing of these negotiations upon ratification,
this agreement will run through 2015, when the UAW/GM National Agreement expires.
We want to thank the International Union, UAW VP GM Department Joe Ashton, UAW Region 8
Director Gary Casteel, UAW Region 8 Asst. Director Ray Curry, UAW Asst. Director GM Department Gary
Bernath, UAW Asst. Director GM Department Mike Grimes, UAW GM Department Servicing Coordinator
Bryan Czape, UAW Skilled Trades Rep. GM Department Larry Erickson and UAW Region 8 Servicing Rep.
Dave Bortz. The assistance from our UAW International Leaders helped us achieve this agreement, and
to them we say thank you on behalf of all our members.
With the completion of this agreement our future is extremely bright in Spring Hill, with an expected
doubling of the workforce over the next two years. General Motors has already announced $350 Million
in new product investments in
our plant. With a ratified local
agreement, we expect GM to
announce two new core products
that will specifically be built in
Finally we are recommending a
“YES” vote on this agreement. We
feel this is a very good agreement
for our members that will protect
them and improve operations as
we move forward at our facility.
In Solidarity,
Mike Herron
Local 1853 Chairman
Tim Stannard
Local 1853 President
UAW Local 1853 Highlights
Actual tentative contract language will be available on-line
at www.1853chairman.com and www.uawlocal1853.org
on Tuesday, December 3rd and will be available at all the
roll-out meetings on Wednesday, December 4th.
Local Contract Information Meetings
Wednesday December 4, 2013
At UAW Local 1853 Banquet Hall
125 Stephen P. Yokich Pkwy, Spring Hill TN
Third Shift 6:30am 12/4/13
Second Shift 12pm 12/4/13
First Shift 4pm 12/4/13
Supports This Agreement
and recommends a YES Vote
Ratification Vote at Banquet Hall
Wed Dec. 4, from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.