The Board of Directors` proposal on guidelines for

Zoomin.TV – YouTube Channel Network Partnership Agreement
What Zoomin.TV will do for you:
We will as much as feasible promote your videos and generate revenue including
revenue on top of the YouTube revenue by using (parts of) your content. When
we do so, we will always mention you in the credits and/or use annotations
linking to your channel aimed at building up traffic to your channel and growing
your subscriber base. The additional net revenue generated will be displayed as
earnings in the Channel Partner Dashboard:
We will provide you with access to helpful instruction videos and other tips&tricks
aimed at the optimising your channel within YouTube through the Channel
Partner Dashboard (see link above) as well as offer great support via email:
[email protected] and via Skype: zoomintvsupport.
We will provide you with access to a large library of great music tracks and sound
effects for which the network has paid off all the rights.
Zoomin.TV will purchase the video impressions on your YouTube channel from
you for the RevShare percentage of the YouTube earnings generated by your
channel mentioned in the application form you fill in under the last tick box.
IMPORTANT NOTE: This means that you get to keep the RevShare% and we
retain the remaining %. You can always check your estimated YouTube earnings
yourself by logging in to your channel and checking the Earnings Reports section
of your YouTube Analytics pages.
You will be paid by Zoomin.TV through your PayPal account or other payment
options offered by us.
PayPal payments to you will be made in about 5 weeks after the end of the
month. For instance, your earnings during the month of February will be paid in
the first 7 days of April and your earnings during March will be paid in the first 7
days of May etc.. Bank transfers and Western Union transfers will take
approximately 1 week longer.
The minimum payout for PayPal is currently set at 1 USD. If you have set your
payment method to Bank Transfer or Western Union a minimum transfer amount
of USD 150,- applies. Costs charged by the PayPal (2%) or, in the case of Bank
Transfer, the bank or in case of Western Union
oad&nextSecurePage=Y will be deducted from the payment.
What you will do for our network:
You put in your best effort to regularly produce and upload great original content
videos to your channel. We try to reach the top and want to do that together with
As you might expect it’s very important that you stick to the YouTube regulations
about content:
It is not allowed to use copyrighted music or movies including remixes and edits.
YouTube is understandably extremely allergic to this and we don’t want your
uploads to cause YouTube to black out our network.
Be a good guy. Promoting hatred, racism, violence etc. is of course not allowed.
It also means that we can’t have you support torrents and cracks. But, of course
it’s okay to make a channel about mods, i.e. new additions to Minecraft.
Being a good guy also means you can’t use somebody else’s videos. It’s your
channel so it should be about your original content videos only.
In case you breach the agreement or your first YouTube Copyright or Terms of Use
strike, we will notify you to give you a chance to remedy the situation. However in case
of a material breach of this agreement or in case you have been dealt 2 or more strikes
, you understand that there may be no other option for us then to cancel the partnership,
remove your channel from our network and stop pay outs.
By submitting this form you confirm that you are of legal age or, if not, that you have
approval from a parent or guardian.
This agreement is valid for a three months trial period starting from the moment your
channel has been linked to the network. If you don’t cancel this agreement by sending
us an e-mail 1 month before its expiration date, it will automatically be extended with
one year.
Many thanks for joining us. We are looking forward to working with you!