Sunday 11/23/14 Tuesday 11/25/14

Feast of Christ the King
Religious Formation
Covenant Signing 9th Gr
Immediately following 11AM
Concert Ticket Sales
2nd Collection
Loaves & Fishes
CYO Begins
Turkey/Ham Collection
until 12 Noon at Rectory
NOVEMBER 23, 2014
White Ribbon Day
Religious Formation
MONDAY, November 24th - St. Andrew Dung-Lac
9:00 A.M. Paul Falkman
TUESDAY, November 25th - St. Catherine of Alexandria
9:00 A.M. Liz Yavorski
WEDNESDAY, November 26th9:00 A.M. Michael Brosonski
THURSDAY, November 27th- Thanksgiving (in Church)
9:00 A.M. People of the Parish
FRIDAY, Nov 28th 9:00 A.M. Mary Jane Butchko
SATURDAY, November 29th - Blessed Virgin Mary
9:00 A.M. Doris Murray
SATURDAY, November 29th - Vigil First Sunday of Advent
5:30 P.M. Charles Heuser
George Minto
Ronald Proverdi
Matt Davenport
SUNDAY, November 30th- First Sunday of Advent
7:30 A.M. Doris Murray
9:30 A.M. Richard Hayward
Angel Gongalez
Grace Sowinski
11:00 A.M. Agnes Alksninus
Jeanne M. Holly
Ferdinand A. Beyer (18th Ann)
Assunta & Filippo Bellafiore
Brown Bag Hanover Rec
OLMA ½ day
November 16th
Last Year
SUNDAY, November 23rd- Feast of Christ the King
7:30 A.M. Michael Timochko
Bill Pavlos
Antonio Azzinnari
Robert, Steven & Patty Thompson
9:30 A.M. Richard Hayward
Grace Sowinski
Michael & Richard Mead
11:00 A.M. Agnes Alksninus
Colim Savage
Marco Ramundo (Birthday Remembrance)
$ 9, 245. 00
$ 8,305. 00
FROM OUR D.I.T. (Deacon in training)
What is so remarkable about this
week’s gospel is how the Shepherd or Jesus aligns
Himself with his flock. Jesus loves us so intimately and
cares for us so intensely that he judges us by how we
care for one another. Jesus is not cruel or punishing, but
He is someone that asks us to help the weakest and most
vulnerable in society. Jesus our loving and good
Shepherd ony asked of us what He Himself did. The Good
Shepherd, our sweet Jesus, asks us to live a good life by
following him.
Last year OLM helped make Christmas a little brighter for
over 50 families through Catholic charities, located at the
Father English Center in Paterson. This year we will help
again, along with Our Lady of Victories/Our Lady of
Lourdes in Paterson and also needy families from our
community. Beginning this weekend, there will be tags
with a specific gift on trees located in the Academy foyer
and the Link. Take a tag (you can take more than one if
your are able) and return the item UNWRAPPED the
weekend of 12/13-14 and place under the tree with the
tag attached. We have a crew of volunteers to help
collect the gifts, sort and wrap them for the specific
families. OLM is such a generous parish, and I have no
doubt that once again this year we will show that
generosity to people who are less fortunate. Matthew
25:40 says “whatever you did for one of the least of my
brothers and sisters, you have done for me”. Never
underestimate the good you do by sharing with those who
do not have.
In the peace of Jesus, and with the servants heart
Vincent LoBello
The Rectory Office will be closed this
Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving. The
Rectory Office will be open Mon-Wed 9AM 3PM. Normal office hours will resume on
Monday Dec 1st 9AM-3PM. Thank you.
All are invited to join us for our Thanksgiving
Day Mass on Thurs 11/27 at 9AM in the
Church. Following the Mass, we invite you to
join us for “Coffee And...” courtesy of our
Knights of Columbus #6904. Please join us!
9AM in Church only
For everything there is a Reason and a Time
for Every Purpose under Heaven
...A Time to Heal...
Pray for the sick
Heidi Huston, Margaret McDonough, Isabella Schilare,
William Dixon, Natasha Orehek, Susan Nicoll, Raven Dill,
Joe Casarrubea, Giuseppa Casarrbea, Pat Fusco, Anne Y.,
Connor Davey, Addie Cinquino, Connie Delio, Rita Tironi,
Marian Marfan, Angela Cassano, Elizabeth Logan, Bob Bark,
Daniel Matakitis, Dominic Guida, Florence Albanese,
Frank Panian, Giovanna Cinquino, John Jaczyinski,
Jacqueline Gorman, Shane Hakes, Larry C., Mike McLaughlin,
Colin Kennedy, Carol, Bill Van Hall, Ralph LeFevere,
Madeline Guido, Pat Conforti, Agnes Ryan, Sean Downey,
Robert DelPurgatorio, Charles Realmonte, Mary G. McHale,
Linda Ann Celeste, Roger, Andy Reyes, John Strumolo Sr.,
Martin Kellehr, John Stolfi, Gil Longo, Joyce Ann Michaelson,
Shirley Smiecinski, Stephen Donnelly, Jon Albanesius, Michael,
Mark Herkert, Emma Carothers, Lucille Cocca, Cara Couglin,
Colton Ford Petronaci, Patrick J. Asay, Jr., Joseph Mascia
James Giannetti, William Bulman, Kevin Mulligan, Ted Sieka
Bob Roberts, Russell Cassella, Michael Smith, Randy Olsen,
Marylou Perrini, Michelle White, Kip Dangler, Luis Ripa,
James Rutkowski, Felisa Manlapig, Larry Alfano, Angela,
JoAnn Calabrese, Chris Surrago, Richard Virgil, Gary Y,
Sergio Nepomuceno, June Surrano, Fr. Charlie Parr,
Patsy Manna, Lisa Compas, Ronnie Noll, Lorraine Azzinnaro,
Bob Bartholomew, Neal Spickert-Fulton, Eleanor Shenuski,
Paul Comerford, Generoso Giesullo, Angel Lamontagne,
Geraldine Fleming, Assunta Less, Aladar Brokes,
Anita & Armando Geroldi and Angelo LaRusso
...A Time to Die...
Pray for the dead
Please pray for those buried in St. Mary’s Cemetery
and for those who have died especially
Kaitlyn Okolita and Mary Lou Bigelow
...A Time for Peace...
Pray for peace and our enemies in our world,
in our homeland, and in our Church
There are so many in trouble this year with
the rising costs of so many essential things in
our lives. Once again we urge all in our parish family to enter
into this opportunity to give so that others may be lifted up in
spirit. We all have our moments of pain and struggle but ours
do not compare to so many of theirs. This year we will be
helping Our Lady of Victories/Our Lady of Lourdes in Paterson
to try to meet the needs of the hundreds of families who have so
little. Turkeys/Hams and non-perishable foods may be left at
the rectory on MON 11/24 ONLY and placed in our parish truck
by 12:00 Noon. Your generosity to others will come back as a
blessing many times over to you and your families. Thank you.
First Sunday of Advent
Calendar Raffle
Concert Ticket Sales
This weekend we celebrate the Feast of
Christ the King, the last Sunday of the
Liturgical Year. Each and all of us minister
God’s presence in our own way. Each and every one of us are
part of God’s call: those who exercise special ministries and
those who are part of God’s Kingdom as worshiping assembly,
as growing believers, and as serving in simple and ordinary
ways to those in need. From the Baptismal Liturgy: “As Christ
was anointed priest, prophet and King, so may you live out the
same calling as you walk with your brothers and sisters in
Have a blessed week!
Here is the 9th suggestion from a new article, entitled
“Ten Things That Make a Great Catholic Family.” 9.
Listen for Holy Moments..Pause and notice the holy
moments - perhaps at bedtime or in the car - when we share our
true selves with one another. Faith Builder: Make room for
silence in your household. Turn off electronics for a time.
Ready, pray, mediate or daydream. Give God the chance to
Enjoy your week! Lisa
Dearest Caring & Sharing Angels. Great news! With
your loving support our Afghan Raffle and our
November bake sale were a huge successes! We
raised $312 from the Afghan Raffle. Thank you to all
those who helped with selling of the tickets after all
the masses and to Janet Dodge, Barbara Panian and Karen
Long who crocheted such beautiful afghans. Congratulations to
our winners - Margery Kelly and the Arakelian Family (who won
2 of the afghans). Caring & Sharing’s fall bake sale was a
GREAT success! We raised a total of $693 with the sale of a
selection of baked goodies prepared lovingly by our
parishioners, an array of breads donated by Anthony & Sons
Bakery and, of course, Father Sean’s holiday cake. We so
appreciate all of these delicious donations. Joe Pisauro -- one
our amazing volunteers -- won Father Sean's cake.
Congratulations Joe! Special thanks also go to those who
helped promote the event, set up the sales counters, received
baked goods, covered sales after masses and cleaned up the
space, namely: Patty Connolly, Lisa Dempsey, Debbie Finn,
Nancy Goebel, Marilyn Kuehner, Margery Kelly, Majella Lobello,
Concepta Savage, Patricia Shecora and Maria Werner. I am
ever so grateful for everyone’s time and generosity. Thank you
all. Wishing you and yours a VERY Happy Thanksgiving! With
much gratitude, Mimi Margron, Caring & Sharing Chair
Our Health Ministry is looking for nurses to help
with our monthly Blood Pressure screening. If you
are interested in helping and/or would like more
information on how you can help, please contact Kathy Dittrick
at: [email protected]
If you ordered anything from OLMA’s Christmas Flowers
& Wreaths/Greens Sale, orders can be picked up 12/1618 from 8AM-6PM. Forms can be found at the doors of
the Church. OLMA’S annual “Christmas Concert” will be
held on Wed 12/17 at 7PM. For more info please
contact OLMA Office at 973-887-2611
K of C “Annual Christmas Party” 12/6; Caring & Sharing
“Jewelry Sale” 12/6-9; “A Christmas Presence”
Concert with the Hanover Wind Symphony 12/7 at
3PM. Please mark your calendars.
There will be a RF Session this Tues 11/18
and next Sun 11/23. For more info please
contact the Ministry Office at: 973-8870767 or email at: [email protected]
Once again we will have a Children’s Christmas
Choir that will sing at the 4PM Mass on Christmas
Eve. Practices will be on Thursday, Dec 4th, 11th and 18th
from 4-5PM. It is open for anyone in grades 3-8th. For
more info, please contact Lisa at [email protected]
Below are the dates we will be working on the
Giving Trees. I can’t think of a better way to
kick off the Christmas Season than helping
those in need. Join us for one or all of the
days. If you have any questions or would like to help
please call 973738-9542 or email Vincent LoBello at
[email protected] Sat 11/29 after 5:30 PM Mass
(move/sort) - Sun 11/30 after 11AM Mass (move/sort) Sat 12/6 after 5:30 PM Mass (move/sort/wrap) - Sun 12/7
after 11AM Mass (move/sort/wrap) - Mon 12/8; Tues 12/9;
Wed 12/10; Fri 12/12 at 6:30PM (wrap). All are welcome
and encouraged to join us.
The CYO Basketball begins today. Good luck to
all the young men and women of OLM & Notre
Dame parish families. Let us keep them in our
prayers as they begin another season of basketball. Good
luck to all our teams.
We are accepting donations for Christmas
flowers again this year. The flowers will be used
to decorate the Church and Chapel. If you would
like to give a donation for this purpose, either fill
out the envelope in your Christmas packet or fill out the
form below and return it with your donation either in the
collection basket or to the rectory by December 24th .
(please print)
Calendar raffle winners for November 16th - 22nd 2014
Maureen Luger
Kim Zimmerman
$ 50
Margaret Wainschott
$ 50
Betty Kelly
$ 50
Jon P. Granziel
$ 50
Frank Gehrman
$ 50
Jess Ziccarello
$ 50
Congratulations to the winners. Remember, you must be in it to
win it! Tickets are drawn after the 9:30 AM Liturgy on Sunday
Mornings in the Academy Foyer. Extra books are available.
The American Legion Auxiliary will sponsor a
"pancake breakfast fundraiser" on Sun, 11/30 8AM 12PM. Pancakes, scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes,
sausage, bread/muffin, coffee/tea/juice. Adults $8, Children $5.
Our Caring & Sharing Committee are looking for
jewelry for their upcoming sale that will be held after
all the Liturgies Dec 6th - 7th. Donations can be placed
in the boxes found at the doors of the Church. Please
plan on stopping by to pick up some beautiful items and support
our committee.
Are you interested in being part of a Woman’s
Bible Study that would meet on the 2nd & 4th
Wednesdays beginning at 10AM? If you are
interested, please contact Karen Longo at: 973-267-3321 for
more info. If enough people are interested in participating, we
would like to begin on Wed 11/26.
We still have some spaces in our “A
Christmas Presence” Ad Book. If you have
your own business or your employer would
like to take an ad, it’s not too late! Ads need
to be in no later then 11/28. (You can also be a benefactor,
patron or booster) To place your add or receive more info,
please contact Carmen Blandino at: 973-887-1272. Thank you
for your support.
Elizabeth Ann Seton Council #6904 of the
Knights of Columbus will hold its 29th Annual
Family Christmas Party on Sat, Dec 6th from
6:30 - 10PM at OLM Center. The party
features great food, professional entertainment, Santa
Claus and an ornament exchange for the children.
Admission is one dessert per family. Space is limited to
250 people and reservations are required. If you would
like to attend, please complete and mail the attached form
by Dec 2nd to Arnold George, 6 Brandywine Court,
Whippany, or you can email the same info to
[email protected]
Donated by: ____________________________________
In Memory of:___________________________________
Number of Children________ Number of Adults ______
Children’s Ages ___________ Phone#