Software licensing: Microsoft Select Agreement

Software licensing: Microsoft Select
IS1021/Jun 04/IS1021/May03/
This document explains how to obtain Microsoft products through the
Select Agreement, and the various licensing implications.
1. Introduction
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1.1 Microsoft
Microsoft Select is a volume-licensing programme designed to reduce the cost
of software ownership. The Education agreement provides reduced pricing for
the majority of Microsoft products and allows academic sites in the scheme to
make copies from a master set of CDs.
The CHEST(EduServ)-Microsoft Select 6 programme1 is based on Microsoft's
Corporate Select Programme. Select 6 runs until 31 October 2006.
The University has appointed Viglen Ltd as its reseller.
Please note: the University has also signed a Microsoft Campus Agreement —
please see document IS1022: Software licensing: Microsoft Campus
Agreement. This provides the best option for obtaining Microsoft Office
licences and Windows desktop operating system upgrades as all
University-owned workstations are covered by this agreement.
1.2 Software
The Select products available at Nottingham can be found in the IS IT
catalogue2. This price-list shows most of the products available in the scheme,
but other Microsoft networking and server products are also available. A
complete list of products (with recommended prices before University
discount) can be seen on the CHEST Web site1. A description of current
Microsoft products can be found on Microsoft's Web site3.
2. Obtaining the software
Software licences and media (CDs) are available from the IS IT Stores4 in the
Cripps Computing Centre South Building. An internal stores requisition form
must be completed and should contain a description of the products required
with their corresponding Agresso product codes. A project code to charge
must also be quoted. Note that Microsoft products are not available by
cash sales.
Alternatively, products can be ordered via the email delivery service5.
[email protected] ext 13359
IS1021/Jun 04 replaces: IS1021/May03
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3. Technical support
Microsoft does not provide direct technical support to its Education Select
customers. In the first instance, staff should contact the Staff IT Helpline1. The
problem will be referred to Information Services support staff, who will refer
the problem on if necessary.
Many answers to Microsoft enquiries can be found in the Technical database
(Knowledge Base) on their Support site2.
4. Work at home rights
Under the Education Select agreement, “Work at Home” rights are available
for staff who have Select licences on their work computers only for the
following products:
Office Standard
Office Professional
Office Premium
Visio Standard
Visio Professional
Visio Enterprise
Visio Technical
Note that “Work at Home” rights do not apply to the individual products in
the Office suites (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access) if acquired separately.
Also note that operating systems are not licensed for home use under Select,
but are under the Campus Agreement (see Section 5 below).
The primary user of the computer, on which a copy of the above software is
installed, is entitled to make a secondary copy of that product for use on either
their home or portable computer. The software may only be used for workrelated purposes and must be removed at the end of the term of the Select
Note that a student is not considered a primary user under the terms of
the Select Agreement between the University and Microsoft. Students
can get licences for certain Microsoft products under a distinct Select
Agreement between CHEST and Microsoft. Please see Section 13.
5. Windows operating systems licences
The Select agreement provides only upgrades to the Windows Operating
Systems (OS) from an earlier Microsoft OS. It does not provide a “full”
Windows OS licence.
In order to be licence-compliant, each PC running Microsoft Windows must
have a full Microsoft Windows OS licence. The only way to obtain a full
licence is for Windows to be pre-installed on the PC by an Original Equipment
Manufacturer (OEM) authorised by Microsoft to pre-install the software on
PCs before delivery. This can then be upgraded to the latest version of the OS
via a Select licence. Note that this upgrade stays with the original OS and
cannot be transferred to another PC.
If you have a PC with a non-Microsoft operating system installed you must
buy a retail copy of Windows through a “high street” software retailer.
If you have built your own PC and need Microsoft Windows then you must
buy it through the OEM distributor channel.
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IS1021/Jun 04 replaces: IS1021/May03
For further information, or if you have any concerns or questions about the
Microsoft software licence compliancy, please contact Microsoft by
telephoning: 0870 60 70 700 (or see
6. Downgrade rights
For all software licences acquired through Select, you are granted the right to
downgrade (use a prior version).
7. Upgrade rights
Unlike the Campus Agreement (see document IS1022) the right to upgrade to a
new version of software is not granted under Select. Microsoft have
introduced Software Assurance which, on payment of an annual fee, allows
minor and major upgrades. Software Assurance can be obtained only with
new licences and, due to the cost and administrative overhead, the University
does not recommend it. The recommendation is to buy new licences when an
update is required.
8. Cross-language rights
A customer may substitute the same Select software product in another
language (e.g. Microsoft Word 2002 in English for Microsoft Word 2002 in
French) provided that the language version to be used is available under
Select. Note that The University of Nottingham has only English versions.
9. Product activation
Product Activation technology has been included in several Microsoft
products, including Microsoft Office XP and Windows XP. This technology is
aimed at reducing software piracy. For retail copies, the user must activate
their product over the internet or by phone. For licences bought via our Select
agreement, there is a “Volume Licence Product Key” which we provide with
the CD. Products do not need to be activated.
Further information about product activation can be found on Microsoft's
Web site1.
The Volume Licence Product Keys are assigned to, and intended for the sole
use of, our organisation. The keys should be kept secure and must not be
released to people outside this agreement.
10. Platform-independent licences
Platform-independent licensing is available under Select. This allows for a
specific product to be used on any platform (e.g. Macintosh, Windows NT,
etc.) for which the software is available, provided that the version is the same
or lower than the original version purchased. For example, a person
purchasing Excel 5.0 for Macintosh could use that licence to run Excel 5.0 for
Windows, but could not use the licence to run Excel 2000 for Windows.
Platform-independent licences are available for:
• Excel
• Office Standard
• Office Professional
• PowerPoint
• Project
• Word
IS1021/Jun 04 replaces: IS1021/May03
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11. Client Access Licences
A Client Access Licence (CAL) is required before you may connect a
workstation to a Microsoft Windows server or Microsoft server application.
Regardless of the operating system running on the workstation, a CAL is still
legally required to access the server.
A CAL is a legal document — it is not software. CALs can be deployed in Per
Server, Per Seat, Per Processor or Per User mode.
• Per Server mode is the most economical one to choose for occasional-use
servers — such as when a large number of users tend to access a server on
an occasional basis — or for special-use servers such as those running
Remote Access Service, Internet servers or bulletin board servers. This
option allows concurrent-use licensing i.e. you must have as many CALs for
that server equal to the maximum number of clients accessing the server at
any one time.
• With Per Seat licensing, a CAL applies to a specific computer (a “seat”).
Using this option, the client PC may access any Microsoft server on the
network, running the particular server application for which the client is
In general, the Per Seat mode is the most economical option to choose when
guaranteed access is needed to services offered by the server, or when the
use of the server is pervasive.
Microsoft's Web site1 gives details and examples of all the CAL modes
mentioned above and should be consulted if further information is required.
12. Further information
Further information regarding Microsoft licensing and permissions can be
found at
13. Student Select Agreement
CHEST has signed an agreement with Microsoft to enable students to purchase
the licences and media for certain Microsoft products cheaply. Further details
are available at
Notice that this Select Agreement is separate from the University's own Select
A student who wants to obtain Microsoft software under this scheme should
approach one of the participating “Select for Students” Resellers directly. The
Reseller will deal with all the paperwork.
For example, a student can approach Viglen, the Reseller used by the
University. To place an order via Viglen, a student should:
• complete the form provided on the Viglen web site
• return the form to Viglen, with a photocopy of the student's Smart Card and
appropriate payment.
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IS1021/Jun 04 replaces: IS1021/May03