Australasian Evaluation Society EVALUATION TOOLS AND RESOURCES General

Australasian Evaluation Society:
This website offers useful resources and links to further websites. Provides information on professional
learning – workshops/seminars and training courses. Membership available
Creative Communities International:
Australian website that offers free diy tools and action sheets for consultation and community
Evaluation Tool Box :
A very useful website developed by the National Centre for Sustainability (Swinburne University of
Technology) with great templates, tools and case stories. The information contained in this resource
 What is evaluation?
 How to plan a monitoring and evaluation system?
 Evaluation tools and techniques
 How to present evaluation results?
Health Communication Unit :
A Canadian website for the Health Communication Unit (University of Toronto). Great resource that covers
topics such as Skills for Health Promotion, Evaluating Health Promotion, Using Focus Groups and Program
Logic Models
Roberts Evaluation:
Website of a Melbourne based consultancy firm that specialises in evaluation and qualitative research.
Offers training courses and practical evaluation tips and tools.
South Australian Community Health Research Unit:
Step -by -step project planning and report writing guide - Planning and evaluation wizard. Downloadable
tools in PDF for community participation, partnerships and equity
Tools for Community Building:
This is a Canadian tool kit that you may find useful in planning and carrying out local health projects and
community activities. The site includes a proposal writing guide, sample project proposals, and many other
useful resources.
Better Health:
The Better Health Channel provides health and medical information to help individuals and their
communities improve their health and wellbeing. The site covers:
 current and emerging health issues
 developments in medical research and practice
 national and state health priorities
 findings from evidence based research
Heart Foundation:
The Heart Foundation website has a wealth of resources, tools, “easy to use” checklists and case study
examples. It has great tips and ideas for healthy eating and active living.
Priority Areas
Healthy Eating / Food Security
 Healthy Together Victoria
Health Food Charter – a guide for all those working in partnership with the Victoria Government to
improve the health of Victorians through food.
Healthy Food Connect is a model to address local food system change. It aims to improve access to
healthy food choices where people live, work, learn, and play. The initiative is part of Victoria’s
comprehensive approach to preventing chronic disease being delivered through Healthy Together
Victoria. Support resources and case studies included.
 MarketFresh
MarketFresh established by the Melbourne Market Authority. Promotes and educates the public
about the full range and benefits of fresh fruit and vegetables,
Provides Resources, FAQs and school program.
Nutrition Australia – promotes health through nutrition and physical activity. Includes FAQs
and resources.
Grampians Pyrenees Primary Care Partnership
Reports - Healthy Food for all – Food security in the Grampians Region
Phase 1 Problem Definition
Phase 2 – Solution Generation
Physical Activity
Heart Foundation - Publication: Is Sport Enough? Active Health Kids Australia 2014 Report Card
on PA for Children and Young People – great resource for data collection methods and use of
standardised questions.
First Steps to Active Health:
Toolkit provides specific interventions and programs to improve health and functional ability,
promote independence, and prevent chronic disease and disability in older adults . Includes RAPA Rapid Assessment Physical Activity Tool.
Social Connection
 Central Hume PCP
Documents – PDF Social Connection Evaluation Tools
Social Evaluation Tool – Post Evaluation
Social Evaluation Survey Long Term