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Valdosta Rotary Members 2014
Joyce Aigen h
Sam Allen h,w
Troy Allen
Myrna Ballard pp,h,w
Felicia Barnes
Steven Barnes pp,h,ag
James Bone Jr.
Nathan Brown h,w
Stacy Bush h,w
Sandy Campbell h
Carl Cates pp,h,w
Jeremy Chick
Joseph Cordova pp,h
Bruce Cousins h
Ed Crane pp,h,w
Angie Crawford h
Jennifer Crick
V.L Daughtery Jr. pp,h,w
Donald Davis h
Molly Deese h, pd
James Dominey pp,h
Beverly Edwards h
John Edwards h
Moshe Elbaz h
Walter Elliot pp,h
Chuck Ennis
Joyce Evans
James Galloway ph
Laverne Gaskins h
Tim Golden h
Tom Gooding h
Mike Gudely
P– president
Lacie Guy
Jody Hall
Cathy Hanson
Terry Harkins
Owen Harris h,w
Jack Hartley h, pe
Jack Hearn h,w
Bubba Highsmith
Al Howell h
Corey Hull pp
Terri Jenkins
Rob Kellner h,w
Bill Kent h,w
Sharon Labranche h
John LaHood
Brad Lawson
Claire Lee h
Tripp Lester
Jerry Long h
Terri Lupo h
Dennis Marks pp,h
William Mckinney
Arthur McLane pp,h,w
Tyson McLane pp,h,w
Roy McNeal h,w
Mizanur Miah
Walter Moody h
Bob Moon h, p
Kerry Morris pp,h
Susan Mullis
Belinda Myers
Ivan Nikolov h
h-Paul Harris Fellow
ag– Assistant Governor
Charlie Oliver
John Page pp,h
Brian PaIerson
Jennifer Powell
Gretchen Quarterman
Greg Reid pp,h
Chris Roan h,w
Molly Roan
Penelope Schmidt h
Andrea Schruijer h
Shirley Serini
Wes Sewell h
Tom Shapard
Jimmy Shiver h
Bill Slaughter
Richard Stalvey h,w
Robert Stump, Jr. pp,h
John Thomas h
William Tidmore h
Nicholas ValenU pp,h,w
Joanne Ward pp,h
Nancy Warren h,w
Barbara Watson
Ed Willis h
Clint Willis h
Jim Wink
Baha Zeidan h
w-Will Walt Fellow
pd– President Designee
The Rotary Club of Valdosta
“Service Above Self”
Edited by Alyssa Morris, Rotary Intern
November 12, 2014
Bob Moon
President Elect
Jack Hartley
President Designee
Molly Deese
Past President
Myrna Ballard
Al Howell
Barbara Watson
Sergeant at Arms
Roy McNeal
Board of Directors
Jeremy Chick
Angie Crawford
Jim Galloway
Lacie Guy
Corey Hull
Rob Kellner
Penelope Schmidt
Nancy Warren
District 6920 Gov.
Ted Thompson
District 6920 Dir.
Bob Harrison
District 6920 A.G.
Steve Barnes
RI President
Gary Huang
Today’s Program:
Brad Lawson
Georgia Christian School
pp-Past President
pe– President Elect
Rotary District 6920
Club 4220
Established 1919
Club Information
Today’s Program:
Brad Lawson grew up in the ChaIanooga, TN
area. He received a BA in Social Science from
Harding University (’95) and moved to Valdosta to
teach middle/high school at Georgia ChrisUan
School (GCS). In 2000, he joined the US Army and
was staUoned in the Washington, D.C. area (The
Old Guard). A`er four years, he returned to
Valdosta to teach at Echols County unUl 2008.
Since 2008, he has been the lead administrator at
GCS and currently holds the Utle of President.
Brad earned his Master’s in EducaUon in ’03 (UMUC), his EducaUonal
Specialist in Leadership in ’06 (VSU) and is currently finishing work on his
Ed.D. in Leadership (VSU). He is married to PaUence McMullen Lawson
and they have three wonderful boys: Reagan (’23), Rowan (’25) and Ryder
Upcoming Programs
November 26 — No Meeting. Happy Thanksgiving!
December 3— State Legislative Lunch
December 10 —
Greeter Schedule
Greeter 1
Greeter 2
November 19
Jack Hartley
Jack Hearn
December 3
State Legislative Lunch
December 10
Bubba Highsmith
Rotary Christmas Party
Recent Programs: November 12, 2014
Tuesday, December 16
Valdosta Country Club
Julie Hiers– Scintilla Charter Academy
We were excited to welcome Julie
Hiers last Wednesday to hear about the
new Scintilla Charter Academy. We
were able to learn more about Charter
Schools: they are tuition free, open to
everyone, still have to meet the same
graduation requirements, and they are
often funded by philanthropy. Today
there are over 315 charter schools in
Georgia and now Hiers is starting one
right here in Valdosta. The name
“Scintilla” means a small spark. She chose this name because every fire starts
with a spark. Scintilla will have project based learning, service learning,
subject specific teachers, and standard based report cards. The school will be
located on East Park Ave and student enrollment will start in January and
interviews for staff will be in February and March. We are excited to see this
school become a success and get our community excited about education
again. For more information visit
Al Howell
Area Rotary Meetings
Cadillac Ranch
Harpers at the Myron Hotel
Madison, FL—Wednesday-Noon
St. Vincent DePaul Catholic
Valdosta North—Tuesday- Noon
Tifton—Wednesday-12:15 p.m.
Tifton Welcome Center
Presbyterian Homes of Georgia
Valdosta Country Club
Four-Way Test
Strive to
Live and
Using these
Is it the truth?
Is it FAIR to all concerned?
Will it build GOODWILL and better FRIENDSHIPS?
Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?