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Email: [email protected]
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TO: All Members of the Planning Committee
19th November 2014
Dear Councillor,
You are summoned to the meeting of the Planning Committee of Congresbury Parish
Council at St Andrew’s Room, The Old School Rooms, Station Road, Congresbury, on
Monday 24th November 2014 at 7.30pm. The meeting will consider the items set out
below. Supporting documents can be viewed in the Meetings area of the Parish Council
website or by appointment at the Parish Office.
At the start of the meeting there will be a public participation session to enable the people
of Congresbury to address the Council on any issue, subject to time available. Each
speaker will be limited to a period of up to five minutes with a maximum total time of 15
Tony Sawyer
Acting Clerk
Emergency evacuation procedure
Planning Agenda
24th Nov 2014
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Public Participation
At the Chairman’s discretion it may last up to 15 minutes
Apologies for absence
To note any apologies for absence
Declarations of Interest
Members to declare any interests, including Disclosable Pecuniary Interests (DPI)
they may have in agenda items that accord with the requirements of the Parish
Council’s Code of Conduct and to consider any requests from members for
To consider the following planning applications:
a. 14/P/2231/F Montreux Farm, 49 Wrington Road, Congresbury, BS49 5AS –
Erection of a building for storage of agricultural machinery & equestrian use
following demolition of 3 existing buildings
b. 14/P/2369/F & 14/P/2370/LB The Birches, Mill Lane, Congresbury, BS49 5JD
– Erection of a detached garage.
To consider the following Parking Restriction Order:
To comment on the proposed changes to parking restrictions on Mill Lane,
Strategic Planning Working Group:
To receive a report from the first meeting of the Strategic Planning Working Group.
Proposed Housing Developments
a Silver Street - To consider representation from the Parish Council at the North
Somerset Council P&R Committee meeting on 10 Dec 2014
b. Cobthorn Way – To receive feedback from the public consultation event held on
18 Nov.
To note the following decision notices with regard to planning
applications :
a. 14/P/1991/F Mendip Spring Golf Club, Honeyhall Lane, Congresbury, BS49 5JT
– Change of use to convert professional shop and offices into holiday
accommodation, office, store & workshop – Approved (CPC recommended approval)
b. 14/P/2069/F 18 Silver Street, Congresbury, BS49 5EY – Erection of a
conservatory - Approved (CPC recommended approval)
To note the following decision notices with regard to planning applications
for tree works :
a. 14/P/2107/WT St Andrews Church, Station Road, Congresbury BS49 5DX – 1
gleditsia, fell – Approved (CPC recommended acceptance of Tree Officer
Planning Agenda
24th Nov 2014
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Enforcement Action
To note the update on enforcement action with regard to planning breaches
Committee Members
Councillors Dickson, Hacking, Hassan, Hill, Raj and Sewell.
Planning Agenda
24th Nov 2014
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