Annual General Meeting November 20, 2014 SHAREHOLDER’S PRESENTATION

Annual General Meeting
November 20, 2014
Presentation Outline
An overview of your company
The current marketplace we operate in
Fiscal 2014 summary
Tri Origin’s exploration projects
Investment in Heron Resources
Plans & strategy for the coming year
A unique exploration Company with a
strategy focused on discovery of gold &
base metal deposits in the Canadian Shield
Management has a substantial record of
discovery of major ore deposits and in
their development and financing
Properties are strategically located nearby
existing mining camps
– Red Lake, Ontario
– Pickle Lake, Ontario
– Casa Berardi/Joutel, Quebec
All properties are drill-ready
Investment held in an emerging Australian
producer valued at $1.88 million (Sept 30, 2014)
Corporate Structure
Red Lake Extension – ON (Au)
Exchange Listing:
TSX Venture
Trading Symbol:
Shares Issued:
89.4 million
Shares fully diluted: 96 million
Investment: $1,884,336 at Sept 30, 2014
North Abitibi – ON (Au)
Sky Lake – ON (Au)
Investment in Heron
12.6 million shares
Heron Resources Ltd
361 million
Directors and Management
Robert Valliant, PhD., Director & CEO
Former VP Exploration of LAC Minerals Ltd.
Involved in the discovery and development of deposits representing a large portion of Canada’s current gold
production (Bousquet/Doyon, PQ and Hemlo, ON) and gold discoveries in the southwest US while at LAC
Co-founded Tri Origin, founded TriAusMin (TOR:TSX, TRO:ASX), discovered Lewis Ponds poly-metallic deposit NSW,
acquired Woodlawn Mining District NSW to prepare for re-development
J.P. Janson, Director
Managing Director National Wealth Management with Richardson GMP
Former Managing Director of the retail investment arm for Eastern Canada of CIBC Wood Gundy
Alan Snowden, ICD.D., Director
President of Family Wealth Management, British Columbia
Former VP and Director for Western Canada of BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc.
Alan Galley, PhD., Director
Exploration Research Director, Canada Mining Innovation Council (“CMIC”)
Over 30 years experience in the mining industry
Previously Minerals Director with the Geological Survey of Canada
Lou Nagy, CA, CFO
Frank Kendle, BSc, Senior Geologist
Discovery Strategy
Scientific & systematic approach to identify new prospective terrain
Well-developed targeting criteria used to recognize “off-the-beatentrack” opportunities
District-scale properties acquired to envelope camp-scale discoveries
Targeting high value precious metal or precious metal-rich polymetallic deposits
Company expertise & experience is combined with modern &
innovative exploration tools to generate and screen early-stage
Shareholder value created through discoveries, partnerships with
mining firms to advance projects & ultimately from a return on
investment from participation in producing mines
Tri Origin’s business is to make discoveries with camp-scale
potential that attract mining partners
Working Principles
To enact its strategy Tri Origin is respectful of;
Maintaining a high level of Corporate Governance and
transparency to shareholders
Minimizing investment risk by security of land title & exploring
in areas with established infrastructure and low political risk
Using investors funds responsibly through low corporate
overheads & effective assessment of targets
Operating with safety, the environment & Corporate Social
Responsibility in mind
State of the Industry
Recent Pessimism
• Resource market values have been destroyed
• Liquidity is near zero
• Investors are in despair & have fled
• Major mining companies are in difficulty
• Survival has been the operating principle
The Return of the Speculator
R. Widdop circa 1999
It’s time for optimism
Junior resource Boom & Bust cycles are normal
We are past the crash stage
Producing companies are healing their wounds
Mergers & cash takeovers are now happening
because of low market valuations
Producers will next look to explorers to fill the
pipeline to replace dwindling reserves
Investors will return to the market
2014 In Review
Progress made in the Canadian Shield;
• Dr. Alan Galley joined the Board of Directors
• Work permits approved by the Ontario government at all projects allowing planned activities
to be conducted for the coming two years
• Geological surveying at the North Abitibi project continued to highlight importance of known
gold zones & outline opportunities for new discoveries
• Prospective new targets identified at the RLX project at Red Lake following termination of
option with Osisko Mining Corp
• Senior mining firms targeted to secure a funding partner for ongoing exploration at RLX
• Potential gold and base metal acquisitions in overlooked mining areas in Ontario were
reviewed to strengthen future property portfolio
A Major Change to TOE’s Australian Investment;
• Australian affiliate TriAusMin merged with Heron Resources to advance the Woodlawn
Underground project through utilization of Heron’s $35 million in cash
• Equity investment in HER had a value of $1,886,151 at Sept 30, 2014
Objectives for 2015
Make new Discoveries of Economically-Viable Gold & Base Metal Deposits
To do that we will;
• Add exciting new projects & partnerships to the
Company’s portfolio
• Secure a senior partner for RLX project, Red
Lake, ON
• Advance gold occurrences at North Abitibi
project, Abitibi Greenstone Belt, ON, through
• Utilize investment funds to grow the Company’s
asset base
Canadian Shield Projects
Red Lake
Pickle Lake
• Red Lake Extension (RLX)
• Sky Lake
• North Abitibi
“Elephant hunting in elephant country”
Red Lake Extension (RLX)
Red Lake is one of the richest gold
districts in Canada
More than 20 million ounces of
gold produced
Comparable to other prolific gold
mining districts including: Hemlo,
Timmins and Kirkland Lake
Senior mining companies have a
long history in the area
Tri Origin identified a unique
opportunity in the District
Targets are drill-ready
20 M oz Gold
Tri Origin RLX Property
RLX Property Asset
100%-owned, strategic land position adjacent to Goldcorp’s Red Lake Mine
859 claim units (140 sq kms)- one of the largest landholdings in the district
Over $3.5 M expended to build a geotechnical database & advance the project
– Gold-bearing environments confirmed by initial drilling
– Confirmation that the “Red Lake Mine Trend” extends across the property
10 kilometres of prospective “Red Lake Mine” host rocks require detailed
exploration and drilling at orebody-scale targets
Gold-bearing Rocks
Madsen Mine at Red Lake
Drill Core
RLX 11-04
Altered rock from adit
Exploration Plans at RLX
Priority is to secure a senior partner to advance the project;
10 km to Goldcorp’s Red
Lake Mine head frame
Grid Areas
2012 Grid Area
Targeted “gold
horizon” (yellow)
Aeromagnetic, EM and Ground Survey Grids
RLX is a very large
It needs to be wellcapitalized
Sustainable, long-term
exploration is required
Objective is to maximize
funding to drill targets
Equity financings in the
current market will not
accomplish project goals
North Abitibi
100% interest in 28 km2 property in the Abitibi Greenstone Belt - one of the
worlds most prolific metal-producing regions
Known gold occurrences on the property are in a regionally productive belt
of rocks that includes the Casa Berardi & Estrades Mines & Joutel District
Overburden hindered earlier geophysical/geochemical exploration
Interest renewed in the area due to successful production from the Detour
Lake Mine (15.5 million ounce reserve)
50 km to Detour
Lake Mine
150 km to Kirkland
North Abitibi Gold Occurrences
 Numerous gold
Spade Lake Zone
occurrences intersected by
drilling throughout a 7 km x
3 km area
 Spade Lake and Road
Gold Zones have shown
continuity of high-grade
 Historic drill intersections
to only 150 m below
surface- zones open along
strike & to depth
Road Zone
“New” Gold Zone
 Additional drilling required
to evaluate economic
potential of the property
The Road Gold Zone
Trench Area Plan Map
 Historic drill intersections
returned anomalous gold
over core intervals >50m
 Recent excavating
Newmont drill
holes 1987
Tri Origin drill
hole 2007
exposed the Zone at
surface- grab samples
returned assay values up
to 43 g/t gold
 The zone is open at depth
& along strike
Excavations to
bedrock (yellow)
 Surface extent of zone can
be inexpensively
delineated by excavating
Gold histograms from
drilling (red)- capped
at 5.0 g/t
Grab samples from quartz-carbonate veins;
43 g/t Au, 140 g/t Ag
25 g/t Au, 96 g/t Ag
21 g/t Au, 73 g/t Ag
3.9 g/t Au, 20 g/t Ag
 Drill ready to evaluate
economic potential of zone
Sky Lake- New Discovery Potential
 Located 310 km north of Thunder Bay, Ont.
 Property includes 100%- owned claims covering 50 km2 plus 28km2 with
option to acquire majority interest
 Within gold-rich terrain bounded on the east by the historic 2 million ounce
Pickle Lake Gold District and on the west by past-producing Golden
Patricia gold mine
Central Patricia
Mine (Au)
Pickle Lake Gold District
>2 M ounces produced
Thiery Mine (Cu, Ni)
Golden Patricia
Mine (Au)
Dona Lake Mine
Sky Lake Property
Sky Lake Gold Occurrences
 Gold occurrences in iron-formation & volcanic rock are known throughout the 20 km long property
 Prospective, unexplored gold-bearing terrain is targeted adjacent to partially-delineated gold
occurrences discovered in the 1950’s
 Airborne & ground geophysical surveys conducted by TOE have identified targets for drill testing
Iron Formation
Significant Au Occurrences
“next door” resemble
Bousquet/LaRonde Au district,
Property boundary
Proposed 2015
Survey Area
2014 Survey Area
Project Summary
Large, strategic land position tied to Goldcorp’s Red Lake Mine property
“Red Lake Mine Trend” rocks and structures extend across the property
Geophysical targets recently delineated and drill-ready
North Abitibi
Gold-bearing but overburden-covered segment of the Abitibi greenstone belt
Numerous Au occurrences have been found within a 7 km long property trend
Road & Spade Lake Gold Zones are open and drill ready
Sky Lake
Surrounded by past-producing gold mines in the Pickle Lake district
Historic gold zones and newly identified occurrences provide strong evidence for new
discovery potential on the property
Promising new targets are drill ready
Investment in Heron
Tri Origin owns 12.6 million shares of Heron Resources Ltd: an Australian
development-stage base and precious metals company
Investment value: $1.88 million (based on TSX market price at Sept 30, 2014)
A focus on the Woodlawn Project
Past-producing Woodlawn Open Pit & Underground Mine
Historical Processing: 1978 to 1998
13.8Mt @ 9.1% Zn, 3.6% Pb, 1.6% Cu, 74g/t Ag, 0.5g/t Au
Utilization of Heron Investment
The merger between TriAusMin, the Company’s former subsidiary and Heron
terminated Tri Origin’s involvement in Australian activities and resulted in a
refocussing of the Company’s business strategy
Heron will continue with exploration & development of Resource &
Reserve-based assets in the Lachlan Fold Belt of NSW, Australia
Drill results released by Heron have been encouraging & plans are to
access underground workings at the past-producing Woodlawn mine
Heron has ~$35 million in cash
Tri Origin believes that Heron’s efforts will be successful and its equity
investment will increase in value
Tri Origin plans to utilize this investment to grow its asset base in the
Canadian Shield
Tri Origin’s business plan involves capitalizing on the investment at the appropriate time to
achieve company objectives and add to its discovery strategy
Plans for 2015
A New “Discovery Strategy” will commence involving;
• Increasing activities in the Canadian Shield
• Acquiring new projects & partners
• Renewing exploration at RLX with a new funding partner
• Evaluating Gold Zones at North Abitibi
• Making Discoveries
Tri Origin thanks its shareholders for their continued
support and looks forward to a successful 2014
Tri Origin is an experienced, well-recognized explorer with a successful track
record. It has demonstrated ability to acquire and explore properties with
proven mineral deposit potential , to finance its exploration and form strategic
joint ventures with respected industry partners.
Tri Origin conducts exploration in an environment friendly fashion and with
respect to local communities.
tel: 905 727 1779
[email protected]