National Executive Nominations 2015

National Executive Nominations 2015
The Annual General Meeting for UN Youth New Zealand will be held at 3:00pm
on Sunday 7 December. The meeting is held during the Volunteer Training Hui
in Wellington – the exact location is to be confirmed soon.
As part of the AGM, elections will be held for the National Executive for the
2015 term. The term lasts from January 1 2015 to December 31 2015. The
positions to be filled are (in alphabetical order after President):
- National President
- National Communications Officer
- National Education Officer
- National Finances Officer
- National Operations Officer
- National Relations Officer
- National Volunteers Officer
Candidate statements and nominations are listed in the order that they were
received by the Returning Officer.
If you are unable to be physically present at the AGM, proxy voting is available
from the UN Youth website at and closes at
11:59PM on Friday 5 December. Note that there are strict criteria regarding
eligibility of voting, and mechanisms are in place to detect and deal with
fraudulent or ineligible votes.
For any questions, please contact the Returning Officer at
[email protected]
There are three candidates:
- Mike Peebles
- Jason Armishaw
- Charlie Lin
UN Youth NZ National Executive 2015 Candidate Nominations and Statements
Mike Peebles
Nominator: Simon Gyenge
Kia Ora UN Youth Volunteers and members!
My name is Mike Peebles, and it is an incredible privilege to be nominated to run for
National President for 2015. My first contact with UN Youth was in 2010, when I
attended Canterbury Model UN for the first time. I remember being unable to eat
breakfast the morning of the conference, but also feeling so welcome when I arrived.
It was a truly life changing experience, and over the next two years I attended many
other events. I feel incredibly privileged that I was able be involved with UN Youth in
high school. It helped me find a lot of confidence within myself, and also gave me
some of my closest friends.
After becoming a volunteer in 2012, the real highlight for me has been being Otago
President this past year, where I’ve been able to work with a wide range of people,
and take some real steps forwards in bringing UN Youth to new areas. I implemented
new events in Central Otago and Southland, and also played a core role building
relationships with the Invercargill, Queenstown, and Dunedin City Councils. I thus
believe that I have the experience, and the skills to be a good National President, and
if I’m elected, my priorities will be improving our operational functioning, and making
our programmes as accessible as possible, and performing my role to the best of my
ability. The NX needs to lead UN Youth by example.
Improving operational functioning:
2014 has been a challenging year for UN Youth. We have seen big growth within the
regions, and at national events, however we have also had significant internal issues.
There have been huge tensions between the regions, national event committees, and
the National Executive. If UN Youth is to survive long term, these need to be
resolved. I would like to see communication between the NX, and the rest of the
organisation improved though monthly Skype conversations with other
organisational leaders, and by standardising the NX liaison system. Transparent,
open and consistent communication will facilitate greater trust between the different
branches of the organisation.
Improving accessibility:
The regions are first point of contact with UN Youth for almost all of our members,
and they don’t always get the recognition that they deserve. We all recognise the
value of UN Youth’s programmes for New Zealand youth, and improving accessibility
needs to be a priority if we want to continue to do better. However accessibility is
about more than just offering scholarships. As National President, I would create
more support for regions to run satellite events, develop (with other volunteers) a
long term Māori and Pasifika strategy, and put a focus nationally on reducing
registration fees. This would help make our programmes more accessible to those
outside of New Zealand’s main centres, to those for whom our events have a high
financial barrier, and would also create greater diversity at our events.
Thank you so much for your consideration.
UN Youth NZ National Executive 2015 Candidate Nominations and Statements
Jason Armishaw
Nominator: Anton Smith – Immediate Past National President
Seconder: Henry Thompson – Incoming Wellington President
Kia Ora Guys, My name is Jason Armishaw and I am your local National Education
Officer on the National Executive. I have been involved in this organisation since the
beginning of 2011 and experienced various roles in the organisation, from Auckland
Vice President for High Schools to Youth Declaration Co-ordinator. I’m running for
the National Presidency to continue to develop UN Youth’s presence in the lives of
young people.
We do great work teaching youth about the world around them, but we need to take
a critical look at the how UN Youths resources, finances, and talent are developed
and expended in the most efficient manner. Our current structure has developed ad
hoc. For UN Youth to continue to thrive it must critically analyse how it fosters new
volunteers into roles and generates income, as well as if these resources are spent
effectively to achieve UN Youth objects. I will undertake to increase understanding
about how our governance structure allocates and fosters resources to allow effective
decisions to be made.
Additionally UN Youth cannot achieve its goals alone, over the past few years we
have been developing relationships with many external organisations, such as the
Ministry for Youth Development, Ice Professionals, and UNICEF. Having had
experience in creating some of these relationships, I will make UN Youth more
connected with other parts of civil society.
Finally, having served on a National Executive this year, I am uniquely poised to
understand its subtleties and the perils of overreaching in a single term. Historic
National Executives have often struggled to get up and running while they learning
the nuances of working on the Executive. My experience means I will be able to hit
the ground running. I look forward to working with you all over the next year.
UN Youth NZ National Executive 2015 Candidate Nominations and Statements
Charlie Lin
Nominator: Emil Kiroff
Kia ora,
My name is Charlie and I have spent the last three years treating UN Youth as if it was
truly the conjoint component of my university degree. Although I value my Law,
English, and Politics courses – I have learnt so much more through my work as a
volunteer for UN Youth. Our organisation is unparalleled for the value it offers
university students to engage as young professionals and I have been humbled by the
mentorship which I have been so generously afforded. There is something special
about the close-knit relationships we form and I am convinced that a great part of our
organisational success can be attributed to being close friends and colleagues all at
once – and I think it is integral to preserve this winning formula going forward. I am
putting myself forward to be National President to focus on building a supportive
volunteer base as the driver of the positive social impact of UN Youth.
My vision for 2015 includes:
Culture of volunteering
As young volunteers, we are driven to work by our love for the organisation and
those who work alongside us. Perhaps due to the intensity and high level at which we
function, volunteer goodwill and empathy can be overlooked at times with a resultsfocussed approach. A leading priority of mine is to review the way that different
areas of our organisations interact, particularly with the National Executive, and to
ensure that volunteering is a positive experiences which attracts participation. We
should do more to recognise and reward our volunteers. I would also work to ensure
that induction materials are up to date.
Financial accessibility has been a long-standing challenge for our organisation as we
strive to ensure that the cost of our events is no barrier to participation. I have been
extremely proud to pioneer the Equity Fund model which offers universal coverage to
all deserving applicants and puts equity at the forefront of what we do. I would love
to see through the implementation of the National Equity Fund in 2015 and integrate
its functions with the UN Youth Trust.
Administrative support
The ability of the National Executive to implement their strategic vision is hampered
by capacity constraints imposed by the burden of day-to-day operational tasks. It is a
loss not to fully utilise the insights of our typically most experienced volunteers and
so I intend to explore the possibility of employing an administrative support role in a
part-time capacity. This would free up the National Executive to pursue their projects
throughout a year, and sustainably position our organisation towards continued
I am committed to making this role my first and only priority and I hope that my
passion for UN Youth has earned your confidence. In any case, I will always be a
lifelong supporter of UN Youth and grateful for the transformative impact it has had
on my life. I hope to have the opportunity to continue giving back to an organisation I
hold so dear.
UN Youth NZ National Executive 2015 Candidate Nominations and Statements
There are two candidates:
- Isaac Chen
- Bhen Goodsir
Isaac Chen
Nominator: Cecilia Fang
Hi everyone
My name is Isaac Chen and I am currently studying Social Anthropology and
Ethnomusicology at the University of Auckland. I joined UN Youth in 2010 and since
then I have been involved as a delegate, conference assistant, regional event
committee and coordinator and most recently on the organising committee for New
Zealand Model Security Council 2014. Our organisation has given me so many
opportunities, experiences and lifelong friends. It’s because of this that I am putting
my name forward to be considered for the position of National Operations Officer as
a way to use my skills and expertise to give back to the organisation to the best of
my ability.
I have experience as a receptionist and administrator in the Citizen’s Advice Bureau
which taught me the invaluable skills of clear communication between different
groups, consistency, meeting deadlines, and the importance of accurate and well
organised record management. These skills will help me efficiently support the dayto-day operational aspects of our organisation, aiding regional and national
volunteers where needed in a punctual and professional manner. Current registers of
members and volunteers would be maintained as would the existing documents and
records our organisation has.
I see National Council, as an opportunity to celebrate achievements and
developments throughout the organisation while reflecting on UN Youth as a whole,
and seeking out strategies to fine tune or further improve all areas of our
organisation. Volunteers are the integral part in this and organising professional
development and skills training for volunteers, whether from our organisation’s
resources or from outside personnel would be crucial in exploring more efficient and
innovative practises for the future. National Executive meetings, AGMs and SGMs
would also be organised punctually and in a professional manner to ensure consistent
and accurate passing on of information between national and regional volunteers.
If I am chosen for this position, I will support the other members of the National
Executive in my role to the best of my ability in order to maintain what needs to be
maintained within the organisation and foster professionalism as well as innovation to
let UN Youth prosper for the year to come!
UN Youth NZ National Executive 2015 Candidate Nominations and Statements
Bhenjamin Goodsir
Nominator: Kaitlyn White – Incoming Canterbury President
Seconder: Henry Thompson – Incoming Wellington President
My name is Bhen Goodsir, I am a 3rd year student at the University of Auckland study
a Bachelor of Law and Arts. I have been involved with UN Youth for the past 6 years
and as a Volunteer for the past 3. During my time I have held roles on regional event
committees, the Auckland Regional Council and most recently, on the Aotearoa
Youth Declaration Committee as Registrations Officer.
As National Operations Officer (NOO) I want to start by making sure I get the basics
right. UN Youth has a lot of volunteers who rely on the National Executive (NX). It is
important that our volunteers can rely on the NOO to make sure that the day to day
operations of the organisation are done well and are done on time. Next year I want
to ensure that things like NX minutes, National Council reports/minutes, and Event
Committee applications are all arranged promptly. Outside of UN Youth and
University I work as an Administrator for an Insurance Broker and I know the
importance of preparing information quickly and accurately. Many of the jobs
required of the NOO are similar to the thing I do for my job. I think it is important to
be able to focus on the ‘Operational’ side of UN Youth. If, as NOO, I can make sure
that everything is running smoothly behind the scenes, then that will allow everyone
else in the organisation to get on and do the things that they need to do.
The second thing that I want to focus on next year is improving operational
efficiency. UN Youth is a Volunteer organisation and that means that it is important
we do what we can to reduce the burden we place on our Volunteers. I really would
like to work with the NX, the Committees, and the Regional Councils to identify areas
where we can work smarter and not harder. For example, at this year’s Aotearoa
Youth Declaration, I developed a system for checking participants in using barcode
scanners. It meant we saved a lot of time each morning and it was an effective way of
making sure that we were not missing anyone. If we could implement a few more
innovative ideas such as this across the organisation I think we could cut down on the
time we spend doing the more mundane tasks and be able to focus more developing
the organisation.
Finally I want to be open and approachable. The NOO is often the first point of
contact between the NX and the rest of the organisation. I may not be as charming
and witty as Brit or Dobbs but I am friendly and I will be available to help out
whenever you might need something. I look forward to doing everything I can to
make UN Youth the best it can be.
UN Youth NZ National Executive 2015 Candidate Nominations and Statements
There are two candidates:
- Anu Kaw
- Ben Jung
Anu Kaw
Nominator: Henrietta Hitchings
Hey everyone! I’m Anu and I’m keen to be your National communications officer in
2015. I’m currently in my third year at the University of Otago, having just completed
a BSc and moving onto postgraduate study in 2015. My involvement in UN Youth at a
national level includes being the communications officer for NZ Model UN 2012 and as
the assistant coordination of NZ Model Security Council 2013. The insight that I have
gained as being a part of these two conferences has been invaluable, especially
regarding communication internally within our organisation with other volunteers as
well as with externally with the media, businesses and other organisations.
I believe that the essence of the communications role is innovation, creativity and
oodles of dedication. I have experience in developing and executing social media
management plans, particularly for our major events. This mostly involved using
programs such as Hootsuite as well as analysing social media usage on our main
networks: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube (frequency, hours of greatest traffic hence
greater post visibility). I’ve also managed to communicate the educational objectives
of our events through national media (such as I believe that this insight
would be advantageous, as it requires a lot of precision, planning ahead and attention
to meticulous detail – things I already do out of habit.
I also have indulged a little in photography, having been published in an international
online magazine a couple of years ago. As scary as using the Adobe Suite sounds, I’ve
managed to learn how to use it, which would be an added advantage to the NDT side
of things.
My vision for 2015 encompasses reviving the UN Youth Blog, a tool that traditionally
in the past has used print media to keep our members enthusiastic between major
conferences. In 2015, I hope to incorporate short video elements to this. I also
envisaged the establishment of regional Instagram accounts; this will be made clearer
with further planning. I also have an idea for overall Regional Facebook page
strategies, tailored to each regions social media habits and whilst doing so, also
establishing a clearer process regarding regional NDT training and communicating
regional and national event needs.
UN Youth NZ National Executive 2015 Candidate Nominations and Statements
Ben Jung
Nominator: Simon Gyenge
My name is Ben Jung and I finished my Bachelor in 2013 and Postgrad Honours in
Commerce with majors in Accounting and Commercial Law this year. I joined UN
Youth in 2010 in my 7th form year of high school and since then I’ve had the pleasure
of being part of many events both as a delegate, conference assistants and organiser
2014 has been an amazing year for me being so involved with UN Youth. In the
beginning of the year, I was appointed as the National Director of Photography
overlooking the national events’ photographers and creating a high standard of
photography for the whole organisation. In April, I was selected to be a THIMUN
Assistant Director with the Finance Portfolio and have been working hard since to
make sure of THIMUN 2015’s absolute success. Having been at every single event in
Auckland run by UN Youth, it has really developed my motivation and drive to take
up the role as National Communications Officer (NCO) for 2015.
Working for an international marketing firm for over a year, I have the experience to
take UN Youth’s strong brand and make sure that it is set to become one of New
Zealand’s most prominent icons for youth development with the support of the
National Executive next year. It has been my goal as the National Director of
Photography in syngergy with the current NCO to develop the brand even further –
this year has shown the potential of this reality. I am confident that with my vision,
experience, and drive, I will work hard to open UN Youth’s members to amazing
UN Youth NZ brings together youth from all across the country who are curious,
empathetic and compassionate about the world around us. It represents hopes for
the future from a generation not yet old enough to turn these hopes into realities. It
represents the world as it should be, as seen through the eyes of NZ Youth. The
National Communications Officer as guardian of the brand holds this responsibility in
their hands. This is a responsibility that I feel I am not only qualified to assume, but
one that I feel I can uphold to the best of my ability.
UN Youth NZ National Executive 2015 Candidate Nominations and Statements
There are two candidates:
- Rhiannon Stannard
- Matthew Schep
Rhiannon Stannard
Nominator: Ash Stanley-Ryan
My name is Rhiannon Stannard and I wish to be your Education Officer on the UN
Youth NZ National Executive for 2015. I am a full time student at Victoria University of
Wellington about to embark on my 4th year of my Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of
Arts Majoring in History and International Relations. As well as my studies, I am also a
part time lifeguard and volunteer for Commonwealth Youth NZ.
I have been involved in the UN Youth NZ organisation for five years and have
experience as a delegate, conference assistance and as an organising committee
member. I have co-coordinated CNIMUN 2012, coordinated CNIMUN 2013 and acted
as the Education Officer for NZMSC 2014. In these roles I gained knowledge and
experience in terms of organisational skills, cooperation and teamwork crucial to the
successful fulfilment of an executive position. My roles during CNIMUN 2012/2013 and
particularly as the NZMSC 2014 Education Officer allowed me to engage in creating
educational materials as well as developing new initiatives. These experiences have
provided me with the skills needed to fulfil this role in terms of the education aspect.
My positions as a coordinator, being on the organising committee for one of UN
Youth NZ’s largest events and my time volunteering for Commonwealth Youth NZ
have well-placed me to successfully help manage this organisation at a national level.
My ability to work well under pressure, problem-solving skills, time-management
skills, supportiveness and reliability are competences which are essential to an
executive role and to the administration of a large organisation. In addition, my
innovative personality allows me to engage with all types of people in different ways
as well as to consider ways to expand the organisation.
If elected as Education Officer, I would ensure that the current education systems are
upheld and developed as the need arose, that new implementations are effectively
run, and that any new initiatives are established with the best interests of UN Youth
Volunteers and participants in mind as well as to improve the education function of
the organisation. My awareness of the need to not overlook the effectiveness of
smaller tasks and changes in light of large, innovative initiatives reflect my realistic
vision for this role as well as my desire to oversee new and exciting ideas come into
practice. Ultimately, my goal is to guarantee that UN Youth leads New Zealand with
regard to the educational component of the organisation.
My vision for UN Youth NZ as a whole for 2015 is to become an organisation which
runs as efficiently and smoothly as it can by ensuring strong support networks,
providing for its volunteers and reflecting the true character of the organisation and
the United Nations as it currently stands. I have immense passion and vision for this
organisation and I believe this, coupled with my originality, experience and my deep
UN Youth NZ National Executive 2015 Candidate Nominations and Statements
institutional knowledge of UN Youth NZ would make me an excellent Education
Officer for the 2015 term.
Matthew Schep
Nominator: Kaitlyn White
Hi! My name is Matthew Schep, and I would be thrilled to be your National Education
Officer for 2015! I am a double-degree undergraduate student at the University of
Otago , studying a Bachelor of Teaching (Primary) and a Bachelor of Arts (Politics
and Sociology), and I believe that my combination of educational skills and political
study are well suited to the position in question.
I have been involved with UN Youth NZ since 2006, when I joined as a high school
student. I have since been involved with events and conferences from the regional to
the international level. In 2014, I filled the role of Treasurer on the Otago Regional
Council, and I was the coordinator for NZ Model Security Council.
UN Youth NZ is a valuable organisation for young people that has the power to make
a difference in the lives of those that it touches. Our educational programmes form
the backbone of what we offer to the youth of New Zealand - high quality civics
education, shaping visionaries and changemakers in a world continually fraught with
As National Education Officer, I would continue to manage and grow the newly
created National Education Team. With our organisation and thus our volunteer base
growing, I see the need to ensure that our volunteers clearly understand how to
develop educational experiences and content of high calibre, and so I would ensure a
streamlined training process for volunteers engaged in educational matters. I would
like to oversee the development of educational goals, both for the organisation and
for individual events, to drive and provide the foundation for the educational
experiences that we create. Finally, I would work with the National Executive to
explore ways to innovate with our educational programme, both within existing
events and in pioneering new projects, in order to diversify what we offer to the
youth of New Zealand.
I hope that you will give me the chance to be a part of the 2015 National Executive,
and that I can be a part of growing and shaping this organisation in the months to
UN Youth NZ National Executive 2015 Candidate Nominations and Statements
There is one candidate:
Imogene Gibson
Nominator: Emil Kiroff
Hello readers, my name is Imogene, and I would love to be your next National Finance
Officer. To introduce myself, I’m going into my third and final year studying a Bachelor
of Commerce at the University of Auckland majoring in Accounting and Information
Systems. I’ve been part of UN Youth since 2011, having held roles including
Registrations Officer of Auckland Non-Aligned Movement 2013 and being the Auckland
Regional Treasurer this year. Furthermore, over the last two years, I’ve been a cofounder and the Chief Projects Officer for Synergy, an organisation that actively
identifies the needs of Social Change Organisations and empowers young people to
dedicate their skills and creativity to address these needs. I am also about to start my
summer internship at an accounting firm, Staples Rodway, which will definitely develop
my skills and prepare me for a role such as this.
When I was little, I knew I enjoyed using the mathematical and logical side of my brain.
After taking Business in Year 10, I identified this was my kind of style. Having seen my
family go through a lot financial strain, it seemed right for me to attempt to prevent
that in my future endeavours. As a result, I see myself doing one of two things in my
life – working for charity organisations and helping them be as efficient with their
money as possible; or working with individuals to make sure they are financially stable
and educating them in the best ways I know how. I have worked with Social Change
Organisations like World Vision, Foundation for Youth Development, Christians Against
Poverty and more, on issues in relation to financial sustainability and innovative ideas
to improve said issues.
Therefore, I see myself absolutely loving the role of NFO and it as the perfect stepping
stone for me. Through being the Treasurer of the Auckland Region this past year, there
are definitely practices I hope to improve:
- Having worked with over 10 committees in developing budgets, from templates
I’ve made, allowing them to have accurate figures when organising their event,
and I hope to improve this system further for National events.
- I’ve been the point of contact for answering bundles of questions to do with
Xero and finances in general. Naturally, I would like to continue to be just as
approachable as NFO.
- I have also established a much-improved Regional budget that I’ve passed on
to the new Auckland Treasurer, as well as practices that I trust continues after
me. I anticipate continuing these practices across all regions, if they are not
being done already.
- I also hope to educate volunteers on the importance of planning finances, and
ensuring that they are not ignored.
Thank you for taking the time to read this! If after reading this you feel like you have
questions or just want to have a chat, you are more than welcome to email me –
[email protected]
UN Youth NZ National Executive 2015 Candidate Nominations and Statements
There is one candidate:
Joy Guo
Nominator: TBA
What drew me to UN Youth?
Volunteering is more than an educational experience.
Learning is a big part. But what defines UN Youth, is a sense of solidarity, a sense of
community, and a sense of inclusivity.
In my time in organising committees, numerous volunteers external to the committee
would offer a helping hand. After devoting countless hours of their own time, these
volunteers were then surprised that they were acknowledged. They exemplify the UN
Youth spirit: volunteers who are willing to dedicate hours to the orgnisation, without
any expectation of recognition, simply because they care.
UN Youth thrives because of its volunteers.
The culture of support at UN Youth is truly unique, and it is something I don’t take for
That is why I want to preserve and foster the UN Youth spirit. That is why I want to be
your Volunteers Officer.
My vision
1. Bolstering support
 Establishing a National volunteer committee to help organising
committees with research/other tasks. It is important that volunteers
are adequately supported, and do not feel overwhelmed. Retention of
volunteers is as crucial as recruitment.
2. Personalised support
 Establishing a mentor programme for less experienced volunteers.
 Our alumni have gone on to do amazing things in various career paths.
I hope to connect existing volunteers with our alumni, so that
volunteers may be supported in reaching their goals.
3. Tailored training
 Tailored training for new, experienced and senior volunteers, not a
one-size fit all approach.
4. Enriching volunteer experience
 I hope to form and retain relationships with key personnel working in
international relations, invite them to events, and provide a more
engaging experience for delegates.
5. Expansion and diversification of our volunteer base
UN Youth NZ National Executive 2015 Candidate Nominations and Statements
I am committed to reducing inequitable access to UN Youth
membership and events at a national level, with a particular focus on
Maori/Pasifika students.
My experiences
I am soon to be a fifth year Law and Health Sciences student. I have been a delegate
to a diversity of regional/national events, was the Education Officer for the Auckland
Case Competition, and the Coordinator of the first Auckland Model World Health
Assembly (MWHA). While participants at the Case Competition tripled from its
previous year, delegate numbers at the MWHA hit a record for an event of its kind.
The MWHA gained long-term partnerships and support from high profile New
Zealanders such as Sir Peter Gluckman, Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor, CoChair of WHO Commission, and NZ Delegate to UN Summits. Forming ties with
personnel in the field is key to shaping events to closely simulate the actual UN
processes, and providing an authentic, top-quality experience. As one who has
assumed leadership roles in various student organisations, and was the elected FMHS
Board of Studies Student Representative for three consecutive years, I take my
responsibilities seriously, have a long-term focus, and am committed to my word.
Thank you for taking the time to read my nomination. If selected, I will dedicate
myself wholeheartedly in providing tailored, targeted and effective support to
UN Youth NZ National Executive 2015 Candidate Nominations and Statements
There is one candidate:
Michele Angerbauer
Nominator: Simon Gyenge
Kia Ora Volunteers,
My name is Michele Angerbauer, I am currently completing my term as Vice-President
for Universities in the Otago Region. You may also know me as the Assistant
Coordinator for NZMSC2014. I would like to take my involvement with UN Youth New
Zealand to the next level, and personally National Relations Officer would be the
brilliant next step for me.
On a more personal level, I am currently completing my Master in International
Studies and my four year tenure in Dunedin. I will be moving to the North Island next
year, preferably in Wellington, and have therefore thought about what my future
options will be with volunteering for this wonderful organization.
It has been a long passion of mine to build the business and social relationships
within UN Youth New Zealand, as I believe they are an integral part of any successful
organization. Throughout my years post-High School, I have worked for, and
participated in, many organizations and business ventures, which have led me to the
belief that in order to have a successful youth driven organization, there must be a
specific avenue to increase partnerships, nationally and globally. I have learnt that
working for organizations and institutions such as Rotary International, the University
of Otago (within the Human Resource Department) and for UN Youth New Zealand,
that partnerships and acquiring sponsorships are innately important towards any
successfully-motivated organization.
It would be my honour to further all the work completed in the last several years,
such as supporting volunteers seeking sponsorship, improving existing relationships,
managing the relationship register and preparing for new strategic partnerships to
achieve the greater goals of UN Youth New Zealand.
This organization is growing and flourishing, and over the past several years we have
seen an increase in volunteers with all beautifully diverse backgrounds. Therefore, to
be able to uphold the motivation, skill and talent among this organization, I believe
that the role as National Relations Officer will become more demanding. This task is
something I am more than willing to take on, and to give my extensive knowledge on
building relationships towards UN Youth New Zealand.
On a final note, I have noticed that in the past 12 months the national events (and
after being on the committee for one myself), have a greater need for governmental
partnerships, national sponsorships and that the relationships towards other great
organizations is growing. My belief is that this growth should not be stalled and
should be encouraged and I will do the best I can, to provide UN Youth New Zealand
with every opportunity to catch that dream.
UN Youth NZ National Executive 2015 Candidate Nominations and Statements