Connie Creed is Pleased to Present the 7 Annual…

Connie Creed is Pleased to Present the 7th Annual…
A three day, 20 game NASPA event directed by Jason Keller
Atlantic City Scrabble Tourney • Free Wifi & refrigerator in each room • $5 parking per stay
Location: on the Boardwalk at North Carolina Avenue,
Atlantic City, NJ, in the Ballroom on the Dining Level.
Resorts has undergone a major renovation, plus boasts 5
restaurants, a buffet, food court and Margaritaville!
When: Saturday, Jan. 24th – Monday, Jan. 26th, 2015
Early Bird Friday Jan 23th • 12:30 PM • 5 games
Format: 20 Games Rounds 1-15 Fontes-paired no repeats
Rounds16-18 Chew pairings, repeats possible
Round 19 QOTH, Round 20 KOTH
Div. A >1650, Div. B <1650, Div. C < 1350, Div. D <1000
Unlimited Playing Up
Director reserves the right to change pairings based on division size or
Saturday • 7 Games
10:00 AM Registration Opens
11 AM Rounds 1-3
1:45 Short Lunch Break
3 PM Rounds 4-7
Sunday • 8 Games
9:30 AM Rounds 8-11
1:15 Lunch Break
2:45 Rounds 12-15
Monday • 5 Games
9:30 AM Rounds 16-18
12:15 Lunch in Capriccio
12:45 Rounds 19-20 QOTH, KOTH
3:00 Awards Ceremony
Entry Fee: $125 Division A, $110 Divisions B thru D
$125 Collins • Early Incentive entries before 10/20 Deduct $10
$35 Early Bird in Academy Room
Top Prizes: $900 A, $700 B, $600 C, $500 D (Based on 100 player minimum)
Plus Cash Prizes for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th places, division sizes allowing
Prize allocation may be adjusted up or down based on size of each division…
Plus Additional Prize Categories
Hotel Package: 3 Day, 2 Night Stay Includes: Recently Renovated guest rooms, Soup and
Sandwich Lunch Break on Monday, All Taxes and Gratuities
Single $275, Double $150 pp
Hotel Package Price Guarantee until January 11th.
For Friday night stay add: $118 for Single, $59 for Double per person. All taxes included
Commuter Fee for Players not on Hotel Package $30
Registration Form Follows on Next Page
The 7th Annual Atlantic City Scrabble® Tourney
Registration Form
Phone ___________________________ Cell_______________________________
I choose to play in Division, PLEASE CHECK ONE:
A >1650______
D<1000______ Collins_______
All rooms will be non-smoking unless otherwise noted.
Prices are for the 2 night stay and include lunch on Monday, all taxes and resort fees.
Check all that apply:
_____ Single $275
_____Extra night (Fri.) $118
_____ Double $150 pp _____Extra night (Fri.) $59 pp
_____ Entry Fee $125 Division A or Collins (circle one)
_____ Entry fee $110 Divisions B thru D
_____ Early Entry before October 20th, deduct $10
_____ Commuter Fee for Players not on Hotel package $30
_____ Early Bird $35
Amount Submitted_____________
Roommate’s Name _______________________________________________
Assign a Roommate Yes___ No___
Please make Check Payable to: Connie Creed • 233 S. 6th St. #2502 • Philadelphia, PA • 19106
Questions or more information: 215-238-1880 or [email protected]