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1. This Week's Reflection - CHRISTMAS: PRESENTS
In the Christmas song, “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”,
we find the following lines:
“He knows when you’ve been sleeping, He knows when
you’re awake,
He knows if you’ve bad or good,
goodness sake.”
So be good for
So, why is Santa Claus coming to you? Because you’ve
been good; he’s been watching you and he’s coming, only
if you have been good. It’s possible that some people
might think that about God at Christmas. This would mean
that God is like some Cosmic Santa Claus who watches us
all the time, who knows everything we do – this is true –
but, does He tell us to be good or He won’t give us
anything? We’d all be in trouble if this was true.
Because we are human and live with limitations, we have
great difficulty in understanding Jesus at Christmas; God
gave us Jesus even though we were not good. God does
not reward us for being good, because God’s love for us is
unconditional, it is unexpected love, it’s the love of a true
father. The gift of Jesus at Christmas is difficult to
understand, because God’s love for us is beyond our
Also difficult to understand, is the manner in which God’s
gift to us arrived. Jesus was born in the humblest of
circumstances, in an animal shelter and placed in the
animals’ feed box. But the real story of the first Christmas
is not meant to meet our expectations or desires of what
the Christmas story should be like. Jesus did not come to
meet our expectations or desires; He came to meet our
needs. Jesus came as He did, to make it clear that no one
and no place was beneath His dignity. So much about
Christmas is unexpected and it’s difficult to receive God’s
gift to us, when we simply don’t deserve it. However, God
wants us to receive eternal life through Jesus as a gift to
us. An old mediaeval poem has this thought for us to
ponder: “Though Christ a thousand times be born in
Bethlehem, if He’s not born in you, your heart is still
2. Back to School Pack 2015
Attached with this newsletter, at the bottom of my section,
is our annual "Back to School" pack. A full list of staff for
2015 is detailed in this pack, along with a host of other
information which you will find useful for next year. Printed
copies of this information are available at the school office.
3. Solar Panel Installation
Over the Christmas holidays, a 30 Kw solar panel system
will be installed. As well as this, all older style fluro lights
will be changed over to LED lights. These two initiatives
will cut our power bill in half. A loan has been taken our to
fund this project, which will be paid back by the savings
made, thus meaning no extra expense for our budget.
4. Working Bee - Beginning of Year
Each year a "clean up the school" working bee is held to
assist Glen Sharpe, our groundsman, in getting the school
ready for the new year. This is a great morning to lend a
hand and meet some new school families. This working
bee will be held on Saturday 24th January from 7am until
11am. Morning Tea and a sausage sizzle will be provided
for all those who attend. In particular we will be focusing on
the Prep and playground areas. Please come along and
5. Parent Teacher Nights 2015
Dates for next year's Parent Teacher nights have now
been set. They are all in week 2 of Term 1 on the following
dates and times:
Monday 2nd February
6:30pm Year 1
7:30pm Year 2
Tuesday 3rd February
6:30pm Year 3
7:30pm Year 4
Wednesday 4th February
6:30pm Year 5
7:30pm Year 6
All meetings will be held in the school library.
11. This Week
6. Free Dress Day Friday
This Friday will be a free dress day for the last day of term.
Free dress day rules apply:
School hats to be worn
Closed in shoes
Shirts must have sleeves
No short shorts or short shirts
No inappropriate working on clothes
Wednesday 3rd
Final Newsletter
Thursday 4th
Prep Excursion
Year 4 Excursion
Friday 5th
10:00am Morning Tea
11:00am Final School
7. Friday 12pm Finish
A reminder that school finishes this Friday at 12pm. All
students will need to be collected at this time as there is no
after school care available on this day. Parents are
welcome to join us in the church at 11am for our final
Report Cards Sent home
12:00pm School Concludes
for 2014
Mon 8th & Tues
Office open from 9:00am
until 3:00pm
School Closed
8. Year Book 2014
Just a reminder that all parents will now be presented with
an Annual Year Book for 2014. In order to capture the
special moments of the last week, the 2014 Year Book will
not be published and made available until mid Term 1
2015. Special thanks to Alana LeMura and Jo Ward for all
the work they are putting in to complete this year's edition.
The cost of the Year Book is included in this year's school
fess. For those families who are leaving us this year, a
copy of the Year Book will be posted to your current
address. If you are moving house please ensure the school
has a copy of your new address so that you don't miss this
9. Office Arrangements Over the Holidays
The school office will remain open until 3:00pm on Monday
8th and Tuesday 9th of December. The office will then be
closed for the December holidays. It will reopen on Monday
19th January at 9:00am. School resumes on Wednesday
28th January 2015.
10. Staffing Update
I am pleased to announce that Mrs Nicole Marsh has been
appointed as our final classroom teacher. Nicole is an
experienced teacher who will make a great contribution to
our teaching team.
Mr Simon Mahaffy has accepted a position this week with
Brisbane Catholic Education in the Mission and Formation
Office. Simon has worked at All Saints since 2010 and will
be greatly missed. There will be an opportunity early next
year to invite Simon to return so we can wish him well and
thank him. Due to this late notice BCE has made a 12
month Acting APRE appointment for 2015. I am pleased to
announce that Mr Craig Gibson has been appointed to this
acting position. Craig is currently the APRE at St Joseph’s
at Nundah. We welcome Craig to our community for 2015.
Monday 19th
9:00am Office reopens for 2015
8:40am School Resumes for
12. Junior Swimming Carnival
Thank you to all teachers and students for a successful
Junior Swimming Carnival last week. A big thank you to
Marc Hughes for organising and running the event. Marc
created a wonderful morning for the students. Despite the
rain, the carnival went very smoothly, thanks to Marc’s
good work.
Peter Pashen
KEEP YOUR FORK–There was a young woman who had been
diagnosed with a terminal illness and had been given three
months to live. So as she was getting her things 'inorder', she
contacted her pastor and had him come to her house to discuss
certain aspects of her final wishes. She told him which songs she
wanted sung at the service, what scriptures she would like read,
and what outfit she wanted to be buried in.
Everything was in order and the pastor was preparing to leave
when the young woman suddenly remembered something very
important to her.
'There's one more thing,' she said excitedly.
'What's that?' came the pastor's reply.
'This is very important,' the young woman continued. 'I want to
be buried with a fork in my right hand.'
The pastor stood looking at the young woman, not knowing
quite what to say.
'That surprises you, doesn't it?' the young woman asked.
'Well, to be honest, I'm puzzled by the request,' said the pastor.
The young woman explained. 'My grandmother once told me
this story, and from there on out, I have always done so. I have
also, always tried to pass along its message to those I love and
those who are in need of encouragement. In all my years of
attending church socials and potluck dinners, I always
remember that when the dishes of the main course were being
cleared, someone would inevitably lean over and say, 'Keep
your fork'. It was my favorite part because I knew that
something better was coming... like velvety chocolate cake or
deep-dish apple pie. Something wonderful, and with substance!
So, I just want people to see me there in that casket with a fork
in my hand and I want them to wonder 'What's with the fork?'
Then I want you to tell them: 'Keep your fork. The best is yet to
come.' The pastor's eyes welled up with tears of joy as he
hugged the young woman good-bye.
So the next time you reach down for your fork, let it remind you
ever so gently, that the best is yet to come. This is the last week
of term, so keep your fork as by the end of the week there is
several volunteers who missed out on a personal invite to
the volunteers morning tea that was held a few weeks
ago. Therefore, I would like to apologise if you missed out
on a personal invitation. There was a general invite in the
newsletter leading up to the morning tea, and I made every
effort to ensure volunteers also received an invite, however
some names were missed. In such a large school it is
difficult to collate all names and the procedures used this
year will be revised next year. Volunteers are held in
incredibly high regard and we thank you all for the time that
you give to help out in any capacity at school.
This week marks the end of my second extended stint here
at All Saints. I feel incredibly blessed to have had the
opportunity to work with such beautiful people again. It
feels like I never really left! My move to Hervey Bay will
stop a third return – for now anyway and I am looking
forward to the new adventure and the sea change. From
Father Ron and the staff in the Parish Centre, to the
Administration and Office staff, to the teaching staff, the
groundsmen, the P and F and the students – I thank each
and every one of you for making me feel like I was
home. It has been an honour to work with you all and I
hope that I have served you well. May you all have a
wonderful and safe Christmas and a happy and healthy
better to come.
I wish you all a safe, happy and holy Christmas and break.
Junior Swimming Carnival
A reminder that if your child is leaving All Saints or have
grown out of their uniforms, the second hand uniform shop
would appreciate you donating these items to them.
Yr7 Graduation
On Monday night we said our formal farewell to our Year 7
classes of 2014. It was a wonderful night of celebration
and reflection and the students appeared to enjoy the
whole experience.
My sincere thanks go to Yvette Clark, Nicole Holding, Peta
Neiland and Deb Maher who coordinated the evening. It
was comforting to know that everything was in your
capable hands and would run smoothly as a
result. Everything was presented and organised
beautifully. I would also like to thank Cindy Grey who
spent many hours laminating the A4 photos of the students
for both Year 6 and Year 7. Alana Le Mura and Chris
Zander also deserve special mention for the time and effort
they put in to ensuring things were prepared
properly. Thank you to all the Year 6 parents who were
able to volunteer to help on the night – it was greatly
End of Year Liturgy
A reminder that our end of year liturgy will begin at 11am
on the 5 of December in the church. You are all most
welcome to attend and help celebrate the end of another
huge year.
Volunteers Morning Tea
It was brought to my attention last week that there were
On Friday 28 November, we had the Year 1 and 2 students
participate in the Junior Swimming Carnival at Albany Creek
Leisure Centre. On what ended up being a rainy, windy day, the
students are to be commended for their enthusiasm,
sportsmanship and swimming ability – I was blown away by the
standard of swimming I saw from the younger students!
In an extremely close finish, Mackillop were the winners
overall, finishing just 10 points clear of second place McAuley.
Well done to all of the students involved – your persistence and
excellent attitude made it a wonderful day!
Thanks to Monique Salway and all the staff from Albany Creek
Leisure Centre for use of the pool and supplying some excellent
instructors on the day, as well as all the help you provided in
setting up and packing up. A special thanks also to all the parents
for coming down to support their children – it was great to see so
many of you there! Thanks also to all the teachers and teacher
aides, as well as Peter Pashen and Kelli Phillips, for doing a
tremendous job in their assigned role.
The Year 6 and 7 helpers were awesome as well – Anni,
Hayden, Mabel, Chloe, Dominik and Annabel from Year 6, and
Gabby, Taylah, Cooper, Sarah, Kasey and Jorja from Year 7 –
they never stopped and were so encouraging and supportive of
the younger students. I will certainly miss them next year!
Final results:
Mackillop – 668 points
McAuley – 658 points
Xavier – 610 points
Mollison – 608 points
Swimming Time Trials 2015
This is just a quick note to let you know about the swimming
time trials for Years 3-6 in 2015 – at this stage, these will be held
on Thursday 29 and Friday 30 January (Week 1, Term 1) at
Albany Creek Leisure Centre. These trials are mainly for those
students who are wanting to represent All Saints at the North
District Swimming Carnival, or be selected in the Zone 6
Swimming Squad. They will also provide times for me to plan
the Championship races at the All Saints Senior Swimming
Carnival. I will provide more information on their first day back
to school.
The final weeks of Japanese involved all year levels
playing games, trying out chopsticks using children’s
games that Japanese children use to learn to hold
chopsticks correctly, and dressing up. The Japanese
Christmas card exchange program has been a great
success and all Year 6 students and 3 Blue will receive
their reciprocal Christmas card at the end of this week. It is
a lovely feeling to get back a card from the person for
whom you made one, especially when it comes all the way
from Japan.
Have a great holiday.
All students should have returned their library books by
now. Please encourage your child to look for their books
and return them to the library. Sometimes books are found
in desks or classroom libraries and just need to be brought
back down to the library. Last week we sent home notes
about missing books and their replacement costs.
Each year two students from the three schools in Albany
Creek - All Saints Catholic School, Albany Hills State School
and Albany Creek State School are chosen for their excellence
in one of the key learning areas. Representatives from each of
the schools gathered yesterday to present the annual Albany
Creek Country Club Award. This year the focus was
excellence in Music and Amy Strachan and Mitchell Symth
were awarded the Albany Creek Country Club Estate Award
for Excellence in Music. Congratulations to Amy and
Mitchell for being shining lights in Music at All Saints.
All Saints Christmas
December 17 at 7pm
It’s a great night of
community singing and
Christmas spirit. There
is also a short play
starring All Saints kids!
Come and join us for a
BBQ tea from 6pm.
Merry Christmas!
Magellan Stocking Drive
This year the Magellan Group are collecting
Christmas Stockings to the value of
$5.00 for the Pine Rivers Neighbourhood
Centre. Any donations would be much
appreciated and can be given to the
school office.
Sacramental Programme 2015
A letter has gone home to all Year 2 families with
information and key dates for the Sacramental Programme
in 2015.
The Sacramental Programme is for children in our parish
who are seeking the Sacraments of Confirmation and First
Eucharist (First Holy Communion). Children are eligible to
be part of the programme from Year 3 (and older).
The letter is also attached here for those families who have
not received it.
Any questions about next year's programme can be sent to
[email protected]
All Saints School
Albany Creek
Dear Parents,
To assist with your preparations for the beginning of our new school year in 2015, this
information booklet has been produced. Other information about school procedures can be
found on our school website.
This Back to School handout contains much of the information you will need as you prepare
for 2015 at All Saints School. Please keep it at hand during the next few months.
I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family the very best for your future
here at All Saints School.
Peter Pashen
Contact Details
School email: [email protected]
School Address: 4 Faheys Road East, Albany Creek 4035
School Phone No: 3325 6900
Absentee Phone No: 3325 6990
P&F & Tuckshop
P&F meets second Tuesday of each month
Tuckshop days are Wed, Thu, Fri
Ordering can be done online:
Parish Details
Parish Mass Times: Sat 6pm, Sun 7am, 9am, 5.30pm
Parish Phone No: 3264 8283
@ AllSaintsALB
Prep Red
Prep Blue
Prep Green
Prep Yellow
Year 1 Red
Year 1 Blue
Year 1 Green
Year 1 Yellow
Year 2 Red
Year 2 Blue
Year 2 Green
Year 2 Yellow
Year 3 Red
Year 3 Blue
Year 3 Green
Year 3 Yellow
Year 4 Red
Year 4 Blue
Year 4 Green
Year 4 Yellow
Year 5 Red
Year 5 Blue
Year 5 Green
Year 6 Red
Year 6 Blue
Year 6 Green
Cathy Sorensen
Assistant –Sharron McKeown
Annie Donohoe
Assistant – Megan Condon
Fiona Fricotte Assistant – Susan Wall (Mon-Thur) Maureen Jones (Fri)
Helen Wilcox Assistant – Chris McCaul (Mon-Thur) Trish Simpson (Fri)
Christie Mackay (1st Wed, Thur, Fri) /Giovanna Durham (Mon, Tue, 2nd Wed)
Bernie Fiechtner
Rie Brennan
Jan Hanley
Ann-Louise Henrick
Lisa Searle
Mary Daniels
Michelle Craven (Mon,Tue,Thur, 2nd Fri) /Sharon Mitchell (Wed, 1st Fri)
Matthew Wright
Kayla Eriksson (Semester 1) /Janelle London (Semester 2)
Michelle Shea
Kylie O’Shea (Mon,Tue,Thu,Fri) /Meleah Zealey (Wed)
Nicole Marsh
Sam Collier
Monique Hickey (Mon-Thur) /Rachel Searle (Fri)
Cameron Pickering
Sarah Campbell
Gabby Moore
Stef Mitchell
Kathryn Flood
Erica Cosson
Nick Meneguzzo
Assistant Principal
Assistant Principal Religious Education
Financial Secretary
School Secretaries
Enrolments Secretary
Music Coordinator & Class Music Teacher
Music Tutor – Band
Music Tutor – Strings
Music Assistant
Physical Education Teacher
Creative Arts Teacher
Drama Tutor
Japanese Teacher
Teacher Librarians and
Curriculum Support Teachers
Mr Peter Pashen
Ms Kelli Phillips
Mr Craig Gibson (Acting)
Mrs Catherine Reynolds (Mon-Thur)
Mrs Rebecca Agar (Fri)
Mrs Rebecca Agar /Mrs Di Dryer
and Mrs Alana LeMura
Mrs Ann Young
Mrs Ruth Skippen
Mr Donald Smith
Mrs Madeline Charles
Sr Patricia McCormack
Mr Marc Hughes
Mrs Lisa Carter
Mrs Jill Chesher
Mrs Mary Davis
Mrs Rachael Hill & Mrs Suellen Cotter
Special Curriculum Projects
Library Assistant
Computer Technician
Learning Support Coordinator
Learning Support Teachers
Guidance Counsellor
WPHS Officer
First Aid Officers
School Officers
Tuckshop Convenor
Second Hand Uniform Shop Coordinator
Mrs Julie Sullivan (Part Time)
Mrs Lisa Hanley
Mrs Jackie Knott
Mrs Paula Robinson
Mrs Emily Haardt (Full Time)
Mrs Elizabeth Turner (Part Time)
Dr MariaRosa Mallardo
Mrs Alana LeMura
Mrs Catherine Reynolds, Mrs Rebecca Agar,
Mrs Ann Young
Mrs Lyn Doust, Mrs Marie Gillham, Mrs Jenny
Heskett, Mrs Michelle McMillan, Mrs Trish
Simpson, Mrs Chris Zander, Mrs Maria Patullo,
Mrs Alana LeMura, Mrs Frances Macdonald
Mrs Amanda Lehane
To be advised
Mrs Rebecca Cameron
Mr Glen Sharpe
Mr Ken Roberts, Jani-King Australia
2014 Monday 8th to Tuesday 9th Dec
9am - 3pm
2015 Monday 19th to Friday 23rd January
9am - 3pm
2015 Tuesday 27th January
8am - 4pm
2015 Wed 28 January to Fri 4 Dec
8am - 4pm
(Office opens Monday to Friday during the year, but is closed School & Public Holidays)
School Office Closed Thursday 11th December 2014 to Sunday 18th January 2015
8.00am Supervision begins (no child should be at school before 8am unless supervised in a
music or sport program) Children are to sit quietly in the tuckshop area from 8am to 8.20am.
8.20am Play bell – Children can play under supervision in the Junior play areas.
8.40am School begins
2.55pm School concludes
3.20pm All children should be collected by this time (Please phone if you are held up in traffic
to alert the school that you are running late)
Term One
Wed 28th January to Thursday 2nd April (10 weeks) (Fri 3rd April is Good Friday)
Term Two
Monday 20th April to Friday 26th June (10 weeks) (Mon 6th April Easter Mon)
Term Three Monday 13th July to Friday 18th September (10 weeks)
Term Four Tuesday 6th October to Friday 4th December (9 weeks) (Mon 5th Oct Labour Day)
Pupil Free Day during Term 4: Monday 19th October 2015
Lists available from the school office.
Booklist suppliers:
Direct Stationery Suppliers, 151 Hamilton Road Wavell Heights. Ph. 3266 9224.
Supplier of uniforms (other than the winter tracksuit) - Weareco Uniform Shop, 41 Kirby Road
Aspley (previously known as Y’s Clothing) Ph: 3253 3100 or 3263 5566.
Supplier of winter tracksuit – Lowes Menswear, Shop 168 Westfield Shopping Town, Gympie
Road, Chermside Ph: 3350 6460.
Coordinator – Mrs Rebecca Cameron
Available from the photocopier room of school office – please see office staff before going to
this room.
Other items that can be purchased at the 2nd Hand Uniform Shop;
 Swimming Bags $15
 Sports Hats $18
 Library Bags $10 (purchase from the library)
 Swimming Caps $2
YMCA at Albany Creek State School Phone: 3264 4907
Girls Uniform
• Green check, drop waist with box pleat in the skirt, bodice straight through with sleeves and
collar with ribbon tie. At a minimum, dress length should be just above the knee.
• Black leather shoes with plain white crew socks (above ankle height) – plain black shoes,
leather upper with rubber soles will suffice for sports shoes as well as dress shoes (not canvas
or basketball style).
• Green wrap around skirt or midford knit short, with green and white polo shirt.
• If the skirt is worn, short bike pants (black or dark green) must be worn underneath.
• Shoes and socks as per formal uniform.
• Plain, house coloured T-shirts should be worn to designated school events.
Boys Uniform
• Green check shirt (basic design with pocket trimmed).
• Green rugger shorts
• Black leather shoes with plain white crew socks (above ankle height) – plain black shoes,
leather upper with rubber soles will suffice for sports shoes as well as dress shoes (not canvas
or basketball style).
• Green midford knit short with green and white polo shirt.
• Shoes and socks as per formal uniform.
• Plain, house coloured T-shirts should be worn to designated school events.
Winter Uniform:
• Bottle green V neck or zipper tracksuit jacket with school logo screen printed on left hand
side. (This can be worn with the formal uniform and the sports uniform)
• The All Saints Micro Fibre Zip Jacket (with printed logo) may only be worn with the sports
• Optional items: Track suit pants, green tights (not stockings), scarf and gloves in school
colours may be worn. Tracksuits pants are not permitted to be worn with the formal school
Prep Uniform:
Prep students are required to wear the Prep uniform every day and they must wear black
leather Velcro shoes.
School Hat:
The All Saints green hat with the school logo screen printed on the front panel must be worn
each day. It is strongly recommended that the hat be embroidered with the child’s
Sports Hat:
A double sided coloured bucket hat is available for students to purchase and wear. This hat is
called the Sports Hat. It can be used for our own interhouse carnivals as well as interschool
sports events. It is not to be worn for weekly PE lessons therefore this hat is not compulsory.
It is available to purchase through the second hand uniform shop for $18.
Students are to present themselves well groomed at all times. This shows pride in their own
appearance and in their school uniform. Therefore:
• Extreme hair styles are not permitted. These include Mohawks, rat tails, shaved or number
one cuts and colouring of hair.
• Hair is to be brushed or combed neatly when attending school.
• Hair accessories must be school colours (bottle green, sports green, white or uniform check).
Acceptable hair accessories are as follows: plain head band; plain scrunchie; ribbon; plain clips
or hair bands that are school colours or blend with the hair.
For safety reasons and to minimise the spread of head lice:
• Hair below collar length for both boys and girls must be tied back at all times.
• Hair that falls across the face or eyes must be tied or clipped back at all times.
• Jewellery is not an accepted part of the uniform. Only a chain with a religious medal or cross
may be worn inside the shirt or dress.
• Plain gold or silver (studs or sleepers only) may be worn in both ears, one earring in each
• Children may also wear a signet ring.
• Plain digital or analogue watches may be worn.
Make Up:
• Make – Up, including nail polish is not permitted.
Year 6 Leadership Shirt:
• This is offered to Year 6 students to purchase and wear on Sports days.
School Bag:
• The green All Saints School Bag with logo is to be used for the duration of schooling at All
Saints. It is strongly recommended that the bag be embroidered with the child’s name/initials.
It is compulsory to have this bag.
Swimming Cap:
Brisbane Catholic Education’s position on students entering a pool and pool spas for
swimming lessons or activities in that ALL students are to wear a swimming cap at all times
whilst they are in the water.
School fees and levies are set each year after consultation and approval from the School
Board and Parish Finance Council.
The 2015 School Fees and Levies are as follows;
Please note all figures represent the annual payment figure.
Tuition (1Child)
Tuition (Family -2 or more children)
Capital Levy (per Family) compulsory
P & F Federation Levy (per Family)
Archdiocesan Futures Fund Levy (per Family) $31
Art, Craft & Paper Levy (per Child Yrs P-6)
Phys Ed Levy (per Child Yrs P-6)
Excursion Levy (per Child Yrs P-6)
Computer Levy (per Child Yrs P-6)
Prep Resource Levy (paid on acceptance)
Maths Levy (per Child Yr 1-6)
Student Diaries (per Child Yrs 3&4 only)
Each year the Year 5 and 6 students go on school camp. Year 5 in early August and Year 6 to
Canberra in October. Based on this year’s figures the cost of Year 5 camp is approximately
$250 each. The Canberra trip will cost approximately $1000 and is paid in instalments over the
preceding 4 terms, first payment being term 4 the previous year and 3 payments in Term 1, 2
& 3 of the year of the Canberra trip.
Children who participate in the Music Program pay tuition and hire of the instrument per
term. The cost is around $110 for tuition and $75 for the hire of the instrument or $135 for
the hire of a Saxophone.
Children in the Music program also have a camp in June which normally the cost is $90.
Book lists for Year 1 to Year 6 generally go home before the September holidays and have to
be returned along with payment in the middle of October. The average price is $150.00.
Special Considerations
Families at All Saints have always been very supportive of the school financially and it is an
expectation that all families will pay the school fees each year. From time to time, however,
circumstances may mean that families find themselves in financial difficulty due to
retrenchments, illness, disabilities or the like.
Parents who experience difficulty in paying fees must arrange a meeting with the Principal to
discuss a concession on fees. Failure to discuss payment difficulties with the Principal or nonpayment of fees may result in matters being referred to a debt collection agency.
Please note that if you had a remission this year, you will need to apply for one again.
If we make remission arrangements early in the year, our budgeting can be organised
effectively for the year.
If you can pay the fees for the year by Friday 27th February, you will receive a 2.5% discount.
Fees Payment
Accounts are sent out per term. You can pay monthly, weekly or fortnightly if you prefer. Just
see Cathy Reynolds or Ann Young to organise this schedule.
BPay facility is also available for your convenience.
Direct Debiting – The Easy Way!
This is available to you through the Archdiocesan Development Fund (our bank and
mortgagor). If you want to take the hassle out of remembering to pay your fees, they can be
deducted from your nominated account in ten monthly instalments (February to November).
You may also have deductions taken out fortnightly or quarterly. Forms are available from the
school office. On the form please don’t fill in ‘School Reference No.’. We’ll do that when you
send it in. The ‘Amount’ is your annual Fees and Levies Account (including music) divided by
10 if you pay monthly, 20 if you choose to pay fortnightly and 4 if you are paying quarterly
instalments. Please return this form to the school office by WEDNESDAY 18th FEBRUARY 2015
and ensure you read the Service Agreement on the back of the Direct Debit Request form.
Please note all cancellations or alterations must be done through the school office.