Good News November 2014 9

First Presbyterian Church
Hollywood FL (USA)
November 2014
Pumpkins-&-All-ThingsOrange Sunday
November 16th, 10 a.m.
First Church Monthly E-News
Issue 2, Vol. 9
First Presbyterian Church is an exciting place
with a whole array of ministries, including early childhood
programs and after school care. In everything we do and
are, we strive to be God's good news to a world in need.
We hope that you will take time to browse our Web Site;
and if you are in our area, please come visit us.
Please bring a dish to
share, some type of
Every Sunday
orange food!!
Breakfast and the Bible: 9:00 a.m.
(casserole, soup, cake,
Worship: 10:00 a.m.
cookies, pie, etc).
Good News Kidz (Children’s Sunday School): 10:00 a.m.
Daylight Saving Time
ENDS November 2
December issue:
November 15th
Reports for Session due Friday, November 7th
Learning Center Board, 4:30 p.m. in the chapel — November 10
Worship Committee, 6:30 p.m. in the chapel — November 10
Team of Chairs, 6:00 p.m. in the chapel — November 12
Finance Committee, 7:00 p.m., church office — November 12
Session Meetings, 7:00 p.m. in the chapel — November 17
Board of Deacons, 7:00 p.m. in the church office— November 24
BOOK CLUB 2014 – 2015 —
Please join us November 19th at 7 pm in the chapel.
Our next selection is “Haunted,” by Randy Wayne White. The Book Discussion Group meets
six times per year on the third Wednesday of the month at 7 PM in the chapel. The selection for
January 21st is Inner Circle, by Brad Meltzer. Discussions are led by Ellen Yamrick, Retired Librarian.
Future book selections………..
February 25 - Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert
March 18 - Stormy Weather, Carl Hiassen
April 15 - Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins
Other Florida Authors:
Christine Kling - Dragon’s Triangle
Elmore Leonard - La Brava (1983), Rum Punch (1992) and Get Shorty (1993).
Susanna Daniel - Stiltsville (2010
Campbell McGrath - Florida Poems (2002),
Ernest Hemingway - To Have and Have Not
Boy Scouts, contact Neil Donnelly (954-925-8622) for information.
Cub Scout Troop 420 (Grades 1-5)
September - May
Tuesdays @ 6:30 p.m.
2nd floor of Education building
Boy Scout Troop 420 (Grades 6-12)
Mondays @ 7:00 p.m.
2nd floor of Education building
Issue 2:9
Veteran Recognition Day
Sunday, November 9th, 10:00 a.m.
If you are a veteran, we ask that you provide us with
two pictures: one of you in uniform, and a current
picture. You may e-mail your pictures or bring them
to the church office. We will need the pictures
by November 3rd in order to prepare an on-screen
presentation for worship on the 9th.
The church and Learning Center offices will be closed
Tuesday, November 11th for the Veterans Day holiday
Thursday, November 27th and Friday, November 28th
for the Thanksgiving holiday.
On September 7th, the following officers were ordained and / or installed:
Ordained and Installed on Board of Deacons:
Robert S. Walker
Installed on Session:
Helen Cohen
A donation in honor of
Carl F. Hanna, II
has been received from Eleanor C. Cohen.
Please consider sharing Christmas with a child in need. Gift tags will be available beginning
November 16th. Take an “angel” from the bulletin board in the church entrance,
then purchase a gift and return it to the church by December 7th. THANK YOU!!
CHRISTMAS FOOD DRIVE — November 16 – December 7th
for Hollywood Central Elementary (HCE) families in need.
Please bring your donations to church on Sunday, or drop them off
at the church office Monday through Friday (9a.m. – 3 p.m.)
Angel Tree gifts and food will be delivered to HCE
on Monday, December 8th.
Saturday, November 29, 2014,
Hanging of the Greens, beginning at 5:00pm.
Please bring a dish to share,
and enjoy a time of fellowship
after the decorating is completed.
Work Day
November 15th
Help us get ready for the
Holidays! Please bring your
Cleaning supplies.
From Kennedy’s Desk —
The preacher, John Maxwell, talks about how as a young teen, he went out with his grandfather
to plant an apple tree. As they planted the tree, his grandfather could see John puzzling over this
task. So he asked him, “Are you wondering, John, why I am planting a tree that most likely I’ll
never eat from?” John admitted that yes he was. His grandfather asked, “Have you ever eaten an
apple from a tree you didn’t plant?” John replied, “Sheesh, I think every apple I’ve eaten came
from a tree I didn’t plant.” His grandfather said well then that should help you understand. We
all benefit from what others planted before us, and it means we need to do the same. It’s not
enough to take care of our own, but we need to give in ways that will provide for those yet to
As a church, we benefit from those who have done that for us. Because in the past,
Presbyterians who went before us gave, we have our campus and its facilities. Not only that,
because of those who kept giving even after their death, we have had the funds needed to
sustain our ministries when current giving could not meet the gap. Literally we would not be
here if not for those legacies, those apple trees planted for us. And in years to come, if the
mission of this church is to prosper, we must also plant the trees that will provide fruit for the
future Presbyterians to come.
For that reason, your elders have created a new society, The Legacy Society. To become
part of this society, you need only to do one thing, make some financial provision of whatever
amount in your end of life planning for this church. There are many ways to do that, including
ways that can give you income right now. And on the first Sunday in November, November
3rd, after worship, we are giving you an opportunity to learn more about how you can
plant your own apple tree. We will be hosting a free lunch where a representative from our
own Presbyterian Foundation will be sharing the various ways that you can leave a legacy to
sustain the mission of this church. Please make a reservation to join us on that day. You will
find a reservation form on the following page. Please return it to the office by Friday,
October 31st to reserve your spot. So come on out for a lunch and the opportunity to learn
how you could leave a legacy that lives on in this church for generations to come!
Make purses for yourselves that do not wear out, an unfailing treasure in heaven, where
no thief comes near and no moth destroys. For where your treasure is, there your heart
will be also.
Jesus, Luke 12:33b-34
My grandparents, who are both now in heaven, will be funding new churches in Eastern
North Carolina for decades to come, and right now, that gift is helping to support their children in their retirement. How can they do that? They can do it because of the end of life
planning our family did. In my parents’ church now in Georgia, members long since gone
are funding everything from music ministries to aid to families in need. How can they do
that? Through their church, they did end
of life planning.
You can leave a legacy for this church that will sustain ministry for decades, even generations to come, and even do so while receiving income on that gift right
now. On Sunday, November 2nd, your elders are providing an opportunity to find
out how that could happen as well as other ways your gifts to God’s work can continue
long after you have gone to your eternal home. A representative of our own Presbyterian
Foundation will be joining us for this lunch. This time together
is purely an informational meeting, a chance to learn more, and as we will be providing
lunch, we ask that you reserve your spot here. Please join us for what
will be an exciting and meaningful time together.
I wish to attend this luncheon on November 2nd ________
I reserve for ______ person(s)
I am not able to attend but wish to learn more _________
Name ________________________________________
Phone No. _________________________________
First Church’s mission encompasses five key areas:
Celebrating Jesus (mainly through our worship gatherings)
Loving Children, Youth and their Families
Developing Disciples of Jesus
Caring for Those in Need
Going on Mission with Jesus to Hollywood and beyond
As we live out that mission, we work to live into the vision of more and
more families transformed with the love of Jesus in Hollywood and beyond.
This budget presentation shows what we estimate we will need in funds to
live out our church’s mission and our vision of sharing the transforming love
of Jesus in 2015.
Please note that this presentation doesn’t show you what the FPL bill is
(though that information is readily available if you would like to see it). It
shows instead what that bill goes for, the mission God is calling us to live out
in the coming year.
Celebrating Jesus in Worship:
Each Sunday, we give our single most visible witness to Jesus in our
community. Through that gathering, current followers of Jesus grow even as
new followers of Jesus are born. 70% of the people who connect to this
church first make that connection through our worship gatherings. More
than that, everyone who does connect always finds worship to be a crucial step on that
journey. Our worship gatherings lift up the gospel with excellence and
every week, impacting hundreds of people throughout the year. In 2015, we will work to
increase our worship attendance by at least 15%, and explore new ways to worship to
reach even more people in our community with the love of Jesus. The amount above represents 35% of our pastor’s salary, the entire Music Ministry, a little under 50% of the cost
of our administrative staff (who prepare bulletins, PowerPoint, etc. and the Sanctuary itself), and roughly half of the cost of our sanctuary, church offices, and 35% of insurance,
copying, etc. It does not include the thousands of volunteer
hours contributed each week to give witness to Christ in our worship.
Loving Children,Youth and Their Families:
Each week, we touch the lives of over 200 children and youth. They
experience God’s love in Good News Kidz on Sunday morning or our two
youth groups or in the three chapels in our Learning Center ministries, or
as Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts have their weekly meetings. In 2015, we look forward to
seeing these ministries grow to reach even more children and their families
in Hollywood. The amount you see above includes 20% of our pastor’s salary,
administrative staff, east campus costs, and insurance, copying etc. in addition to our full
children and youth budget. It does not include the thousands of volunteer hours put in to
lead and support these various ministries. It also does not include the cost of our
self-supporting Learning Center Ministries, including the full funding of the two educational
buildings west of our Sanctuary.
Developing Disciples of Jesus:
Beyond our work developing young disciples of Jesus with children
and youth, we do significant work developing adults in their Christian
growth and discipleship. With three women’s Bible Studies, two
Sunday Bible studies, and various other teaching opportunities,
roughly 50% of our congregation grew through discipleship
development in 2014 - along with a number of folks in our
community. In 2015, we want to see that number grow to include 60%
(approximately 75 people) of our worshiping community involved in adult
discipleship so that we might grow more deeply into a transformed and
transforming family of faith. To see that happen, we will require the funds above,
an amount that represents 15% of our pastor’s salary, roughly 15% of our
administrative costs, and 10% of our east campus facility costs. This does not
include the hundreds of hours put in to lead and support these ministries.
Caring for Those in Need:
In a congregation such as ours, with a large group of seniors, it is
crucial that we provide support and care for those struggling with
illness or confined to their home or a nursing facility. In addition,
as a church, we provide support to members of our church family going through
not only health crises, but facing financial or family challenges. This past year,
through countless acts of caring, we visited the sick, fed the hungry, supported the
grieving, and manifested the love of Jesus to those with the deepest needs. In
2014, we launched a new Shepherding ministry which provides on-going care and
support for every member of our church family. In addition to the amount you
see above, we also have thousands of dollars given each year through our
Deacons Fund for needs in our church community and for the work of Jubilee
Center (a ministry to the poor of Hollywood). We also have hundreds of hours
put in by so many to care for others in need in this church family. The amount
needed to support our caring ministries in 2015 includes 15% of our pastor’s
salary, and about 15% of our administrative and facility costs.
Going on Mission with Jesus to Hollywood and Beyond: $32,250.00
Over the last several years, our mission has expanded in
remarkable ways. Our partnership with Hollywood Central
Elementary has continued to grow, and our work in Haiti with
Temple Beth El, Hollywood C.A.R.E.S., now encompasses not
only our HIV house orphanage, but a school and community center. That work will
grow in 2015 with focus on expanding our annual Healing Haiti Concert at Young Circle and
developing new programs with Hollywood Central. The amount above does not include roughly
$10,000 in funds raised through our special mission offerings or the many volunteers who support
these missions. What it does include is 15% of our pastor’s salary, and about 10% of our
administrative and facility costs.
Total Vision Budget for 2014:
Now as you excel in everything—in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in utmost eagerness, and in our love
for you[d]—so we want you to excel also in this generous undertaking. I do not say this as a command, but I
am testing the genuineness of your love…. 9 For you know the generous act[f] of our Lord Jesus Christ, that
though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, so that by his poverty you might become rich.
2 Corinthians 8:7-9
God has given us everything, even his very life in Jesus. Jesus sought us when a stranger, wandering from
the fold of God; He, to rescue us from danger, Interposed his precious blood.
Out of gratitude for this love beyond our imagination, we can only live in gratitude. To live more deeply
into this life of gratitude, please share with us your commitment to give back to the God who has given
everything for you. Please fill in your commitment of giving for 2015, to place back in the hands of the
gracious One who has given it to you.
Out of gratitude for God’s incredible graciousness towards me, in 2015,
I will give ________________ per week
per month
per year
to the ministry and mission of this church. This commitment represents an increase of
$ _______.00
per week
over my previous giving.
__________I tithe (give 10% of my income) to God’s work here.
__________ I will become a tither this year.
per month
Presbyterian Women — Marilyn McIntosh, Moderator
Our September luncheon was a great success. Twenty-six ladies enjoyed
good food, good fellowship, and a good program.
We look forward to our next activity, which is the cookie sale on Sunday, November 23.
Then we will deliver cookies to shut-ins on the 24th. So check your recipes and bring a plate
of home-baked or store-bought cookies to church on the 23rd.
December 14 will be our Bake Sale and Holiday Fair. If you can make any Christmas items
for this sale, it will be greatly appreciated.
If you haven't joined a circle and are interested, please call me at 954-925-3982. Circles provide
wonderful Bible studies and great fellowship.
Jamye Backus - Soffer
7140 Colony Club Dr., Apt.204
Lake Worth, FL 33463
Orlando & Maria Fonseca
2115 SW 71 Way
Davie, FL 33317
Richard Ferrara
3198 Sheridan Lane
Hollywood, FL 33021-3741
Richard and Joan Hester
21902 NW 190 Ave
High Springs, FL 32643-9491
April 19, 2015
we will celebrate 90th
anniversary of First
Presbyterian Church of Holly-
1925 – 2015
Please keep in your prayers........
Our family in Prayer
PRAYER FAMILIES — Each Sunday, we include several of our First Church families in our daily
prayers to sustain them in Christian love and support. We will gladly add friends of the church to
this. To be included, please call Lynn in the church office. Please pray for Linda Anderson,
Howard Banaszak, Sarah Lee Banaszak, Patricia Basana, Ken Benoit, Donna Beutner,
Peggy Black, Alberta Boughman, Jackie Brannon, Johanna Clayton, Paula Cronin,
Henrietta Curtis, Vernetta Fleegle, Diane Flett, Mike Foley, Dorothy Fordyce, Irving
Fordyce, Jack Gregory, Dora Griffith, Amber Henderson, Hunter Hildebrand-Preston,
Ginger Imel, Marge Karbacz, A. J. Kaynatma, Carmen Mangiante, Melida Knott,
Migdalia Lopez, Gary Malkin, Renee McConnell, Marilyn McIntosh, Earl Mohan, Nancy
Moore, Carla Nash, Wilma Paquette, Ed Rasor, Marnie Rivas, Mary Rodriguez, Robert
Rus, Grace Ryll, Dick Saltrick, Donny Silvestro, Grace Silvestro, Sandy Silvestro,
Bobby Snatchko, Sally Southmayd, Gail Spooner, Bonnie Springer, Collette Tindall,
Lisa Whyte, Tara Whyte, the Whyte family, Tim Witt
Each month we include several of our First Presbyterian families in our daily prayers to sustain
them in Christian love and support. We will gladly add friends of the church to this list. To be
included, please call Lynn in the church office. Please pray for
1st week
the Day family, the Deibele family, the Donnelly family
2nd week
the Ellis family, the Fleegle family, the Fonseca family
3rd week
the Funk family, the Gayler family, the Gensel family
4th week
the Gonzalez family, the Gorton family, the Gray family
5th week
the Griffith family, the Hamilton family, the Hanna family
First Church Monthly E-News
Issue 2:9
November 5
Nancy Donnelly
November 16
Richard Hester
November 6
Lorraine Blair
November 17
Felicia Hart
November 6
Peter Deibele
November 17
Brittany Roddy
November 8
Paula Cronin
November 19
Danijela Lasica
November 8
Lorie Hayman
November 20
Patrick McGowan
November 8
Bobby Roddy
November 21
Ed Rasor
November 10
Niles Alexis
November 23
Paul Lewis
November 12
Pam Deibele
November 23
Ryan Maurer
November 13
Cherry Mason
November 23
Daniel Wolfe
November 13
Robyn Neunie
November 15
Mariana Bongo
November 25 Hunter
November 26 Robert Remek
November 16
Brian Asarnow
Del & Naomi Massave Berry 3 years
Richard & Joan Hester
56 years
Judy & John Stillman
27 years
We extend our sympathy to Kathy & Ted Meyer and
their family following the October 17th passing of Kathy’s
mom, Margaret Foley.
Issue 2:9
First Church Monthly E-News
Carlisle, Moderator
Share-A-Meal— 11:00 a.m. — November 1st
Meet in the CHURCH KITCHEN to prepare sandwiches for
area homeless. To offer your help the 1st Saturday of every
month, please contact Alice Carlisle.
Deacon’s Fund offering — November 2nd
These gifts will go to help members of our church and community when they face financial
distress, or to help folks in need who God places in our path.
Please use the envelope provided in the Sunday bulletin.
Just a reminder, we continue to collect non-perishable food items,
hygiene supplies and gently used or new sneakers and blue jeans for
the Jubilee Center. You may place these items in the narthex area.
Prayer Shawl Ministry,
Alice Carlisle, Coordinator
The Heart Strings Prayer Shawl Ministry will meet Tuesday, November 25th
at 2:30 p.m. in the chapel. Please call Alice Carlisle (954-929-5434)
with questions and/or requests for shawls.
A special 'thanks' goes to Tom Mason and Garnet Snyder for their generous donations to the
Prayer Shawl Ministry. They have covered the cost of at least twenty shawls! These dollars will go
a very long way to support our ministry and spread comfort and joy to many in need.
Good News Kidz (GNK)
(Children’s Sunday School)
Sundays at 10:00 a.m., in the church
Jennifer Hudson & Karen Martin, Co-Chairs
Middle School & Senior High Youth Group Opportunities
Share-A-Meal, 11:00 a.m., November 1st
in the church kitchen
Middle School: 11:30 a. m., in the chapel
November 9th - $5 for pizza
November 23rd - (Jessica Speirs is providing food. Please contact
Jessica at 954-805-5588 to let her know you will attend.)
Senior High: 5:00 p.m., in the chapel
November 2 - $5 for pizza
November 16 - (Jared Schwartz is providing food. Please contact
Jared at 954-478-7007 to let him know you will attend.)
November 30th - (Jessica Speirs is providing food. Please contact
Jessica at 954-805-5588 to let her know you will attend.)
PC(USA) has unveiled a new Young Adult Website. Go to our site and click on New Young Adult Website.
Save The Date! The next Kirking of the Tartans will be February 22, 2015.
Anyone who would like to help with the planning, or would like information on a Tartan
may contact Coordinator Alice Carlisle.
Presbyterian Women (PW) — Marilyn McIntosh, Moderator
Take a peak in the women's parlor/bride's room in the narthex and see the
new décor. PW members Kathryn Tyahla, Louise Hardenburg, Yvonne Mathews,
and Marilyn McIntosh, assisted by Bianca Lasica, Jamie Hamilton, and
Dick Sullivan, redecorated the room. This was paid for by the Memorial
Fund and the sale of the small desk that was in the room.
Hope you like it!
News from First Presbyterian Learning Centers
Jutta Hofmann, Learning Center Director
Fatima Marin, Early Learning Center Director
Pilar Causey, After-Care and Enrichment Director
We thank parents, church members, the Boy Scout Troops, staff, and the
Community for all the hard work and support they have given the Learning
Centers once again by supporting the 2014 Pumpkin Patch!
Thank you so much!
We are looking forward to the upcoming holidays!
We hope you may spend precious time with family and friends,
surrounded by love and laughter during the Thanksgiving Holiday!
Please don’t forget to notify Lynn in the church office. If you or anyone you know (family
member, church member, or a friend of First Presbyterian) are ill, in the hospital, or in a nursing home,
PLEASE don’t assume the church office knows. Give us a call at 954-923-8209.
Join us on ......
Our website
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with members, friends and family! Here's the link:
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Sunday’s worship bulletin, written & audio copies of Rev. McGowan’s sermons,
information about our Learning Centers and other ministries, access to
Tropical Florida Presbytery & Presbyterian Church (USA)
By God’s grace, may we be transforming
families with the Love of Jesus in
Hollywood and beyond
becoming a transformed and
transforming family of faith,
meeting families where they are
with the love of Jesus and
connecting families to the
transforming power of the Gospel.
Lord Jesus,
give us your grace and love to live into this
vision more and more every day.
The Good News
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Goods New — November 2014
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