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We are looking for an experienced bioinformatician and/or a postdoc in computational genomics to join the new Biomedical Sequencing Facility at the CeMM
Research Center for Molecular Medicine and the Medical University of Vienna.
The Institute []
The CeMM Research Center for Molecular Medicine is an international and interdisciplinary research institute of the Austrian
Academy of Sciences. Driven by medical needs, CeMM integrates basic research and clinical expertise to pursue innovative
diagnostic and therapeutic approaches focused on cancer, inflammation and immune disorders. CeMM is located in a new
tailor-made building at the center of the Vienna Medical University campus, within walking distance of Vienna’s historical
city center. According to a study by “The Scientist”, CeMM is ranked as the best European place to work in Academia
2012, internationally CeMM appears at the fourth place, see: Vienna is frequently ranked the world’s best city to live. It is a United Nations city with a large Englishspeaking community. The official language at CeMM is English, as more than 30 different nationalities are represented.
The Biomedical Sequencing Facility
The CeMM and the Medical University of Vienna (MUV) recently joined forces and launched the Biomedical Sequencing
Facility (BSF), which is coordinated by CeMM Principal Investigator and MUV Guest Professor Dr. Christoph Bock. The goals
of the BSF are to foster biomedical research and to catalyze the advent of genomic medicine in Vienna and Austria. The
BSF is currently equipped with two Illumina HiSeq 2000 sequencers; and further machine purchases are planned for
2012/2013. It is supported by a powerful scientific computing cluster, which is upgraded annually to keep pace with
strongly increasing amounts of biomedical data. Furthermore, project-based access to the Vienna Scientific Cluster (a top100 supercomputer) provides ample resources for large-scale integrative analyses and bioinformatic methods development. The BSF supports various experimental protocols for biomedical research, including genome and exome sequencing,
epigenome mapping, and transcriptome profiling. Furthermore, the BSF collaborates with clinical labs at the MUV toward
establishing genome sequencing as part of routine clinical diagnostics.
Associated Labs at CeMM
 The Medical Epigenomics lab is headed by Dr. Christoph Bock and studies the contribution of epigenetic defects to
cancer, utilizing both experimental and computational methods ( and
 The Pediatric Immunogenomics lab is headed by Dr. Kaan Boztug, focusing on the work on the genetics and genomics of primary immundeficiencies, congenital bone marrow failure syndromes and malignant disorders of
childhood (
 The Cancer Genomics lab is headed by Dr. Robert Kralovics, investigating the genomic basis of chronic and acute
hematological malignancies (
 In addition to these three labs (which are physically co-located with the BSF), the facility maintains a broad network of collaborators across Vienna’s medical campus as well as nationally and internationally.
The Candidate
We are looking for highly motivated and academically outstanding candidates with a strong background in the computational sciences and familiarity with high-throughput technologies in biology and medicine. The ideal candidate for the position of bioinformatician has received an excellent academic training in bioinformatics (both PhD-level and Master-level
applications will be considered, and salary/responsibilities will be matched to the experience level of the candidate) and is
looking for a longer term job perspective that includes software development and maintenance of high-throughput pipelines, data analysis services and collaborative research projects. The ideal candidate for the position of postdoc in computational genomics is dedicated to pursuing academic research career and sees this position as a stepping stone toward
obtaining a faculty position at an internationally competitive university or research institute. In both cases, a strong background in software engineering and extensive programming experience is mandatory.
Please submit cover letter, curriculum vitae, academic transcripts and contact details of three referees to
[email protected] Please indicate the correct reference code in the subject line: Bioinf and/or PD Comp
Genomics. Deadline for applications: 31 August 2012.