Ecology and the Bible Tall Timber Ranch, North Cascades, Washington January 2015

Ecology and the Bible
Tall Timber Ranch, North Cascades, Washington
January 2015
Dr. Jonathan Moo (Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies)
Stan Fishburn (Executive Director of Tall Timber Ranch) and Lyndsay Mynatt (Adventure Coordinator and
Program Director of Tall Timber Ranch) will teach cross-country skiing
TH 214 Ecology and the Bible (3 credits) + PE 148 Cross-country Skiing (1 credit)
TH 214 counts towards the environmental studies minor; it does not count as a bib lit gen ed
PE 148 counts as a Fitness and Wellness general education requirement
Pre-requisites: None
Develops a biblical theology of creation care rooted in Scripture’s portrayal of creation and redemption
in Christ. Attention is given to environmental issues and the ecology and natural history of the
Northwest. Includes study, work, worship, outdoor exploration and disciplined reflection.
30 miles north of Leavenworth, WA, Tall Timber Ranch lies at the end of the winter road in the beautiful
White River Valley and is surrounded by Glacier Peak Wilderness
View from our meeting room
Our classroom (and I don’t mean just the buildings)
In this spectacular winter setting, we will leave cell phones, email, internet and television behind as we immerse
ourselves in the study of Scripture, learn about natural history and local ecology, ponder the state of the planet, play in
the snow, and join together in regular worship and reflection as we contemplate the glory of God’s creation and
redemption in Christ and what it means for how we live in the world today.
$900 (inclusive of all meals and lodging)
For those without their own skis, Tall Timber is also offering cross-country ski rentals for the entire three weeks for only $20
Payment Plan:
 $300 non-refundable deposit due within two days of acceptance
 $300 due on September 1st
 $300 final payment due October 1st
Early Bird Special: Students who make all payments on time and turn in all required paperwork by their specified due dates will
receive a $100 refund after all payments have been processed, making the total cost of the course only $800.
Grants: Students can apply for a $300 travel grant from Whitworth (applications will become available in August)
Contact: Jonathan Moo: [email protected]; 509-777-3386
Off-Campus Studies Contacts: Charles Tappa; [email protected]; 509-777-4499
Kyle Holbrook; [email protected]; 509-777-4581