from Anny A Lot is Happening at Brighton

No. 36
20th November 2014
from Anny
A Lot is Happening at Brighton
Last Wednesday morning, during Transition, there were nearly one thousand people on site 100 new
Foundation students in the classrooms and 100 parents at the information session, as well as our 745
students who are on site daily. The morning went well for everyone. Our
students enjoyed the time they spent with the teachers in the next year
level. Teachers have planned activities that are special to the year level
and something our kids can look forward to.
On Friday night, the Friends of Brighton held two very successful
fun-packed and well attended Discos. Thank you to Andrea Brant and
her team for all their work and organization to ensure the students were
safe and had a wonderful time. The Gym was packed and jumping!
Everyone went home smiling with eyes shining.
On Tuesday evening this week we held another information evening for
parents of students in years five and six next year about our new and
exciting initiative Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). The Visiting Team for
the Council of International Schools was impressed with this initiative and
commended our ICT instructional coach Joel Snowden:
for his visionary approach and for strengthening the use of ICT as a
learning tool within the school.
Our next big event is the Community Fair on Election Day, November 29. Roxanne O’Brien and her team
are working hard in preparation for the day. Please take the time when you come to vote to visit the
stalls and the kids’ activities. It is our last big fund raiser for the year and the money raised will contribute
to the works in the new Wonder Garden and to begin the refurbishment of the Performing Arts Centre.
Thank you to the years three and four parents who joined our facilities manager, Bill Kolivas, for the
working bee on Saturday in preparation for our Community Fair.
We have two upcoming Social events to finish the year.
The first is the Parent Helpers’ Morning Tea on Wednesday, December 3 at 10.40 in the Gym. It is catered
by our staff to say thank you to all the parents who have given generously of their time over this year to
support our programs and attend excursions and camps. These programs rely heavily on parent participation and support. Please join us.
The second event is the Carols. This will be Thursday evening December 4 at 6.00 pm on the junior oval.
Our students entertain us with carols and it is a lovely way to bring the year to a close. I look forward to
seeing you all there.
Pupil Free Day
Monday November 24,
24th November
Parents are welcome to attend
our Monday morning assemblies
on the Junior Oval at 9.00am.
Congratulations to next
Monday’s PYP Attitudes award
Archie Bull
Luna Scantamburlo
Jessica Brown
Beau Stevenson
Eva Hunter
Pei Qi Khoo
Harry Tonkin
Lucy Poole
Kerri-Grace Giazi
Rhys Wills
John Fang
Holly Prato
Reward Items are:
Handball, scented pencils, shark plush toy
key ring, whale pencil case, money box,
swimming bag, projector cup and sea
Richie Huang
Alex Turner
Will Gallus
Maya Hudson
Also the calculator, headphones, wallet and pat money box from
last year is available.
Millie McGillan
Zach Kolobius
Martha Stamatopoulos
Jeremie Munso
Damien Hookway
Zach Di Crosta
James Harrison
Isla Rodbard-Penders
Siena Kennedy
Reminder that house colour polos $25 are
compulsory in 2015.
Don’t leave it to the last minute or I will run out as I
am running down stock levels.
Jayden Newman
Bibi Wallace
James Hill
Bronwen Peterson
[email protected]
Lily Scott
Caleb Katsakis
Term 4
School Banking
Token Redemption day is
26th November!
If you have collected 10 silver tokens,
place them in the banking booklet with
your redemption coupon (or write the item,
name and class on a piece of paper).
We will collect it on the redemption day
then order the reward and have it back to
your child as soon as we receive them.
Thank you,
School Banking Co-ordinators
Trading hours are Monday, Tuesday
and Wednesday from 3.00-4.00pm.
To ensure your child receives stationery
supplies for 2015 payments for 2015
are due:
this Fri 21st Nov.
You may opt to pay in 3 instalments using the
payment plan. If you have misplaced the form
you can print another from the Parent Portal.
Times: 9.30am - 11.30am (1) &
11.30am - 1.30pm (2)
Sonya Dowe
Lisa James
Kathryn Harby– Williams
Help Required Please
Kate Robertson
Shelly Cameron
Kate McCann
Tanja Nishibata 9.00
Caroline Lee
Jane Craig
There have been quite a large number of
children going to the Canteen saying
that their lunch order has been placed
on QKR when it has not.
When placing an order on QKR
please remember that the cut off
time for orders is 9am each day.
Don’t forget to swipe to pay to
complete the transaction.
You can check on your QKR receipt
which day you have ordered the
lunch for.
Orders can be placed up to 2 weeks
in advance and if you need to
cancel an order for a particular day,
due to illness etc. this can be done
up until 9am on the day that the
order is to be filled.
Dear Parents,
Available shifts, if you can help please
WED 3/12 at 11.30
WED 10/12 at 9.30
WED 17/12 at 9.30 and 11.30
THURS 4/12 at 9.30 and 11.30
THURS 11/12 at 11.30
Many thanks,
Lou, Marie and Jenny
9539 7131
Occupational Health
and Safety
If you notice a potential OH&S issue around
the school please report it to the office ASAP
so that it can be addressed.
Bill Kolivas
Facilities Manager
We have been advised of a case of whooping cough (pertussis) within the school. Most
children at the school have their immunisations up to date, which means your child has been
immunised against whooping cough. There are some children who have not been immunised
and who may be at risk of infection.
What is whooping cough?
Whooping cough is a highly contagious disease caused by the bacteria Bordetella pertussis
and is spread by droplets from coughing and sneezing. It begins like a cold and then the
characteristic cough develops. The cough may last for months, even after antibiotic treatment is completed and the person is no longer infectious.
What are the symptoms?
Symptoms vary but initially similar to common cold, then develop sudden attacks of repetitive
coughing and often a characteristic “whoop” as the person gasps for breath. Vomiting often
follows a coughing attack. A person with whooping cough is infectious for up to three weeks
after they start coughing.
Immunisation for whooping cough (pertussis)
Pertussis vaccination is part of the government funded immunisation program for children at 2,
4, 6 months, at 4 years and in year 10 of secondary school (or 15 years of age). Protection is
not lifelong and begins to wane after 6 – 10 years. Adult booster vaccines are recommended
for the following groups who have previously completed a primary (childhood) course of
vaccine :
Adults before planning pregnancy or for both parents as soon as possible after birth
Adults working with or taking care of very young babies, especially health-care workers and
childcare workers
Any adult wishing to protect themselves against whooping cough
Can my child go to school?
Anyone who has whooping cough must be excluded from the school for 21 days from the
onset of coughing or until they have completed 5 days of antibiotics. If your child has
whooping cough, the school must be notified.
If you have any further enquiries please visit to obtain the fact
sheet on whooping cough.
Please let me know if you have any concerns.
Thank you.
Cecile Elliott
Registered Nurse.
9 days until the Brighton
Primary School Election Day
Community Fair!
Feel free to contact a Year Level
Co-ordinator directly if you’d like
to get involved. We will need
everyone’s participation to
make the event a success.
Baskets have gone into each
class for you to place donations of
items such as chocolate bars
and Lucky Jars.
Coles have Cadbury Block
chocolate ½ price this week – so
grab a block to donate to the
Choc Throw
Car Boot Sale, Trash & Treasure
Anyone interested in having a trash & treasure/
second hand car boot sale, save this date.
Running from 8am-midday, cost $15
For more information contact
Emily Higgins 0424428875 [email protected]
Jane Haddow 0448366194 [email protected]
Donation of Lucky Jars
We would love more jars for our Community Fair.
If each child could aim to bring in two jars each filled
with any number of items - ribbons, craft items, hair
accessories, beads, mini-toys, Lego pieces, wrapped
lollies – that would be great!
As well as a number of market stalls, the
following stalls are being organized by our
fabulous Year Level Liaison/Class Reps
BBQ/Cold Drinks
Tash Scott [email protected]
Cake Stall
Kylie Stewart [email protected]
Second Hand Books GRADE 2
Maureen Secatore [email protected]
Scones and Tea
Petra Okhuizen [email protected]
Every family will need to help in
at least one roster time slot.
Your stall co-ordinators are
sending out VolunteerSpot rosters
so pick a time that suits you and
your family.
Lucky Jars
Trudi Shepard [email protected]
Kids Zone
Maureen Rodbard-Bean [email protected]
Lolly Bags
Caly Price [email protected]
If you are able to help any of the teams outside of
your Year Level please feel free to make contact!
Hi everyone
It has been the intention of the FoB team this year to more regularly and openly communicate with you all
about the happenings at BPS, to keep you updated with upcoming events and to garner your support for our
social and fundraising activities. I hope this is how you feel communicated with!
My other hope was that I would hear more from all of you about what you would like to see implemented on our
social calendar and maybe even some new and different ideas for fundraising activities. Apart from a couple
of you that have kindly emailed with ideas and new offers of becoming involved, unfortunately this hasn’t
occurred, and I wonder for what reasons this is the case. Whether it’s because you are happy with the
current offerings, or because you believe it’s too hard to change it, or because frankly you don’t care to
contribute in this way. We are all as busy as each other, so it surely cannot be due to that.
As a result the event calendar we are proposing to School Council for approval for 2015 will look very similar
to this years, which in itself is not at all a problem. We hope though that you are all happy with it as well.
Already we have confirmed our Event Lead for the 2015 Easter Lucky Tickets – a new Prep parent this year to
Brighton Primary – Melinda Campbell. Thank you Melinda.
Next year Term 1 is a very short term and the Annual Lunch is scheduled for March, so I’m hoping to hear
from some of you very soon to take over the co-ordination of this event for 2015 and whilst some of the
planning has already commenced, it would be ideal to have a handover very early in the year, as there will not
be a large lead in timeframe.
The annual kids disco last Friday was another raging success! A huge thank you to the event leads Andrea
Brant, Kylie Stewart and their team for doing such a marvellous job for the second year in a row.
I’m certain I don’t need to remind you all again about the Community Fair on election day, Saturday 29th of
November. Please make sure you have sent in your jars!
The whole school transition program for all grade levels commenced last week on Wednesday 12th November,
and runs for three Wednesday’s in a row. We welcomed a large number of new Prep parents for 2015 with an
informative introduction to BPS from Anny and her team, and a yummy morning tea, in what is becoming a
lovely tradition of current Prep parents putting on this event. So a big thank you to Tash Scott and this years
Prep team for marshalling the troops to provide baked goodies and some manpower to welcome these new
families to BPS. We now have 1 remaining transition morning and we look forward to more support from this
years Prep families.
As always, the FoB team looks forward to hearing from you at [email protected] or 0412 555 399
Samm Brown
2014 President FoB