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If you are new we’d love
you to fill this in so that we
can get in touch. If your
details have changed or if
you would like a visit from
someone from the church,
please fill this in too!
First Garvagh Presbyterian Church
Sun 30 Nov
Amy Arbuthnot
Valerie Holmes
Beverly Glass
Elaine Donald
Hilary Hutchinson
Alison Henry
Beverley Galloway
Joy Gordon
Joy Gordon
Surname ……………...……
Malcolm Campbell
Margaret Campbell
William Doherty
Stella Cooper
William Doherty
Stella Cooper
First Name ……………...…
Stella Cooper
Stella Cooper
Ida Wade
Charlotte Boyd
Charlotte Boyd
Chris Gordon
Evie Armstrong
Evie Armstrong
Alice Boyd
Address …………………...
Sound Desk
Mervyn Glass
Mervyn Glass
Andrew Paul
Tea after ES
Jacqui Whann
Tanya Magowan
Doreen Campbell
Roberta Armstrong
Mina Woodward
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Mervyn Thompson
David Shiels
Roland Holmes
Ken McLenaghan
William McClarty
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Sun 7 Dec
Weekly News
Welcome as we gather today to
wait upon God and worship Him.
If you are visitor, we hope you’ll
feel at home among us and that you
will come back again soon.
If you have just moved into the
area, we’d love to have you join
with us on a regular basis. Please
make sure you speak to the minister
or one of the stewards and give
them your name and address.
If you haven’t been to church for a
while, we hope that you’ll sense
today the very real presence of God
that will draw you back again to this
place. The greatest need in your
whole life is the very thing he’s
offering you today. Deep down in
your heart you know you need him.
Seek him, for he is here!
We all long to meet with God in a
special way today. He is here to do
just that for us. Take a moment in
silence just now. Tell him about
your burdens you’ve carried in with
you today—you know, your greatest
need today is to see the Lord
himself, to hear his voice, to sense
his powerful touch upon your life,
to feel his strong arms around you,
to understand what he wants you to
If you need any sort of help today,
please do not hesitate to wait and
speak to the minister afterwards or
contact him at home.
We give a warm welcome to Rev Robert
Johnston who is leading us in worship
2. Evening Service in Main Street Church at
3. This evening at 7pm Blackhill Golden
Star RBPNo71 invite you to a praise
service in St Guaire’s Parish Church Hall
Aghadowey. The praise will be led by the
Riada Accordion Orchestra and soloist’s. A
collection will be made for their charity
appeal Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF)
and The Bible Society.
4. Mission Hall Service at 8.15pm.
Mr Martin Dickey continues with a five
Sunday night series of Bible studies in the
book of Philippians entitled “Being part of
the “IN” crowd.
William Doherty
William Doherty
Alex Irwin
Ken McLenaghan
23 Nov
United Appeal—if you have got your United Appeal
Envelope with you today please put it on the offering
plate. If you have forgotten it there will still be an
opportunity next Sunday.
This Week
Monday 24 November—Bowling Club meets at 8.00pm
Monday 24 November—PW Rally will be held in First
Limavady at 8.00pm. Anyone who is interested in attending
please meet at the Church at 7.20 pm.
Tuesday 25 November—Good News Club : 6.45 to 7.45 pm
Tuesday 25 November—The PW Committee will meet in the
Choir room at 8.00 pm.
Wednesday 26 November—Tots & Co : 10.30 am to 12
10. Wednesday 26 November—Group Bible Study at 7.30pm
11. Thursday 27 November—Bon Accord & Men’s Group only
practice at 7.30 pm
12. Friday 28 November—Girls’ Brigade meets
13. Friday 28 November - 8TH Annual Garvagh Craft Fair in
Garvagh Community Building from 7 to 9 pm. Admission
which includes seasonal refreshments is £3.00 for Adults
(children free). The Craft Fair promises to be one of the best
fairs around .......come along and see for yourself!
Mission Overseas Prayerline
Issued on Wednesday 19 November 2014
Please provide me with
further information on …
BRAZIL - Naomi Keefe is due return to Olinda in north east Brazil on
Thursday 20th. Naomi who has been on home assignment in Ireland since
the summer, had been unwell for several months. Thankfully she is now
feeling much better and her energy levels have improved. Give thanks for
Naomi’s recovery from illness and pray for continuing good health.
Remember Naomi over the next few weeks as she settles back into her
home, life and work in Brazil.
 Finding out more about
INDIA - Rev John Faris (Minister of Trinity Cork and Aghada) and Linda
Jackson (former PCI missionary in India) are currently on a short visit to
India. On Monday, 17th November, they attended the official opening of a
renovated library and computer suite at the Gujarat United School of
Theology in Ahmedabad. Whilst in India, Linda will also visit Woodstock
School, Mussoorie where she served from 1996 to 2009. Give thanks for the
renovated library and computer suite at the Gujarat United School of
Theology and pray that the many students who will use it in the years ahead
will benefit greatly. Pray that John and Linda will each have a safe and
trouble-free trip.
BIBLE SOCIETIES – The Bible Society in N. Ireland (BSNI)and the National
Bible Society in Ireland (NBSI) send the following prayer requests:IRAQ: The Bible Society in Iraq has been working for many years to provide
Scripture to Iraq’s Christian community. IS have forced the Christian
population to flee their homes and one of the staff team in Iraq has
commented, “Never have I seen and experienced the levels of heartbreak
that are happening now.” The team is providing aid, such as food, bedding
and Scripture for the refugees. Ask for God’s intervention, and for His
protection on Christians ministering to the many displaced people. May His
Word spread, bringing comfort to people who are destitute!
TOGO: At the end of November BSNI staff member, Leah McKibben, is
travelling to Togo to attend the dedication of the newly translated Mina
Bible. While there she will be seeing ministries to children and young people,
prisoners and those attending literacy classes. Thank God that the Mina
people are having the opportunity to celebrate God speaking to them in their
heart language for the first time. Pray for Leah, for safe travels and for an
experience that will help as the Bible Societies seek new ways to work
together to bring God’s Word to more people.
the Christian faith
 How to join First
 Freewill Offering
 Christianity /
Discipleship Explored
 Small Groups
 Children’s / youth
Other ……………….....……
I would be interested in
getting involved with …
 Children’s / Youth work
 Helping with crèche
 Tots & Co
 Media Team
 Music & singing
 Outreach to the
 Helping with tea/coffee
after services
Other ………………......…..
Other Information
It is time for the Salvation Army Christmas Family Appeal so
once again we are appealing to the generosity of the First Garvagh
Congregation. The Captain of the local Salvation Army mentioned
that they are always short of toys for babies under 3 years, and
perfumes, soaps etc for teenagers, but she emphasised that the
Salvation Army is exceedingly grateful for anything provided.
Containers will be set out for the next 2 Sundays.
Garvagh Community Playgroup—Now Enrolling for 2015. if you
know anyone who has a child born between 2 July 2011 and 1 July
2012 they are entitled to a free full time pre-school place in
September. Call at the playgroup for a form. Closing date 12
noon Wednesday 14 January 2015.
Wednesday 26 November—Coleraine Inst Friends Association are
holding a Floral Design Night with Jil Peterson at 7.30pm in the
Humphreys Hall at the school. Tickets £10 are available from
David Green.
Would YWG members please give their Mission Boxes to Betty
McKee. If you do not have a Mission Box you may give a donation.
Pastoral Care - Hospital Visitation
Very often notification that a parishioner has been admitted to hospital can take up to a week to be
communicated by post to the Minister from the Hospital Chaplain.
In some cases no information is received as sometimes church details are not gathered on admission to
hospital in A&E from the patient which are then used to notify the Hospital Chaplain. The Hospital Chaplain
only works 1 or 2 days a week and so sometimes patients can be missed if they have been in hospital for
only a few days.
If you or a family member are admitted to hospital and you would appreciate a visit please inform the Minister
as soon as possible. Likewise it would be appreciated that the Minister would be informed of hospital
discharge to save a wasted hospital call. Hospital visitation is an important aspect of pastoral care and we
don’t want to miss anyone because of the inadequacies of the system of notification.
Next Sunday
14. Sunday 30 November—Morning Service at 11.30 am.
Evening Service at 7.00 pm.
Further Ahead
15. Tuesday 2 December—The PW will meet at 8pm—
Members’ Night
16. Wednesday 3 to Sunday 7 December—New Row
Presbyterian Church Christmas Tree Festival from 10.00 am
to 9.00 pm each day. Closing Service on Sunday at 6.30pm.
17. Sunday 14 December—Annual Carol Service at 7.00 pm.