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Organization/Event Name: _________________________________________________________________ Phone:___________________ Address: ___________________________________________________ Contact Person: ________________________________ Email: __________________________________ EVENT DETAILS Event Date Requested: Mon / Tues / Wed / Thurs / Fri / Sat / Sun __________________________________ Name of Event: _____________________________________ Public or Private? __________________ Event Start Time:____________________ Event Set-­‐up will begin: _____________ Event End Time: ____________________ Clean-­‐up will end at: ________________ Anticipated Attendance:______________ Capacity: 80-­‐130 depending on furniture CATERING Food and Drink catering available via preferred caterers noted on website. Please contact them directly for catering menus and options. Events may be subject to a catering minimum. Catering is a separate agreement and all details will be finalized by those providers. Will catering be provided by preferred vendor? YES / NO Level/details of catering: __________________________________________________________________ Name of vendor if using outside caterer: _____________________________________________________ $75 catering fee will be assessed if catering with an outside vendor. FURNITURE/EQUIPMENT OPTIONS All available Urban ReThink furniture comes with rental of the space. Removal/storage of the majority of Urban ReThink furniture and the use of Basic Linens are available with prior notification at an additional fee. AV and other equipment, including microphones, projectors, etc. are also available upon request, at an additional fee. Please see next page for a full listing of all rates. For extra linens or event furniture, we suggest the use of an outside provider. Please ask for a list of suggested vendors. NOTES ___________________________________________________________________________________
___________________________________________________________________________________ FURTHER INFORMATION: If you have any further questions not addressed here, please feel free to explore our website,, email us at [email protected], call us at 407.704.6895, or simply stop by during business hours to explore the space further. Once satisfied with the details of this agreement, please submit a completed application form with signature and payment to the Urban ReThink Welcome Desk or mail to Urban ReThink, Attn: Event Rentals, 625 E Central Blvd., Orlando, FL 32801. Make checks payable to Urban Think! Foundation, Inc. *Please see back page for full description of Rates & Policies RATES & POLICIES Rates:
Fees: Base Fee: $400 Description: Covers first three hours of space rental. Any event lasting less than three hours will still be billed this same base fee. This fee also covers basic setup and cleanup, as well as the use of at least one Urban ReThink team member during your event. Add’l Hour: Assessed for each additional hour beyond the base three hour amount. Event $100 setup and cleanup time is considered part of the event, and will be billed as such. Outside Caterer: Catering through preferred vendors is a separate agreement. The use of any $75 other caterer will make the renter responsible to this fee. Removal of Furniture: Removal and/or storage of the furniture that is already in the space is available $40 with prior notification Basic Linens: Basic Linens such as table cloths are available with prior notification $40 AV/Equipment: AV and other equipment including microphones, projectors, etc. are available $25 with prior notification Add’l Cleaning/Setup: Any event requiring more intensive cleanup and/or setup may be subject to extra fee, to be determined depending on the extent of the cleanup/setup. Deposit: Please see below for full details $200 Deposits & Payments: All special events are subject to a $200 deposit. This deposit acts as your confirmation of
rental of the space at said time and date, as well as a security deposit. The deposit will be put towards the total cost of
the event, assuming all stipulations have been met. Reasons that a deposit may be forfeited include but are not
limited to: damage to the space, cancellation of event within 10 days of event, excessive clean up, event lasting
beyond curfew/scheduled end time, etc.
Curfew: There is an event curfew of 11pm. We are a neighborhood venue, and therefore extension of curfew may
not always be an available option. Please see manager for details.
Cancellations: It is the responsibility of the signer of the Special Event Rental Agreement form to inform Urban
ReThink if an event is cancelled. In order to receive a refund on the deposit, notice of cancellation must be received
at least 10 days prior to the scheduled event.
Responsibility: The signer of the special event application, who must be 18 or older, is responsible for the orderly
conduct of the group. In the event of any damage to Urban ReThink property and/or equipment, that individual or the
company they represent will be liable.
Disclaimer: Urban ReThink is not responsible for loss or damage of equipment, supplies, materials or any personal
property owned by those sponsoring or attending meetings or events at Urban ReThink. In addition, the Urban
Think! Foundation and its programs including Urban ReThink and Page 15, its officers, agents and employees are
not to be held liable for any and all claims of injuries, including death, damages or loss, which may arise in
connection with a meeting or event held on Urban ReThink property.
I have read and fully understand the policies, rules, and disclaimers pertaining to the use of the Urban ReThink space. I agree to be responsible for complying with them and making all payments as called for herein. Printed Name: ______________________________________________ Signature: __________________________________________________ Date:_______________